How to repaint your motorcycle

This aspect of motorcycle maintenance is a delicate task that requires quite a bit of logistics. It's recommended to call a body shop. However, we will explain step by step how to redo your motorcycle paint, the application of motorcycle paint and the finishing touches.

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Has the bodywork of your motorcycle lost its shine? Do you want to give it a facelift? Or maybe you are tired of the original color and would like to give it a different look, with a special effect paint for example? And you want to do it yourself?

Steps to redo your motorcycle paint

Before starting this tutorial, there are two main types of paints available for this job today: first, the classic paints that will match the original color of the motorcycle. To order this type of product, you just have to tell your store the color of the manufacturer. Second, motorcycle paints with special effects are available. These top-of-the-line products are very special because of their quality and the amazing effect they produce. Among these special effect motorcycle paints are chrome effects, rust effects, diamond pearl effects and color change effects.

Under what conditions should I paint my motorcycle?

Painting in a spray booth is recommended for two reasons: to protect the painter by ensuring that the air is renewed and filtered, and to protect the bodywork by removing any paint residue that may be deposited on the motorcycle. If you can't install a paint booth, make sure to work in a well-ventilated place, at a distance from any person, and at a temperate temperature. Also, it is important to spray water on the walls and floors to attract dust. Whether or not you have a paint booth, it is important to protect yourself with an antistatic suit, gloves and a mask with a filter cartridge, to protect yourself from the harmful effects of motorcycle paint.

The preparation of the bodywork

The preparation of the bodywork is done in two phases: first, we will disassemble the parts we're going to paint, and carefully protect the areas that we do not want to paint with adhesive tape. Then, we will proceed to the sanding that will eliminate the small defects and to improve the adherence of the motorcycle paint to the support. We start "wet-sanding" with water proof paper that is designed to be immersed in water to reduce both heat and dust generated. This will give a much nicer and smoother finish. The grade of the paper is gradually increased in order to deepen the sanding without scratching the bodywork. You may start with 240 or 320 or 400 paper depending on the condition of the surface, and finish with 600 or even better 1000.

The application of the motorcycle paint

Restoring a motorcycle's paint job may require the application of two non-compulsory undercoats: first, a primer if the part is bare, in other words if the steel is not already painted as on most motorcycle models today, or if the sanding has gone all the way to bare metal in a number of spots. Secondly, a surfacer (or primer) that will remedy any small defects that may appear. Then comes the application of the paint, solvent or water based, which will have been mixed with the supplied thinner to obtain an optimal fluidity. Always apply the paint in a thin layer. You will need multiple coats to get a good finish. Read the instructions for recoat times and follow carefully.

Finishing touches

Among the finishes, there is the clearcoat which must be applied before the last coat of motorcycle paint dries. The clearcoat is applied immediately after the paint is applied because the paint dries in only 30 minutes. The clearcoat is meant to give the motorcycle bodywork a shine and sparkle. But it is the most complex operation because it can lead to major imperfections in certain circumstances: matte color (not enough clearcoat), dull color (too much humidity), drips (too much material), orange peel effect (atmosphere too hot, hardener too strong), dirt (not clean enough environment), bubbles (presence of air in the compressor or tube). It is therefore important to prevent all these situations. In addition, airbrushes offer many possibilities for decorating your motorcycle to give it uniqueness and personality.

You can continue reading by checking out this additional article: How to apply motorcycle paint?


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