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Travellers Seeking Travellers Meet up with other travellers on the road, or find someone to travel with to the ends of the earth!
Photo by Ellen Delis, Lagunas Ojos del Campo, Antofalla, Catamarca

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Photo by Ellen Delis,
Lagunas Ojos del Campo,
Antofalla, Catamarca

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Old 2 Apr 2011
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Ship to Cape Town, then ride to London, Depart October 2012

Hi All, I'm looking for a riding partner/s, female or male to share this experience with and to explore the tail to top of African outback via the West and to assist each other through that rough African terrain.

I plan to ship my bike to Cape Town then ride to London using the West.

I had a very wet, lone, 6000 mile return trip down to the Algerian Border through Morocco last year and just can't wait to explore deeper Africa but also to be able to share the experience this time.

Unfortunately, I will only have three months to complete this adventure due to work commitments, therefore hope to be back by January 2013.

As you can see, I'm planning this trip well In advance as I love the research and preparation part.

Although I have been researching this trip for a while, I still can't decide whether to take muy GS Adventure or purchase a slightly lighter bike.

Please let me know if anyone is interested.

Come on guys. 'Just do it' is my 'moto'.

Safe Riding in the meantime.


Dear All, please see the attachment of the very favourable tail to top of Africa travelling via West.
The route is by no means a direct one and, although detailed is no doubt subject to change either prior to our adventure or whilst on the road.

Whilst I have tried to take us off the beaten track using achievable back roads, in places, I have had no option but to plan using major roads due to accessibility, safety and limited usable roads.

Throughout this route I have done my best to direct us via travellers meeting points and scenic attractions such as rivers, mountains and national parks, whilst trying to avoid some dangerous and busy cities.

I have divided the route up into three legs as follows:

1st Leg
South Africa
(Zambia) time/access permitting

2nd Leg

3rd Leg
Western Sahara

I predict the 1st leg to be the highlight of the adventure taking in some amazing scenery and attractions. I am lead to believe the 1st leg countries will be the most accessible using reasonable road surfaces. With regards to security all these countries appear to be low risk (inc. Angola). Angola is said to be reborn since the Western world moved in and is suggested a well worth visit before it becomes over developed.

Whilst planning the 2nd leg I have at all times tried to priorities our safety by using major roads through the highest risk countries such as DRC, Congo and Nigeria. We should be able to clear DRC and Congo within 2 - 3 days, depending on road surface and timely border crossings. Nigeria will take 3 - 4 days being such a large country. I had real trouble finding an accessible/unrestricted route through DRC and Congo and suspect these countries will be with the most technical terrain. This leg poses the highest security risk and we will need to be vigilant at all times.

I class the 3rd leg as the most desert like though it appears to have many toll roads to combat this, if we decide to use them. I class this leg as a medium security risk.

I will be hesitant to alter the countries we visit using this West route mainly due to time and security, though more than happy to alter the towns visited along the way so that we can call upon any friends and/or take up any invitations to hospitality/accommodation.

I suggest we use campsites or wild camp as much as possible to keep costs down and if safe to do so, though recommend we use local accommodation through the high risk countries.

I have purposefully avoiding using google maps to make myself and fellow travel partners more familiar with each countries roads and surrounding areas. If any of you guys are interested in this route then maybe an idea to plot yourselves using a paper map as I have.

I suspect some of the estimated travel times and distances will be way out and will just have to predict these whilst on the road using valuable information from other travellers along the way. There will be some long days where we don't reach our destination as well as short days where we can decide whether to press on or not.

One thing I havnt researched yet are re fuelling opportunities as this may effect the proposed route and we will have to divert accordingly.

I have tried to research each section of this route as much as possible, however will research further and update the attachment notes throughout 2012 until our departure.

Using this route, total estimated mileage from tail to top of Africa is 10,584.1 miles. You may be able to work out the cost of your fuel using this estimation.

The total estimated days of actual travel (ie on the road) are 43.

Border Crossings 17 allowing a day for each.

Total days travelling 60 including border crossings.

This leaves approx 30 days off riding to be used for emergencies and of course relaxing.

If you can spot any mistakes with regards to any of this proposed route or planning I welcome any corrections, suggestions or feedback.

Many Thanks and I really do hope that we all can commit to this sooner rather than later.

