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Trip Paperwork Covers all documentation, carnets, customs and country requirements, how to deal with insurance etc.
Photo by Ellen Delis, Lagunas Ojos del Campo, Antofalla, Catamarca

I haven't been everywhere...
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Photo by Ellen Delis,
Lagunas Ojos del Campo,
Antofalla, Catamarca

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Old 23 Dec 2008
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Transfering Title in BA

So I am looking to buy a used bike in BA that is registered in Canada, all of the papers including the owner will be with the bike when I arrive to BA. Is this possible to do legally without a terrible heachache and a lot of money? My email adress is woundedtooth@hotmail.com

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Old 23 Dec 2008
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Good you are asking the right questions!

Kwelfl, please read the several private e-mails I have sent to you for my reasoning, especially the one I just mailed you....

And know for certain.... that I strongly suggest you do not attempt to purchase a foreign registered motorcycle, entered into Argentina by a foreign tourist "seller" in Argentina.

An alternative is readily available. Purchase an Argentine legally registered used bike from a reputable dealer or reputable private seller in Buenos Aires , and transfer the Argentine title to your name, there are many reputable agents that can do this transfer for you, for a small fee.

By purchasing an Argentine registered bike and transferring title into your name, you can then legally sell the bike in Argentina once you have finished your tour, or you can legally store the bike WITHOUT the need for a Temporary Vehicle Import Permit in Argentina for as long as you like.

To learn how to purchase a motorcycle registered in Argentina, as a foreign tourist please read the step by step process that I outlined when Jeff purchased his Citroen 3cv here. Go to:

South and Central America and Mexico: Buy new or used in Argentina and legally tour all of South America

Motorcycle Parking Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Old 23 Dec 2008
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Hi kwefl

You are in the right way to get a travel bike, please PM or email this other guy to ask advices or tips to finish successfully your purchase. He already do it crossing to Uruguay whit the old Scottish owner, and now he legally owns a nice Klr 650 ’08 in really good conditions ready to hit the roads.

The process to buy a Local Argentinean bike is easy too, but legally you can’t take it outside Argentina for the first year.
If your plans are to travel only in Argentina or if you fill confidence to in some way exit to a neighbour country by your own risk, is a good chance.
The trick to buy it in a partnership with a local (co ownership) can work but in this case the co-owner will be legally and penalty responsible for what ever you do with the bike, as an example if you have an accident and unfortunately you kill someone, both will be guilty, If you take the bike outside Argentina and never the bikes come back here, he will be responsible for smuggling the bike to other country. I never will be a co owner with a foreigner and strongly will not recommend to any one.

Dakar Motos “ ”
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Old 23 Dec 2008
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Sale of foreign registered motorcycle in Argentina

Kwelfl, if you are able to transfer the title of a foreign registered motorcycle to your name on a foreign title, and you have a serious accident, in Argentina or after crossing out of Argentina, among the questions the authorities will ask are:

1. When and Where did you purchase this bike?

If you answer, I bought it from a foreign tourist in Argentina, the very next question will be:

2. Where is your receipt proving you have paid the Import Tax, required to sell any motor vehicle in Argentina?

If you cannot produce this receipt, any good attorney, working for your insurance agency from which you purchased insurance for the bike, will claim:

"The bike is not legally registered in your name, you have fraudulently transferred the title of the bike to your name,, and therefore the insurance company is not obligated to protect you or pay any damages caused by you." Operating an illegally registered bike null and voids all insurance coverage.

*And, you will be "at fault" in any accident because the bike you were riding is not a legally registered and because of this your insurance is not valid. And, you and the previous owner of the bike will be liable for any damages and perhaps aside from being sued, you both might face civil charges.

Recently in Buenos Aires, the sale of several vehicles imported by various foreign diplomats assigned to diplomatic missions in Argentina, was front page news, because these diplomats transferred the titles of their foreign registered vehicles to the buyers, without paying the proper Import tax. Some of these diplomats have been expelled from the country and others are awaiting the courts to decide their fate.

I seriously investigated the charges against the diplomats, posted some of my results on the HUBB, and discovered that Argentine law prohibits the title transfer of any foreign registered vehicle to another foreigner or to an Argentine without paying Import tax, registering the vehicle in Argentina and then, and only then can the vehicle be sold in Argentina.

I know that you want to buy your friend's bike, I am sorry. All cases are very different, but in your case I must strongly advise you not to purchase a foreign registered bike from a foreign tourist in Argentina without paying Argentine import tax on the bike. Paying the import tax is just one step in the long process of registering a foreign registered vehicle in Argentina, so it can be legally sold in Argentina. xfiltrate

*In fairness to South American Auto/Moto insurance companies, any abnormalities in a vehicle title or registration (in any country) could be a loop hole for the insurance company, to avoid paying major damages and/or avoid representing the insured in court.

Motorcycle Parking Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Old 23 Dec 2008
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very easy!

