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Sorry - due to the very international, world-wide nature of this website, we do NOT use telephone contact. We need to sleep once in a while! If you're reading this, you can easily reach us via one of the forms below as appropriate.

You can also contact us via snail mail in North America:

Grant Johnson
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Sardis BC   V2R1A5

And no, that's not our residential address. That can, and has often, changed. The post boxes don't. Don't expect a quick reply via snail mail, and please include your email address if you have one. We are currently resident in the Vancouver BC area.


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For general questions, please go to the HUBB - Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board and post your question there. Any of thousands of travellers around the world may answer your question, often better than we could, because they may be there right now, or just did it! We also monitor the board as best we can, and may well reply ourselves, or one of our helpful and experienced volunteer moderators.

Travellers Stories

Got a current motorcycle travel story for us? For ezine/newsletter submissions, send it in to us using the Feedback form. If you would like to see your trip story in the Travellers Stories section, using our easy-to-use blog software - you can post your story from any internet cafe in the world, using only a browser - request your blog here!

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If you HAVE recent information of interest to travellers, please fill out one of the following forms to help others.

Bike Shipping Information Submission - If you have information on a bike shipment you have done, please let everyone know by filling in the Bike Shipping Information form, and that will go straight in the Shipping database to so future travellers can benefit.

If you are looking for shipping information, please go to the information on the Shipments Done page. If you can't find the information you need there, post an inquiry in the Trip Transport forum on the HUBB.

Border Crossing Information Submission - If you have any information on a border crossing anywhere in the world that we don't have listed yet, please enter what you can here. Don't worry if you can't answer all the questions, we appreciate all we can get. Thanks!

If your information doesn't fit in either of the above categories, please use the Feedback Form

and more info submission forms to come...

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If you have a web page or know of a web page of interest, send us the web address. If you would like us to link to your website, please link to us first! Full information on how to link to us is here.

Website Design Comments and Questions

We would very much appreciate your comments, good or bad, what you liked and what you didn't like on the site. How and why the site is designed the way it is is explained on the Webmaster Feedback form. If you had any problems with navigation etc. please let us know on the Webmaster Feedback form. We are always interested in ways to improve ease of use and improve compatibility.

Advertising questions

For details on advertising on Horizons Unlimited, please see the advertising details and rates page. Contact details on that page.

Feedback - Tell us how we're doing! Or just Contact us!

We are always interested in hearing from other travellers, so drop us a line! If none of the above forms are suitable, you can contact us using the Feedback Form.

Please note that we get a lot of mail, but we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be patient, we do our very best.

Complex Questions - Private Consultations

Sometimes the questions you want to ask are not just important ones for you, but also very complex ones. Unfortunately, I can't give you a quick or simple answer since a number of factors are involved. It would take time for me to consider the different issues and then let you know what I think.

Though my time is tight, I do a limited amount of telephone consulting. Perhaps that would be a better approach, so that I don't give a quick and ill-considered answer to a complex situation. Let me know if I can help in that way - note that telephone consultation is not free.

Privacy Policy

Please be assured that we will NOT under any circumstances, rent, lease, sell, or give out our mailing list, and/or your name and e-mail address, to anyone for whatever purpose.

Thanks, Grant and Susan Johnson
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