5 Five-Star Tours And Activities To Experience The Bioluminescent Bays In Puerto Rico

Are you planning a trip or a move to Puerto Rico? How exciting! Before you go, you will want to know about some of the most exciting and unique things about the island. Today, we are going to talk about the three bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico. First, we will introduce Puerto Rico and explain the term “bioluminescent”. Then, we will list five excellent experiences with these amazing bays. 

If you want to move to Puerto Rico, you can make a successful life there by working on your leadership capabilities and honing your skills. We will discuss the culture and cuisine in Puerto Rico so you can decide if this is the place for you. Let’s dive in!


Introducing Puerto Rico

As its name suggests, Puerto Rico is rich in natural wonders and gorgeous sites. This stunning place is an unincorporated territory of the United States and it is primarily Spanish-speaking. It is a main island surrounded by smaller islands belonging to the same territory. The most populated city in Puerto Rico is its capital, San Juan. Puerto Rico is located between the Dominican Republic and the US Virgin Islands.

The housing market in Puerto Rico is pretty exciting. From oceanfront luxury condos to suburban houses in the countryside, the options are all stunning. Buying a home in Puerto Rico is like having a gorgeous summer home in a tropical place but without all of the faff of foreign currencies and confusing paperwork. This is due to its status as an unincorporated US territory.

The public education system in Puerto Rico is very similar to that of the US. There are around 1500 public schools and 800 private schools in total. Manufacturing and services are the two main drivers of the Puerto Rican economy. The main job opportunities for people moving to Puerto Rico are in the financial services, tourism, healthcare, education, real estate, and retail trade.

The main island of Puerto Rico is mainly mountainous and it has large coastal areas on the north and south. There are also 17 lakes in Puerto Rico, all man-made, and over 50 rivers. The climate is characterized as a tropical rainforest. It is warm and hot all year round and the rainy season is from April to November.

The biodiversity in Puerto Rico is one of the reasons why people love to visit this tropical destination. There are several endemic species in Puerto Rico, meaning they exist only there. These include 239 plants, 16 birds, and 39 amphibians. The three bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico are a main tourist attraction.

Bioluminescence in Puerto Rico

So, now that you are well acquainted with this Caribbean island territory, let’s get down to business and discuss one of Puerto Rico’s most popular attractions: the bioluminescent marine life. The term “bioluminescence” refers to the chemical reaction that takes place within a living organism that produces light.

The light that is produced in a bioluminescent organism is a “cold” light, less than a fifth of the light produces thermal radiation, which is heat. Bioluminescent organisms are usually fish, jellyfish, or bacteria. When you visit the bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico and touch these incredible organisms, with your hand or a kayak paddle, they glow. This is striking in the dark and well worth a trip to one of the three bio bays.

That being said, you will want to know how to experience this incredible natural phenomenon while you are in Puerto Rico. Here are five awesome tours and experiences for seeing the Puerto Rican bio bays.

5 Five-Star Bioluminescence Tours and Experiences


1. Kayaking in the Mangroves of Laguna Grande

Located to the east of San Juan in a town called Fajardo, the Laguna Grande is one of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. If you visit this spot, you will have the opportunity to kayak through the mangroves and experience the bioluminescence of the organisms within the water. 

This bio bay tour in Fajardo is known by all to be fantastic. The bioluminescent marine life can be seen there all year around after nightfall. As you explore the mangrove channels, surrounded by protected fauna, you can learn about the biodiversity of the area and its significance for the planet as a whole. What’s more, you will learn about the constellations of the night sky. This is a magical experience that brings you close to nature. 

The best times to visit Laguna Grande are outside of the rainy season, as this is when it might be overcast, meaning visibility will be poor. On the other hand, during peak tourism times, in the dryer seasons, you might find that the Laguna gets a little crowded. So, at least if you visit in the rainy season, it may be more isolated and tranquil. That being said, it is still a breathtaking experience to visit Laguna Grande at any time of the year.

2. Spend the Night at Mosquito Bay

Located in Vieques, Mosquito Bay is the brightest of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. That is because of the sheer volume of the bioluminescent organisms in the water. In fact, there are more than 700,000 bioluminescent dinoflagellates in each gallon of water at Mosquito Bay. This is the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world.

Mosquito Bay is accessed by kayak or electric catamaran. You have to stay the night on Vieques island if you want to see this incredible site at night, as you cannot get back to the mainland so late. This becomes part of the incredible experience. Tire yourself out kayaking and then settle in for the night on this beautiful and off-grid little island.

Note that Mosquito Bay is not named for the nasty biting insects, but rather it is named after a pirate’s ship. El Mosquito was the boat owned by Roberto Cofresí, who used to hide his vessel in Mosquito Bay.

