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Trip Paperwork Covers all documentation, carnets, customs and country requirements, how to deal with insurance etc.
Photo by Bettina Hoebenreich, At the foot of the Bear Glaciers, eternal ice, British Columbia, Canada

Adventure is what you make it

Photo by Bettina Hoebenreich, at the foot of the Bear Glaciers, British Columbia, Canada.

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Old 3 Sep 2018
(aka frgich) HUBB Advertiser, Supporter
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HOW TO BUY AND STORE YOUR MOTORCYCLE IN Europe, Croatia and much more

Lot's of members of

HUBB/ADVrider/Kiwi biker, Adventure bike rider, Overland sphere/TET know Lobagola MotoTours as third party liability (green card/border insurance) insurance provider and accommodation provider supporting overlanders on 2 and 4 wheels from Zagreb, Croatia, EU.



We're fully registered tour operator, Caravanserai LLC manage Lobagola B&B & Lobagola MotoTours both operating under the Croatian tourism board license code HR-AB-01-080887588.

With our one stop shop service, you're able to, store your bike with us, buy your desired bike, insure it, ship your bike with us, ...


- bike purchase in Croatia/EU
- bike storage
- green card insurance/border insurance
- accommodation at Lobagola B&B
- sea, air, land freight
- bike service
- spare parts/tires
- spare parts/tires storage
- Gps mapping and routing
- support on Croatian leg and all over the Balkans part of the TET

By buying/storing your bike with us, you will be perfectly located just 1,5 h ride from Alps and just 1,5 h ride from Adriatic coast. We're located at the start of serious off road paradise known as Balkans and this is where some of the best parts of TET also starts: www.transeurotrail.org

MOTORCYCLE PURCHASE:: http://www.lobagola-mototours.com/se...-purchase.html

Purchasing motorcycles through Lobagola MotoTours is easy, tell us your budget, your plan and we will search and find a bike for you. Motorcycles are registered on the company name and you're the only owner and user of the bike, making all decisions when to sell etc.
Climate here is very dry and people are taking good care of their bikes.

All bikes are double checked by us and then by pro mechanic, so to be sure of the condition and possible hidden issues. We're always trying to track bikes with known history.

We're negotiating the price for you, sorting all the needed paperwork, and ownership transfer accompanied by agreement following the transaction.

After you have chosen the bike, we're reserving the one for you, putting a down payment of 500,00 eur. Then you're sending the full payment either by bank transfer or PayPal (if using PayPal then 3,5 % + 0,5 eur will be added to the fees from the price list).
When the payment is done, we will go and pick the bike, store it in our 300 m2 underground storage which is under video surveillance and guarded 24/7. Bike will be covered, battery will be trickle charged and engine run on weekly base.

If you need any extra equipment like racks, panniers, 12 v charging cables for your gadgets or clothing we can sort everything in reasonable given time frame.
We have a network of official and unofficial service places for all major brands: KTM/Husqvarna, BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Honda, Aprilia, Harley Davidson, that we cooperate with.

On site as part of our Lobagola B&B premises, we have a garage dedicated to wrenching on motorcycles, with professional tool set, multiple bike stands, pressure washer, etc etc, free to use for over landing community (please clean behind yourself and share space with other travellers).

If you want to earn extra money while the bike is stored with us, you can rent your bike through Lobagola MotoTours, again choosing the duration and do you want to rent only to known clients or to anyone interested.


Finding the bike and buying one.
Ownership transfer is just one day procedure.
Third party insurance is provided directly by us, so same day when you request one.
Storing it in our warehouse until your arrival.

STORAGE: : http://www.lobagola-mototours.com/se...e-storage.html

- available on monthly or yearly base
- you can store your panniers/side cases, and gear if needed (included in the price)
- bikes are trickle charged, covered from dust and spinned on weekly base to allow the engine to run the oil through

Croatia is not part of the Schengen regime.

Our main underground warehouse of 300 m2, that is guarded and under surveillance 24/7 is located in business district, just 5 min to the highway, and just 15 min from the Zagreb Pleso Airport.
We're able to transport the bike on the trailer, if you plan to fly from the airport directly, or if you plan to start immediately after landing.
Also if you want to ride during our winter here in Europe, we can transfer you and your motorcycle to the coast, to do some island hoping, and enjoy warm winter weather we have on the Adriatic and Mediterranean coast.


Is a project built by community for the community, creating a network of more then 40 000 km of non paved roads, lead to huge opportunity for motorcycle community to enjoy riding legal non paved roads.
TET is covering area from Nordcap to Portugal, and on the east last entry is Turkey (European part).
We are providing service as a linesman for Croatia, so if you need anything in the Balkans just let us now at HR@transeurotrail.org.

For TET lighter enduro bikes are suggested, and in this range anything from Suzuki Dr 350, 650, or Kawasaki KLR, Yamaha xt (older lighter bikes), TT, or Honda XR is a wise choice.
We can source these bikes for you, keep them with us in storage, with an option to share one bike between your friends with our legal and insurance support.
We would give our best as always to find the suitable ride for your TET adventure.
Using our green card platform you can travel 12 months a year, using coastal line during the European/Mediterranean winter, connecting Gibraltar to Black sea.


