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Staying Healthy on the Road Medical info, e.g. malaria, vaccinations, travel medical tips, medical insurance, where to find a doctor.
Photo by Igor Djokovic, camping above San Juan river, Arizona USA

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Photo by Igor Djokovic,
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Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance.

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Old 30 Jul 2008
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Hey all.
I recently enquired with Global-link about Full (inc US/Can) worldwide 12 month insurance, 600cc bike, and 35 yrs old. here's there reply.............

"Mr Shingleton

Thank you for your enquiry.

We are pleased to be able to offer a quotation of £305.00
based upon the following information for "Backpacker" cover.
Number of people travelling. 1 adult
Duration of Holiday. Up to 12 months
Area of travel. Worldwide

* This policy includes medical expenses arising from Motorcycling in line with UK licence entitlement.*
Please refer to the attachment for a summary of "Backpacker" cover.
This policy does not provide cover for re-ocurring or pre-existing medical conditions.

You can arrange cover by calling us on 0870 444 2872 or + 44 (0) 1353 699082

Kind regards
Globelink International Travel Insurance Consultants Ltd."

I'm presuming that "in line with UK entitlement" means having the licence and owning the bike. Although I will call to make sure.
Their policies go for up to 18 months, which is pretty good for longer trips.

After looking around, think I'll go with this one once I've had a confirmatory phone call. Also IMHO I'm pretty sure that if the FCO advise not to go to any particular country then no insurance company is going to cough up the readies to sort you out, so I'll just ride a touch slower and keep the eyes peeled!

I'm leaving Iraq in the morning and I KNOW the FCO advises not to come back! LOL

Have fun!

'Security is a product of one's own imagination, it does not exist in nature as a rule, life is either a daring adventure or nothing.'
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Old 30 Jul 2008
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Look forward to catching up about your trip when you get back to Edi. Try to put if off for a week then I can come for drinks too!
That's a good quote. I was more than that for my trip (non biking) with climbing etc cover.
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Old 16 Sep 2008
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Brilliant thread!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this.

I was just about to spunk more than a grand with Campbell Irvine (12 months, unlimited CC bike, 42 years old, worldwide) when I read this thread. Have just arranged cover for medical expenses with Navigator for £280! No excess, and renewable while you're away. (Not covered for bags/cash etc).

Speak to Yvonne on 0161 973 6435 and mention the HUBB...

London-Cape Town 2004-06
Buenos Aires-Vancouver 2008-10:
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Old 26 Sep 2008
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Hi People, put '1 stop travel insurance uk' into a search engine and you might get a nice suprise, I found them by wading through the compare type websites. Ride safe.
Mike is riding the twisty road in the sky
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Old 5 Oct 2008
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definitely check this one!

hi guys definitely agree with mike above...if youre uk resident, then these guys seem very good indeed. my quote for a one year 'backpacker' trip that includes:

8. Can I be covered to ride a motorbike over 125cc?
Our policy provides cover up to any engine size providing you hold the correct UK licence and you wear any required protective clothing or head gear.

Your Quotation Excluding Excess Waiver: £137.40

Insurance Premium Tax:
Include Excess Waiver:
Yes No
366 days
Travellers by Age:
1 Travellers aged under 46
Baggage and Money:

Health Declaration

We can insure you provided that:
1. All persons travelling are in good health and not suffering from a pre-existing medical condition as defined in the Policy
2. You are not travelling against doctors advice
3. That persons not travelling but covered under the Cancellation and Curtailment sections of the Policy, such as close relatives or business partners are also not suffering any pre-existing medical condition that may cause you to cancel or curtail your trip
4. You are not aware of any reason that may cause you to cancel or curtail the trip
5. This insurance is not for a cruise booking unless Cruise policy type was selected
If you are unable to agree this declaration you can still proceed with this insurance but you WILL NOT be covered for any claim arising from the pre-existing medical condition.
Alternatively you should call us where in most cases we can arrange cover for pre-existing medical conditions through our medical screening and assessment service.

