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Photo by Michael Jordan, enjoying a meal at sunset, Zangskar Valley, India

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Photo by Michael Jordan
enjoying a meal at sunset,
Zangskar Valley, India

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Old 17 Apr 2013
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Thumbs up My Uruguayan mate biking around Australia

Hi all,

I’m writing this post on behalf of a friend and fellow motorbike adventurer from Uruguay. We met in Montevideo a month ago and he told me of his upcoming trip around Australia. I have just finished a 42,000km trip from Alaska across the Americas and it was a pleasure to meet another motorcycle enthusiast at my finish point. It has also been great to experience the hospitality and friendship of bikers and non-bikers from North America and Latin America. He has completed a trip from Ushuaia to Alaska on a 200cc and is now looking at conquering Australia. He’s a great guy, a minimalist and not a fussy about the discomforts of motorcycle travel. His current trip is on Conquista de Australia - Motorcycling trip | EveryTrail

However, his English is very limited, as he speaks Spanish in his native country. He uses Google translator to translate messages. As an English speaker in Latin America I know also the hurdles you have to face. It would be great if there is any Spanish speakers for him to meet up with, or those with some Spanish to improve theirs or maybe you could learn some basic Spanish phrases and practice your Spanish with him!

I’m asking that people can keep an eye out for his posts. His HUBB user name is: the dreams trip. You can basically copy and paste the Spanish words straight into Google Translator to see what he is saying. Write a reply in English, translate it to Spanish and post it to him, easy.

He will be doing a bit of a shotgun tour around Australia (as you can see from his itinerary) and I have no doubt that he’ll be not too far off his plan, due to his other shotgun mammoth trip from Ushuaia to Alaska on a 200cc in record time. See - The dreams trip – El viaje de los sueños

He is also looking to catch up with locals along the way to share a , food, conversation and if you had a bed/ couch for the night, garage, workshop and tools to maintain, help fix his bike along the way it would be much appreciated by him! Also information on his route planning, location of motorbike spares, things to see ect would be great. He’ll also be camping as much as possible along the way, so if you have any suggestions on where is suitable, please let him know.

His basic itinerary is

A1 Sydney 0 21/22/23/24/25 -mar
A1 Ulladulla 226 26-mar
A1 Mallacoota 337 27-mar
A1 Bairnsdale 233 28-mar
A1 Melbourne 288 29-ma A2 Tasmania 1147 30/31-mar/1 abr
A1 Warmambool 264 02-abr
A1 Mllicent 264 03-abr
A1 Adelaide 399 04-abr
A1 Port Augusta 308 05-abr
A1 Wudinna 257 06-abr
A1 Yalata 412 07-abr
A1 Madura 470 08-abr
A1 Norseman 528 09-abr
A1 Raventhorpe 355 10-abr
A1 Albany 293 11-abr
A1/ Busselton 331 12-abr
A1 Perth 222 13-abr
A1 Geraldton 433 14-abr
A1 Overlander 279 15-abr
A1 Carnarvon 201 16-abr
A1 Karratha 643 17-abr
A1 Wedgefield 227 18-abr
A1 Broome 606 19-abr
A1 Derby 215 20-abr
A1 Gogo 266 21-abr
A1 Hallscreek 279 22-abr
A1 Kunnunurra 360 23-abr
A1 Timber Creek 228 24-abr
87 Katherine 286 25-abr
87 Darwin 316 26/27-abr
87 Katherine 316 28-abr
87 Elliot 420 29-abr
87 Tennant Creek 253 30-abr
87 Alice Springs 508 01-may
87/4 Uluru 463 02-may
87 Alice Spring 463 03-may
87 Tenant Creek 253 04-may
87/A6 Mount Isa 661 05-may
A6 Hughenden 521 06-may
A6 Townsville 382 07-may
A1 Cairns 347 08-may
A1 Cape Tribulation 140 09-may
A1 Cairns 140 10-may
A1 Bowen 551 11-may
A1 Rockhampton 519 12-may
A1 Hervey Bay 400 13-may
A1 Sunshine Coast 197 14-may
A1 Brisbane 113 15-may
A1 Gold Coast 80 16-may
A1 Woolgoolga 213 17-may
A1 Port Macquaire 185 18-may
A1 Newcastle 244 19-may
A1 Sydney 163 20-may

He's currently in Perth now and only 4 days off his original itinerary!

