In Search of Greener Grass

In Search of Greener Grass by Graham Field
Edition year: 2012
HorizonsUnlimited description:

15,000 miles to Mongolia and beyond, alone on a motorcycle with no support, no sponsorship, no privileges, no clue and a £750 eBay purchased motorbike.
A journey of misjudgement that failed to stop at its destination, made even more challenging due to the money he didn’twin on a TV game show.
This is the book he should have read before he left home.
From the first page you’re drawn into the journey, soon holding your head in despair with the struggles and disastrous decisions. Pausing at the inspirational epiphanies, then laughing out loud at the caustic comments and biting observations, as you ride with him wondering: What would break first: bike, body or budget?
An insightful and brutally honest diary of a down to earth compulsive traveller, lifelong biker, and a compelling story teller with a dry cynical wit.
This gritty no-frills budget adventure has inspired many to hit the road and chase their dreams.
Grab your atlas as you explore far flung places like:

  • Lviv, Ukraine
  • Dagestan
  • Atyrau, Kazakhstan
  • Lake Baikal, Russia
  • Ulgii, Mongolai
  • Spassk-Dalny, Siberia
  • Gangneung, South Korea
  • Colchester, Essex

Generally regarded as one of the archetypal motorcycle travel adventure books, up there with Jupiter’s Travels, yet still a long way from the better known and more controversial celebrity journeys.
An easy reading, page turning tale of road learnt wisdom and a life time of anecdotes.

'One of the very best motorcycle travel books I've ever read, Graham Field has a very distinctive voice reflecting his outlook on life and his love/hate relationship with the human race.' --- RiDE Magazine
'Graham is effortlessly amusing and I know how much work goes into that. His writing comes out of nowhere and I'm sure it will just get better. He has his own idiosyncratic view of life as he wanders round the world like a pied piper taking us along for the ride and… you don’t even have to like bikes.' --- Ted Simon

HorizonsUnlimited reviews:

Authors comments:

From backpack to bicycle, now on a motorcycle and still on a budget. The author, a compulsive traveller, embarks on a journey east from England with Mongolian intensions. In possession of good sense of direction, a vague sense of balance and no sense of proportion, this particular trip financed by modest winnings from an uncharacteristic appearance on a TV game show. Riding a bargain eBay purchase Kawasaki KLR 650, the author inadvertently discovers and dispels myths and confronts stereotypes of the overland travel community. Travelling solo into places beyond the guide book and relating the experiences to past ones. A daily diary of achievements and mistakes on the road, from over oared to just plain bored, stumbling across the goodness of humanity, making the best of decisions made, reflecting on the alternatives and laughing at himself to relieve the confusion. This is a refreshingly honest, thought provoking, humorous and informative account based on a lifetime of first hand encounters, anecdotes, wisdom and occasional alcohol educed inspiration. Offering an unavoidable wealth of experience which takes the reader with him as the journey twists and turns, feeling the spine shattering impact of the unavoidable bumps and potholes on the road which he hopes will lead to greener grass.

Available from paperback or kindle also itunes. Whitehorse Gear in US and Stamfords in UK.

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This is a good book and in many ways it gives an idea of what can be achieved without enormous budgets. The book starts (for me) slowly as Graham likes festivals and it takes him a little while to settle into the journey itself - rather than a Scandinavian concert at the start. However, once he gets going then it goes along nicely. The thing I enjoyed was I felt I was learning about him as we went along together. A bit of a loner, when it suited him, in many ways I could identify with him as his mood went up and down like a yoyo - overland travel is like that and anybody who says differently hasn't done it. He admits to his fears of camping on his own out on the wilds and pulls no punches with his experiences in e.g. Russia (not impressed at all). Some people may well disagree with his view of Russia but he can only write what he experienced, and felt, on his own journey. For that I respect and admire him. I liked it very much once it got going.


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