HU Travellers Meeting Queensland 2013


Horizons Unlimited 10th Australia Travellers Meeting

Thursday Sep 26 - Sunday Sep 29, 2013 - Dayboro, Queensland


It's All About Overland Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned veteran with wisdom to share or a complete novice hungry for ideas and guidance, it doesn't matter if you ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, or drive an expedition vehicle...

Horizons Unlimited meetings are for everyone who dreams of adventure along the road less travelled.

Horizons Unlimited Queensland Event Schedule

The event is taking place from Thursday, Sep 26 to Sunday, Sep 29, 2013.

The Registration Tent will open for check-ins at 1 pm on Thursday, Sep 26, with the first presentations beginning at 6 pm. Last presentations will be Saturday night.

There will be slide shows and tech clinics on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, and all day Friday and Saturday. Come early and make it a great weekend! We recommend riding on Thursday and Sunday, and participating in the presentations and clinics in the evenings and Friday and Saturday.

As well as hearing inspiring stories of overlanding adventure from around the world, you'll get the low-down on preparing for your journey, navigation, first-aid, photography, filming and a host of other essential topics. Whatever your past experience or future plans may be, there's something for everyone.

Sunday morning - after breakfast, no presentations are scheduled but possibly a ride-out if weather permits.

More detailed schedule will be posted at the event.

Presenters at HU Queensland 2013 include...


Heike and Filippo Fania.

Heike and Filippo Fania, Germany, 2 Live the Dream

From Europe to the Himalaya

With two motorcycles from Europe to the Himalaya in N-India - deserts, mosques, machine guns, trains, people, and stunning landscapes.

Heike and Filippo Fania.

We are two, Heike & Filippo, and we live our dream. We travel around the world on our motorcycles since May 2012. We want to see the world, and explore the different countries and cultures.

Heike and Filippo Fania.

Monica Joseph.

Monica Joseph, Keep Moving

Tokyo To Cape town By Motorbike

Planning and managing a motorcycle ride from Sydney to Cape Town via Tokyo, Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, Europe, North, West and South Africa.

Monica Joseph is a social worker and modern-day adventure traveller. She has written her first book Keep Moving: Tokyo to Cape Town by Motorbike after a tough and rewarding year on the road on her bike accompanied by her husband Simon. They live on five acres in rural New South Wales.

Monica and Simon Joseph, Samarkand.

Monica and Simon in Samarkand

Their trip covered 50,000 kms and 30 countries. Monica will talk about the highlights of the trip, low points, challenges and favorite countries. Practical aspects such as preparation, packing and visa requirements will be covered, as well as motivational insights - stepping out of one's comfort zone, using good stress and living the dream.

Monica Joseph, crossing Mongolia.

Crossing Mongolia

Colin and Dee Masters.

Colin and Dee Masters, Wrinklies round the world!

UK to Australia - the good, the bad and the memories!

We have travelled to Australia by bike, 1150gs, in 2006. We have also travelled in Russia, Asia, Africa, India & all of Europe. Dee rides pillion everywhere! We did all of this in our 60's.

Colin and Dee Masters.

View from the back - what's that coming!

Peter and Kay Forwood.

Peter and Kay Forwood, 193 Countries on a Harley!

How this motorcycle became the World's Most Traveled Motorcycle!

Peter and friend in Kenya.

Peter and friend in Kenya

Kay Forwood in Gabon.

The other half in Gabon!

Andy Robinson.

Andy N Robinson, Black Frog Publishing

Iran - The Hidden Gem

Iran - The Hidden Gem

A closer look inside one of the most mysterious countries in the world. I will introduce Iran before taking people on whirlwind tour of the country, explaining a few things most people are unaware of, debunking a few myths and showing a unique side to a wonderful country.

Andy Robinson.

Overlanding in Groups and Publishing

Overlanding on tour trucks, the benefits and life after overlanding. Explaining briefly how overland works on tour, the huge benefits of being in a group, how it changed my life and what is next (how our company Black Frog Publishing) works.

Andy is a veteran overlander with more than 10 years on the road across Asia, the Middle East and extensively through Latin America. With groups, film crews and independently he loves the road. Now writing about overlanding for Black Frog Pubishing, he will soon be emigrating to QLD with his partner... and former tour leader.