Obviously this will change on the road, but it’s a guide to his main route.

You can contact him via his email on


or his HUBB username of

the dreams trip

you can also private message me on the HUBB and I can relay messages

Cheers and hope you can have the chance to meet a Uruguayan motorcycle adventurer and all round nice bloke

below is a pic of Ernesto on his Royal Enfield in Uruguay

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My Uruguayan mate biking around Australia-p1030343.jpg  

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Old 18 Apr 2013
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I've snet him a message. The 2000km Nullarbor is a pretty lonely place with no/limited support. If he runs into hassles, he should call me and I'll go sort him out.

And if he feels like changing his itenary a bit, he's welcome to stay with us.

Would be good to meet him, but my spanish is limited to "uno cervece parfavor"
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Old 18 Apr 2013
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Yes. Met a dutch guy yesterday from Dubai. Same thing. Each to his own i guess...
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Old 18 Apr 2013
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Originally Posted by Mezo View Post
shame as he wont actually get to see anything of Australia just riding the highways, but thats his choice.
I dunno. I followed the second half (roughly) of his itinerary over about 4 weeks, and I thought I saw a hell of a lot of Australia, and had a great time. As a couple of Aussies said when I told them about my tour, "You've seen more of Aus than I have!"
Bruce Clarke - 2020 Yamaha XV250
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Old 20 Apr 2013
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I'm the Dutch guy from Dubai, Squilly. It was nice to briefly meet you and i took your advice to ride the Balladonia track, which was very cool. I'm now in Port Lincoln to do a little shark spotting. In general it's quite difficult to see a lot along the way in Oz. The place is just too big and time is limited. I see the Australia part of my trip as an introduction to the continent which gives me an idea to which parts I want to come back and ride without all the added weight... Any suggestions on must ride routes / track between Port Lincoln and Sydney?

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Old 21 Apr 2013
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If you're in Port Lincoln, maybe consider a detour thorugh the Flinders ranges as you're not far from it- North to Port Augusta, Quorn, Hawker, Parachilna and then East through to Blinman, back South, onto the dirt through Brachina gorge, then further south to Wilpena and out again.

I've always enjoyed the South-Eastern parts of SA: "Mount Gam" and the wine country.

And I guess I need to recommend the Great Ocean drive- most people enjoy that and it's listed as one of the top 20-must do biking routes in the world. A teaser

And then Barry Way along the Snowy river up to the Alpine way between Bairnsdale and Jindabyne
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Old 23 Apr 2013
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Just heard from Ernesto,

he's in Broome about to leave for Darwin if anyones up that way wants to contact him and catch up

he's certainally a man on a mission

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Old 24 Apr 2013
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Thanks for the route suggestion Squily, unfortunately, I'm already in Adelaide. Should check the HUBB a little more often....
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Old 26 Apr 2013
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Gracias Dom y a todos los que han participado... muchísimas gracias!!! Estoy en Warmun, rumbo a Kununurra...de a poco arrimando a Darwin.
Lo que hace interesante a mi viaje, es la interacción con la gente.
agradezco a todos su interés y nos vemos en la ruta...la ruta esta hecha en base a los lugares que voy a pasar,pero los días son elásticos...voy con retraso en este momento, pero tengo hasta el 17 de junio para estar en Australia.
El que quiera ser parte de la historia desde Darwin a Sidney, es el tramo que queda,comunicarse por mail.
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Old 26 Apr 2013
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If he is looking for a nice road, from Port Maquarie I would recommend taking Oxley Highway out to thunderbolts way and following it south down to Bucketts Way south of Gloucester. Great road and less tedious than the Pacific which is like a freeway now the towns are disappearing. And the rd works at buladelah..
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Old 15 Jun 2013
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Thumbs up Ernesto's Completed His Journey

