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Photo by Ellen Delis, Lagunas Ojos del Campo, Antofalla, Catamarca

I haven't been everywhere...
but it's on my list!

Photo by Ellen Delis,
Lagunas Ojos del Campo,
Antofalla, Catamarca

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Old 27 Jun 2011
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Originally Posted by henryuk View Post
I had a great weekend but as usual didn't get many photos - is there going to be any sort of photo repository on the HUBB for people to upload good shots they've taken or similar, a bit like a mass ride report sort of thing??

Well done to Grant, Susan and all the other people involved in making it what it was, I'm already looking forward to next year but also very inspired to be on some remote gravel road at the same time!!
Thanks Henry! Photos - will be posted here and on the page asap, as we get them and I have time on our travels (we're off to Spain tomorrow for the HUMM) - and of course anyone who took photos can post them here too!
Grant Johnson
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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Yep, another great meet. Nathan's presentation 'riding Dorothy' from Sydney to London was great. I wasn't even planning on going to it but decided to stay in the Africa room for the panel. Glad I did because it was the best all weekend!

I didn't take any photo's this year either so im hoping there'll be plenty posted here and on the HU Facebook page too. Thank you and well done to all the organizers and volunteers.
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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Originally Posted by stephen.stallebrass View Post
Yep, another great meet. Nathan's presentation 'riding Dorothy' from Sydney to London was great. I wasn't even planning on going to it but decided to stay in the Africa room for the panel. Glad I did because it was the best all weekend!

I didn't take any photo's this year either so im hoping there'll be plenty posted here and on the HU Facebook page too. Thank you and well done to all the organizers and volunteers.
Can't wait for his book, Going Postal, to be issued here. Amazon have it for the Kindle otherwise it has to come from Australia at just under $30.
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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Lost toolbag - red GasGas bumbag .. grrrr

Hi Guys,

Just a quick heads up in case anyone picked it up .... my travelling toolkit contained in a red GasGas bum-bag ... like a complete tw@t I didn't secure it properly and it bounced off the bike somewhere within 5 miles from the Farm headed towards Derby .. (turned left out of the gate) I turned back as soon as I realised it was missing, but it had already been 'collected' by someone... I'm hoping it was a fellow HUBBer!

Any news please let me know - it took aaaages to get it right and there was a 'special tool' from the wife in there too which I's really like to get back...


I wish my wheelies were intentional...
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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What a week end

Well firstly apologies for not volunteering but when I arrived it just seemed everything was already organised.Well that is my excuse anyway.Having attended last year for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it I was keen to get back this year but at the same time I thought that I may be listening to the same presentation as last year, which if I had to would still have been interesting but that was not the case because yet again there were even more exciting travel stories to listen to.

The only difficulty any of us seem to have is choosing which presentation to go to as there are so many and on a range of topics. I am sure whichever ones I had chosen to attend to or not they would all be of the same high standard.

Because I attended so many and my rear end complained a little next year you will see me walking about with my Air Hawk seat.

Because I attended so many presentations and they were all so good it is difficult to whittle it down to my three favourite ones but for the record they are ;
1) Nathan Australia to London. And talking to Nathan some time after and saying he should leave Dorothy in her original condition he easily convinced me otherwise when he said that if he did that would be the end of her but if he updated her he could take her on further travels.Dorothy really must reign again.

2) Ed and mates Elefant Rally.What the three of them achieved was so amazing and whenever any one tries to denigrate the youth of today to me in the future I shall quote the achievements of these lads and their friendly demeanour.

3) Les Camping. Unfortunately Les presentation which was so good made me realsie just how inadequate the camping equipment I use is. Mind you the wife was not pleased when I told her I need to get a new Tent, Sleeping bag etc.

Three of my hi lights but there was so much more as well.

What is so great about the event is that 99% of those that attend are so willing to just chat pass the time.

The only other problem I have with attending the meeting is that listening to the travels of young, old, male, female I alwas feel so inadequate. This year that inadequacy was made even worse for me because one of my excuses for not doing anything daring was because I ride a Blackbird but that is no longer a excuse having seen Sjaaks presentations.
Yet another hi light.

I initially disagreed with Austins point about if you really want to do it you can but having spoken to others since and thought about it I do have to agree that he is right.And so the piggy bank is out of the cupboard and although it may take several years to fill it is going to finance my first Big Trip. Mind you its not going to affect my attendance at next years event though.

I did take a few photos and I will some time try and down load them, see I should have attended Grants presentation.

So in conclusion can I thank Grant, Susan, Ian, Sam and all of the volunteers/ presenters who clearly give up so much time, which must affect their own leisure time over the week end, for providing me with a great week end.Sadly the weather was not as good as last year but I hardly saw natural light anyway.

See you all next year.

Regards Ted
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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This weekend was my first Travellers meeting and i had a great time. Really enjoyed all the presentations i attended and had many questions of my own answered over the weekend.. And i was also impressed by the tales of adventures from many sharing the campsite.
Highlights....there were so many but, yes, Nathans presentation was amazing......as was Elas story of achiving her dream trip to Chile......and the dry wit of Ian Mutch. Plus seeing the variety of bikes used on these trips and more....!
Many, many thanks to everyone involved in organizing a fantastic four days, including the girls serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am planning a mini adventure on my trusty KLR 650, so hopefully will have a story of my own to tell at a future HU Travellers Meeting.

