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Photo by Igor Djokovic, camping above San Juan river, Arizona USA

I haven't been everywhere...
but it's on my list!

Photo by Igor Djokovic,
camping above San Juan river,
Arizona USA

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Old 1 Feb 2024
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Originally Posted by 9w6vx View Post
Ahh.... good trip mate!

Reminds me of my trip to Northern Thailand in June 2022 when borders were reopened after the pandemic.

I have to plan for my Thailand trip and ship my Tiger 800 to Port Klang by RORO by 2nd quarter of 2024.
I am actually trying to sell my Tiger 800 and then buy a used Yamaha Xmax250 at KL. Riding a lighter bike is so much easier.

Rgr, let me know when you’re stopping by and I will take you on one of my previous routes, posts #20,#21
The Major Grande Hotel is ok, my mother & sister stayed in there, there is also the Cheewin Hotel, never been in but meant to be nice.

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Old 1 Feb 2024
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5 days, Isaan's Northern Roads cont'd, Following the Mekong East then South

Day 3 part 1

The 212 was the main artery running south to Mukdahan so I looked for the smaller roads between the Mekong and the 212
I turned off just past the Nakhon Phanom University after going though a lot of small villages I got to the side of the Mekong, when I kept on the edge for a good few km’s. The road then ended and went into a track. As I was turning round to head back to a turning to the 212 an old guy came up from the river and started to tell me the track was good and not far. So I carried on. True to his word it was fine and maybe about 1000m of zig zagging through small hamlets.
Once I got to That Phanom it was time for breakfast, fed and watered it was time to push on.

‎⁨Mueang Nakhon Phanom⁩, ⁨Nakhon Phanom⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

‎⁨Khong (Mekong) River⁩, ⁨Mueang Nakhon Phanom⁩, ⁨Nakhon Phanom⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Food stop, ‎⁨That Phanom⁩, ⁨Nakhon Phanom⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

I took the 3015 south from That Phanom which I thought was a nice road, cutting into the river where possible
On this route I stopped at the Kaeng Kra Bao rapids, N16.80288 E104.73306, the rapids were ok and the were places to eat and drink, the views across the river were good

‎⁨Kaeng Kra Bao rapids, Wan Yai⁩, ⁨Mukdahan⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

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Old 1 Feb 2024
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Day 3 part 2

Next up was Mukdahan, I have visited it a few times and gone across the 2nd Thai Laos Friendship Bridge on numerous occasions to get to Savannakhet in Laos on visa runs. But I had never been under the bridge.
In Mukdahan I picked up the 2034 then the 2242, using those as my main routes continuing towards Khemarat, my overnight top.

The 2nd Thai Laos Friendship Bridge, ‎⁨Mueang Mukdahan⁩, ⁨Mukdahan⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Savannakhet, Laos across the river

On route I stopped at a viewpoint at Don Tan, N16.32493 E104.93004
I even stopped at some rapids at N16.17828 E105.01707, but they had been turned into a bit of a shanty town so the view wasn’t the best
As I left the rapids my Garmin Montana 600 we off and wouldn’t turn back on. I have had it since they first came out and I thought it had given up on me. I carry a road map so no great issue, but it had all the places to visit marked on it. Anyway about 15km down the road I tried it and it came on…I think it had got a bit hot.

Viewpoint, ‎⁨Don Tan⁩, ⁨Mukdahan⁩, ⁨Thailand

Some more little rapids, ‎⁨Chanuman⁩, ⁨Amnat Charoen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

At Khemarat I stopped at the Baan Toey Kafé N16.04404 E105.21990 for a drink. As my wife and I have a coffee shop I was interested in their menu which was quite good.
My room for the night was the Wasana Resort on a side street in Khemarat, N16.0434 E105.21953. Nice place, rooms we clean and quite big, 500 THB for the night, bike was parked next to the room in its own carport.

Baan Toey Kafé, ‎⁨Khemmarat⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Wasana Resort, ‎⁨Khemmarat⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Time to relax a hour before going out for some dinner

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Old 2 Feb 2024
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5 days, Isaan's Northern Roads cont'd, Following the Mekong East then South

Day 4 part 1

The 2112 was the main artery today which went from Khemarat to about 5k’s short of Khong Chiam where I then picked up the 2134 into town.
A good day with a few diversions to get to the river as the roads did not skirt the river for much of the day due to hill ranges
The 2112 scenery wise was good nearly all the way south. However the road surface was appalling. It was tarmac but the smooth surface was gone and the tarmac welded stones were on the surface, it was also very pitted and patched. It was like riding over a wash board ( for those who remember them). There were the odd patches of smooth new road.

First up was a stop at the Sai Sung Beach N16.00512 E105.41932. To get there I took the 4082, one road in and out. The view was good. It wasn’t very busy as I was there early. There is a floating food place on the river. I managed to take the bike down to the rocks and beach.

Sai Sung Beach, ‎⁨Khemmarat⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

From the beach it was back on to the 2212 to visit another viewpoint at Wat Phra To, N15.93208 E105.34346.

