HU Travellers Meeting Perth 2014

HU Travellers Meeting Perth 2014

Horizons Unlimited 2nd Western Australia Travellers Meeting -
Fairbridge Village (near Pinjarra), WA

Friday Oct 10 - Sunday Oct 12, 2014


It's All About Overland Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned veteran with wisdom to share or a complete novice hungry for ideas and guidance, it doesn't matter if you ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, or drive an expedition vehicle...

Horizons Unlimited meetings are for everyone who dreams of adventure along the road less travelled.

Horizons Unlimited Perth Event Schedule

The event is taking place from Friday 10th October to Sunday 12th October 2014 at Fairbridge Village. The Village is a nationally heritage-listed town site operated by a major youth charity, and has convenient proximity to Perth.

We are organising an exciting range of inspirational speakers and educational workshops.

Arrive early on the Friday (after 12 pm) and make it a great weekend! There will be presentations and workshops starting Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.

As well as hearing inspiring stories of overlanding adventures from around the world, you'll get the low-down on preparing for your journey, navigation, first-aid, photography, filming and a host of other essential topics. Whatever your past experience or future plans may be, there's something for everyone.

The event schedule can be downloaded here, and will be posted at the event, but is subject to change.

Presenters at HU Perth 2014 included...

Workshops and Tech Sessions below
Viv Canini.

Viv Canini

Adventures through India as an inexperienced female rider

I truly am a novice motorcyclist and traveller, and after travelling on a motorcycle through the mighty Himalayas for the first time in 2013, I have become addicted to the motorcycle touring scene. I have been lucky enough to visit India 3 times in the last 12 months, and in between my Indian tours, also travelled the central and east coast of Tasmania. I already have more tours planned for 2015 and look forward to broadening my horizons.

Viv Canini.

I'll be talking about my travels and experiences through India as an inexperienced female motorcyclist and traveller, and hopefully show you an insight on how beautiful India truly is, and to give those who are curious, the motivation and encouragement to just go out there and do what we love to do, whatever that may be.

Viv is a female musician, photographer, and now an addicted motorcycle traveller.

Ty Middleton.

Ty Middleton

Riding Western Europe. 6500 Km in 3 weeks on a KLR 650

This session is focused on enjoying the Journey not the destination, some tips and tricks to give you the confidence to GET OUT THERE & JUST DO IT.

Ty Middleton.

Ty Middleton is a retired Air force Maintenance Engineer of 21 years. Ty has a burning passion for adventure riding. His second love is sports bikes and regularly flaunts the rules on his Hayabusa. He has many a story to tell about his military career working on battlefield helicopters and fast jets, to put it in his word, rooted, shooted and electrocuted.

His passion for riding bikes has lasted for nearly 30 yrs and the last 6 years as an international adventure rider. He has ridden in India, Nepal, Central America, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and recently Western Europe.

Nathan Hammond.

Nathan Hammond

Gibb River Road or bust! A real outback adventure of nearly 9,000kms from Perth to Darwin

After finding a Dutch travelling partner through the HUBB, a plan was made to ride North from Perth, probably ending up in Darwin via the Gibb River Road.

Being my first big trip, my head was filled with so many worries and unknowns. Would the bike break down? What if I had a bad off? What about water crossings? Will we get along? The list goes on...

Find out what worked for me, what didn't, what I would do different and most importantly what incredible riding there is right here in Western Australia!

Nathan Hammond.

After getting into adventure riding relatively recently, and exploring a lot of the Perth region and South West, I was keen to broaden my horizons, and do my first 'big trip'.

Fuelled by stories of friends trips to Australia and getting inspiration at last years Perth HU Meeting, I set about making it happen...

Ralph Weiss.

Ralph Weiss

Riding through outback Australia

A dash across central Australia on a modern liter class adventure bike with a gentle side track down memory lane to a time when a 250cc 2 stroke served just as well.

My most recent trip and subject of my talk, a 4 week dash across central Australia chasing as much dirt as possible and learning that 200 kg, 100 bhp and sand make for some very interesting riding experiences. Also enjoyed the beautiful expanse and solitude of the Australian outback, fabulous scenery, interesting characters, 1000 kms of dirt roads and tracks and discovered that 0.002 kg saved by not carrying that extra set of underwear, probably wasn't worth it.

