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  • Moottoripyörällä silkkitietä - Oulusta Kathmanduun
    Story of a couple riding a big single from Finland to Nepal and back. Available only in FINNISH LANGUAGE.
  • Adventure Motorcycle Travel
    The point of the trip was just the journey, not particularly the destinations, although we’ve seen some spectacular sights. It was about being on the bike, every day, and...
  • One Long Summer- A journey around the world
    A tale of a dream achieved, a journey of self-discovery and exploration of the world on motorbike. For all independent travel enthusiasts. “Sometimes you have to put...
  • Heart-warming stories of life on the road from this couple in their late fifties who decided to live the dream and ride their KTM motorcycles round the world. The colours, tastes...
  • Dirk Weisiger
    This book details my journey from Austin, Texas to the tip of South America. For everyone thinking of a new adventure, a new life, or even a new venture: DO IT. (Jim Rogers,...
  • From Estonia With Love book
    No Estonian had ever attemped to circumnavigate the globe on a motorbike before, but our jaunts to such off-the-beaten-track countries as Syria and Jordan, and even "infamous...
  • Um Peixe no Deserto
    "A Fish in the Desert" 20 intense days summarized into 282 pages: daily fragments and stories of moments and feelings, that's how you sum up about 11.000 kms of...
  • Ubuntu: One Woman's Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa
    As you travel Africa, you will find the way of ubuntu – the universal bond that connects all of humanity as one. At the age of twenty-eight, while sitting in a friend’...
  • Carrie and Brent Larose, PUNCHCLOCK book
    The story of Carrie and Brent Larose. A regular working class couple from Canada dreaming of extended travel and making it real. A 13 month journey on two BMW F650GS motorcycles....
  • A few years ago Trevor Marc Hughes travelled solo on his motorcycle along a remote northern British Columbia highway, meeting people, seeing places and getting to know his home...
  • The Road to Mali
    This is not just an absorbing narrative about a single trip into North Africa. It outlines a series of events and circumstances between 1991 and 2005 which combined to lead three...
  • Book cover
    Description About the Author Greg "WANDRR" Turp and his wife Melanie have been long-distance motorcycling and moto-camping for several years having ridden in all 50 states, most...
  • Nearly 40 on the 37: triumph and trepidation on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway
    A few days before his fortieth birthday, Trevor Marc Hughes hopped on his motorbike and rode north into the unknown. Part of Hughes' motivation was his age, part of it was a...
  • cover of book: Slow Rider: Australia on a Postie Bike and a 125 cc Motorbike
    In 2014 Jill Maden returns to Australia to finish the trip she started in 2010 (as described in Excess Baggage). She rides a Postie Bike from Brisbane to Adelaide via the epic...
  • 5000 Miles At 8000 RPM book cover photo
    5000 Miles At 8000 RPM is the story of how CSC Motorcycles brought the Zongshen RX3 250cc adventure touring motorcycle to America, including detailed, behind-the-scenes reports on...
  • Graham Field
    Different Natures takes you on three journeys. Each gives an honest and passionate insight into the evolution of a compulsive traveller. Looking for direction with the wrong eyes...
  • No Room for Watermelons
    In 2012, while others his age were enjoying quiet retirement, Ron Fellowes set off on the challenge of a lifetime. His dream to ride a 102 year-old FN motorcycle across the world...
  • Michele Harrison Woman Motorcycle Adventure in India
    Just because someone told her India was "really in your face", Michèle Harrison quit her office job at the age of 33, bought herself an Enfield motorbike and set off for...

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