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

How it all began. The story of Grant and Susan's 11-year trip around the world, without a plan or a clue!

Way back in 1987, before the Internet, two young and naive Canadians set out from Vancouver to ride around the world on a motorcycle. The plan (and budget) was for 3 years, but it didn't quite work out that way!

Grant steers around a road hazard - aftermath of flooding on the Pan American Highway!

Linda Bootherstone-Bick.

Linda Bootherstone-Bick, RTW Solo Traveller

Even a Grey Haired Old Lady can do it! Spain to Australia experiencing an earthquake, bike confiscation and a 60th birthday - all part of the fun and material for a song or two!

During 50 years of motorcycling Linda Bootherstone-Bick has travelled the world, solo. In the 60s - Great Britain and Europe, USSR; the 70s Australia and Africa; in the 80s America and in the 90s, eastern Europe, Ukraine and North Africa. During her 60th year she rode from Spain to Australia - and she's still going!

Linda Bick with kids at orphanage in Nepal.

Paul & Jan Dwyer

Paul & Jan Dwyer - Globetrekkers

Africa - How to argue from Nairobi to Cape Town!

Paul and Kan Dwyer in Africa.

Michael Alberg.

Michael and Ann Ahlberg

Europe 80 days on a '97 Harley Springer

Presentation video and music covers 22 countries. 28,000 k. UK, Paris, Barcelona, Sicily, Prague, Berlin, Arctic Zone, Norway, Copenhagen, Brussels, London, Dublin, Scotland.

Michael and Ann Alberg.

Michael Ahlberg and his wife Ann, known only as Royal in all clubs, just turned 60 (2013), ridden MC since 1969, last 16 years on Harley Heritage Softail Springer -97 and Unigo 1-wheel trailer. With this Harley, toured most of Australia (210,000 k), all of New Zealand (9000 k) and 22 countries in Europe.

Richard Winter

Richard Winter - Travelling Strom

Europe to Oz Overland via China. What happens when the whole reason for your trip goes up in smoke, but you have already left and are on the road!

Richard Winter and bike heading to Colombia.

Educational Sessions

Since HU meetings are about informing, not just inspiring, we've got a great lineup of interactive workshops for you!

Mike and Denise Ferris.

Mike Ferris, Ferris Wheels

Tricks of the Trade - Useful, practical tips on how to: buy beer in a dry town, steal an Embassy car, and get your bribe back from the border police.

Mike Ferris is Australia's original pioneer of commercial motorcycle tours. He bought his first bike (an Enfield!) in Kathmandu at the age of 37 and chanced upon the highest road in the world with a pair of socks on his hands. Twenty years later he's done that same road 50+ times and taken 1,000 riders with him.

Mike Ferris in Khardungla.

Man at work.

Sarah Taylor.

Sarah Taylor

Emergency First Aid - Revision of first aid principles in the trauma setting, inc helmet removal techniques.

Emergency First Aid is aimed at people who have a background in first aid but will also be useful for people who don't have a first aid certificate.

"This session will be revision of current resuscitation guidelines and treatment of trauma patients. The session will begin with resuscitation principles then progress to helmet removal techniques. We will discuss the signs and symptoms that are shown with trauma to certain body regions and how first aid can be applied to trauma patients."

This session does not replace a full first aid course.

Sarah Taylor.

Jackson Allan.

Jackson Allan - The Great Gallivant

Film your own adventure on any budget! Put together videos people will want to watch. What I learned from filming and editing over 200 hours of footage (down to 3!) while riding for a year in Europe.

Jackson Allan in Moldova.

Derek Swale.

Derek Swale

Riders Skills! Motorcycle skills on and off the road...

Riders skills for off road riding and on the black top, plus rider safety and awareness, packing and lifting motorcycle after a crash.

Derek Swale.

Derek Swale.

Grant Johnson showing tire changing.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Fix that flat! How to change a tyre anytime, anywhere!

Grant's tyre changing seminars are always well attended and appreciated. This seminar covers: how to prevent flats in the first place, and fix them when you get one; the best tools and how to use them for tube and tubeless tires; hands-on practical for beginners to experts, optional tyre changing contest.

Grant Johnson's audience for Tire Changing at HU California meeting.

