Achievable Dream: Part 5 - Tire Changing!


On a long-distance motorcycle trip, you WILL find THAT nail, usually in the most inconvenient time and place.

When you're venturing off the beaten path, you can't just call your friendly automobile association! Fear no more - Grant will demystify the black art of Tire Changing and Repair in this DVD full of expert tips and information to help you STAY on the road!

Grant's tire-changing demonstrations are always well-attended and much appreciated by motorcycle travellers at HU Meetings worldwide. This DVD was filmed at a demonstration to an HU Meeting in Spain, and on the road in a remote mountain pass in Switzerland.

This 1.5 hour DVD answers all your questions, for both tube and tubeless tires:

Getting Started

  • What tools?

Getting it Off

  • Pulling the wheel off
  • Breaking the bead
  • Removing the tire
  • What's in the valley

Plugs and Patches - which types and how to use

Getting it On

  • Mounting the tire
  • Seating the bead

Finishing Touches

  • Tire pressure
  • Tightening the front axle
  • Balancing the tire

User comments/reviews

"Excellent DVD. This is, by far, the best tire changing video I have viewed. The information provided has already saved me both time and money. Highly recommended." AmeRetired on

"Wish I'd seen Grants tips on puncture repairs & tyre changing before - could have saved a few scraped knuckles." M Loveluck on

"Excellent, Informative and a must-watch! I recently bought this DVD to help with fixing tires while on the go. The DVD is very well made and to the point. It comprehensively covers repairs and changes for tubed and tubeless tires. I certainly got many pointers regarding patch types and a couple of tricks too. I would certainly recommend this DVD for anyone who wants to learn more about fixing their tires. With a little bit of practice, you could save yourself an expensive trip on a tow truck!" xtrg, on

"Very informative and practical - I learnt a lot and realise how unprepared I was when I went on my trips!"

"Tire Changing is a must see, must learn, must practice." alinbejan on

"Really valuable!"

"If it isn't in this DVD, you don't need to know it!"


It depends...
Tires for virtually everything are available in all the big cities, you just have to take the brand they have, as you won't have the selection you may be used to. I personally wouldn't even think of carrying spare tires, waaay too much trouble. Start with fresh tires, and you should be fine.

Where to get tires in central and south america? are they readily available or should I take a set with me?

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