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The Achievable Dream: The Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide!

Transform your adventure travel dreams into reality! All 15 videos in the series create a timeless resource that puts the best motorcycle adventure travel information at your fingertips. You will refer back to them time and again!

Originally launched as a 7 DVD set, The Achievable Dream series can now be downloaded anywhere. Almost 18 hours of solid info take up zero space in your panniers. How convenient!

User comments/reviews

Reviews from the DVD Series:

"Buy it! I’m going to make this sound like an infomercial because I love these freaking videos.

Do you own a motorcycle? Does this motorcycle mean so much to you that it has its own spot in the garage, it’s dust free, shiny, and worth more than the life of your dog if he even looked in its direction and thought “I could lift my leg and make that bike my own”?… bye bye dog.

Well, if you do, these dvds will be like porn to you. Imagine taking your motorcycle around the world, dropping it a dozen times, breaking sprockets/chains, losing a mirror, and driving through some of the best/worst roads in the world. Not with your bike?

These dvds will introduce you to people who did just that and more. With pictures, interviews, and videos. Why am I so excited about some plastic with burned images on them? Because along with the videos there is a community of thousands of people that you can get in touch with that either dream, plan, save, completed, or are currently on their ‘round the world’ trip." Snap, on

"The best motorcycle touring videos available - just buy them! My wife and I have gone from armchair observers of Ewen & Charlie to actively planning a year-long or more trip, and this dvd series is the primary reason we became convinced it was a possibility for us. After watching this, you realize that you - yes, YOU - can do this. You don't need a chase vehicle, a $30,000 monster bike or Dakar experience. The videos are chock full of everyday folks who just decided to go for it, and their toothy grins and wonderful stories give you an electric shock in the backside every few minutes. There is so much knowledge passed on during these videos that I guarantee you will need to watch them several times just to absorb it all. You'd need several years of travel to get this much experience, and you can soak it up in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace." Peter Jowett, on

"The Reference on Motorcycle Travel. Wow, so much information ... so, so much information!! To be honest, I wasn't expecting the way the information was presented, for some reason I thought it would be displayed in a somewhat dry, bits and bytes manner so when I slipped in the first disc I positioned myself in front of the TV, pen in hand wanting to jot things down ... Wrong! The information has a good flow to it, it is presented by the travelers themselves therefore you get the info right from the horse's mouth (so to speak). I found the best way to view these DVDs is to watch them in the same way you would watch movies at home, make yourself some popcorn grab a drink, sit back on the couch and enjoy. The information is well segmented into meaningful chapters with references back to the HU website if you want to do a deep dive on the information. Well presented, informative and enjoyable ... a good piece of work!!" CJS, on

"If you have ever dreamed of jumping on your bike and traveling, even to the ends of the earth, this DVD set is for you. These are the guys and girls who have not only dreamed it, but have been there, done that, printed the tee shirts and issued them to the ones who came after. While they may not have invented long distance motorcycle travel, they have certainly taken it to new and glorious heights. These DVDs are packed with information and careful, after watching these you WILL want to quit your job, pack your bike (lightly, of course) and hit the road for foreign lands. Ever heard of Lesotho? They have been there. Thought of riding from Deadhorse to Ushuaia? They've done that. Ride around the world? They wrote the book. Literally. And here they show YOU how to do it. This is a great addition to your video library, put together by people who know the subject, and starring a whole plethora of experienced motorcycle travelers. Get all 5 volumes, you WILL enjoy them." John Willcox, on

"Dreaming of a Motorcycle trip? Watch this... The whole series (I believe that there are now 5 DVDs in total) all reinforce each other. They include the famous (Ted Simon, Dr. Greg Frazier), to the typical average middle aged motorcycle rider. The tales and experiences are fun to listen to, and great to learn from. Each of the DVDs are very well presented and organized. Each DVD menu is organized with topics that resemble a very useful table of contents, making it clear and easy to jump from topic to topic (if you are skimming subjects for instance), or if you need to stop and then restart it at a later date. My personal thanks to (Grant and Susan) for making this and the other "Achievable Dream" DVDs, over-committing themselves to making and delivering the series means that the motorcycling community has a wonderful, permanent reference series." Adrian C. Wright, on

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HU Achievable Dream is Online
and available now to stream on Vimeo!

ALL 15 chapters of the HU Achievable Dream Guide are available to download on Vimeo!

Achievable Dream - The Whole Enchilada!

Binge watch over 18 hours of inspiring, informative and entertaining stories and tips from 150 travellers!

"a cross between entertaining stories, tech tips, and reference guide"

"A timeless introduction to Motorcycle Adventure Travel!"

Originally launched as a 7 DVD set, The Achievable Dream series can now be downloaded anywhere. OVER 18 hours of solid info take up zero space in your panniers. How convenient!



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