Mexico 2006: Fourth Annual HU Travellers Meeting

Why Come to a Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Meeting?

You can meet people who don't think you're crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or Africa or across Asia, or even around the world! Admit it, all your 'normal' friends and most of your family fears for your sanity! So, this is your opportunity to meet the people who will encourage you in that craziness, share their experiences and advice on how to do it, and maybe you'll meet them again in Mongolia or Timbuktu!

Creel, Copper Canyon, Mexico, Oct 10-13, 2006

¡El cartel del pdf en español está aquí!

En español aquí ¡Registro en esta página solamente!

Motorcycle Rentals available at Copper Canyon especially for our Travellers Meeting! Details here.

NOTE: NEW location!

As Gerry Elam, USA, said of the Mexico 2003 meeting:

"Thank you Grant and Susan... it was a BLAST! Looking forward to next year already!"

And from Glen Davis,

"Thanks to all involved for a meeting that exceeded all expectations. Well done!"

Comments from the 2004 meeting:

From Mike Torst:

"Grant, I want to thank you, once again, for a great meet! I was in the hands of the pros, and I am still in awe. I remain humbled---thanks again! Oh, and I will CU next year!"

From Jim Donaldson, NC, USA,

"Grant, What can I say. Creel is the perfect place for an HU meet. As my friend Chris Walstow says it's easily accessible from anywhere in North America. It's warm and cool at the same time. The people are friendly and the riding is superb. I look for the meet to grow beyond all expectations as the word spreads. Thanks, Jim D
My pictures and log here."

See you all there!

In case you're wondering why you should go, this is only a small part of the road to Batopilas, photographed from a helicopter.

Photo courtesy The 3 Amigos Canyon Expeditions in Creel, Mexico. Check them out for excellent maps and Copper Canyon information, 4wd rentals etc.

The Plan

The general plan is simple. Show up early, at least by Tuesday, or even better Monday, have a drink, tell some lies, have another drink, eat at a reasonable hour, then slide shows are planned.

2006 speakers:

  • Grant Johnson - I will be there, and will give a 2 1/2 - 3 hour presentation/discussion: " YOU can do it - riding to the next continent, or around the world" probably on Thursday afternoon.
  • Ramey "Coach" Stroud , will give two presentations,
    • Looking for Traction I; Connecting your road experience to less than perfect riding conditions. Includes a discussion of the four basic off-pavement riding positions, and
    • Looking for Traction II; Understanding the difference between Counter-Balancing and Counter-Steering. Includes a discussion of both flat and pitched surfaces. Coach is an off-road racing champion, and will give a preview of his new book on dual-sport riding to be published by Whitehorse Press.
  • Bill Shockley, "Staying Healthy, Safe and Happy on the Pan American Highway" Bill's a registered nurse, and will talk about health on the road, first aid kits, medical insurance, as well as a talk on the Pan Am Highway itself.
  • How about you? Let us know if you have something to show! Volunteers wanted! It's easy and fun, we'll even help you out.

Tech Sessions 2006:

  • Grant Johnson, Photo Composition for Travellers - the one everyone SHOULD take, but no one does...
    • I've had a request to make this a 4 or so hour seminar - are you interested? For a reasonable fee of around $40.
  • Grant Johnson, Tire changing and flat prevention, bring your tire irons and kits and a tire or two to change!
  • Gerardo Ibarra, Mexico, Navigation, GPS101 and map and compass
  • Jim Hyde, Rawhyde Adventure Camp, off-road riding tips
  • Q & A - how to do it - panel discussion
  • Stoves - a big question everyone asks is "What's the best one?" Well bring yours and we'll do a comparison - and find out!
  • How about you? Let us know if you have something to show! Volunteers wanted!

Tourist and travel information:

  • Rosen's Rides, Motorcycle Rentals and Tours in Copper Canyon and Mexico is HOPING to be there! If you want to rent a bike let me know and we'll work on it!
  • See Tres Amigos on the main street in town for routes and maps, and 4wd rentals too.

There will be slide shows/videos Tuesday through Thursday nights , so come early and make it a great week!

PAved road riding is terrific.

Paved road riding is terrific. It's like this everywhere! You don't need a dirt bike to have a great time.

Leaving on a big trip in 2006?

Plan on leaving from the Meeting! We'll make it a great send-off! Or coming home around the time of the Meeting? What a great place to arrive at!

Jeremiah St. Ours and Allan Karl left from the 2005 Meeting for a trip to Central and South America.

Motorcycle Rentals - want to ride a street bike down? Rent a dual sport bike!


A number of guided rides are currently planned: Hot or Mild Off Road, meaning one will be longer and more technically demanding, while the other will be shorter and not as hard.... "al gusto." Or a magnificent road ride... "pura carretera" (All rides will be guided by qualified local riders)

All guided rides will provide opportunities for other activities like "burro" trekking down the canyons, photo journalism, visits to some of the most amazing locations in the area, cultural experiences and a close up taste of the vast richness of the land, it's food, it's colours and it's people.

That's pretty much the extent of the planned activities, unless anyone has any brilliant ideas. Mostly we just want to let people meet other travellers, share stories, and for those people actively planning a trip, get some practical how-to tips.

Motorcycle Rentals

Oscar Calderon of Mexico Motorcycle Adventures

...has arranged to have at least two, hopefully three BMW F650GS's available for rental during the Meeting, exclusively for our use. So if you want to ride your street bike down, and have a great dual-purpose bike available to ride the amazing Canyon, here's your chance!