Last edited by Tfoy97603; 10 Nov 2011 at 12:57. Reason: Route altered.
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Old 11 Jun 2011
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cpt 2012

Tommy, i am interested.

Your route is fine to me, 3 months at the most,
and the bike yeah, it depends on what you really want.
I am driving an 1150gsa (see Morocco on 5 GSs - ADVrider )

Is that Hampton in London or the one near Birmingham?

Let's talk about next year..., regards-------------geert
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Old 12 Jun 2011
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What sort of hotel accomodation are you looking at? Really fancy this type of holiday, not sure about anything less than 3 star, though.
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Old 13 Jun 2011
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+ 1
being physio and nurse might help...and a "free mind cooker"
by this time i will be off duty
would come on a 1150GS 41L or a TT39
before this trip get a in paris anytime
see you
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Old 14 Jun 2011
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Hi All, thanks for your replies.

That would be Hampton, London.

With regards to accommodation, unfortunately, I think we will be lucky to get anything above three star anyway. I would definately like to camp some of the way and cheap motels or any kind invitation by the locals. I don't think hotels will always be available in East Africa.

Yes, a nurse/Physio would be a great occupation to come along especially if on a GS.

I also had a couple contact me asking to maybe drive through the difficult areas together. They will be in a Landrover!

I'm just in Southern Spain, about to head into Morroco see catch up in a couple of weeks.

Regards, Tommy
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Old 3 Jul 2011
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Tommy I am interested. Have friends in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique for a hot shower and a good meal, planned this with someone and that fell through - email me at mail@ninamadden.com
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Old 3 Jul 2011
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Friendly Club in İstanbul

If you will be in İstanbul,too, we will be glad to offer you our club garage for some repairings, check-ups, experience changes and adventure talks.
Lets keep in touch.Prepared maps and tips for Turkey roads and places a must to see..
Wish you all the best.
Mehmet Zeki Avar
''Borderlines divide countries,HU friendship finds a way to reunited"
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Old 3 Jul 2011
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Thanks for all replies with offers of contacts and assistance and really do hope I get to meet you all at done point.

Nina, I absoloutley love Kenya! Sooooo excited, although also a little nervous.
How do the dates and route sound to you? Do you live in the UK?

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Old 5 Jul 2011
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Hi Tommy
The route sounds great and the dates are also good. It will take me at least a year to save for the trip, as I also have to buy new bike, me old Honda will definitely not make that trip. 3 months would be minimum, definitely camping, hostel, hotel...
I was in the UK until 4 weeks ago, now in Sweden, just back from Tanzania ... email me and we can talk more (I just changed my username)
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Old 31 Jul 2011
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To all of those who have contacted me or shown an interest in this trip please contact me, if not already done so, as I'm trying to get a few of us together at the Avon, Bristol HU gathering to discuss planning. Many Thanks. Tommy
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Old 31 Jul 2011
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Originally Posted by Tfoy97603 View Post
To all of those who have contacted me or shown an interest in this trip please contact me, if not already done so, as I'm trying to get a few of us together at the Avon, Bristol HU gathering to discuss planning. Many Thanks. Tommy


You already know I'll be there.. and whilst the idea of traveling through a war torn, famine ridden, high crime continent, where life is cheap and death is cheaper... I'm looking forward to hearing your plan for the trip. - I may even join you.
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Old 31 Jul 2011
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Hi Steve, how's the Alps? I found them twisting mountain roads really adictive and often distract you from an often empty fuel tank. I almost got caught out a couple of times and had to free wheel down to refuel.

Would you be joining in just the planning or the actual trip, lol. The planning is part of the adventure!

Not had many replies to this as yet, but a few possibles.

See you soon.

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Old 11 Aug 2011
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Thumbs up

hi Tommy i think i could be up for this trip and all so able to meet up at bristol meeting to have a chat about it i ride a gs aswell regards Dai.
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Old 12 Aug 2011
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Are you sure you dont fancy doing the exact samme trip, but nearly a year earlier. im taking the same route but leaving this January, on a honda cbf 250. Would be nice to have some company.
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Old 13 Aug 2011
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Hi Callum, I would love to depart a year earlier but have no holiday from work left nor have I saved or planned thoroughly. Thanks for the invite though. I ask a similar question, can you not defer yours until next year?

Dai, are you going to the Avon HU gathering?

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