Hey all,

Just to let you know Ernesto has completed his trip back to where he started in Sydney - circumnavigating Australia clockwise, 20,000kms later and all done on his Kymco 125 cc - the 1st person to do so on that model I'm told and maybe one of the first Uruguayan's to have done so!!

thanks to everyone who looked out for him and showed him the Aussie hospitality

Felicitaciones (congratulations) Ernesto !!

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Old 1 Jul 2013
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Dear friends Horizons Unlimited, I have come to my house in Uruguay after achieving that give a little more around Australia on a 125 cc Kimco.
After nearly 20,000 miles into this territory in a little over two months.
Another adventure full of stories, people, experiences and images.
Australia is a huge ... very huge land, full of magnificent places, bizarre wildlife and friendly people and solidarity.
For those who live for a job, often reach distant places and lands the first world it is very difficult, very difficult.
But not impossible, I managed to survive with a budget Australia forty dollars there ... Clearly this is very hard, but possible ... low cylinder machine, has helped fuel the economy for low power consumption.
Everything is possible and when people help you along the way ...
At the end of this trip I have only to thank Dominic infinitely, for their attempts to get help ... A David who stoically endured me Darwin, as Rod and Mrs who have given me a unique image of Brisbane.
Besides Españolísimo Carlos Valdez with whom we have interacted in Cairms.
To all of them (members of the HUBB), thank you, with this kind of people the path becomes easier and their actions are taxed in the heart of one lifetime.
Thank you for this opportunity to HUBB, the entire Australian people, new friends.
We are already negotiating with my wife my next destinations of Asia and Africa, in the same way, on a budget and at very low displacements ... travel is possible, no matter your class or your resources ... only you have to be right ... walk right and with a smile ... then the world opens up for you, supportive and unique.
Thanks ... infinite thanks!
Ernesto Urrestarasu.

Estimados amigos de horizonte sin límites, he llegado a mi casa en Uruguay después de lograr dar un poco más que la vuelta de Australia en una Kimco 125 cc.
Fueron casi 20.000 kilómetros dentro de este territorio, en un poco más de dos meses.
Otra aventura llena de historias, de gente, experiencias e imágenes.
Australia es una tierra enorme…muy enorme, llena de lugares magníficos, de fauna extravagante y de gente simpática y solidaria.
Para los que vivimos de un trabajo, muchas veces llegar a lugares lejanos y tierras del primer mundo nos resulta muy difícil, pero muy difícil.
Pero no es imposible, he logrado sobrevivir a Australia con un presupuesto de cuarenta dólares…claro que esto allí es muy duro, pero posible…la máquina de baja cilindrada, me ha ayudado en la economía de gasolina por su bajo consumo.
Todo es posible y más cuando hay gente que te ayuda en el camino…
En este final de viaje solo me resta agradecer infinitamente a Dominic, por sus intentos de conseguir ayuda…A David quien me ha soportado estoicamente en Darwin y a Rod y Sra quienes me han dado una imagen inigualable de Brisbane.
Además del españolísimo Carlos Valdez con quien hemos interactuado en Cairms.
A todos ellos (miembros del HUBB), muchísimas gracias, con esta clase de personas el camino se hace más fácil y sus actos quedan gravados en el corazón de uno para toda la vida.
Gracias al HUBB por esta oportunidad, a todo el pueblo australiano, a los nuevos amigos.
Ya estamos negociando con mi esposa mis próximos destinos de Asia y África, de la misma forma, con poco presupuesto y en muy bajas cilindradas…es posible viajar, no importa tu condición social ni tus recursos…solo, hay que ser derecho…caminar derecho y con una sonrisa…entonces el mundo se abre para ti, solidario y único.
Gracias…infinitas gracias!
Ernesto Urrestarasu.
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