Ralph Weiss.

Ralph is an indefatigable dreamer suffering the usual ailments of middle age including suspected but undiagnosed mid-life crisis. Supported by a way too patient wife and three bemused and slightly alarmed daughters, revisiting motorcycles after a long hiatus and learning, repeatedly, how to pick one up. Adventure rider status – enthusiastic amateur grabbing time for the odd trip into the Australian outback between family and work responsibilities.

Tony Friday.

Tony Friday

Being a Short Break Adventurer

Tony Friday has mastered the art of balancing a professional career with a passion for motorcycle adventure. By day, he serves as a government CEO, and has a portfolio of directorships spanning corporate advisory, property investment, disability services and contemporary theatre.

Once the suit comes off though, he is a dedicated motorcycle adventure traveller and adrenalin junkie. He has raced jet boats, surfed a volcano in Nicaragua, barreled down an Olympic bobsled track in Latvia, stayed as the guest of an African king, and visited more than sixty countries over the past few decades whilst on short-break motorcycle adventures.

Tony Friday.

Tony's HUBB session is all about being a short-break adventurer; balancing 9 to 5 with feeling alive. Using a couple of example adventures that you could book tomorrow, he will talk you through the process of exchanging less than a thousand dollars for an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life (and he's not talking about an Elvis wedding in Vegas to that 'waitress' you met last night).

You will leave this session equipped with the knowledge and tools to efficiently organise your own short break motorcycle adventure any time you choose. He will also provide you with access to his secret squirrel tools for securing cheap flights and accommodation, and for getting someone else to do most of the hard work for you. The most difficult part will be choosing the destination.

Jacqui Kennedy.

Jacqui Kennedy, ScooterGal

You're not seriously going around Australia on a Postie Bike!
8 months and 22,000kms later and I've only just reached the halfway point.

Jacqui Kennedy spent the last few years swanning around Europe, conquering the Swiss Alps on her scooter. She needed a challenge and figured Australia by Postie might meet the criteria for adventure. Having no off-road experience, no mechanical ability, never changed a tyre or wild camped she was willing (if not able) to take on anything Australia could throw at her.

Halfway Round, find out what lessons she's learned and how Mother Nature has kicked her butt.

Jacqui Kennedy.

Damon Pages-Oliver.

Damon Pages-Oliver (Oly)

The 555 - Across USA on old small capacity shit box motorcycles

The 555 - Across USA on old small capacity shit box motorcycles

This is a cross country trip that has been running for 3 consecutive years. The presentation is on the 4th annual event of motorcycle masochism, on route to Portland Maine

3 Rules:
1) 1975 or older motorcycle
2) 500cc engine or less
3) $500 or less -- buying and restoring (minus tires and papers)

Goal: to build, and then to ride across America.

History: In a dark basement in Tennessee cluttered with old bikes, scattered tools, gas fumes, beer cans and wise-cracks, Mike and his brother Cody mused over Cody's new purchase of a $100 CB350. Mike, having just returned from a trip to Panama on an old BMW/5, was ready for another trip. Cody, never having crossed west over the Mississippi River, was also ready. The idea was born to visit their other brother. Wanting an even playing field, Mike decided not to take the BMW and roll with a shitbox of his own. Then, they invited the guys. They presented the rules, 7 in all showed up, and then they rode... to Portland, Oregon.

Preparing for the 555.

Desert! Remote North West WA Rides

Being Based around Karratha in the Pilbara, I set up a BMW G650XC to go exploring the Pilbara and Kimberleys A brief run down on rides such as Yampie Gorge, Rudall River National Park (we missed Queen Desert baths due to leaving a map with the injured rider in Newman ), the Gibb River Road and Duncan Road AKA Beef Highway zig zagging the NT WA border.

Oly is heavily involved in motorcycles in WA from the Cafe Racer scene to adventure travelling and also youth development through his work. He's ridden through western Europe, North and Central America and done a lot of exploration throughout WA's remote regions.

Damon Pages-Oliver.

Linda Bootherstone-Bick.

Linda Bootherstone, RTW Solo Traveller

Three Wandering Poms and Waterfalls and Wats

Three Wandering Poms

In 1969 Jacky, Angie and Linda are three young women who leave their friends and family behind in UK and emigrate to Australia. From Flatting in notorious Kings Cross to travelling by motorcycle all round Australia their exploits include facing the then unsealed roads and meeting a wealth of true blue bush characters. Two of the women had never ridden before and yet they took it all in their stride.