Viewpoint, ‎⁨Wat Phra To⁩, ⁨Na Tan⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Then it was a quick stop at Hat Chom Dao N15.90731 E105.34074, looking back up the river from this point I could see the Wat and ramp where I had just been.

Hat Chom Dao, ‎⁨Na Tan⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand

Salung Beach, N15.82280 E105.38701 was the next stop. It was not far off the 2112. I also had some food at a little restaurant next to where the bike was parked. The lady there spoke good English.

Salueng Beach, ‎⁨Pho Sai⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

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Old 2 Feb 2024
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Day 4 part 2

A quick visit to another viewpoint which turned out to be a non starter led me to a nice road, albeit short, and some nice rock formations. Road junction N15.73035 E105.47823. There was a big rock around this area N15.74538 E105.49483. It would have been a great area to explore on a small bike.

‎⁨Pha Taem National Park⁩, ⁨Pho Sai⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

The 2112 then came away from the river and skirted along the edge of a hill range, with some great views.

‎⁨Pho Sai⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

‎⁨Si Mueang Mai⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

I rode through Khong Chiam, which is where I was stopping the night. But I wanted to go to the end of the road to where the Mekong goes into Laos, never to be seen in Thailand again.
A quick stop on the bridge over the river Mun where you could see it flowing into the Mekong.

Mun River⁩, ⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Then a nice restbite at The River Café at the Bi Coloured River This is sat in the grounds of a very nice resort N15.31597 E105.51247. The views and surroundings were super.
On Booking dot com the price for the night is just over 2500 baht in the resort.

‎⁨The Café at Bi Coloured River, Kaeng Tana National Park⁩, ⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

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Old 2 Feb 2024
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Day 4 part 3

Then I push on about 5/6km to the end and the final shot of the Mekong in Thailand, N15.32018 E105.55811
I have done quite a bit of the Mekong up in Northern Thailand and even on the Laos side but following it from where the River Hueang joins it in the NW corner of Isaan ( first Mekong trip) right down to the bottom. It was a good ride!!

Where the Mekong goes back into Laos, just above the bike seat about 1km down stream, ‎⁨Kaeng Tana National Park⁩, ⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Back to Khong Chiam for the night before heading home tomorrow
A quick stop at the Two Colour River viewpoint N15.31705 E105.50284 then on to the hotel

Two Colour River Viewpoint, ‎⁨Wat Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

I stayed at the Khong Chiam 2 hotel, N15.31711 E105.49297
Nice and clean, hotel in 2 parts, a hotel bit and like a little lodge area, rooms are bigger in the hotel, same price, 600THB. Breakfast included

Khong Chiam 2 Hotel⁩, ⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

I relaxed for an hour then it was time to go and get some food and try and find a cafe pizza place I had seen while riding around the town

Cafe&Pizza, ⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩


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Old 4 Feb 2024
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5 days, Isaan's Northern Roads cont'd, Following the Mekong East then South

Day 5

I wanted to get a good start today as I had a fair way to go. So, the bike was packed and after breakfast at 0700 I set off. Going up the hill in Khong Chiam there was a nice temple and my final view of the Mekong on this trip. Wat Tham Khuha Sawan N15.32229 E105.48785.

‎⁨Wat Tham Khuha Sawan⁩, ⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand

The last look at the Mekong, ‎⁨Khong Chiam⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

My route was taking me along the Mun River to Udon Ratchathani on the 2222 then the 217.
On the way to Udon I passed through Phibun Mangsahan where I stopped to have a look at the Mun River N15.24772 E105.23888

Mun River, ‎⁨Phibun Mangsahan⁩, ⁨Ubon Ratchathani⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Once round the Udon ring road I picked up the 23 towards Yasothon, then Roi Et.
Wat Yang Talat N15.71595 E104.24774
The rice fields were looking nice and green on route

Wat Yang Talat, Kham Khuan Kaeo⁩, ⁨Yasothon⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

At Maha Sarakham I stopped for a nice coffee on the edge of the town, Sweet Me Coffee N16.18952 E103.29704
On leaving the coffee shop I went on the 208 to Khon Kaen, then on to the ring road before picking up the 12 heading west to Chum Phae and home.

Brew time, Sweet Me Coffee, ‎⁨Mueang Maha Sarakham⁩, ⁨Maha Sarakham⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

That is the Mekong skirting the edge of Isaan finished, from where it enters Thailand to where it leaves Thailand, 790km on the first trip and 1427km on this one, a rough removal of getting to and from the river of 1110 km leaves roughly 1107km along the river.

The Mekong in Thailand, Ridden is in yellow

If you take into account my first trip on a bike in Thailand , back in Dec 2014 where I covered the Mekong the north, following it from the Golden Triangle to Chiang Khong then the 1155 to Wiang Kaen. Less about 4km, where it disappears back into Laos, it’s all been ridden in Thailand

Previous routes from Dec 2014

For me, it’s been great following a small part of the 12th longest river in the world and the 3rd longest in Asia. Seeing the life on the edge, so to speak. Estimated length of 4500km, length goes up and down depending on where you get your information from.
Hopefully I will get chance to do more of it in other countries. Mayanmar, Laos (ridden some of it already), Cambodia, Vietnam.

