• 6th Edition, April 1, 2000

    "Some notes about riding a motorcycle in Southern India:
    * You will get a sore arse, no matter what kind of seat you have or what kind of arse you have.
    * One goat from every herd will try to throw itself under your front tyre.
    * If the truck in front of you starts to pull over it is NOT for you; it means there is a crazed oncoming bus- do not overtake at this point.
    * Jesus may be the last thing you see as his beatific face is painted on the front of a TATA bearing down on you at 80."


    Nikki Gaudion and Luke Timmermans, Australia, in India

  • 5th Edition, March 1, 2000

    "...I'm in Botswana, near Maun, it's dry (quel surprise!), hot and I'm 15 metres off the ground in the cleft of 2 branches of a centuries old baobab tree at Baine's Baobabs in Nxai Pans Park. The beers are being cooled by the wet cotton sock over the can in a bucket of cold water technique (thanks Curly!) and 5 oryx gallop gracefully across the steamy water and high cirrus clouds cast intricate shadows towards the distant horizon. Why am I here? I could be in Blighty..."

    Chris Bright, UK, in Botswana

  • 4th Edition, February 4, 2000

    "We tried to organize the first motorcycle travellers meeting in Antarctica, but our poster was ripped by the wind, before the photos could be taken. The cruise through a sea full of icebergs and past huge glaciers with uncountable penguins, seals and Albatrosses was spectacular."

    Werner Zwick, Germany, in Ushuaia

  • 3rd Edition, January 8, 2000

    "Somewhere it is said 'you are never alone in Africa.' I did not know what that meant until I got here and did ablutions in the bush. You can pull over for relief on the side of the road in the desert of Namibia, where the tallest thing is an ant, and about the time you settle into your constitutional exercise you will see that you are not alone. Africa is full of people."

    Greg Frazier, USA, in Namibia

  • 2nd Edition, December 15, 1999

    " to get to Panama. (from Colombia) There is no ferry and no road... I found an unusual alternative: a sailing yacht... From Cartagena we have spend 7 days on a 45 feet yacht. During this week we visited some beautiful Caribbean islands, and some days we had to wait for better weather. The see was rough, especially during the night sails, but we survived. The bike was tied up against the mast. More rusty than ever and suddenly without the horn working. I can drive it now to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska without any sea crossings.

    Peter Theuwissen, Netherlands, in Panama

  • First Edition, December 1, 1999

    "Over the twelve years we've been travelling, we've met a great many people, motorcyclists and non, all of whom have renewed and strengthened our faith in the brotherhood of man. We have found that people are much the same everywhere you go, we all have much the same hopes and dreams, we all enjoy meeting others, and our curiosity about the world is only matched by our interest in the people we meet along the way.

    We hope that this newsletter will help to foster the spirit of community so evident in the motorcyclists we have met, enabling them to keep track of those they have met along the way, and meet new friends."

    Grant and Susan Johnson, Canada, in UK (in 1999)

Important: For more information on what World Nomad's policies cover, read this Prices & Benefits page for residents of various countries.
Grant says: ALWAYS read the policy CAREFULLY to be SURE you are covered on your motorcycle, there are exceptions and variations depending on home country and where you're going and a whole lot of other things. READ THE POLICY!

Newsletter feedback...

"Thanks for the latest newsletter, received in its full glory and excellent as always!" Keith, UK

"Just wanted to extend congratulations on the 100th edition of Horizons Unlimited e-zine. You've certainly played an important role in uniting the global community of adventure travelers and given them all a home away from home. Always an excellent read. Great job." John Campbell, Canadian Biker Magazine

"Another fine issue of the e-zine! I think I was one of the 170 subscribers to that first issue and I've loved every single one since. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration, ever since that BMW MOA National Rally in Missoula in 1998 Audrey and I have been absolutely captivated. Life changing? For sure!" Ekke, Canada



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