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Trip Paperwork Covers all documentation, carnets, customs and country requirements, how to deal with insurance etc.
Photo by Igor Djokovic, camping above San Juan river, Arizona USA

I haven't been everywhere...
but it's on my list!

Photo by Igor Djokovic,
camping above San Juan river,
Arizona USA

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Old 12 Apr 2010
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Hi Miles, great to hear it worked out for you with Mototouring! I was wondering, did you get an e-mail reponse from them through their 'contact us' forum on their web site? Or, do you have a direct e-mail for one of there staff who got in touch with you? I have e-mailed them twice in the last 10 days through their contact us function which doesn't actually give you an e-mail address, but have had no reply.

I would like to get more info from them on any possible age restriction, and also, if there is a one year limit as with ARISA. Any idea?

Thanks, Tom

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Old 21 Apr 2010
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hi Thomas

not aware of any age restrictions with Mototouring. I belive you can insure your bike as long as you like, done mine for 6 months.
I faxed my documents etc straight to them and called a 10 days later to check on progress.
Croatia is not covered with their insurance. when i asked they ckecked with the underwriters and it is not. they will edit the map of countries covered.

Cheers Miles
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Old 22 Apr 2010
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That is good to hear Miles. Were you able to communicate in english when you called, or do you speak Italian? After not being answered on my e-mails, or my phone call, I asked a family friend from Italy to give them a call. I will post the definite answers to my questions once I hear back from him.
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Old 23 Apr 2010
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I have finally heard back from Mototouring through an Italian speaking friend. For those interested, the contact there said that there was NO age limit, and NO time length limit. Great news for me. This is simply what their spokes person said, and I will not actually be applying for the insurance for a few months. Hope this helps others out there. Seems like all points point to MotoTouring as the best sournce for GreenCard Insurance.
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Old 6 May 2010
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Mototouring Italy contact.

Emailed and Called the "mototouring" company in Italy.

Fastest repsonse was to call them and then they sent me a email. You can get their telepohone number from their website and the guy "Frabrizio" can talk a little english, enough to get your email address and send you the details, got the impression that they seem OK. The only issue is for any european registered bikes, ie, UK, FR etc they cannot help out, so for the ones that have their bike registered in another EU country, back to the Drawing board guys and gals.

But otherwise if coming from out of the EU , i think they seem to look like good option.

Also, here is some direct email addresses if you don't get a response from the website contact form.

<info@mototouring.com> (frabrizio himself.)


Mariaelena - Mototouring Srl <rental@mototouring.com>

Hope this helps someone.

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Old 11 May 2010
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Price update from Knopf.

In July of 2007 I purchased 30 days of insurance from Stefan Knoph or the price of $65 US. Just yesterday I asked about insurance from him again. (The process went so smooth last time and I found Stefan and his company easy to deal with.) To my surprise the quote he sent for 30 days is now 153 Euros! I like the service I had last time so will most likely bite the bullet and go with Stefan again. It looks like if a person wants to go through the trouble of making bank transfers at who knows what expence they may be able to save a bit with another company but is it worth the trouble? A simple PayPay transaction with Knoph and it is done.

Don Siewert
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Old 12 May 2010
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Originally Posted by openeyes View Post
The only issue is for any european registered bikes, ie, UK, FR etc they cannot help out, so for the ones that have their bike registered in another EU country, back to the Drawing board
That's not an issue at all: if you can register your bike in an EU country then you can insure it there, too. In many EU countries it is even a pre-requisite.

Europe to NZ 2006-10
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Old 12 May 2010
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MotoTouring GreenCard, Alternate Info

Openeyes, I had almost the same experience as you, and dealt with the same two individuals, but very helpful and friendly.

I got a scan of the green card today, and have been told that it is in the mail. Paid via credit card, no problems, so I would say my transaction went very smoothly, and would recommend them. Attached is a copy of my green card with some information scratched out, but it gives you specific country code info. I was happy to see that it covers Cyprus as well, if that does end up being my only way out of Israel.

As far as green card insurance on a EU registered bike, I have to agree with beddhist. It would seem to be an advantage if your bike is registered in the EU and you want to ride in the EU.

I also picked up some alternate green card information while I was doing my research on shipping. Firstly, the shipping company called Warren, based out of NYC is a former touring company that has a partnership with Knopf Tours in Germany. I spoke with a nice woman in NYC who seems to have a voice impediment of some type, so we decided to talk via e-mail instead. She was very helpful over e-mail, and explained that her website is extremely out of date. They only ship into Germany, and the prices are off. Still, this was one of the cheapest option for flying the bike out of all the places I checked out. I would have dealt with her, but I simply didn't want to drive my bike to NYC without insurance right before my trip.

