Introduction - 4 easy steps to motorcycle travel

Four Steps to Motorcycle Travelling

Are you new to motorcycle travelling? New to the Horizons Unlimited site? Confused? Too many options?

It's really very simple - just 4 easy steps! This is not the 'Impossible Dream', it's the 'Achievable Dream', and we're here to help you make it a reality.

Four (Easy) Steps to Motorcycle Travelling

1. Go to Horizons Unlimited!
2. Get inspired!
3. Get Ready!
4. Get on the Road!

Read on for the details, you'll be amazed what you can find!

follow the path...

HU Home page

1. Go to Horizons Unlimited!

A. Congratulations! You've already taken that important first step!

If you've only been on the HUBB Bulletin Board, you may be surprised to discover that there's actually a website attached to the bulletin board, and that there's lots of useful information on it!

First created in 1997, with the addition of the HUBB and E-zine in 1999 and 2000, the site has become a home and a focus for thousands of motorcycle travellers around the world.

As of 2012, the site comprises over 7,000 pages of superb content and gorgeous photos, NOT including the HUBB, which has over 50,000 'threads' or topics and 250,000 posts.

Recent stats - 900,000 user sessions per month!

Search the site!

1. Go to Horizons Unlimited!

B. But what do I do when I get there?

If you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by it all, don't feel bad - so are we! There's over 80,000 pages on the site if you count HUBB threads, and most of them are long pages!

Remember, there is a SEARCH function on the top right of every page. See the Red Circle on the picture above.

Also, the mega menus should help you find information, and clicking on a 'QuickLink' (white text on black at the top row of each mega menu) will quickly get you to another section of the site.

Finally, if all else fails, there is a link to the Site Map in the "About HU" mega menu.

Keep reading, it will all be explained...

The Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers e-zine.

2. Get inspired!

A. The Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers' e-zine
  • Tales of adventure, terror & joy from around the world
  • Stories from travellers on the road right now
  • Meet and contact other travellers
  • Monthly (or as often as we get to it)
  • Now in its 14th year of publication, with over 8,000 subscribers
  • Free to your e-mail box!

Travellers tales from around the world.

2. Get inspired!

B. Travellers Tales
  • Exciting, humorous and sometimes terrifying stories from intrepid motorcycle adventurers in Africa, South America, Asia, Australia and RTW
  • Over 250 travellers, from first-timers to legends
  • Thousands of great stories and pics, from right next door to around the world
  • Written on the road, from internet cafes in Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and all parts in between

The drifting Johnsons.

2. Get inspired!

C. Our around the world story

Grant and Susan Johnson, your hosts for Horizons Unlimited, are also seasoned (some would say crazy) motorcycle travellers. You can read about our adventures around the world from north to south, two-up, on the same 1986 BMW R80GS. The bike is unique, and you can read its story here.

Our odyssey spanned 11 years, 39 countries and every continent, over 100,000 km and produced 1000's of photos. And it's not over yet!

For those who don't want to read all the stories, we have now produced a photo album. Only 457 photos so far...

Our story has been written up in quite a few places: Rider Magazine, Canadian Biker, the Vancouver Province, the Telegraph, and more articles about Horizons Unlimited and motorcycle travel here.

And quite frankly, if we can do it, so can you!

Horizons Unlimited Trip Planning.

3. Get Ready!

A. How to do it yourself!

There's lots of information on the site, which will save you time. Please check it out before you post a question in the HUBB, it may already be covered in detail.

Topics covered include:

What is a Carnet de Passage anyway?

3. Get Ready!

B. Trip Planning - Paperwork...

Just to highlight one important topic. The paperwork section includes:

Shipments by travellers.

3. Get Ready!

C. Trip Planning - Shipping the bike

Need to get your bike over an ocean or a war zone? There is a fantastic resource in the Shipments Database. Here you can find details of over 450 shipments by motorcycle travellers, both air and sea. You can search the database by continent or by country.

For each shipment, the details include Shipping Date, Cost, Shipper Contact details and a Description of the experience, in some cases very detailed and extremely useful information about the requirements for crating or the paperwork involved at the destination location.

This information has been gleaned from various sources, and not all details are available for every route. If you are aware of any more up-to-date information, or you know of any shipping details for locations which aren't listed below, please let us know.

The HUBB of it all.

3. Get Ready!

D. Get on your HUBB

The Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board, or HUBB for short, is a fact-based forum for overland travellers, whether by motorcycle or 4WD. Started in 1999, it now has over 33,000 users from all over the world, and a fantastic bunch of people they are too!

You can read without registering, but you have to register to post a question, and you get more tools to enhance your reading when you register. We've rarely had to censor or delete a post, and the level of discussion is very high.

There are 50,000+ threads on every subject you can imagine, grouped into over 90 separate Forums, from Which Bike? and bike forums to Regional forums, Trip Paperwork, Trip Transport, 4WD Tech and Travel forums, and the very popular 'Travellers Seeking Travellers', which serves as a meeting up point for those starting off on long journeys, and has resulted in more than a few lasting friendships...

