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Pack light and save money!

You could just get on a plane with your credit card and passport and buy or rent everything you need when you get there. That includes the bike, riding gear, etc. etc.

But if you do want to take your bike and all your stuff with you, the information in this section will help you to make better choices, and part with less of your hard-earned dosh! Start here: Choosing and outfitting the bike.

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Horizons Unlimited presents!

Gear Up! is a 2-DVD set, almost 6 hours of informative content! Which bike is right for me? How do I prepare the bike? What stuff do I need - riding gear, clothing, camping gear, first aid kit, tires, maps and GPS? What don't I need? How do I pack it all in?

Gear Up 2-DVD set. Although virtually any bike can travel around the world, 'which bike' is always a lively topic for discussion among motorcycle travellers. For the favourite travel bikes, we interviewed knowledgeable owners - why did they choose it, what's good and bad about it, how did they make it better, and what are their top tips for this bike. Through interviews with experts, we also cover how to prepare the bike for overland travel, what spares to take and choosing tires. Finally, we cover what to take and how to pack it, including riding gear, clothing, panniers, tents, sleeping bags, cooking kit, medical/first aid kit, maps, GPS and much more. Lots of opinions from over 150 travellers!

"This DVD will save you a fortune!" See the trailer here!

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Important: For more information on what World Nomad's policies cover, read this Prices & Benefits page for residents of various countries.
Grant says: ALWAYS read the policy CAREFULLY to be SURE you are covered on your motorcycle, there are exceptions and variations depending on home country and where you're going and a whole lot of other things. READ THE POLICY!

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