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  • Michele Harrison Woman Motorcycle Adventure in India
    Just because someone told her India was "really in your face", Michèle Harrison quit her office job at the age of 33, bought herself an Enfield motorbike and set off for...
  • A Lap for the Little Ones
    A Lap for the Little Ones: the highs and lows, the excitement and the terror, the baking heat and torrential rain of fifteen thousand kilometres on the bike in thirty-three days!...
  • Cover of 53,000 km to dream
    Follow Chantal and Jean through their nine months journey from Montreal to Alaska and then Tierra del Fuego. Stories and anecdotes are shared with sincerity and humor so you can...
  • Beads in the Headlight | A Flying Aga tale
    A young couple resign from their jobs in the midst of a recession to embark on a journey with their life savings, a tent and very few plans in tow. Told by the pillion, Beads in...
  • The book, Around the World, by Petar Rikic
    At the age of 19, a young Croatian by the name of Petar Rikic decided to leave home and travel around the world by motorcycle. Throughout the course of this immense journey he...
  • Roaming the South
    This is an Apple iBook in Spanish which documents a month long journey of three travelers on two Royal Enfield EFI´s through the South of México into Guatemala and through...
  • Three Wandering Poms
    Terrific story, well worth a read!
  • Butterflies and Flat Tyres: Zurich to Singapore via Siberia
    Butterflies and Flat Tyres: Zurich to Singapore via Siberia, is Lorraine Spence’s remarkable, often hilarious, travelling memoir detailing her extraordinary trip from Zurich...
  • A Dog, His Man, Their Journey
    This is my Journal. It is just another Life story with it’s steps awaiting one by one toward healing, toward sensing what was only a blur and a dark tunnel just a...
  • KLR650 South to Iraq & East to Azerbaijan, 15,000 mile trip
    It’s a hard roadEspecially on an old bike and with little money, but harder still is resisting the urge to ride. This is a journey of thrill and despair as the author heads...
  • Buy the DVD
    A normal working bloke decides to take a trip from the UK through 19 countries via the middle East to Australia. Taking over 4 months and travelling nearly 29,000 kms. This is the...
  • Frankenstein Scooters to Dracula's Castle
    ‘My family don’t do easy. Tracy and I ride vintage scooters: a Maicoletta and a Lambretta respectively, but not standard ones. Ours are unique, radically modified...
  • “The overbearing odor of diesel fuel that permeated the cabin of the aged Toyota Corolla we had just push-started made us reach for the window cranks, but there weren’...
  • book cover
    Plenty of retirees take a holiday. When Brian Rix retired after 36 years as a policeman in Victoria, rather than hitchin...
  • Russia; Adventure Motorcycling; Motorcycling in Russia
    Lawrence Bransby, teacher, author and motorcycle traveller sets out, progressively over a period of five years, to “dip his toe into the vast ocean that is Russia”....
  • cover, Down and Out in Patagonia, Kamchatka, and Timbuktu
    A little over 40 years ago, a man named Gregory W. Frazier got on his motorcycle, went for a ride, and never returned. He’s still out there, circumnavigating the globe:...
  • Motorcycling in Morocco; Adventure Motorcycling; Morocco
    Stuck in deep sand, stuck in snow, bogged down in glutinous mud, crossing boulder-strewn dry riverbeds. A motorcycle trip that started with a vague intention of crossing the High...
  • Motorcycling: A Lifelong Passion cover
    An engaging and heartfelt written and full color pictorial celebration of 2 Canadians' Lifelong Passion and adventures motorcycling. Frank Maloney, MBA, CPCC and Greg Powell,...


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