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This section will always be a work in progress. We have lots of info on a number of countries, we would like to have much more. Subjects we would like to cover for all countries include:

We have some information on Attractions, written by individual motorcycle travellers. More please!

For Country Information, we have borrowed info from the CIA World Factbook (in the public domain), on a number of countries which are currently of interest to travellers. This is not to be construed as an endorsement of the CIA, nor of their opinions on these countries. As always, you are advised to use your own good judgment when reading the summaries. We have also added lots of great information from travellers.

See the section on Turkey for an example of the information we would like to see about other countries. Any travellers who wish to contribute information on any of these topics for specific locations, please contact us.

Region / Country specific information (alphabetically by country name)

Region/ Country Info


Useful new goodies,

An Africa spreadsheet - everything from Ken Keller's Africa trip: "Myself and my friend (Dominator and NTV650 respectively) travelled from Lagos, Nigeria to Dublin, Ireland in 2000, without any major problems. We travelled through Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Spain and France.

The spreadsheet (has) all the information regarding route, equipment, costs, etc. It won't 'fit' everyone's trip, but it might give people an idea of how to go about storing all their information in one place."

Download it in Zip format - 100kb. Unzips to an xls.

A great new article on "How to do India" by Sam Manicom here.


India - Mahimapura - by Srinidhi Rhagavendra

Described as an unknown paradise, this is the only place in India where Garuda the vehicle of Lord Vishnu is worshipped in idol form. Why go, how to get there, important festivals and more info...

Patagonia - Southern Argentina, Chile and Tierra del Fuego - by Dieter Zerndt

Everything you need to know to have a great Patagonia trip! Dieter answers all the questions he had when planning his trip, February 2001.

Important: For more information on what World Nomad's policies cover, read this Prices & Benefits page for residents of various countries.
Grant says: ALWAYS read the policy CAREFULLY to be SURE you are covered on your motorcycle, there are exceptions and variations depending on home country and where you're going and a whole lot of other things. READ THE POLICY!

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