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Travellers Seeking Travellers Meet up with other travellers on the road, or find someone to travel with to the ends of the earth!
Photo by George Guille, It's going to be a long 300km... Bolivian Amazon

I haven't been everywhere...
but it's on my list!

Photo by George Guille
It's going to be a long 300km...
Bolivian Amazon

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Old 16 Mar 2015
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Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 44
Start / Finish: Belarus / Vladivostok
User: louiekiwi
Rout: Ukraine Russia Georgia Azerbaijan, ferry crossing to Kazakhstan (Altay)Russia Vladivostok.
Main Dates: May 2 - June 10
Vehicle: Suzuki V-Strom & Suzuki V-Strom
Notes: Two New Zealanders 45 and 50yo on holiday, been across Russia 3 times before. Meet for a drink or travel partway together. Not interested in Mongolia.
Links: louienicholson@yahoo.co.nz
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Old 16 Mar 2015
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Location: Midlands England
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How did you find Russia I am riding to Thailand in August and that is one of the routes I have read mixed reports and would welcome your thoughts ?
Safe riding
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Old 16 Mar 2015
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Hi Paul, I found it to be very good. Everything I'd heard read and seen on TV turned out to be nothing but lies. The people food and culture is excellent. Im actually considering moving there to live. It was a bit of a struggle with the language the first time however I can almost speak ... well enough to get by these days. Would pay to learn the bare basics. Usually younger kids .. about 50% of them can speak a bit of English especially in cities, the older they get the percentage goes down.
Driving style there is different but to my liking, they are not afraid to go as fast as the road will allow and come very close to you but dont worry they are good drivers, they have to be good otherwise they don't survive.
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Old 16 Mar 2015
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Location: Midlands England
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Thanks I had read GrahamFields book and he didn't seem that keen ,so good to get other options it may go back into my route now
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Old 22 Mar 2015
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Originally Posted by benmac View Post
Start/Finish UK/Asia/NZ/RTW
User Benmac, male, NZ, 49
Rout London-Turkey-Stans-KKH-Thailand-Indonesia-Oz-NZ
Main Dates Leave UK May 2015
Vehicle Moto Guzzi
Notes Hoping to share costs for the following:
China/KKH Aug/Sep/Oct 2015 (depending on safety advice nearer the time)
OR Stans/China/Tibet/Laos Sep/Oct 2015.
If I am doing the KKH then would be keen to join a group going from India/Burma/Thailand roughly April 2016

Bonsoir, Nous sommes 2 véhicules français à partir du Kirghizistan pour le Tibet, puis le Népal, le 28 septembre 2015.
Traversée de la Chine du 28 septembre au 18 octobre 2015.
Si vous voulez vous joindre à notre convoi, voir les informations sur notre blog : Voyage à l'autre bout du monde en Land

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Old 25 Mar 2015
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Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: Zurich
Posts: 3
Start / Finish: Zürich/Irkutsk
User: RLG_660
Rout: Zurich to Turkey/Iran/Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan/Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan/Russia/Mongolia/Russia
Main Dates: Departure mid July
Vehicle: Yamaha XT660Z
Notes: Have to return to work by end of August start of September. Route is open to some change. Travelling solo but happy to meet up with people on the way for part of the journey. Mongolia - would like to do northern route if not alone, otherwise some southern/central route if solo.
Some off road experience.
Flying back from Irkutsk, bike to be returned by freight forwarder.
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Old 31 Mar 2015
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Originally Posted by Paul15 View Post
Thanks I had read GrahamFields book and he didn't seem that keen ,so good to get other options it may go back into my route now

Like everything its down to personal experience.. One mans bad experience is another mans adventure.

Travel with an open mind, a willing smile and an honest heart and the world is a beautiful place.

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Old 31 Mar 2015
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Location: Midlands England
Posts: 58
To Thailand from England

Good point I have committed to the trip now
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Old 2 Apr 2015
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Location: India
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Paul15 the best part of my journey from India to Uk last year on an old enfield was Russia, the best, in contradition to the number of blogs I had read. Actually I was fearing going thro Russia due to bad experiences many have posted esp with the highway police. I met some amazing bikers there who exhibited warmth and generousity. Young riders are very rash but thats all individual. I would love to go back and ride there again. All the best. If you are coming to India give me a shout.

Last edited by Kayjay; 10 Apr 2015 at 06:44.
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Old 4 Apr 2015
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Start / Finish: Austria to Nepal and hopefully on to Thailand

User: Atta

Route: Austria, balkans, greece, turkey, georgia, turkey, iran, pakistan, india, nepal (maybe on to: myanmar, thailand) fly back to Austria.

