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  • Under Asian Skies cover
    Review by Glynn Roberts, UK Horizons Unlimited Meeting Organiser "Sam Manicom's new book Under Asian Skies has...
  • Tortillas to Totems: Sidetracked by the Unexpected
    Sam Manicom’s fourth book, which is based on his partner Birgit’s diaries, takes the reader exploring through Mexico, the United States and Canada. Lands that Sam...
  • Into Africa cover
    8 year round the worlder Sam Manicom had never intended to write books. He travelled for the adventures, and the chance to learn about the world and himself. Thankfully he wrote a...
  • This is Sam Manicom’s third book. By the beginning of Distant Suns he’d been on the road for four years through Africa, Australia, SE Asia, Asia and the Middle East.During this...
  • The Journey to Me
    Travelling solo for more than 33,000 miles on a motorcycle taught Annette Birkmann to experience the unknown not as fraught with danger but as providing endless opportunities....
  • Sehnsucht nach Patagonien
    Die Sehnsucht nach Patagonien, sie wurde immer größer: Über 30 Jahre nach seiner ersten Motorradreise durch den wilden Süden von Chile und Argentinien bricht Michael Schröder,...
  • The Tom Report
    “These are not bedtime stories. If reading the rough spots from this journey is getting you down,then try riding them. Pick up a Lonely Planet if my realities are too harsh...
  • book cover
    Two years ago, I left my house on my 60th birthday, on a modest but sexy Royal Enfield motorcycle, carrying a small banjo and in the company of a giant myth. I took a 2500 mile...
  • This is the story about Stach´s and Halina´s motorcycle odyssey from Poland to Shanghai in the 1930s. More than 24.000 km in two and a half years on a BSA with sidecar...
  • A coming of age story like no other. Chris escapes Belfast, on his Moto Guzzi
    Going the Wrong Way. A ‘coming of age’ road trip like no other. Chris leaves the Belfast Troubles behind and creates his own trouble. It’s a wild ride but Chris...
    When Mark loses almost everything his life has epitomised for nigh on 40 years, can his motorcycle see him through? Follow his journey around the world through love, loss, pain,...
  • Rice & Dirt: Across Africa on a Vespa - Front Cover
    Leaving the economic turmoil of Greece behind, Stergios Gogos initially set off to discover the world. By the tip of Africa he’d found much more than he’d bargained...
  • A book about a trip to the remote Siberian regions of Yakutia, Kolyma and Chukotka, an unforgiving but fascinating area whose shores are washed by the waters of two oceans - the...
  • A Dream Motorcycle Journey through Latin America
    Amigos, check out my tale about a mc trip from Vancouver to Panama, across to Colombia on the Stahlratte, down the Andes to Ushuaia and back up to Rio de Janeiro.
  • Timeless On The Silk Road by Heather Ellis
    ‘It’s more than just a long motorcycle trip...’ Tony Wheeler, co-founder Lonely Planet. 'The road maybe silken but it is far from smooth...' Ted Simon,...
  • Hit the road, Jac! - book cover
    Seven years, twenty countries, no plan. How it started... In 1998, after bringing up a family and enjoying a lifetime career as a nurse and health visitor in the UK, I...
  • Notes From The Road Vol IV
    OVERLAND MAGAZINE BOOK REVIEW Just occasionally a book arrives on the motorcycle travel scene that is different, brave, sure to cause controversy and perhaps be forever known as...
  • Notes From The Road Vol III
    OVERLAND MAGAZINE BOOK REVIEWDerek Mansfield could never be called a conventional character. Perhaps then, it’s not surprising that his books aren’t either. There...


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