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Sleep and Eat, West - South Asia Sleep: Hotels, B&B, rest stops, wild / free / bush / organized camping, helpful people, rest stops etc.
Eat: Restaurants, markets anywhere to get food.
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Photo by Igor Djokovic, camping above San Juan river, Arizona USA

I haven't been everywhere...
but it's on my list!

Photo by Igor Djokovic,
camping above San Juan river,
Arizona USA

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Old 12 Feb 2006
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Pakistan Accommodation

Al-Aman Hotel
N 28° 53.116
E 064° 24.116
DZ/Double with toilet 300 Rs = 5 US$
Parken im Hotel
Parking inside the hotel

Al-Naeem Hotel
N 30° 11.400
E 067° 00.348
DZ/Double with toilet and TV 450 Rs = 7,5 US$
Parken im Hotel, die Stufen hinauf
Parking inside the hotel, upside the stairs

Mehran Hotel
N 27° 41.850
E 068° 51.718
DZ/Double with toilet and TV 500 Rs = 8 US$
Parken im hinteren Hotelhof
Parking inside the hotelcompound

- Angeblich war das Hoetel wegen einer Hochzeit ausgebucht!!
Als dann unsere Eskorte nach oben kam, war ploetzlich ein Zimmer frei!!
- First the hotel was totally booked, because of a marriage!!!
When our policeescort came in, they had a room!!!!

Shabroze Hotel
N 30° 11.333
E 071° 27.116
DZ/Double with toilet 435 Rs = 7,5 US$
Parken im Hotel
Parking inside the hotel

- Die anderen Billighotels wollten uns nicht beherbergen!!!!
- The other cheap hotel in town won't give us a room!!!

Regale Internet Inn
N 31° 33.681
E 074° 19.138
DZ/Double 350 Rs = 6 US$
Parken auf bewachtem Parkplatz vom Regal Kino
Parking at the guarded parking from the regalcinema

Islamabad - Rawalpindi
Tourist Campsite
N 33° 42.303
E 073° 05.275
Camping 50 Rs pP

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Best wishes
Ralf & Eva

around the world on 2 motorbikes

The homepage has a translation service!!

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Old 7 May 2009
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Hotel PTDC
The dirtiest place we stayed in. However, it is another 3h before Dalbandin so we had to stay there for the night. The staff is friendly and there is parking inside the compound.
We bargained the price (because we were 6 people in all) to 800 rupees or 10USD for a double room.

Al-Dawood Hotel and Restaurant
There is only one hotel here (we didn't see the Hotel Al-Naeem as mentioned in the previous post... maybe it's the same place?).
Safe parking in the hotel compound.
Double room = 500 rupees or 5,63USD

Bloomstar Hotel
As others have said, great place.
Safe parking and friendly staff. Good food.
Double room = 1200 rupees or 15USD

The police escort found us a hotel with parking. So if the Hotel Mehran is full (as it was at the time) you will be able to find another place. If you don't have a police escort, just go and ask at a police station.
Double room with air-con = 1500 rupees or 18,75USD

Taj Hotel and Restaurant
At the time we couldn't stay at the Shabrooze Hotel. The owner didn't want us to stay because of security issues as he does not have armed guards at his hotel. Other motorcyclists also had this problem and had to pay the big $$$ for the nicest hotel in town. Our police escort (consisting of 8 police officers...) brought us to this place. Not the best, but a good option for tight budgets.
Parking behind the hotel. Good food also.
Double room = 800 rupees or 10USD

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Old 7 May 2009
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Perhaps crazy, but we did stay in quit expansive hotels, but they were perfect, including breakfirst and diner.

Quetta Serena Hotel
Tel +92 81 282 0071-79
luxe and expensive hotel
11.000 rupees (suite)

Ramada Multan
76 Abdali RoadMultan
tel +92 61 4540877
Luxe and expensive hotel
8.000 rupees one night

Hotel One
9/a Davis RoadLahore
tel +92 42 6303403
Luxe hotel
7.020 rupees one night
Movies from our motortravels around the world: www.LifeIsJoy.nl
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Old 8 May 2009
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Here's where we stayed

Police Station compound
We went there to try and get directions to the hotel but without further ado received an offer we couldn't refuse.
Safe parking in the police station compound. Cockroaches, rapists and murderers for company. No showers. Toilets stinking and overflowing. No breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Double room = 0 rupees or 0,00USD
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Old 5 Sep 2010
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Paradise Inn

N33 35.729 E73 03.278

Nothing special at the budget end, but has A/C and TV, plus if you're homesick, the Pizza Hut and KFC (or much cheaper local brand RFC) are just a couple of minutes walk away. Prices fluctuate, with the cheapest doubles going at around 1700 rupees. If you're staying more than one night, with some bargaining you can have taxes and breakfast included in the price. Parking in the locked shed behind the hotel.