Oscar says: "We can make arrangements to have the bikes on site as early as 15 days before the HU event and as long as needed after the event.

Bikes come with vehicle damage, theft and third party damage insurance.

One bike has tank bag and top case, another has tank bag and side cases. All removable of course.

1-4 days: 150 usd per day
4-8 days: 100 usd per day
8+ days: 80 usd per day

The insurance deposit we use to apply is 500 usd, 100% refundable upon return of undamaged bike."

You MUST pre-book! Contact here.

Andy Vaughan, Seattle, WA, said...

"I arrived at Creel on a 600 pound street bike (R1100RT), but fortunately, I was able to rent a dual-sport bike, an F650GS, from Oscar Calderon of Mexico City. Having the F650GS enabled me to take Jim Hyde's off-road course and then the next day ride 100 kilometers on a dirt road to the Basaseachi waterfall. Oscar is a very polite and helpful guy and provides a friendly, no-hassle service. In addition to renting me the bike, Oscar also procured a replacement valve cover for my RT, which had been cracked in a fall. I highly recommend Oscar's rental service. Having that dual-sport bike really made a difference. Without it I wouldn't have discovered the fun of off-road riding."

I (Grant) had the use of one of Oscar's bikes myself for a day after the event in 05 and was impressed. Nearly new and in perfect order. So take advantage of the opportunity!

Riding near Creel.

A quick snap on a ride I took in 2005 on Oscar's bike, 20 minutes from Creel. The riding is awesome!

Justin from Rosen's Rides:

... HOPES to have a KLR 650 and a KLR 250 with him at the event.� He will only rent them to those wishing to follow him on� a ride, hire him to guide, or those wanting to ride to his lodge. Contact Justin at the meeting for details, or let me know you want a bike.

You can help!

If you have a few minutes, please download the poster (Adobe pdf format) and print off a few and hand them round your club or your local bike shop or anywhere seems like a good place.

(You may need to right click and choose "save target as...")

2006 Poster in pdf format (884kb) full colour, in English.

Thanks for the help!

The Meeting Location for 2006

Creel, Copper Canyon, Mexico

We have a NEW location! Still in Creel, a little more off the road, and a very funky place it is - we think you'll love it!

Pueblo Viejo - there will be signs on the main road through town leading you there, just keep your eyes open.

Photos below taken by Grant on visit after the 2005 meeting.

This is one funky place! Not your usual resort, hotel or motel anywhere, every separate cabin is completely different. Even the older row cabins are in several different styles, and the dining room and bar are amazing. LOTS of goodies, artifacts and memorabilia to browse through. And we have it all to ourselves Tuesday through Friday! :)

Cabins at Pueblo Viejo.

Just a few of the varied cabin designs at Pueblo Viejo (2005)

In one of the rooms.

One of the rooms.

One of the cabin kitchens at Pueblo Viejo.

One of the cabin kitchens at Pueblo Viejo.

Porch of one of the multitude of designs used for the cabins.

Porch of one of the multitude of designs used for the cabins.


Courtyard, cabins behind.

Coutyard and cabins

Courtyard, cabins around.

Interesting cabins at night.

Interesting cabins at night.

Row rooms.

The old row of rooms. Every one different!

Dining area and Presentation room.

Bar area, a separate room from the presentation area.

Dining and Presentation area.

Presentation and dining room. This is less than half of it!

Turn Left here!

Turn left here! (This is the SECOND left turn, off "Main Street," not off the highway)

Front entrance - this is how you'll know you're there!

Front entrance - you'll know you're there when you see this!

There will be signs on the main road through town leading you there, just keep your eyes open and you should have no trouble. As you arrive in Creel from the north, take the first diversion to the left through town - don't go up the big hill and over the bridge. If you hit the bridge, go back over the hill, and turn at the bottom of the hill.

Pueblo Viejo is to the left of town coming from the north, about 1/2 kilometer or more off the "Main Street" (NOT the Highway!) through town, on a road newly paved to within 100 meters of Pueblo Viejo, right up against the hills, as you can see in the picture above. With any luck we'll have GPS co-ordinates eventually, but you won't need them.

Camping and Cabins

You can book anytime now! ALL ENGLISH bookings are with me, ask using the Registration Form Comments field above, or the "Contact Horizons" link at the very bottom of every page. All SPANISH bookings with Arturo Macias in Chihuahua Mexico.


Camping, per person per night $5.50 pay on the day, no reservations required but appreciated. NICE camping area on grass this time!

Cabin bed, per person per night $21.00

Cabins sleep from 2-6, and a few, more. If you want a whole cabin, book early and get one the right size. Otherwise all prices are based on shared accommodation.

Contact details for Cabanas Pueblo Viejo

To book, add the number of rooms etc you'd like to reserve into the Comments field on the Registration form, and add the prices as above when you make your payment. When I get time I'll make a much nicer system, but for now, that's it! :)

Please book rooms or camping.

Getting to Creel:

Some travellers will be meeting on the USA side of the border and riding down in a group. Check the HUBB, Meetings, North America Forum to see who's going.

Excellent tips and info on everything you need to know about crossing the border into Mexico here, including a big dose of practical information from our Mexico Meeting lead organiser, Gerardo Ibarra.

Note - plan on being at the campground/restaurant for dinner by 6pm at latest! Lots happening in the evening.

La sierra, Copper Canyon

La sierra, Copper Canyon, photo by the Ibarra brothers

Routes to Ride to the Meeting.

Routes to ride, on and off-road. Send in more if you know another good route!


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