So that brings me to the second option. I choose to ship with motorcycle express, another company based out of NYC that has several good reviews here on the HUBB. They were the ONLY company that would ship out of Toronto by plane, and seeming the ONLY company to ship out of anywhere other than NYC by plane. Also, the most expensive option, but I had a great customer service experience, and they have been very helpful. I dealt with a woman named Gail, who informed me that they have now (starting about May, 2010) struck up a deal with an un-named green card insurance provider in Germany. Basically, they offer green card insurance like anyone else, but bring it together in a nice package etc. Good marketing I guess, but way too much money for me.

The one difference, and the only reason I am mentioning all this here, is that they offer full coverage, which to the best of my knowledge, is not offered by any other company. I am 19, and do not qualify for their insurance, but I politely told them anyways, that I wouldn't be buying green card insurance from them - as you might imagine the cost is INSANE. Not for me. Anyways, thought I would mention that here for any who really MUST have full coverage. She was also keen to know where I was getting such cheap insurance from (relatively), and has now recommended another non-eligible customer to Mototouring.
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Old 13 May 2010
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Motorouring works well.

I just received the green card this week, it was ready in two working days.
Fabrizio and Mariaelena are very friendly and helpful.

Paying Mototouring with credit card is much easier than dealing with Arisa that only accepts bank transfers and take long to process.

New rates with Adac, Arisa or UCI are way too expensive, going from 22 to 100 euros a month for this kind of basic insurance is insane.

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Old 23 May 2010
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Since Adac / Arisa / Knoph increased rates so much here is a useful link with more affordable green card rates.

Ufficio Centrale Italiano/Polizze temporanee di frontiera

UCI is italian company where Mototouring gets the policies, rates as follows:

60 euros - 15 days
75 euros - 30 days
95 euros - 45 days
145 euros - 90 days
240 euros - 180 days

Agency addresses and tel numbers are listed on the web site, riders shipping to Italy may find this helpful.

Mototouring obviously charges extra for same policy but Fabrizio and Mariaelena provide awsome service and credit card payment is a huge plus.
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Old 8 Jun 2010
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I'm heading off to Spain and Morocco next week shipping my bike from LA via DHL (cheapest shipping by far!). I got insurance through mototouring and, except for the hassle of my bank repeatedly denying the charge because it's a foreign transaction, it was a smooth process and they were very friendly, via email at least.

However, due to CA DMV screwing up my title, I'm making a last minute bike change and taking one of my other bikes but there isn't time now to have an insurance card mailed to my US address.

So my question is, does customs accept the emailed copy of the insurance card or do they require the original?
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Old 8 Jun 2010
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I also used mototouring, fast & friendly. I just got a month, as I can get it cheaper in Bulgaria, but have to have the bike there for some reason.

I shipped into Germany & used a printed copy that was emailed to me, as I didnt have the original yet. I had no problems.

If you dont mind, PM me the DHL story.
Im always looking for a better way to ship a bike.

Thanks, Doug

My Motorcycle Hotel/Cafe in Bulgaria
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Old 12 Jun 2010
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Greencard insurance comparison Mototouring, Arisa.

Since arriving in Europe last July 2009 we have seen as noted on this sticky that Arisa have drastically put up their prices.

My last contact from them in May had the current 2010 price list as follows:
(minimum ) 29 days = 105,00 Euro
2 month = 210,00 Euro
3 month = 315,00 Euro
4 month = 420,00 Euro

This is a 430% increase!!

Now the comparison with MotoTouring in Milan (note the price increase from previous post):
15 days: 78,00 Euro
30 days: 98,00 Euro
45 days: 124,00 Euro
90 days: 189,00 Euro
180 days: 312,00 Euro

Milan MotoTouring doesn't have 12months insurance but will extend without limit so long as you have registration in your country of origin (outside of the EU).
TurboCharger + Francois (our BMW R1200gs) '07
www.riding2up.net, blog.riding2up.net

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Old 12 Jun 2010
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If i fly from Australia and buy a UK bike do i need a Green Card insurance to travel in the EU or can i just get a cheap pay by the month policy then cancel when i am finished with the bike. Locky.
Happyness is not around the corner, happyness is the corner.
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Old 2 Jul 2010
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I just found that DZI insurance in Sofia, Bulgaria will sell a green card for 75 leva for 3 months (40 euros!) only covers EU countries tho.
they wont do it via mail (I asked) you have to go to the office to get it.
maximum 3 months, but can be renewed.
address is
3 G. Benkovski, Sofia
its right across the street from the russian church.

hope this helps



My Motorcycle Hotel/Cafe in Bulgaria
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