The world famous HU Travellers Meetings.

3. Get Ready!

E. Come to an HU Travellers Meeting

You are not alone! You can meet people who don't think you're crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or Africa or across Asia, or even around the world! Admit it, all your 'normal' friends and most of your family fears for your sanity! So, this is your opportunity to meet the people who will encourage you in that craziness, share their experiences and advice on how to do it, and maybe you'll meet them again in Mongolia or Timbuktu!

HU Meetings are not like your average biker rally. They are a combination of inspirational presentations on overland trips people have taken, hands-on 'how to' sessions to help with your planning, and lots of great folks to talk to about past and future travels. See the HU Travellers Meeting Video for a taste of what goes on!

Our aims for the meetings are to help people who want to do a long distance trip with ideas and info, inspire people to go a little further than they have before and reduce the fear of the unknown. The meetings also generate profit to support the website, but most importantly, they're a lot of fun!

In 2012, meetings in the UK (England and Northern Ireland), Canada (BC), USA East (North Carolina) and West (California), Germany (Bavaria), Greece, Australia (Queensland), Thailand, Argentina (and possibly several more!) will attract over 1,500 travellers and would-be travellers. There's bound to be one near you!

Sam Davidson demonstrates the art of tire changing at the HU Belgium 2006 meeting.

Sam Davidson demonstrates the art of tire changing at the HU Belgium 2006 meeting.

The Horizons Unlimited Achievable Dream DVD.

3. Get Ready!

F. Buy the Horizons Unlimited Achievable Dream DVD series!

If you'd rather get your information by watching and listening than reading, these DVDs are for you. The Achievable Dream series is the definitive guide to planning your motorcycle adventure! This insanely ambitious 2-year project has produced an informative and entertaining 5-part, 18 hour DVD series. "The ultimate round the world rider's how-to DVD!" MCN UK.

If you can't make it to a Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting, then you'll want to watch these DVDs again and again, notepad in hand! But be warned, viewing them may be a life-changing experience! "The series is 'free' because the tips and advice will save much more than you spend on buying the DVD's." Daniel Pedersen, on

To watch the trailers and order, go to the Store. While you're there, check out part 1 of the new Road Heroes series too!

A global resource for travellers.

4. Get on the Road!

A. Horizons Unlimited Travellers Communities - 750+ in 114 countries
  • Local assistance when you need it
  • People who want to meet travellers
  • Start or join your own when you get home

We're very proud of the Travellers Communities. Begun in Melbourne in 2000, we now have over 750 communities in 114 countries worldwide. Individuals join a community mailing list, and travellers visiting their area can write to that list for advice, assistance or just to meet and visit. The people in the community are anonymous to the traveller, and can choose to respond or not.

The community itself functions as a mailing list for like-minded folks to meet up and swap stories.

So if you're on the road, you can Contact a community for help or just a chat. If you're not on the road and want to meet travellers, you can Join an existing community (or start your own if there's none in your area).

Keep in touch while you're on the road.

4. Get on the Road!

B. Start your own blog!

We want your overland travel story, whether it's around the world or a once-in-a-lifetime trip to anywhere. At Horizons Unlimited, you'll get a lot more readers than in some obscure corner of the web. Plus, your readers won't be subjected to popup/under ads or turned away because you've exceeded their bandwidth limits. And yes, it's free and will remain so. Overland travel stories only, please.

You can enter your story from any Internet cafe using only the browser. You can easily upload photos directly to your page. Readers can sign up for notifications when you post a new entry, and you can add your friends and family yourself, so they don't have to go to the site to check if there is an update.

If you don't want a blog or you have your own website, send us pics and short stories for the e-zine, to entertain and inspire other travellers.

The audience is friendly at a Horizons meeting!

The audience is friendly!

5. Come home famous and happy but broke!

Present YOUR travel adventure at a Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting!

From Brian Coles, who presented at the HU UK 2005 meeting:

"... Since attending the 2003 meeting a month before I set out to 'do the Americas,' I feel that I have now come full circle by presenting a slide show of my trip at Derby. It was an incredible feeling to have achieved my first public presentation. The thanks I received afterwards made it extra special.

The HU meetings are unique in size and atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and more than willing to help, whatever the question. I felt that when I started the trip in 2003, and I felt that this weekend when I then presented it. I can recommend presenting your 'trip of a lifetime' to anyone that has been out there and done it. Thanks to you, Susan and all the organisers, Brian"

6. Go back to work and save money

7. Repeat as often as necessary.

Remember, this is a highly addictive activity ;-) Don't say we didn't warn you!

Important: For more information on what World Nomad's policies cover, read this Prices & Benefits page for residents of various countries.
Grant says: ALWAYS read the policy CAREFULLY to be SURE you are covered on your motorcycle, there are exceptions and variations depending on home country and where you're going and a whole lot of other things. READ THE POLICY!

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