Linda, one of the co-authors of this new book will show in this presentation that no obstacles are too great and where there is a will there is a way- its just a matter of following your dreams.

Three Wandering Poms.

Waterfalls and Wats

There are many Guided bike tours around Thailand now with big bikes and fancy hotels provided but Linda shows that you can have a great time in cheap guesthouses and hiring a 125 Honda Dream. She takes you on her trip around northern Thailand to meet the people and enjoy the music and may even let you in on the secret of why she suddenly decided to go there this year!

Linda Bootherstone - waterfalls and wats.

During 50 years of motorcycling Linda Bootherstone-Bick has travelled the world, solo. In the 60s - Great Britain and Europe, USSR; the 70s Australia and Africa; in the 80s America and in the 90s, eastern Europe, Ukraine and North Africa. During her 60th year she rode from Spain to Australia - and she's still going!

Ewen MacGregor.

Ewen MacGregor

Why we ride - short Adventure Motorcycle journeys in Australia

Why we ride - short Adventure Motorcycle journeys in Australia - With so many excellent and challenging riding destinations in WA overland travel experience starts at home. Many of us can't take a few months to a year off work therefore short breaks and rides are one way of feeding the passion for adventure on a motorcycle. Ewen will present on a range of adventure riding locations from the Holland Track in the south east to further north and locations like Gascogne Junction.

Ewen MacGregor on the Holland Track, Western Australia.

Holland Track, WA

Ewen is a passionate advocate of adventure motorcycling and a key driver in making the first Perth HU meeting happen. His first overland (motorcycle) adventure was to Morocco over the high, middle and low Atlas Mountains via Spain. Since then trips across Europe and more local within Western Australia have been the foci.

John Lizamore.

John Lizamore

Introducing the not so boring Nullarbor!

The treeless plain that spans a distance of over 2000km between the civilization of WA and SA. Most often described in travel blogs as "boring" and "endless". Not so!!!

John Lizamore.

Part of the ancient marine floor, the plain is home to much wildlife, hundreds of karst caves, spectacular vistas, scattered ruins and much stranger things. For the willing traveler that will brave the isolation, the plain is life-changing. Sten Larson from Norway had only one word to describe our 1st night on the plain: "Wow!"

John Lizamore.

Never the same as the last time you visited it, but always spectacular. I'll talk through some of the sites and places (and tracks) the Nullarbor has to offer, including Telegraph road, Kunalda station, Abrakurrie cave, Old coach road, Old Eyre highway, Thampana blowhole, the Bight and more. John has toured Southern parts of Africa, Suisse, North Island of New Zealand and Australia. "We have some of the best riding on our doorstep, but people choose to stay on the ringroad, and miss all the good stuff."

Tam and Xander Kabat.

Tam Kabat, Two Up on a Twin

Two-up on a Twin: Life on the road travelling two-up through Europe, Africa & SE Asia

Tam and Xander Kabat.

Tam started off riding mini farm bikes as a youngster, but didn't get her first set of road wheel until 25. Starting from "no it can't be done"  to "let's go for a year!", Tam took a 10-year journey into becoming a motorbike traveller with husband Xander. It was while attending a HU-UK meet, hot on the heels of a 3-week holiday and realising the bike was good to go, that Tam was finally ready to hit the road for a long trip. 17 months two-up through Europe, Africa and SE Asia followed as they travelled two-up home to Australia.

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

How it all began. The story of Grant and Susan's 11-year trip around the world, without a plan or a clue!

Way back in 1987, before the Internet, two young and naive Canadians set out from Vancouver to ride around the world on a motorcycle. The plan (and budget) was for 3 years, but it didn't quite work out that way!

Grant Johnson on pipe bridge in Peru.

Grant crossing a river on a pipe bridge in Peru

11+ years later, they finally made it, through 50 countries - Europe, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, North and South America, with a side trip to Antarctica! Hundreds of great pics and some amazing stories!

Educational Sessions

...because Horizons Unlimited meetings are about information, not just inspiration!

Duncan Cartwright.