- storage: 45,00 eur/month
- purchase: one off fee of 450,00 eur
- host: free of charge (sorting service, spare parts, tires, solving all kind of hurdles during your stay with us)
- checking and picking the bike is charged 0,50 EUR/km
- private airport shuttle: 35,00 eur/one way, for up to 8 persons (2 shuttles are included in the price of your storage fee if you store your bike with us on a yearly base)
- title transfer: 10,00 eur
- registration renewal: 10,00 eur
- if sale of bike happens inside our network of clients, and if we provide contacts and support, we're not taking any commission on any base. Putting an ad on our website for this purposes is also free of charge, that applies for our clients or any other traveller selling her/his bike from a
Lobagola MotoTours location.


- We're located in Zagreb, centre of Croatian capital, just 25 min from the Zagreb pleso Airport.

- GPS coordinates: 45.8137° N, 15.9588° E


Zagreb airport operates as a hub in this part of Europe, providing direct flights to all major European destinations on daily base.
Air Canada rouge flies directly to Zagreb as well as Transat from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. From US you can also fly with multiple airlines.
If you live down under, then Emirates have direct line from AUS and NZ with stopover in Dubai.

CARGO TRANSPORT AT ZAGREB AIRPORT: http://www.lobagola-mototours.com/se...r-freight.html

Four of the major five cargo airline carriers have their direct lines here: Lufthansa, Emirates, Air Canada and from this year Air Korean joined them.
Emirates has their base in this part of Europe on the airport.
This offers great air freighting opportunities and much easier timing when planning incoming or departing.

Big shipping ports of Rijeka, Trieste, or Koper are also just 1,5-2,5 h drive from our location by car.

We can arrange any kind of freighting by air, sea and land. Inside Europe we can sort transport by train or by truck to desired location where you want to start your ride.

Lobagola MotoTours operate from the main premises of Lobagola B&B, multiple award winning hospitality business.

To all overlanders we're offering 15 % discount for their stay with us, throughout the year.

For any questions you might have either post here in the thread or directly to our email: info@lobagola-mototours.com

Bike purchase, storage, expedition tours / insurance, health & repatriation, transport, rally training
www.lobagola-mototours.com/ www.lobagola-insurance.com/

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Old 3 Sep 2018
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Wow what a great suite of services you provide.

Can you help with Bike rentals? I visited Croatia very briefly last year and would love to bring my wife back for 2-3 week holiday, so probably not worth buying and selling.

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Old 3 Sep 2018
(aka frgich) HUBB Advertiser, Supporter
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Hi Mc,

Thanks, we do try and listen to the market and it's needs.

We do not rent directly, but some of our clients that have bikes bought through us signed their approval to rent their bikes while they do not use them.

Another option is to buy and share with your friends for a couple of years, then it's just a fraction of renting cost.

Let me know what is your plan on arriving back, and we can then go from there.

Bike purchase, storage, expedition tours / insurance, health & repatriation, transport, rally training
www.lobagola-mototours.com/ www.lobagola-insurance.com/
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Old 2 Jan 2019
(aka frgich) HUBB Advertiser, Supporter
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Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Posts: 422
Wishing all the old and new friends and clients a Happy New Year, full of new adventures and trips to remember !

New season riding plans are being prepped by mates from all over the world and emails for routing in Europe, Asia, Middle east and Africa are dropping in each day (apologise to everyone for not replying as fast as we usually do).

We have some bikes from our friends for sale, so I will be posting them here to help them with finding new owner, spreading the word:

V-strom 1000 K3, third owner, silver colour.

The bike is owned by a US member of this forum, and is currently stored in our motorcycle warehouse in Zagreb/Croatia with other client's motorcycles from all over the world. The bike is on Croatian plates, as we're providing service to non EU residents to buy their desired bike/s in Croatia through us, on Croatian licence plates (EU member Country).

Always regularly serviced 10w/40 Motul oil, fresh tires with only 2500 km on them (Metzeler Tourance), fresh chain and chainrings with 7000 km on them. Oil and filter have been also changed 2500 km ago.

V-strom's are known to be very reliable, and very trustworthy bikes, as is this one with 80 000 km of trouble free ride.

Additional equipment: Kappa top case with grill on top, side racks, crash bars, RAM mobile phone navi holder connected to the key with additional on/off switch if needed, motorcycle chain lock.

It's possible that bike could be owned by more then one person, so friends can share a ride and save some money in the end.

Asking price 3900,00 eur

Lobagola - 2003 Suzuki V-strom DL 1000

More photos per request.

All question via PM or email us at: info@lobagola-mototours.com

Bike purchase, storage, expedition tours / insurance, health & repatriation, transport, rally training
www.lobagola-mototours.com/ www.lobagola-insurance.com/

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