Main Dates: Start from Vienna end of July (about 25th). Nepal in November-ish

Vehicle: Honda Transalp 600V PD06 from 1997

Notes: Considering taking a ferry from iran to india instead of crossing Pakistan depending on security situation, but ideally I would ride all the way. 2up for the first section/month of the trip. Will be doing a lot of camping to save some money. Happy to meet fellow travellers on the way

Gesendet von iPad mit Tapatalk
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Old 5 Apr 2015
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Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Vienna
Posts: 722
Start / Finish: Vienna - Stans - Mongolia - Vienna
User: klausmong1
Route:Vienna - Hungary - Serbia - Bulgaria - Turkey - Georgia - Russia - Kazhakstan - Uzbekistan - Kirgistan - Kazhakstan - Russia - Mongolia ( Northern Route ) Russia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Czech - Vienna
Main Dates: Leaving 29th June trying to get in Mongolia 16 - 20 July- Return Vienna End of August
Vehicle:Honda Transalp 600
Notes: happy to meet on the roadside, maybe some route together.
I like to hurry up a bit because I need to stay in Mongolia with my wifes family. But still a want to see a lot and stop for pictures.
Links: Infos on Klaus Reisepage - AKTUELLES / NEWS 2015

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Old 6 Apr 2015
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Hi everyone, I am travelling from England to India on a motorcycle starting late April and hoping to cross china on the KKH either before monsoon rains in late June/early July, or after rains in September. I would love to team up with people especially for the China section in order to lower costs of the guide and permit etc, but also keen to meet people at any stage throughout the journey, would anyone be crossing China at this time? If so, please get in touch as that would be ideal! Thanks v much, Emma
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Old 7 Apr 2015
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Location: Milan
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A long way east

Hi everybody, here's my first post on HU and I think that a travel sharing should be a good start...

Start/Finish Milan/Australia
User TourTube, male, 24, IT
Rout Milan, Balcans, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Burma? (seems to be possible!), SE Asia, Australia
Main Dates Leave Milan on april 18 2015, enter in Iran on first days of june than India on half july, SE Asia on end of december or first days of 2016, Australia on about may 2016
Vehicle Suzuki V-Strom 650 k5
Notes I'm going to travel alone, slow and low cost; it should be great to meet along the way or better to share a part of the travel, maybe also in "not so easy" travelling areas like east Turkey or Pakistan.
Luca F. Ruzzon
Travelling heading east... http://goingeast.weebly.com/
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Old 7 Apr 2015
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Join Date: Mar 2015
Location: Gibraltar
Posts: 6
Crossing China in September 15

We are looking for at least one other car to transit China on a guide less itinerary

Start / Finish: Bishkek or Almaty through China to Mohan, Laos in Sep/Oct 2015
User: paulmoody
Route:Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan , China, Laos
Main Dates: Leaving mid September from Bishkek
Vehicle:Toyota Hilux 4wd
Notes: We are on our way to Australia driving in 2-4 week stages. We park up the 4wd then have to go home for spells to work & make money!
In March we reached Istanbul and in May we will be into Bishkek or Almaty.
We have already done one rtw trip in the same car and we are now on the second!
Crossing China is so expensive so we have sorted out a guide less itinerary and are looking for one other car to transit in no more than 18 days.
We are two long term Brit buddies called Paul based in Gibraltar.

Please call if you are interested on paulmoody2@gmail.com


Last edited by paulmoody; 10 Apr 2015 at 11:04.
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Old 7 Apr 2015
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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: on the banks of the river Elbe
Posts: 42
Update 2015

User: DrWolle
Start / Finish: Hamburg-> Ulaan Baatar-> Hamburg
Route: Hamburg-Russia-Kazachstan-Uzbekistan-Tadjikistan/Pamir-Hwy/Bartang Valley-Kyrgisistan-Kazachstan-Russia/Altai-Mongolia-Russia/BAM-Mongolia and flying back home, mostly offroad following parts of this track: Sibirsky Extreme 2012 - The Toughest Ride of Them All - ADVrider
Main Dates: About 90 days on the road, Departure 30. of May 2015, ending up in UB round about 30. August
Vehicle: BMW XChallenge
Notes: Riding with a Friend and hoping to meet a lot of other two wheeled Travellers

Link: Rods to Siberia 2015
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2015, kkh, mongolia, pamir, russia

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