Originally Posted by kwelfl View Post
So I am looking to buy a used bike in BA that is registered in Canada, all of the papers including the owner will be with the bike when I arrive to BA. Is this possible to do legally without a terrible heachache and a lot of money? My email adress is woundedtooth@hotmail.com
Arrange with the bike owner to cross both and the bike into uruguay(buquebus).So if his importación temporaria is still to date he will exit the bike with no problems.
Once there you can visit a notar and make transfer(if desired).In Uruguay posible not in Argentina.
Take some days , exit Uruguay and reenter Argentina at a new point if desired(to avoid same customs agents)
Then you will get a new temporary import at your name for travelling Argentina(notar transfer as backup).Ask for maximum time of 8th month.Exit at your will into other countrys and have fun......
This has been done many succesfully times.
Good luck!
America is a nice continent,not a country.All people who lives in this continent are americans.Discover it in peace!
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Old 23 Dec 2008
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Foreign Title transfers in Uruguay

I have very little data regarding the title transfer of a foreign registered bike from one foreign tourist to another foreign tourist in URUGUAY.

I do know for a fact, that Uruguay documents (in a computer) the name of the owner and the vehicle ID numbers of all foreign registered vehicles entering Uruguay.

I have a question.

If the title of a foreign registered bike is transferred from one foreign tourist to another foreign tourist in Uruguay, who, is responsible for changing the documentation in the immigration computer so that the new owner, who entered Uruguay with no bike, can legally exit Uruguay with the bike? The buyer, the seller, both, or some 3rd party?

How long does this process take? And, is it possible, legally. to do so?

If so, please gives estimates of down time, while Uruguay immigration updates their computer.

Earlier this year a foreign moto tourist, in Uruguay, asked me this exact question.... I had no answer for him, I do not know. Can anyone explain?

thanks, xfiltrate
Motorcycle Parking Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Old 24 Dec 2008
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Dakar Christmas

The motorcycle in Buenos Aires is much more than a mode of transportation. Huge numbers of Argentine's know the Darkar is coming, they revel in its' many international flavors. The Argentines are very visual and just as the outside of a horse makes the inside of a man feel good, the sights and sounds of hundreds of international motorcycles rumbling down 9 de Julio, will make Argentina feel good. And, it ain't bad for business either...

The DAKAR, itself, has brought new respect to the thousands of motorcycle messengers that day and night weave in and out of traffic here, much like frantic Santa Clauses delivering toys to the children of the world. On weekends, hundreds of Harley's hit the street, many belonging to members of a first rate Harley Davidson club here, and then there are the national and international motorcycle adventurists.

All of these and most of the population of Buenos Aires welcome the DAKAR.

Here at the HUBB, we share our joys, our sorrows, our loses and the tidbits of information we have gained from our own motorcycle adventures with each other. We are a tough lot, we come from everywhere and accomplished much... we have united here to help each other and to share our stories.

In the spirit of the "DAKAR Christmas" in Buenos Aires, Elisa and I wish each of you a sincere Merry Christmas and know that you have our hopes and our prayers that 09 will be a prosperous and peaceful year for each of you.

Thank you, Susan and Grant for establishing these well used and informative lines of communication for us, your hubbers, and thank you to the hubbers, from whom we have learned much..... Ed and Elisa
Motorcycle Parking Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Old 3 Jan 2009
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Title trasnfer "service" in Ushuaia ?

I am a Canadian and wanting to buy a Canadian owned bike (from a friend) in Ushuaia in 4 weeks. I am wondering if there is any one offering a a "service" that might "buy" the bike from my friend and then sell it to me? Any idea what the taxes might be on this?
I know this bike and trust my friend to sell me a descent machine. I won't have have the time required to ride all the way home and will probably just ride north to Santiago, Buenos Aries or maybe a little farther (another country).
Any recommendations on a bike dealer in Ushuaia?

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Old 4 Jan 2009
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Jens and Udo are trailblazing to this new Horizon

Dolickc, A couple of adventurous bikers, Jens and Udo have recently purchased bikes in Mendosa and are posting information about their tour. Perhaps you could check out their thread or contact them directly:

"Mendoza Argentina going South, follow our story..."
in the South and Central America and Mexico Region.

If I understand correctly, they purchased foreign registered bikes in Mendosa, Argentina. I encourage you to post whatever you learn from them or on your own for others who might have similar questions.

I suggest you contact a "hestor" one who transfers titles as a business or a "despachante" import broker in Ushuaia, you might be able to find these reputable people by phoning or e-mailing a Honda or other bike dealer, or even an auto dealer in the area. If you don't speak Spanish, ask a Spanish speaking friend to help you with the phone call or e-mail.

Be sure to check out any implications regarding insurance coverage for the transfer of title for a foreign registered bike in Argentina.

You will have to locate and speak with a insurance company in Argentina, or one that covers the bike in Argentina. Some companies will sell you insurance for a foreign registered bike, but not cover damages or represent you in court, if they discover the foreign bike title had been transferred in Argentina.

There exists a long and expensive process to first, title the foreign registered bike in Argentina and then and only then can the newly registered Argentine bike be legally sold in Argentina. See other threads regarding this topic...

Apparently Jens and Udo have found a way and they are posting their progress.

Why not purchase an Argentine registered bike?

Much has been posted on many different threads regarding transfer of foreign bike titles in Argentina and the FACT that a foreign tourist is able to legally purchase and insure an Argentine registered bike. " Search and you will find. "

Keep us posted on your adventure. xfiltrate

Motorcycle Parking Buenos Aires, Argentina
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