Tip: for super tasty milk shakes and fresh juices head to Safilo stall some 15 minutes walk away, at N33 35.814 E73 02.968.


Executive Lodge

N33 42.974 E73 05.572

Can't really recommend as it is rather expensive (2150 rupees after heavy bargaining, with breakfast included). The service is really poor and the location means that no restaurant or shop is within realistic walking distance. However, the rooms are huge and it is in a heavily guarded area, so parking is very safe.

Some useful GPS waypoints in Islamabad:

Passport office (visa extensions - please note that it will most probably taka a whole week to have the stamp in your passport unless you have very hard evidence that you are in a hurry): N33 41.200 E73 02.805

Iran embassy (some days they let you enter the diplomatic encave with your bike, some days not and you have to use the shuttle from the eastern end (N33 43.715 E73 08.227) of the enclave): N33 43.454 E73 06.586


Karakoram Inn

N35 25.858 E74 06.170

Very simple but friendly, with doubles costing 650 rupees a night. The food is good (and the portions are big), and bike can be parked safely in the lobby.


Horizon Guesthouse

N35 54.530 E74 21.241

Very homely and friendly place, and has WiFi and loads of books to kill your time. The food is pretty expensive, though, and the place is quite far away from the centre. Bike can be parked safely in the locked garden (under the roof). We paid 1000 rupees.


Mulberry Hotel

N36 19.227 E74 40.109

Cheaper rooms cost 400 rupees, while 600 rupee rooms are much better value and quite cosy. The owner is very friendly and cooks up great food. Parking off the road under a huge mulberry tree, and if you're really paranoid about the safety, there is the option of locking the gate.


Indus Motel

N35 18.157 E75 37.486

At 600 rupees the rooms at the back are great value, and the food is very good (and well priced). If your bike isn't too wide, you might squeeze it into the room next to the kitchen (very safe and dry), otherwise parking is in the front.


Hotel Bloom Star

N30 11.342 E67 00.302

There seems to have been a surge in the prices compared to what it used to be, with doubles now costing 2000 rupees (we bargained it down to 1600), and camping space 600 rupees per person. But the courtyard is truly peaceful, rooms are of midrange quality and the food is fairly priced.


Hotel Al-Dawood

(GPS-coordinates as mentioned above)

Clean and fairly priced at 500 rupees for a double. When we were there, electricity only existed for two hours, and the restaurant is nothing to shout about. Parking in the locked compound.


PTDC Motel

(Easy to find, right next to the Customs building)

Supposedly closed, but we were allowed to stay nevertheless, and park the bike inside (up a flight of stairs). Probably had not been cleaned since Brian and Marie were there, or even longer, as there was a thick layer of dust everywhere, and the plumbing was not working. Do not remember staying in such a dirty place before. But then again, other places in Taftan looked even worse. Friendly people, and cooked us some great food. 1000 rupees for the room with an industrial-sized air-cooler.

Ride safe,
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Old 6 Sep 2010
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Thumbs up Thanks!

Thanks people, I have updated my tracks and waypoints file with this data, which you can download from my site.

Europe to NZ 2006-10
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Old 23 Jul 2011
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I can not recommend the Bloomstar Hotel in Quetta. The Manager was very rude and his best offer was 1,000 Rs for a room (400 Rs for camping).
I tried to exchange my India guide book and some maps for an Iranian guide book. He only wanted to sell it for 2,000 Rs!!

I left and stayed at the "New Grand". Next to the Muslim Hotel (was full) 200 metres down the road from Bloomstar.
I paid 500 Rs for a good sized double room.
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Old 25 Jul 2011
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Sorry you had that experience with the Bloomstar. We stayed there in 2007 and they were absolutely fine with us. Maybe a new manager?


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Old 31 Dec 2012
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The PTDC motel in Taftan has been closed. They escorted us from police station to some filthy overpriced hole at the central square. The money exchangers, we met at the boarder were waiting with their lousy rates... Change your money at the mobile phone shop at the square, they had decent rates.

If you don´t make it from Quetta to Sukkur in daytime, don´t worry. There is a nice place in Jacobabad called

AL Harmain N28°16.729 E68°26.323

They didn´t have enough rooms for us, but let four people to sleep in double room with no extra expenses! Six people paid 4500 rupees together.

They have good restaurant, wi-fi and big fenced courtyard.
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