Grant's tyre changing seminar at HU California meeting.

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

4 Easy Steps to Overland Travel! You can do it - we can help! Finding your way around Horizons Unlimited, other resources. Lots of great pics and video clips.

"Grant and Susan Johnson are icons in the round-the-world (RTW) motorcycling community. The Johnsons host - or more appropriately write, edit, produce, manage and coordinate Horizons Unlimited - a global network of motorcycle travelers... and a bona fide adventure motorcycling phenomenon." Dan Hilton, Rider Magazine

This seminar will cover - how to navigate the site since the redesign - mega-menus, search, the HUBB. Includes 'How to' content from the Achievable Dream series and great pics from HU Photo Contest winners!

Get Inspired on Horizons Unlimited.

Grant Johnson.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Bike mods and ergonomics!

Grant will host a bike 'Show and Tell' - bring your bike and show us your favorite travel mods. Critique and discussion.

When you picked up your new bike, did they take the time to make it fit you? You'll learn the amazing difference a properly setup bike makes to your riding fun.

Ergonomics demonstration at HU Canada West meeting.

Ergonomics demonstration at HU Canada West meeting.

Panel discussions at most HU events include...

Border crossings - How to get through borders with minimal stress and cost!

Packing light - Tips and techniques from experienced travellers to reduce weight and bulk.

Regional discussions - e.g. travelling in South America or Asia.

For Women Only - A must for the ladies, so be sure to plan on being there! A chance to talk to experienced travelling women without the men around!

Experienced Travellers Panel - ask the experts anything you want!

Walk arounds / Show and tell!

Stove Cook-off - Everyone bring your stove and let's see what works - and what doesn't! The Pros and Cons of stoves, fuels and pots, recipes, pans etc

Tents and Bedding discussion (in the camping area) - What works, cheap vs dear and which ones keep you dry, warm and comfy!

Bike mods - Show off your best bike mods - homemade saddle bags, toolbox mounts, GPS mounts, seats, side stands, tank panniers, cup holders, etc.

Horizons Unlimited Queensland 2013 Ride-outs

Rideouts - will be limited to 10 people per ride per group.

Guy Basile knows all the tiny paths back to front, and will be organizing mud maps with points of interest and food and petrol stops. Sign up to ride on the day.

A dual sport ride through Mount Mee State Forest is planned. More details to follow.

We are looking for volunteers to take a road ride over Mount Mee, Mount Glorious, Brisbane Valley etc.

Ride leaders and sweep riders wanted!

Do-it-yourself Ride information and pass information.

More ride info to come. Send in any you have!

Facilities for a Fantastic Weekend!

The Horizons Unlimited Queensland 2013 travellers meeting will be held at:

Dayboro showgrounds
Memorial Showgrounds
Corner of Don Kerr Memorial Drive and McKenzie Streets,
Dayboro, Queensland

There will be signs along the road as you approach the area to get to the exact spot. Watch for the HU logo!

Layout of venue

Dayboro showgrounds layout


Dayboro Camping

Pay the caretaker direct, we don't handle the camping fees at all. The caretaker's van is parked near the pavilion. Payment is strictly cash and correct money would be appreciated. There is no camping in the area.


  • $12 Powered Site (2 adults) There are many powered sites available in a number of places throughout the grounds. Those wishing to use powered sites need to make sure they have appropriate length power leads. The powered sites between the pavilion and the arena will be put aside for vendors.
  • $10 Non-Powered Site (2 adults)
  • $3 each for additional campers per night
  • No rooms or cabins available onsite

There is a caretaker onsite. The local police are close nearby and will come through a few times across the weekend.


For breakfast and lunch you can cook for yourself or dine at a local restaurant only a few km away.

Saturday Dinner. NOT to be missed! It will give you lots of opportunity to meet fellow travellers, and since you're eating right there on site, you won't miss any of the after-dinner slideshows. You will NOT be able to get it on the day, so order when you register!

Rough numbers needed by four weeks prior and final numbers two weeks prior. Participants may also be needed to help show society staff with serving. Special requirements such as allergies, gluten free, vegan etc must also be advised as early as possible. Additional notes in the comments box please and we'll do what we can.


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Hosted by Grant and Susan Johnson, RTW 1987-1998

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