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Shipment: From Vladivostok, Russia to Sakaiminato, Japan - July, 2019

4/5 - Good
Links LTD, via DBS Ferry

Links, Ltd.
89 Svetlanskaya str., ste. 312,
690001 Vladivostok, Russia
Tel.: +7 (423) 222-0887
Fax: +7 (423) 222-1578
Coordinates: 43.11617 131.90513

info AT
or contact us per our Get-a-Quote option

P.S.: Dear guests, please mind, that our E-mails are not accepted by some servers like So to make sure that you receive our answer, please do not use addresses at Thanks for understanding!

Yuri Melnikov

We shipped our bikes and ourselves from Vladivostok to Sakaiminato (via Donghae, South Korea).

The price indicated if for one bike and one passenger. We travelled with 300 CC, so the price might be slightly more expensive if your motorbike is above 400 CC if my memory is good.

Yuri is well know on this website and he's very professional. Same for their correspondant in Donghae, and Tatiana in Japan.

The only thing that I regret is that currently, there is only one company doing this crossing, so they can charge whatever price they want and it's quite pricey. But at least they exists.



Shipment: From Buenos Aires, Argentina to London, England - June, 2019

5/5 - Excellent
Dakar Motos

Contact was really good, they both speak excelent English. I used email. But they also have a whatsapp and mobile number. This is 

+54 9 11 4067-4268 Thats the one that I used but Javier also has another mobile. That is 

+54 9 11 31568939

54-11-4730-0586 This number is taken from their website. I haven't used it.

It is a Husband and wife team and they are always busy so there may be a delay in answering the mails. 


Javier and Sandra
dakarmotos (a)

I can recommend them, they are bikers and they are specialized in transporting bikes. They were extremely efficient and friendly. They are present during the whole process and do all the paperwork. 

The address and map to get to the Terminal in Buenos Aires was accurate and really easy to follow.

They do not have an office. They use the restaurant at the nearby petrol station to handle the payment and a cup of coffee. This is all done after the bike has gone through customs and is on it's way to the waiting to be flown zone, in other words on completion of the transaction.

You can pay in cash or by credit card, Master or Visa. 

I used them in combination with Motofreight  They picked the bike up from British customs, unpacked it and disposed of the packing. They also stored it for a couple of days until I arrived to pick it up. That was what the extra cost was at destination and it was worth it in my case.

Ride safe and have fun.   


Shipment: From Buenos Aires, Argentina to Seoul, South Korea - May, 2019

5/5 - Excellent

+54 (011) 4730-0586

dakarmotos (a)

No surprise costs and everything worked as planned! Javier is excellent in responding to emails quickly and thoroughly.

The original shipping quote stated a 3% cash discount but that didn't happen, even after I pointed it out during payment.


Shipment: From Melbourne, Australia to London, England - April, 2019

5/5 - Excellent
Bikes Abroad

Included crating, all handling, customs, uncrating etc.

Crating in Melbourne by Compass Expeditions.

Clearance and uncrating in UK by Motofreight.


Shipment: From Bogota, Colombia to Miami, USA - April, 2019

5/5 - Excellent
Comercial Cargo Rider

Phone: 57-1 4824943


It was a bit expensive, but could not find any cheaper alt.

The service fr the the company and specially Victoria, was fantastic. Everything worked perfect. The bike arrived 2 days earlier.

At the arrivel it took some time, but mostly because you first had to pick up the paper fr the agent and then to the US custom, other side of the airport and then back. Everything worked smothly

1500 usd


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