Kevin Lemes, Willi Motos, Uruguay


hi kevin, i am now in ushuaia and would like to store my bike at your place if possible for 14 month. how much is it? my e-mail

Hi All,  

I have stored my bike with Kevin off and on for years.  He is reliable and precise.  If he says he will do something you can rely on him.  He askes that you pay for storage in advance which bothered me a first.  But now that he has proven his reliability to me me I don't mind at all.  Just remember that there is a one-year storage limit for foreign bikes in Uruguay. 

Ramey 'Coach' Stroud

Can anyone assist me in contacting Kevin.
I have sent Facebook message and email but no replies.
Is he still in business?

Hi, Ive sent you an email to the address you have show in Horizons.

Could you share the Contact with me too please!

I am looking for the possibility to buy a bike in uruguay or to rent one to travel to Argentina and Chile.

Thank you,


Just click the email link in the post about the shop! You'll get a recaptcha to solve and you're good to go.

We ALWAYS "hide" the email address so it can't be collected by spam bots - NEVER post your email on the web unless as you can see here in this thread it is automatically protected.


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