Duncan Cartwright

Dirty Big Bikes - Tips, Tricks & Setup Advice for riding a big bike in the dirt

From my extensive and expensive off-road crashing experiences I'll be discussing some tips and tricks for riding large unwieldly beasts off-road.

Covering bike setup, bike and rider protection and riding skills.

Duncan Cartwright.

Duncan finished University, decided to go to Australia, bought a motorbike and rode there via Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Ended up in Perth, WA, with a job and money to spend on motorbikes. Travelled all around WA and across Borneo on bikes. He has just taken up enduro/ trail/ trial riding to keep fit and enhance skills.


Jonathan Bradshaw, RAC

Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) - The how to guide

Just as you, as a person, require international identification, commonly by way of passport, so does your vehicle. The document used to identify your vehicle is called a Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD) which comes from the French meaning 'notebook'. It is a set of vouchers and Customs simply remove one each time you pass in and out of each country.

A Carnet is essential for the travelling through most African, Asian, Middle East and New Zealand countries. The Carnet is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and saves time at borders, It replaces paying import and export duties.

The RAC is proud to present your guide to the CPD system and are returning for the second HU Perth Travellers Meeting.

Ivan Smoljko.

Ivan Smoljko, Bikes Abroad

Guide to shipping your bike overseas

This presentation will provide in depth information regarding arranging the shipping of your motorbike overseas and will cover crating/export paperwork and formalities to clearance at destination and best mode of shipping available to suit your budget/time frame & marine insurance options

Ivan Smoljko has seen his passion for motorbikes become his professsion. After working 20+ years in the freight forwarding industry he was asked to clear some incoming motorbikes.
Shipping 5 motorbikes soon became 50 within 6 months & Bikes Abroad was established - a shipping company specifically geared up to take care of the growing motorbike shipping market.

Tam and Xander Kabat.

Xander Kabat, Two Up on a Twin

Two-up or Not Two-up and Packing Light: Two-up vs Solo

Two-up Or Not Two-up? That Is The Question...

Xander has been riding since he was 5yrs old and has never stopped for long. He started travelling on his bike as soon as he got his license at 16, travelling North America and Canada. He always travelled solo until he was 25 yrs old, when he met his wife Tam. Since then, they have been travelling two-up through Australia, Europe, Africa, and SE Asia. This is a light-hearted but honest look at the pros and cons of two-up travel. Looking back and looking forward, we will find out if he would ever do it again.

Packing Light: Two-up vs Solo (Xander Kabat and Nathan Hammond)

The debate of what to bring, and how much to carry is as enduring as what is the best bike. It is agreed that the "lighter the better", but what does that mean? What do you need to "live on the road"? Fresh off a 4-week Perth to Darwin trip, taking as many dirt road opportunities as possible, and numerous off-road camping weekends, Nathan is no stranger to taking the bare essentials. But he also believes you don't have to sacrifice everything for the sake of weight saving…

Xander started riding as a small child, and for the last 15 years he and his wife have been touring two-up, including in Australia, Europe, and a 17 month trip from the UK to Australia through Africa and SE Asia.

Xander Kabat packing workshop, Perth 2013.

Xander Kabat packing workshop, Perth 2013

This workshop will have a close look at what an experienced solo traveller packs on his bike. We will then compare and contrast it to what two-up travellers pack on their bike. The differences, or lack thereof, may surprise you. We will show you what and how we pack for the weekender, the short break, and the around-the-world trips. Find out what these two different styles of traveller fit on their bikes, what they feel is necessary, and what is a luxury they won't live without, and how they get it all in their panniers!

Grant Johnson showing tire changing.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Fix that flat! How to change a tyre anytime, anywhere!

Grant's tyre changing seminars are always well attended and appreciated. This seminar covers: how to prevent flats in the first place, and fix them when you get one; the best tools and how to use them for tube and tubeless tires; hands-on practical for beginners to experts, optional tyre changing contest.

Grant Johnson's audience for Tire Changing at HU California meeting.

Grant's tyre changing seminar at HU California meeting.

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

4 Easy Steps to Overland Travel! You can do it - we can help! Finding your way around Horizons Unlimited, other resources. Lots of great pics and video clips.