Ride safe.
Despite the high cost of living, it remains popular.
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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As ever - a big thank you to Grant & Susan and especially good to see Sam back after his absence last year. HU just isn't the same without you Sam Iain also deserves a big thank you as does the irrepressible Matthew Cashmore without whom I would have laughed just a little bit less.

I have a request for those of you who filmed the incident with the deer and the sidecar outfit. Neither Danny or me managed to get footage of it as we were too busy performing the nefarious deed so I'd love to get hold of any photos or pics people might have of it.

You can email me at fil@***myusername***.co.uk

where you replace **myusername** with, well I think you get the picture!

Great to meet old friends and make new ones - there's nothing quite like an HU meeting.

Think we got away without poisoning anyone again, which is always good.
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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Another BIG thank you - to Grant, Susan, Sam, Iain, all the volunteers, presenters, Lumb Farm and everyone who attended. Everybody contributed to a great weekend.

Great to meet so many familiar faces. Hope to see you again soon, either September, next year, down in Cornwall if I do another mini-meet (possibly over the summer) or on the road.

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Old 27 Jun 2011
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Just one word - wow!

This was my first meet, and certainly not my last. From the minute I arrived to the second I rode home it was a great memorable experience!
Thanks to all the organisers, presenters and attendees for doing what you did so well and for being first class people. The folks at Lumb Farm were also fab - food, and facilities - and did well to cope with the numbers.

The presentations I attended were superb - and I understand those I didn't get to were as well. Just too much happening at the same time - like trying to ride in all lanes of a 4-lane highway at the same time!

I took lots of pics that I will post the best selection in the next few days when I have figured out the tech.

Great to meet you all and looking forward to next time...
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Old 27 Jun 2011
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A superb weekend. Great to meet up with old friends and make some new ones and just relax and chat when not watching the presentations. A special mention must got to Nathan for his post bike trip. Not just for actually making the journey but for his infectious enthusiasm when he was telling us about it. A big thanks to the organizers and presenters and all those who make it possible.
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Old 28 Jun 2011
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Bike interfered with at Ripley


Great meeting as usual, well done to all the volunteers and the staff at Lumb Farm who were as usual run off their feet but still coped with a smile on their face. When I woke on Friday morning and looked out of my tent I was horrified to find 2 suspicious looking characters sitting on my bike! I grabbed my camera but only managed to get this shot of one of them jumping over the fence and running off, so be warned, and check your nuts!
Attached Thumbnails
UK 2011 Spring Travellers Meeting, Ripley, Derbyshire-ripley-2011-006.jpg  

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Old 28 Jun 2011
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First HU Meet but definately not my last!


Just wanted to say how great the weekend was and what a fantastic job everybody involved did.

I met so many great people and got to meet some real idols like Walter, Lois and Sjaac. My only regret is that I didn't meet more, Austin, Susan and Grant being people I really wish I'd made a point of speaking to. Oh well, next year!

Thanks to everyone who made me feel so welcome despite being the second nutter to arrive on a sports bike. (Thanks Sjaac!)

Cheers for now and hope to meet you all soon.

Take care,

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Old 28 Jun 2011
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A huge grin from me today as I'm sitting reading through all the posts. Wet weekend? Who cared! Brilliant that everyone seems to have had such a ball.

I just want to say a huge thanks to all the Volunteers, the Crew Leaders and the Presenters. You guys have all been great. Thank you very much for everything you did. The main reason for the Meet running so well was you guys. Thanks mates : )

The other reason? You all. Time after time I had comments with words to the effect that the Meet was a wonderful combination of friendly, laid back buzz and fascination. Thanks for creating that atmosphere
See you next year I hope, but then, perhaps you'll be on an adventure somewhere. Hope you are See you another time if that's the case.

Cheers to all and thanks again.
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Old 28 Jun 2011
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First chance to post since I got back, but just to say thanks to Grant, Sue, Sam and Iain for another great meet.

+1 to all the staff at Lumb Farm as well, I can't believe the hours they work!

Great to meet old friends ant make some new ones. Thanks to everyone who came to the Bushcraft demos and asking sensible questions.

Fil...I know Bij J got video of the deer on his i-phone, I'll get him to send you a copy.
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Old 28 Jun 2011
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Another winner

Thankyou all, it was a brilliant meet (second one for me). Had a great time and met lots of people who I still cant remeber their names (), but the smilling faces were instantly recognised. Volunteering was one of the highlights, main gate to check out the rides and helping recycling and looking after the site was a small way to give something back, count me in next year!

A quick Hi to Tracy, owner of one of the other best looking SR40 there will there be more next year? Certainly had fun riding back, although my appologies to Rossi for doing the A30 slip road like that, at least i know where the limits are now .
To the lovely couple from Canada, who rode the matching 250s with the bespoke 22mm pipework racks, it was me that left the cheese and roll for you, then forgot to tell you before we left!!!!
I enjoyed all of the talks i went to and even met a few of my own personal legends, what a fantastic time.
Hopefully next year I may persuade the wife to come up, although it has been a while since she rode.
Best wishes to you all, and especially Susan and Grant, who have done so much to bring us all together, and spread the good word.
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