Achievable Dream: Part 1 - Get Ready!


This DVD reassures those who aren't sure if it is all possible - it is! - or if you have to be rich and famous to do it - you do not!

Covers planning, money, essential paperwork, health, and off-road riding. Be warned, viewing this DVD may be a life-changing experience!

Topics covered in 'Get Ready!' include:

  • Why go?
  • Planning the trip - where and when to go
  • Who to go with - travelling solo or with others
  • Money, money, money - how much will it cost, and dealing with money On the Road
  • Paperwork - passports and visas, carnet de passage, bike permits and insurance, licenses
  • Off-pavement riding - basic tips
  • Health - travel medical and evacuation insurance, malaria, vaccinations
  • Giving something back - voluntary work, environmental sensitivity
  • The world of HU Travellers Meetings and the global Community of Motorcycle Travellers!

User comments/reviews

  • "Brilliant! Highly recommended!" Peter Jowett, on

  • "A must have resource!" Daniel Pedersen, on

  • "Did you watch the television series 'Long Way Round' and think 'Wow, I wish that I could do that!'? This DVD shows you that it really isn't that difficult to have your own adventure..." Kevin Lawlor, on

  • "These DVDs are packed with information and careful, after watching these you WILL want to quit your job, pack your bike (lightly, of course) and hit the road for foreign lands." John Willcox, on

  • "I watched it straight through, non-stop. Let's put it this way: this DVD does not need to be accompanied by popcorn, beer or candy bars! It's mouth watering and heart warming at the same time, a very good intro into adventure travelling." Markku, Finland

  • "I thank you very much for the first DVD - it was very inspiring and convinced us that everyone can participate in the global bike adventure regardless of financial capacity, choice of bike and age." Mick, Australia

  • "I had such a good time watching it. I think that, apart from the huge amount of precious information you're giving, you managed to transmit that special feeling that travelers have and share." Pascal, Hong Kong

  • "These (DVDs) are especially valuable when you’re having those 'this is too big for mere mortals, what the heck were we thinking?' moments, because they include plenty of interviews with regular folks, sans super-powers, who just chucked it all and hit the road." Michael, USA

  • "Enjoyed it immensely!" David, South Africa

  • "I wanted to congratulate you to the fantastic DVD you have produced. My wife Heike and I have enjoyed watching it and it helps us a lot to prepare our Africa trip next year." Matthias, Germany

  • "Watching the first DVD is helping me to see that a long-distance-time ride is well within my capabilities and budget. Once I have a plan, will be in touch - perhaps I can be in the video series!" Rob, USA

  • "Susan, Grant, and everyone else involved... I LOVE this DVD." Gillian, Australia

  • "We really enjoyed the first two. They really motivated me into taking a motorbike trip. I had never considered it before. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!" Sandy, USA

  • "One word: 'Excellent!'" Joe, Australia

  • "Good work, I really enjoyed them. Good quality footage and am certainly looking forward to the other two." Gert, Scotland

  • "Excellent DVD! Made me wanna get on my bike (when I get one) and ride off..." Elvin, Singapore

  • "I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the first DVD in the Achievable Dream set. I gave it to my partner for his birthday and we have already watched it several times, dreaming about our own adventures on two wheels. You have done a fantastic job." Kath, Australia

  • " 60, I am not a novice traveller. But WOW your DVD has, just on one run through, told me so much I did not know. I want to tell you what a fabulous achievement it is. Thank you very much. I shall watch it many times over, learn a great deal and enjoy my travelling all the more for having the extra skills. Hurry up with the next one please." Andrew

  • "It's very good, the production quality is excellent and it makes one salivate even more for the open road. Well done." George

  • "Lots of very useful information and the people you have selected to interview are very knowledgeable and down to earth, makes you feel that 'I could do that'." Stephen, Australia

  • "I am very impressed and very, very pleased with it. It was everything I hoped for! The interviews with the riders are fantastic. You can't beat getting the answers to the questions you want from people who have 'been there and done it.' You just don't get such good quality information and guidance like this anywhere else!" Barry, UK

  • "…absolutely wonderful. You covered an amazing amount of material. The production and attention to detail were outstanding. As a 'wannabe motorcycle adventurer' - it really lit the fire inside me." Randy, Canada

  • "Volume 1 of 'The Achievable Dream' is outstanding! The first-hand accounts and stories are a great way to format the presentation, as it gives the student (me) a real straight-from-the-horse's-mouth idea of the information source, which builds confidence in the information. And the sheer volume of that information is phenomenal! I can't wait to receive the rest of the series. Great job!" Shawn, USA

  • "It was very well done and the quality of filming and information was excellent..." Scott, UK

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