"Grant and Susan Johnson are icons in the round-the-world (RTW) motorcycling community. The Johnsons host - or more appropriately write, edit, produce, manage and coordinate Horizons Unlimited - a global network of motorcycle travelers... and a bona fide adventure motorcycling phenomenon." Dan Hilton, Rider Magazine

This seminar will be an overview of 'How To' travel overland topics. Includes content from the Achievable Dream series and great pics from HU Photo Contest winners!

Get Inspired on Horizons Unlimited.

Grant Johnson.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Bike mods and ergonomics!

Grant will host a bike 'Show and Tell' - bring your bike and show us your favorite travel mods. Critique and discussion.

When you picked up your new bike, did they take the time to make it fit you? You'll learn the amazing difference a properly setup bike makes to your riding fun.

Ergonomics demonstration at HU Canada West meeting.

Ergonomics demonstration at HU Canada West meeting.

Panel discussions at most HU events include...

Border crossings - How to get through borders with minimal stress and cost!

Packing light - Tips and techniques from experienced travellers to reduce weight and bulk.

Regional discussions - e.g. travelling in South America or Asia.

For Women Only - A must for the ladies, so be sure to plan on being there! A chance to talk to experienced travelling women without the men around!

Experienced Travellers Panel - ask the experts anything you want!

Walk arounds / Show and tell!

Tents and Bedding discussion (in the camping area) - What works, cheap vs dear and which ones keep you dry, warm and comfy!

Bike mods - Show off your best bike mods - homemade saddle bags, toolbox mounts, GPS mounts, seats, side stands, tank panniers, cup holders, etc.

Facilities for a Fantastic Weekend!

The event is taking place at Fairbridge Village, near Pinjarra, 1 hour south of Perth in Western Australia. Fairbridge Village is owned and operated by Fairbridge, a major youth charity in Western Australia. Fairbridge Village is self-contained and surrounded by bushland.

Fairbridge Village bridge into woods.

Facilities on the grounds: Art gallery; Museum; Tennis, basketball and beach volleyball courts; Children's playground (wheelchair accessible); 30m swimming pool (for village guests only); Full sized sporting oval with football, soccer and cricket facilities; Free gas barbecues; Scenic walk trails; Picnic sites; Onsite cafe.

Fairbridge village map - click for larger version.

Presentation Facilities

We have booked the Ruby Fairbridge Centre as our main presentation room and dining room. We have also booked the Lady Kyle room as a second presentation room, so we can run two streams of presentations / workshops concurrently.

Ruby Fairbridge centre at Fairbridge Village, Western Australia.

Ruby Fairbridge Centre

Lady Kyle Meeting Room at Fairbridge Village, Western Australia.

Lady Kyle Meeting Room

Accommodation on site

Camping (Pre-book when you register)

Camping is on the Oval, and there are lots of showers and toilets. Campers will also have the use of kitchen facilities and communal areas of the Lodge (see below).

Weekend (Friday + Saturday night) Camping: $35.00 per tent. (Not included in registration fee).

Scratton Lodge (Pre-book when you register)

For 2014, we have booked the entire Scratton Lodge. This offers a choice of 3 levels of accommodation:

  • Shared rooms - $30 per person per night. Max. 3 persons sharing a room, communal bathroom facilities (boys in one room, girls in another).
  • Private rooms (single bed, communal bathroom facilities) are $140 per person for weekend (cannot be booked for 1 night only). Limited numbers are available, so book early!
  • "Suite" (suitable for family or 2 friendly couples) - 2 rooms with 2 single beds per room, shared bathroom within the suite. $300 for the weekend (cannot be booked for 1 night only). Only one of these is available, first in best dressed!

Scratton Cottage at Fairbridge Village, Western Australia.

Pillows and blankets are supplied. Bring your own sleeping bag, pillowcase and towel.

The Lodge is equipped with oven and gas hotplate, fridge, kettle, cutlery and crockery. There are also several communal areas and verandahs.

For those who were at Yanchep, Xander has personally checked the facilities and they are in very good condition!

Food (Pre-book when you register)

We have arranged to have fully catered dinners for Friday ($25) and Saturday ($25) nights, so you don't have to wander around finding food! Quantities will be limited, and we must give the caterers final numbers 14 days before the event, so don't wait to book!

There will also be breakfasts and lunches available, catered by local community groups, pay on the day.

There is a cafe on site for fast food - meat pies, cold drinks, etc.


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