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  • Under Asian Skies cover
    Review by Glynn Roberts, UK Horizons Unlimited Meeting Organiser "Sam Manicom's new book Under Asian Skies has...
    When Mark loses almost everything his life has epitomised for nigh on 40 years, can his motorcycle see him through? Follow his journey around the world through love, loss, pain,...
  • Left Beyond the Horizon – A Land Rover Odyssey
    Amidst the Scottish Highlands, battered by the elements, stands a neglected Land Rover. It does not seem to be the ideal vehicle for a trip around the world, but Christopher Many...
  • Right Beyond the Horizon – A Motorcycle Odyssey
    When people say “life’s a journey”, some take this aphorism more literally than others. Christopher Many embarked on an overland trip in 1997, believing he...
  • Beads in the Headlight | A Flying Aga tale
    A young couple resign from their jobs in the midst of a recession to embark on a journey with their life savings, a tent and very few plans in tow. Told by the pillion, Beads in...
  • Pamir Highway; Silk Highway; Wakhan Corridor; Tajikistan; Motorcycle Journeys
    "The road to Koki Jar is fine but at the end of the trip both the car and the driver will be destroyed" - advice from a local. Well, it wasn't a car - it was bikes,...
  • A step by step guide for crossing notoriously difficult Central America borders
    I have just finished writing a Central America Border Crossing Guide, "A step by step guide for crossing the notoriously difficult Central America borders, showing pictures...
  • First Timer's Guide to Sturgis
    Based on 30 years experience this guide will get the first timers (and even the seasoned rider) prepared to hit the road to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Find out what to...
  • Frankenstein Scooters to Dracula's Castle
    ‘My family don’t do easy. Tracy and I ride vintage scooters: a Maicoletta and a Lambretta respectively, but not standard ones. Ours are unique, radically modified...
  • book cover
    Plenty of retirees take a holiday. When Brian Rix retired after 36 years as a policeman in Victoria, rather than hitchin...
  • Childhood reminiscences; adventures on foot; hike across Africa
    When I was 12 years old, in 1964, my father, brother and I walked 372 miles from Umhlanga Rocks, just north of Durban, South Africa, to Lourenco Marques in Mocambique. We carried...
  • Adventures by Bicycle; Trans-Africa by bicycle; Bicycle Adventure Travel
    When I was 12, in 1964, I walked from Durban to Lourenco Marques with my elder brother and my father. It took us two weeks to complete the 372 miles, sleeping mostly on the side...
  • Trans-Sahara by car; Adventure travel; desert crossings by car
    Ever thought of driving an old Ford Fiesta, unsupported, across the Western Shara? This is a detailed account of a trip Lawrence Bransby and his surly, grumpy co-driver made from...
  • Russia; Adventure Motorcycling; Motorcycling in Russia
    Lawrence Bransby, teacher, author and motorcycle traveller sets out, progressively over a period of five years, to “dip his toe into the vast ocean that is Russia”....
  • Motorcycling in Morocco; Adventure Motorcycling; Morocco
    Stuck in deep sand, stuck in snow, bogged down in glutinous mud, crossing boulder-strewn dry riverbeds. A motorcycle trip that started with a vague intention of crossing the High...
  • Trans-Africa; Motorcycle Journeys; Adventure Motorcycling; XT500
    Most people would regard it as irresponsible madness for a father to take his 17-year-old son, riding old and somewhat worn-out XT500 motorcycles, on a four-month ride across...
  • "This is an absolutely spellbinding read..." Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
    After raising her "4+2+1" brood - four kids, two stepkids and one unofficially adopted Ethiopian daughter - Diana Bletter faced an empty nest. What would she do now? And more...
  • cover of Touching the World: A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles
    “Cathy’s courage has been truly inspirational for many blind and partially sighted people across the world.”  Steph...


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