3. Mosquito Bay Catamaran

If you prefer not to kayak, you can always try out the electric catamaran at Mosquito Bay. Meet your tour group at Malecon La Esperanza in Vieques and enjoy a cruise on the luminescent waters with support from the catamaran crew and tour guide. The catamaran is comfortable and, unlike with kayaking, you do not need to do any of the hard work!

This tour is for people who like to travel in style and comfort. You can also enjoy air-conditioned transport from Esperanza to the bay and back. 

4. Glass Bottomed Boats in La Parguera

Located in Lajas, La Parguera is the third and final bio bay in Puerto Rico. Here, you can jump aboard a glass-bottomed catamaran and cruise along the water. Many boat tours here also permit swimming. While you take the 20-minute boat trip to the bay, you can stargaze on a clear night or watch as the gorgeous beach houses along the shore float by.

Then, on arrival at the bay, your tour guide will explain the science briefly of the dinoflagellates, or the bioluminescent organisms. You will be able to watch them under the boat from the glass-bottomed viewing points. The whole tour lasts around 50 minutes.

5. Swimming at La Parguera

Finally, make sure you have the incredible experience of swimming in a bio bay if you choose the La Parguera option. This is the only bio bay where swimming is permitted. You can rent snorkel gear or just dip in and see the water around you light up as you touch it. This truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

It is strongly recommended that you bring water shoes, comfy clothes and a change of clothes if you intend to swim. What’s more, try not to wear lotions or sunscreen that can pollute the water. Pack an underwater camera if you have one and make sure to take lots of great photos that you can share with your friends and family when you get home. It is hard to explain an experience like this, so you will want photographic evidence!

Now that you know all about the bio-bays of Puerto Rico, you will be ready to hop on a plane and visit or move to this stunning Caribbean paradise.


Want to Move to Puerto Rico?

If you want to move to Puerto Rico to live and work, you absolutely can! The first thing you will need to look at is the housing market. From $70k investment opportunities to multi-million dollar properties, there are a lot of chances in Puerto Rico to get on the housing ladder. The average home goes for $150k. However, in San Juan, the median house price is $420k.

It can take between 60 and 90 days to close on a property deal, so make sure to factor in the time to sort out this transaction before you move. Investing in Puerto Rico real estate as a long-term investment is a very desirable thing to do. You can live in the property for years and very likely sell at a huge profit or turn a profit over time by renting out the home in the current booming rental market. This is a lucrative area not only on the coast but also in the mountains.

It might seem like too big and scary of a decision to start again in Puerto Rico, but this is all dependent on your mindset. To be a success in Puerto Rico, you just need to go in with confidence and work on yourself as a leader and a driver of change. Leadership and business expert Kurt Uhlir says that the main motivator to be a better leader is that you will increase productivity. And as you know, increased productivity leads to increased profits.

To be the most successful you can be in your new life and job, try to identify and hone your skills so you can shine in a specialized area. Go to Puerto Rico with a skill set that is in demand and highlight your strengths and experience.

Puerto Rican Culture

While you are in Puerto Rico, you will want to enjoy the culture and get to know some local customs, traditions, history, and arts. You can visit the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico to learn a bit about the local art or head over to the Caguana Ceremonial Indigenous Heritage Center for some pre-Columbian history.

This gorgeous unincorporated US territory has a rich, complex, and diverse ethnic heritage. You will discover traditions, customs, and influences that are Spanish, African, and Taíno (the native people of the Caribbean).

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and the culture reflects that. The Bomba dance and music are great visual and auditory representations of the vibrant Puerto Rican style and culture. You can also enjoy the Salsa and Merengue performances or classes while on the island.

Visit the El Yunque National Forest to learn about and celebrate the natural diversity and beauty of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Cuisine

Finally, while in Puerto Rico, you simply must enjoy the local cuisine. Some of the key ingredients that make up traditional Puerto Rican dishes include plantains, rice, beans, green bananas, yuca, and squash. Moreover, most meals will be based around chicken, some other meat or shellfish, and cheese. Sauces will be made from onions, garlic, cilantro, peppers, and tomatoes.

Rice pudding, flan, and coconut pudding are popular desserts in Puerto Rico, inspired by their Spanish heritage. As for drinks, piña coladas and mojitos are common.


As you can see, Puerto Rico is an island rich with biodiversity, culture, and opportunities to work and live a great life. The climate and housing market make it a great choice if you are looking for a change of scenery. When in Puerto Rico, you will want to visit the bioluminescent bays in Fajardo, Vieques, and Lajas. These bays are generally accessed by kayak and provide a fantastic experience to get up close and personal with the incredible bioluminescent marine life within the waters.

If you decide to move to Puerto Rico, remember that the best way to succeed in a new life is to work on your leadership and hone your skills. Then, you can start to enjoy the vibrant Puerto Rican culture and delicious local cuisine. Have a great time on this lush Caribbean island!



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