Argentina 2005: Third Annual HU Travellers Meeting

Why Come to a Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers Meeting?

You can meet people who don't think you're crazy for wanting to ride your bike to South America or Africa or across Asia, or even around the world! Admit it, all your 'normal' friends and most of your family fears for your sanity! So, this is your opportunity to meet the people who will encourage you in that craziness, share their experiences and advice on how to do it, and maybe you'll meet them again in Mongolia or Timbuktu!

Viedma, Argentina, December 16-18, 2005

Location for 2005 was in La Boca, the "Los Trentinos" campground as in 2003.

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The Meeting Report

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Other Accommodation
Information about the area

The Meeting Report

Just in from Oscar Knecht, Meeting Organiser:

"Our meeting was great fun. People from Argentina, Holland, USA, Great Britain, Australia� and Mexico showed up to share stories, mates and asados.

The travellers

The La Boca campground was in great shape and we were the only guests, so it was all about bikes there.

During the three days we had a sample of every kind of Patagonic weather, from blazing sun to stormy winds and some rain.

Our activities were also varied: from some Mexican food at the campground, to a great sheep asado at Julián San Martín's estancia, where our host fed, wined and entertained us in great style... Patagonian style that is, we drank from a "bota" and ate with our bare hands. He also gave each rider a sheepskin to alleviate some of our rear end's travel aches.

It was a good experience for all of us here in Viedma, specially for my key assistants my wife Nancy and my daughters Camilia and Floppy. The latter rode her scooter on a highway for the first time, thus becoming a member of the motoquero family.

The travellers were:

Karl Heinz Pfarr, XR650L
Sandra y Javier Kaper (3rd time), SR250, XRV 750
Sergio from la Flórida, XL600R
Luis Carro
Nik Boseley, GS1200
Cynthia Milton, R80G/S
Andy Berwick, GS100 sidecar
Martin Williams, GS1150
Allan Brown, GS1150
Fritz and Bev Davies, R100GS
Bob and Joan Avery, GS1150
Balam (Juan Carlos) Ibarra, Mexico, KLR 650
Mark Deeley, KLR 650
Maya Vermeer, copilot

and ex riders: John and Annette Green who are owners of a winery hacienda in San Rafael MENDOZA now! They will buy Marcus' KLR650.

I'd like to thank all of them for coming over. Also a big thanks to my family, Julián San Martín, Balam (for the Mexican cuisine), Fabián for his driving, Luis Carro for letting us use his pick up truck, Busta for lending us his house at La Boca and all others involved in the event.
We are already looking forward to next year's meeting. I think the dates will be approximately the same.
Warm regards
Oscar Knecht, Argentina Meeting Organiser"

Thanks for putting on the meeting Oscar, and especially thanks to your helpers! I hope you all had a great time - all reports I've received said it was fantastic!

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Report by Karl Heinz Pfarr, Argentina

I am Argentinean born with German parents. I spent a few years in Germany riding almost all countries. I came back to my land roots to keep riding this huge and lovely country.

We arrived Thursday at the meeting after about 14 hours riding! Our ride begun at 6 in the morning and the trip was 1027 km. We had sun, rain, heat and cold.

The meeting was fantastic, very humble and well organized. The camping had all accommodations clean, electricity, hot water all the time. Shade too! We all rented a Bungalow for the days we were there. So a nice kitchen in a safe environment was guaranteed. We had our talking sessions there in the cold nights. We had panqueks (onions with cheese, Salami with cheese, and bananas!)

We had the chance to visit Viedma, have a great ice cream and coffee. On Sunday we where invited to a Estancia "Aurora chica" and eat Patagonic Lamb! With red wine!

Oscar Knecht´s family assisted us in all we needed. Even got help for Balam (a Mexican biker) who was very sick. He had an kidney inflammation due to renal stones. He visited a doctor and the owner of the Estancia, Mr Julian gave an apartment for his recovery in the city!

I can compare the quality of this meeting with Tesch or any other I have assisted. When I say humble, that is the essence of the travellers! All great human characters! I enjoyed every hour of it!


Ride out to Loberia

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Photos by Karl Pfarr

Balam, Nick and Karl

Cynthia in the morning

Fritz and Bev

At Loberia

At Loberia

Mark, Nick, Maya


Nick doing the dirty work - cleaning up!

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Photos by Karl Pfarr


Balam, feeling sick

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Photos by Karl Pfarr

Sidecar rig of Andrew and Maya


Oscar's daughter floppy on her FIRST trip!

Asado, beer and wine



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Photos by Oscar and crew

Morning Mate

Sergio, the beggar...

Happy couple, Andrew and Maya, on GS rig

Julián gave a sheep skin to each traveller!

Thanks for the gifts Julián - very generous and I'm sure much appreciated by all!

Look like fun?

If so, plan on getting to the 2006 Meeting - or any of the other 2006 Meetings planned!

Details here

Near Viedma, Argentina

GPS co-ordinates: 41º 03.167' W 62º 49.805' - this is for Los Trentinos

Note that your map may say "Balneario Massini" for those coordinates. Whatever, it's at the mouth of the Rio Negro.

Click for a larger more detailed picture

Click the map for a more detailed map. Note smiley faces are HU Communities!

Detail map - so far - of the location of the campground at Balneario Massini.

Weather information

For Yahoo/ forecast click here...

Getting There - GPS, Maps

40° 49' South 62° 59' West.

Viedma is right on the main highway heading south from Buenos Aires. Hard to miss! You shouldn't have a problem finding the campsite once you get there, just ask for the "campground by the river". Phone Oscar for information if you have trouble. 02920-424096.

Other Accommodation Possibilities

There are hotels in town, shouldn't be a problem.

Any suggestions anyone?

Information about the area

See the Viedma Community page.


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