Travellers aged under 46

Key Benefits - Backpacker Insurance

Medical Expenses £3.000.000
Cancellation £2000
Baggage £1000
Legal Expenses £25.000
Missed Departure £800

hope this helps you all out. 1Stop Cheap Travel Insurance UK and Cheap Holiday Insurance UK

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Old 9 Oct 2008
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Originally Posted by maja View Post
Hi People, put '1 stop travel insurance uk' into a search engine and you might get a nice suprise, I found them by wading through the compare type websites. Ride safe.
Ditto the above. Just got an online quote from '1Stop Travel' for a ridiculously cheap premium (by comparison with other insurers), e.g:

Travel Insurance Type: Single Trip
Premium with Excess Waiver: £66.78
Premium without Excess Waiver: £62.51
Duration: 88 days
Destination: Australia & New Zealand

So where's the catch? Surely there must be one ... mustn't there? ...
.. huh? .. :confused1:

Right Way Round ...

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Old 16 Dec 2008
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Originally Posted by Sime66 View Post
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this.

I was just about to spunk more than a grand with Campbell Irvine (12 months, unlimited CC bike, 42 years old, worldwide) when I read this thread. Have just arranged cover for medical expenses with Navigator for £280! No excess, and renewable while you're away. (Not covered for bags/cash etc).

Speak to Yvonne on 0161 973 6435 and mention the HUBB...

Simon, and everyone
Just a heads up for you. We just spoke to Yvonne at Navigator and their renewable on the road policy will no longer exist after the end of the year and they have no plan to replace it with another.

We were originally going with Healthcare International which quoted a reasonable £329 each renewable on the road with repatriation but when we went to book the policy the price has gone to £1440 for both of us ... ouch!!
Now getting a bit desperate as we are leaving on the 2nd Jan and still looking for cover.
RTW Jan 2009 - Aug 2012. Currently in Europe waiting for the next ride
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Old 17 Dec 2008
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UK residents can get good discounts, (cashback), by simply signing up at the Top CashBack website:

Top CashBack - Referral

For example you can get 15% back on the "1 stop " insurance mentioned above.
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Old 28 Jan 2009
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Navigator Insurance

Hey All,

After 3 days of solid ringing around nit-picking the myriad of insurance policies ('you can pilot a small aircraft...but not ride a motorbike over 125...'). It came down to Navigator and Insure&Go for their longstay (10months) worldwide cover including personal accidents on a motorbike. I went with Navigator as they included cover of the fun stuff like Scuba, Snowboarding, whitewater rafting and Trekking above 5000mtrs etc.
Well it's not ALL about the bike, is it?
The policy was £205.00 total and underwritten by Lloyds.

And you also get to speak to the delightful Evelyn, not a call center geek (no offense, but you guys...).

Carol Nash was way more expensive

hope this helps as this insurance lark is a deep dark abyss swimming with sharks, it seams.

So I'm flying out this Sunday, if you're in Mexico, Central & South America in the next 10 months, would love to catch up for a brew or two.

Ride safe

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Old 1 Feb 2009
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Not sure if some-one has already mentioned TRAVEL NATION- we used them and they were great! You can start your policy over the phone ( so you could already be abroad- unofficially), it can be renewed on the road, it covered every country in the world for a full non stop 365 days trip, and it only cost 550 quid for 2 over 40 adults with pre existing medical conditions that were accepted and agreed to be covered.
The other half needed surgery in Turkey, it took only 2 phone calls and within 24 hours he was on the operating table for a non emergency operation!
Check them out.
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Old 2 Feb 2009
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Just been quoted £337.76 by Carole Nash for two adults, 6 months, worldwide.

Can be done over the phone and obviously covers motorcycling using own machine, I say this because I could get cover using a hired machine but not my own.

