Destination Highways Northern California BAY AREA: A Motorcycle Enthusiast's Guide to the Best 62 Roads in the Bay Area

Destination Highways Northern California BAY AREA.
Edition year: 2009
HorizonsUnlimited description:

A Destination Highway (DH) is a road you'd travel to, to journey on. DH Northern California BAY AREA is part of the most in-depth motorcycle guidebook series ever produced for the dedicated enthusiast and casual rider alike. Acclaimed as the biker's bible, they contain detailed ratings, comprehensive road descriptions, full-color maps and a host of service information. Destination Highways BAY AREA is the first in the Destination Highways Northern California Regional Series. Excising one of the 11 regions from the full DH Northern California book (see coverage area in thumbnail above) and putting it in its own booklet, DH BAY AREA is specially designed for the local or visiting rider who hasn't the time to explore all 334 of Northern California's great Destination Highway (DH) and Twisted Edge (TE) motorcycle roads but wants to experience the best of the San Francisco Bay Area. Using the Total Integrated Road Evaluation System (TIRES) DH BAY AREA rates roads from a rider's perspective: Twistiness, Pavement, Engineering, Remoteness, Scenery & Character. What about roads that aren't quite worth "travelling to, to journey on" but worth checking out if you're in the area? Connected to or located near DHs, these Twisted Edges (TEs) are the side roads you LOOK at as you ride by but seldom take. DH BAY AREA guarantees that you'll ride "like a local" in the whole Bay Area & never again miss a road worth riding. Whether your riding style is two-up fully dressed, laid-back cruiser or knee-dragging sport, DH BAY AREA provides all the tools you need to find and enjoy your favorite Destination Highway, no matter what or how you ride: "A Godsend! Riders spend hours searching the internet for opinions & secret roads, all found at their fingertips in mere seconds here." Make the most of your valuable time, rubber and gas, rather than wasting them on mediocre roads and/or major highways. In other words, "Don't ride like a tourist, ride like a local!"

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