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  • The Real Way Round book cover
    Features • A practical guide to motorcycling round the world • Nearly seven hundred stunning photographs  • Planning section so riders can prepare for a...
  • The Tent by Stephen Nesbitt
    It is shocking stuff! I was not prepared for this challenge of "Giving it all up and just doing what came along naturally" It is life changing, and I am not the same...
  • The Tent by Stephen Nesbitt
    A continuation of motorcycle journeys by the author of ' The Tent ' This second volume covers Morocco,Spain, Portugal, France and the Isle of Man.
  • Keep Moving: Tokyo to Cape Town by Motorbike
    The idea to travel the world on a motorcycle did not 'come out of the blue'. Monica's husband Simon had this dream for 30 years. The opportunity to go arose after...
  • The Road gets better from Here cover
    With virtually no experience and absolutely no support, Adrian rides a basic stock motorbike 20,000kms across nine countries in three months to fulfill a lifelong dream. He sets...
  • Excess Baggage
    In 2010, after the closure of her dream business, Jill Maden sets off to tour Australia – alone on a motorbike. Weighed down by seven stone of luggage and a crushing sense...
  • "This is an absolutely spellbinding read..." Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
    After raising her "4+2+1" brood - four kids, two stepkids and one unofficially adopted Ethiopian daughter - Diana Bletter faced an empty nest. What would she do now? And more...
  • a unique and often hilarious insight into the challenges and excitement afforded
    "One of the funniest books I've read in a long time" (webBikeWorld)"Honest, entertainingly written [a...
  • Age 21, Sam tires of his career in IT, quits his job, learns to ride a motorcycle and sets off to the east. On this epic voyage of self-discovery Sam learns more than he could...
  • “Triumph Across The USA” documents a 14,000-mile solo motorcycle tour in 61 days. The people and the natural majesty of the United States are captured through an...
  • book cover
    Land Of The Long Wild Road is an off-beat, observant and humorous journey around New Zealand. Bob & Viv Goddard ride two small off-road motorcycles on gravel tracks, drovers’...
  • Two Wheels to Adventure (Alaska to Argentina by Motorcycle, Bigfoot 1)
    One of the real classic motorcycle adventure travel books. Hard to come by as it's been out of print for years, but wort...
  • Born in Germany in 1937, Werner Bausenhart has been an avid traveler all his life, but his longing for faraway places only increased when he discovered the joys of adventure...
  • Annette Birkmann
    "On many occasions in my life I’ve arrived at a point where I’ve thought: is this it? Whenever I reached a goal, it was with the unspoken expectation that when this has been...
  • cover of America: Through a Veil of Tears
    Live your dreams, face your fears... A motorcycle tour of the American continent, that was the simple dream of a father and son from North Wales. Then, just days into the biggest...
  • cover of Touching the World: A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles
    “Cathy’s courage has been truly inspirational for many blind and partially sighted people across the world.”  Steph...
  • cover of "Bearback, The world Overland"
    Imagine jacking it all in, packing your life into a 41-litre pannier and riding into the sunset. Bearback is the story of two GPs who did just that, downing stethoscopes to take...
  • In Search of Greener Grass by Graham Field
    15,000 miles to Mongolia and beyond, alone on a motorcycle with no support, no sponsorship, no privileges, no clue and a £750 eBay purchased motorbike.A journey of...


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