No reply from 1stop travel or Campbell Irvine.
.. no gods .. precious few heroes ...
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Old 6 Feb 2009
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WorldNomads from California USA

I just got mine thru WorldNomads. Just to clarify, the wording changes depending on where you are located. I'm in the States. California. So I'm really buying the policy thru Access America and Jefferson BCS Insurance Company. Their wording is apparently different than UK version of WorldNomads. There is no limitation on the engine size here. Here is the only part that made me call them to clarify.

Under Sports Coverage, it says:

... you can participate in any of the sporting activities listed below and still be eligible for all coverage and assistance services, as long as the activity is:

* provided by a recognized company that is regulated or licensed where required
* not for professional competition or training for professional competition.

Further down the list under other sports and activities is motor biking among other things such as bungee jumping or caving...

I talked to Lara(dot)Burchett(at)accessamerica(dot)com today and explained her that my trip was NOT being provided by a professional company and it was going to be my main form of transportation around the world for 6 months.

She clearly stated that there were no such licence requirements for motorcycling around the world, and my trip would be covered under this policy. (Feb 6 2009 ≅ 12:30 PM)

Basicly, they are trying to exclude the expenses occuring from people jumping into canyons with home made bungees. It sounds fair to me.

I paid $258.00 and got it for 6 months worldwide.

I like their operation. I feel good about having bought my insurance thru these guys.
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Old 27 Feb 2009
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4wd overlanding update

We are travelling for over a year to countries that are on the FCO bad list, so have found that very few will cover us. So far this is the response I have had:

Campbell Irvine £412 each
M + S - No cover as we have to be returning to UK
Globelink - No cover for FCO countries
Navigator - No cover for FCO countries
Healthcare Int - £1275 each
1Stop Travel Insurance £188 each - but only for one year

We are going to get the 1stop paper work and check the small print

I will update when I ring some more.

NOTE We are in 4WD not a motorbike


Land's End to Sydney 2009
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Old 3 Mar 2009
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travel insurance

Just to update - We called Travel nation today to set up a new policy for our next trip and, after reading some of the issues mentioned above, we asked some specific questions:
Q 'Do you cover us for FCO essential travel only countries?'
A 'You are welcome to take out insurance that covers these countries and we will continue to cover you - if, for example you have a genuine health problem BUT if you are injured as a result of a riot in a area that they state you should not be- then we cannot cover that'
We also asked about pre- existing conditions again.
Q ' Do I have to cover pre-existing conditions?'
A 'No, it is entirely up to you whether you want to extend your policy to include these conditions or not.'
Our basic policy costs £289 per person for 365 day cover on a standard package. For Rose to cover pre-existing conditions will cost an extra £14, and that's for some major health issues! For me to cover my one illness will cost an extra £551 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! Gob smacked!!! Reckon we'll give mine a miss.
The bonus is we can renew over the phone for a further 12 months as many times as we want- so long as we don't use it as medical cover permanently live in one country.
Hope this helps. Dave nately
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Old 6 Mar 2009
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Originally Posted by bert333 View Post
It's the latest 'game' of underwriters to avoid paying out any compensation if you come unstuck..... if the FCO advises against travel to that town/part/city/country etc etc and you have an incident...you're not covered....... It has been stated that it is the insured's responsibility to keep checking the FCO website daily for any changes....like that's all people do when travelling.... -
So one minute you feel confident having purchased your insurance then a 'situation' arises and ...you're no longer insured....... Russian Roulette anyone? better odds methinks!

MikeS is right IMHO. Look at this document....8 pages of explanations/exclusions/terms etc etc etc
And if you get past that and all is well...then there's always the FCO.....
That's true and worth thinking about. A few years ago I questioned 4 of the insurance companies mentioned here to ask them what part of the FCO list is included, as there is kind of 4 lists: Do not go at all, do not go to parts of, only go if you really have to, only go if you really have to to this part of the country.

They all said that any mention of the country on the list excluded that country. At the time the likes of Mali, India and Thailand (recent coup)were all on the list so you weren't covered.

They should be challenged on these points and this highlighted in bold when you buy etc
Kiwi, 7 years around Africa. Overlanding channel:https://www.youtube.com/c/roamingyak
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