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Shipment: From Bogota, Colombia to Panama City, Panama - March, 2019

5/5 - Excellent


Verónica TMosquera Oviedo

Sales Manager

Carrera 81D  No. 25B-27 Barrio Modelia 

Tels  (57-1) 482 4943

Cel. 311 223 7841                                                                     


Bogotá, Colombia



Veronica Mosquera

Procedure for picking up motorbikes from Tucomen airport.  We did two days ago, but heard that there had been some confusion recently.  It’s really important to follow the correct procedure, otherwise, you risk having your bike impounded.  Here was our experience (good).  

1. Go to the air carga terminal and find the depot (according to the shipper), where your bike has been delivered.  For us, this was the PACK depot - it’s just to the left and behind a fast food called ‘chicken port’ (yes, really!). They gave us the printed instructions attached below.  
2. We gave our bill of lading.  They gave us forms for completion, and information explaining what we had to do.  Note, we did NOT require the customs stamp at step 2 - I don’t know why not.  We had to go to the customs building (10 mins walk, near the entrance to the cargo area) to get these stamps - two kiosks, one next to the other on the RHS of the building as you look at it. All this is just to release the bike.  
3. We then went back with these forms, and collected our bikes.  I had to sign for my bike - hint - do check it over thoroughly before accepting it and signing, just in case of damage (ours were perfect).  
4,  VERY IMPORTANT - go back to the first office - just to the left is a small, different building.  Here, you need to get the transit document.  That is the thing that makes the importation legal so you can ride on the roads.  DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THIS PAPERWORK. 
5. We could not buy the required insurance at the air cargo terminal.  We bought it the next day at FEDPA seguros in Panama City.  $25 for 1 month.  Again, a legal requirement, even for foreign registered bikes.  
Hope this is helpful.  We used Veronica Mosquera at Cargorider, based in Bogota to help us with our shipment.  She and her team were super helpful. .  Thank you Veronica!

Shipment: From Buenos Aires to Madrid - March, 2019

5/5 - Excellent
Dakar Motos
Javier or Sandra

Very reactive agency which can organize your shipment quickly toward few destination. 


Shipment: From London, UK to Panama City, Panama - February, 2019

5/5 - Excellent

+44(0) 1784 436373

Roddy Warner or Kathy Wood

Super smooth shipment. Bike came extremely well boxed up. Motofreight know the Dangerous Goods process thoroughly and hence bike could be shipped with a small amount of fuel left in it and battery still connected. This meant no messing around on receipt sitting this out. Receipt at Panama was very easy - took 2 hours from arriving at airport to riding away with all formalities and paperwork complete. Motofreight agent at that end (David Pang) is really easy to deal with and communicated quickly with you via WhatsApp. Cost at Panama end was $125 for agent, $60 for warehouse plus $5 for workers there to dispose of crate.

This is my third freighting with Motofreight. All have gone extremely well. They may not be the Christ but they do what they promise and do it will.

Note: I also researched freighting to San Jose, Costa Rica. Quoted freight cost was $2050 + estimate from their agent of $1250 and 2-3 days to clear it. Given the total cost to both places was the same (approx $3300) I chose Panama because of the easier clearance process.


Shipment: From Zarate, Argentina to Antwerp, Belgium - February, 2019

5/5 - Excellent
Acosta Logistica - Grimaldi Lines

The Grimaldi Lines does the marine shipping but they require to hire an agent in Argentina. You can do the clearance at destination by yourself.

Emails to ask for the ocean freight:


Email of the agent:

Daniel Acosta

Costs breakdown:

214 USD Zarate Port costs (you pay directly at the terminal before delivering the vehicle in USD or Arg Pesos) (cash)

200 USD Grimaldi Fees (TOLL: USD 15/ton, HANDLING FEE: USD 11+21% vat/ton, BILL OF LADING FEE: USD 60+21% vat, RELEASE AT DESTINATION: USD 50+21% vat (optional)) (cash)

250 USD Agent payment (cash)

800 USD Ocean Freight (Paid through bank transfer to Italian bank account)

85.19 EUR (Admin Fee POD & Reception chages) (Paid through bank transfer to Belgian bank account)


Cost of ocean freight depends on volume. Our van is a Toyota Hiace (19.66 m3).


Clearance at destination FOR FREE. No need to hire an agent in Europe.


85.19 EUR

Shipment: From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kuching, Malaysia - February, 2019

5/5 - Excellent

I shipped my Vespa PX scooter from KL to Kuching, Borneo.

I wanted to enter Indonesia from Malaysia, and wondered to do it by ship from KL to Sumatra, but after small research only AIR cargo to Borneo was the fastest and even cheaper option.

I contacted MASKargo and bring them scooter. No crate needed, they even allow me to transfer my personal backpack (70L) on the top of cscooter.

All the process was fast about 2h in Kuala Lumpur airport and about 3 hours with a free brocker in Kuching airport.

Higly recommended!



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