A few of the articles written about Horizons Unlimited and Grant and Susan Johnson.

Voyage à Moto
article by Franc Péret September 6 2022

"Meeting Horizons Unlimited France" in French and English

ADVMOTO.com - Catching up with Horizons Unlimited
January 2020, by Andrew Nguyen

CAtching up with HU graphic


December 2019 by Zac Kurylyk

Twenty years of Travellers Meetings: Horizons Unlimited

MotorradSzene, Germany
December 2019 by Stefan Thiel

Cover photo

Welt im Zelt (with photos in original German) page 1, page 2, and Text in English

Appomattox Times
September 2018 by Charles Conrad

"World-traveling motorcyclists convene at 4-H Center"
Virginia 2018 Travellers Meeting

June 2019 by Justin Hayzelden

HUBB UK: "A 'HUBB' for Adventure" page 1, page 2

May 29 2019 by Mark Richardson

Why we Ride

February 2018 by Justin Hayzelden

The Big Ride

The Big Ride

Gelungene Fusion (successful fusion)
by Stefan Thiel

successful fusion image

Translation: Successful Fusion The almost three hundred participants of the 18th Horizons-Unlimited-Deutschland-Treffens could look forward to the longest weekend of the fathers on best weather. The event, which is mainly aimed at motorbike-close and long-distance travelers, once again pitched their tents at the Pfrimmtal campground near Worms. In addition to this, the exhilarating combination of multimedia travels and workshops were offered. New was the integration of the Wormser Tenere meeting into the overall concept. After 30 years and 25 successful events the organization effort was too big for the Yamaha Aficionados.

There were more than enough crowds with the travel enduristan, from which the bulk of the Horizons-Unlimited visitors were recruited, and so it was only a small step to the common exchange of gasoline and travel stories.

The feedback on the meeting in the meeting has been positive so far and so there will be a combined event on the Ascension of the Ascension in 2018. Anyone who wants to get a taste of the whole thing before, and want to sniff away wanderlust, can do this at the Horizons-Unlimited autumn meeting from 28 to 30 October in the same place.
Photo: Immler makes it: For his trip with the R1 to the polar ice, Sjaak Lucassen needed coarse shoemaking

February 2017 by Ken Freund

HU California

Road Trip Magazine France
HU France 2016 by Laurent Dozias

French only - page 1, page 2

Rider Magazine

California 2014 review:

Click here for full article in Rider Magazine.

Motorcycle USA

Colorado 2014 review:

Click for readable, full version.

British Dealer News, August 2014

HUBB UK 2014 review:

Click for larger, readable full version

Northern Ontario Travel, July 2014

..."Celebrate the final weekend of summer with a fantastic ride to Muskoka and experience HU's Ontario Event. It may be the end of the season, but seeds germinate and take root over the winter. You never know where next season's riding adventures will take you."

Clnton demonstrating log jumping


November 2013

The Art of Tire Changing

ADVENTURE Rider, Issue#4, Australia

HU 10th Anniversary Australia travellers meeting.

The Westerner (Australia), October 2013

Linda Bootherstone-Bick.


TREVL Magazine, Portugal, August 2013

TREVL Magazine issue 2, HUBB UK photos

Australian Motorcyclist Magazine, August 2013

Australian Road Rider, July 2013

  • The World is not Enough, by Justin Law, profiles Martin Williams, Paul and Jan Dwyer and Haydn and Dianne Durnell and the Australia 2013 HU meetings in Dayboro, Cavendish and Perth.

Australian Road Rider July 2013 article by Justin Law on the 2013 Australian meetings.

Road Bike Magazine (USA), Apr/May 2013

Horizons Unlimited California 2013 Travellers Meeting.

Motorcycle USA, November 2012

Motorradspiegel, Germany

Die Welt zu Gast im Odenwald, Motorradspiegel, Stefan Thiel.

Australian Road Rider

Gather Round - Australian Road Rider - Mark Hoskings.

ADVMoto, January 2012

  • Nicole Espinosa: Finding Inspiration HU Travelers Meeting 2011, Cambria CA
    "...you have a Horizons Unlimited (HU) Travelers Meeting - the most inspirational adventure riding event ever created"

Finding Inspiration article in ADVMoto by Nicole Espinosa.

Motorcycle-USA, December 2011

  • Dr. Frazier: Adventure Touring Candy Store
    "With over 200 registered attendees, most arriving on adventure kitted motorcycles from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom, the parking lot, campground and display area was a motorcycle adventure seeker's accessory and modification candy store. "

RiderMagazine.com, November 2011

  • by Clement Salvadori: HU Travellers Meeting, California 2011
    "...I was especially tickled when Horizons Unlimited (HU) called me up to say they were having a meeting in Cambria, 35 miles from my home."

Motorcycle USA.com, December 2010

Dr. Gregory Frazier, Where Adventures Begin and End.

Motorrad Abenteuer, Sept / Oct 2008

  • Unbegrenzter Horizont, Horizons Unlimited Treffen in Deutschland by Erwin Thoma (link to come)

www.OverlandJournal.com, USA, August 2008, by Graham Jackson

MotorcycleUSA.com, USA, August 2008, by Greg Frazier

Trailbike Adventure Magazine, Australia, June 2007

HU Are You, Trailbike Adventure Magazine, Australia.

The Telegraph, UK, December 30 2006

RoadBike, USA, June 2006, by Greg Frazier

Rider Magazine, USA, October 2005 by Dan Hilton

Toronto Star, Canada, October 29 2005, by Mark Richardson

Edmonton Journal, Canada, October 21 2005, by Tim Yip

Edmonton Journal, Canada, October 22 2004, by Tim Yip

Motorcycle Voyager, UK

CANADIAN BIKER, Canada, March 1999 by John Campbell

  • the drifting johnsons

    "YOU'LL MEET THEM TIME AND AGAIN, the world travellers. They'll seem older yet somehow younger than yourself; a life intensely lived affects mortality and jumbles time out of sequence..."

The Vancouver Province, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, November 16, 1998, by Dana Gee

"For Grant and Susan Johnson, life has definitely been a highway. In fact, it's been 100,000 kilometres of highways, roads and trails..."

Tourenfahrer, Germany, March 2000 (In German only) by Andreas Huelsmann

  • Reisetreffen: Fernweh inklusive

    note: this link takes you to two jpg's, 122kb each.

    Article about Motorcycle Travellers Meetings and where to find information on travel by motorcycle. On the second page are a few paragraphs about our website.

    Wenn jemand eine Reise plant, dann hat er viele Fragen, jedoch ist es nicht immer einfach, die Antworten darauf zu finden. Eine gute Quelle sind Fernreise-treffen, auf denen sich die Zunft der resienden Motorradfahrer zum Erfahrungsaustausch treffen kann

    Rough translation:

    If someone plans a journey, then there are many questions to ask, however it is not always easy to find the responses to it. A good course is "Travel Meetings," at which travellers meet the guild of the travellers to exchange experience.


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