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Old 2 Apr 2024
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2 Days around Ubol Ratana Reservoir 29/03/24

Day 1, part 1

The Ubol Ratana Reservoir is quite big and I had been looking at it on the map for a while. So after a bit of route planning and looking for places to visit the trip was on
I got my usual coffee from our coffee shop and left for a 2 day trip.

First was a blast down the 12 towards Khon Kaen for about 45 km then I turned North at Don Mong to do the Eastern and Northern sides of the reservoir

I wanted to go to the view point which overlooked the reservoir but once I got there it was closed for maintainance, and it was in a national park so that would have meant extortionate prices for non Thai’s. But it would have been good to go and have a look, there is also a rock cluster there. Although the day was quite hazy so the view might not have been that great.
National Park and Viewpoint entrance N16.61150, E102.60469, on the 5035

Nong Ruea⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

‎⁨Nam Phong National Park⁩, ⁨Ban Fang⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

There were a lot of campsites on the eastern side along the 2063 but to be honest they were all pretty bare and did not look inviting.
I did pull into one of them to get near the edge of the reservoir.
The riding was good however and it’s always good to get out on the bike.
Campsite N16.59465, E102.57194, one of many

‎⁨Nam Phong National Park⁩, ⁨Nong Ruea⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Viewpoint on the 2063, N16.61994, E102.57236


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2 Days around Ubol Ratana Reservoir

Day 1, part 2

I stopped at the Nam Phong National Park Visitors Centre. The place was nice, lots of places to sit and relax, they had a little coffee shop.
N16.62531 E102.56969

‎⁨Nam Phong National Park⁩, ⁨Nong Ruea⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Next up was the Ubol Ratana Dam, N16.77035, E102.62248 It's. pretty much the same set up as the Chulabhorn Dam which I have been to. There is a viewing area and a restaurant/coffee shop

‎⁨Ubolratana⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

On route I had planned to stop at a Sky Walk on the 2146, but, it was closed also. They did let me into the car park to take a couple of photos though and it was still a bit hazy.
Sky Walk N16.80061 E102.61346

‎⁨Phu Kao-Phu Phan Kam National Park⁩, ⁨Non Sang⁩, ⁨Nong Bua Lam Phu⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Then is was a stop off at Noi's Kitchen for some food and a drink. I have been before. The place is nice to visit, owned and run by an English expat and his Thai wife, food is good, a mix of Foreign and Thai, Wednesday and Fridays they have live music in the afternoon
Noi's Kitchen N16.86693 E102.40200, นภ. 3002, Non Sang, Nong Bua Lam Phu 39140.


Fed and watered I moved on to my accommodation for the night, which was about 10 minutes down the road.

Nuch's Apple Guest House
N16.89444, E102.36486

The link takes you to SE Asia places to stay, as I put the guest house in there yesterday



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2 Days around Ubol Ratana Reservoir

Day 2

Late evening and into the night there was a big thunder storm over the area I was riding. Oh well I could be getting wet tomorrow!
The thunder storm had stopped and the roads were quite dry and the sun was coming out
After my nice breakfast at the guest house it was time to set off.

There were a couple of inland beach areas I was planning to visit on the ride down the western side of the reservoir
My route I had hoped to take had to be changed on the hoof as I was going to take some tracks to stay a bit closer to the reservoir however due to the storm last night they were still wet so I stuck to the roads instead.

Nong Na Kham⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

Phu Wiang⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

First up was Sawan Beach N16.67930 E102.56901, some nice scenery and the view to the hillside on the otherwise of the reservoir would have been great if it wasn't so hazy

‎⁨Sawan Beach⁩, ⁨Phu Wiang⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand

From Sawan I headed towards Pattaya 2 beach, N16.63727 E102.54569, nothing like the Pattaya some of you may know! There were more people milling about and going to the loungers on the edge of the reservoir, plus some areas for food. Not a bad set up if you fancy a basic day out.

Pattaya 2⁩, ⁨Phu Wiang⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand⁩

The loungers along the edge of the water

Looking at the food stalls/ outdoor eateries

Laab Moo (Spicy minced pork) with sticky rice

Once I left Pattaya 2 it was time to head further south and onto the 12 for the direction of home.

‎⁨Phu Wiang⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand

Ubolratana Dam Reservoir⁩, ⁨Nong Ruea⁩, ⁨Khon Kaen⁩, ⁨Thailand

This trip was not as interesting as some of my others, however it's time on the bike and seeing new places. Its also one of the local places I have wanted to look around so all in all a good 2 days.
373Km covered door to door

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Nice mate!
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honda cb500x, isaan, mekong, thailand

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