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"I hope the attached document would be useful to all fellow bikers coming to this part of the world. We (Malaysian) are not perfect and neither do we live in heaven. There are nice places and people and "not so nice" places and people too. Still this is home to me and despite seeing and living in other countries I still find Malaysia and her imperfection (bike is expensive and humidity is very high) as my world heaven.

Keep the smile and stay upright,

Regards from Kuala Lumpur, Amran Parimon"

General Information:

Under Local Customs:
  • "Seniority is greatly respected within Malay households. The eldest male of a family should be greeted first and frequently sits in the best or highest seat.
  • Pointing with a finger is considered to be extremely rude. Instead, the entire hand should be used to indicate a direction, but not a person.
  • It is important to remove one's shoes at the door of a house upon entering. It is also customary to do so upon entering a mosque or an Indian temple.
  • Women should not wear dresses, skirts or shorts that are too short. In cities, towns and villages, shorts are considered highly inappropriate.
  • Do not dress in any manner that may give the impression that you are a 'hippie,' as 'hippies' are banned from the country.
  • Never give liquor to a Muslim (alcoholic beverages are forbidden in the Muslim religion), or clocks, watches, knives or white flowers to a Chinese person (white flowers are associated with death in Chinese culture, and so are clocks, knives and watches - the word for time and death sound similar)."
Under Useful Phrases:
  • "Yes - Ya
  • No - Teedak
  • How are you? - apa kabar
  • Good bye - se la mat jalan
  • Thank you - Terima kasih
  • Excuse me - Ma fkan say-ya
  • Do you speak English? - Ta-hoo-kah ber -da ha sa Ingris?
  • I don't understand - Saya tidak fa-ham
  • Help! - To-long!
  • Please bring me the menu - To long bawa untuk say-yame-noo
  • Please bring me the bill - To long bawa untuk say-ya bil"

Inter knowledge (also lists itself as The Official Homepage of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, New York). Places, People, Nature, Fun, Activities, History, Calendar of Events. Good listing of National Parks.

Perak Mosque - from

Perak Mosque - from

Under Activities - what is there to do in Malaysia anyway? Answer - visit the world's oldest rain forest, visit a longhouse, diving, spelunking, jungle trekking, shopping, eating out. In other words, something for everyone!

Geographia Malaysia is another link to the same content: The Official Homepage of the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, New York.

The official Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board has a useful Calendar of Events to help in your planning.

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Getting around (when you're off the bike):

Light Rail Transit (PUTRA LRT) has useful transit network maps on their new site.

Travel Diaries/Stories:

Stephan and 'Chenda Solon, UK, Around the World, in Singapore and Malaysia

Peter and Kay Forwood, Australia, RTW, Travel around Malaysia/Singapore on a Harley

More great pics from Peter and Kay Forwood's travels to Malaysia.

One of many great pics from Peter and Kay Forwood's travels to Malaysia

Connor Carson, UK, Round the World, in Malaysia and Indonesia

Jan Arild and May Tina Teland from Norway who visited Malaysia in 2000

Miscellaneous and Search Engines:

Listing of Cybercafes in Malaysia

Search Engines


2. List of Malaysian Search Engines

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