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We always remember that our readers come from all over the world, often with very poor connections, or in an internet cafe sharing one modem between twenty computers.

Fast loading and compatibility with all browsers and screen resolution has been a priority. Generally JavaScript is not required, although we do use it where appropriate as an enhancement, especially on forms due to form spamming problems, and cookies are only used on the HUBB because of the registration process to post on the HUBB. See our Privacy Policy for more.

Maybe not the prettiest site in the world, but we like to think it's one of the most universal sites. We test on all the browsers we can, at all resolutions from 640x480 to 1920x1080. Firefox and Internet Explorer are our main browsers, and we highly recommend Firefox over Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 10 and up, and Opera 6 and up give the next best experience. IE 6 is NOT recommended for anything anymore anywhere on the web, and it's a free upgrade, so unless it's mandated by corporate, upgrade! We also test on IE 10, 11 and Edge, Opera latest version, Safari on PC, and Google Chrome latest version.

We test:

We have two Macs for testing, so if you have a Mac and a problem, please let us know the details and OS. We test on the Mac with Safari and Firefox.

We use Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and Textpad on Windows XP, Windows 7 and 10, and a backup server to protect your data.

We also test on Windows phone, Android phone and iPhone.

Website upgrade:

We are currently (2016-18) making MAJOR revisions to the website back end, so sometimes things go wrong and we don't know about it, as the site is so huge and complex.

We are also constantly working to add features and improve usability and performance.

So, if you have a problem:

Please tell us all you can about your environment - browser, operating system, and the exact problem so we can reproduce it and solve the problem.

"It doesn't work" or "the thread about x" is of NO help to us!

What does help, is: you are on page x (exact url please) and you click "this" and it does "that"! Also, you were expecting it to do "something" and it did "that!"

Thanks, Grant,
webmaster of sorts


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