HU Travellers Meeting Western Australia 2017

Horizons Unlimited 5th Western Australia Travellers Meeting -
Fairbridge Village (near Pinjarra), WA

Friday 27 Oct - Sunday 29 Oct, 2017

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It's All About Overland Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned veteran with wisdom to share or a complete novice hungry for ideas and guidance, it doesn't matter if you ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, or drive an expedition vehicle...

Horizons Unlimited meetings are for everyone who dreams of adventure along the road less travelled.

Horizons Unlimited Western Australia Event Schedule

The event is taking place from Friday 27 Oct to Sunday 29 Oct, 2017 at Fairbridge Village. The Village is a nationally heritage-listed town site operated by a major youth charity, and has convenient proximity to Perth.

We are organising an exciting range of inspirational speakers and educational workshops.

Arrive early on the Friday (after 12 pm) and make it a great weekend! There will be presentations and workshops starting Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.

As well as hearing inspiring stories of overlanding adventures from around the world, you'll get the low-down on preparing for your journey, navigation, first-aid, photography, filming and a host of other essential topics. Whatever your past experience or future plans may be, there's something for everyone.

Draft schedule is available here!

PLEASE NOTE: The schedule is subject to change at any time - all the presenters are volunteers and travelling, thus they may be delayed or unable to get there. Some may have anxiety attacks and be unable to perform! ;-) And sometimes travellers show up unexpectedly with great pics and stories, so we try to fit them in! Details of changes to presentation times or other matters of note will be posted at Registration and other locations.

Presenters at HU Western Australia 2017 so far...

Workshops and Tech Sessions below
Azza Zed.

Azza Zed

A Month's Travel: Buying & Selling a Bike in Scandinavia

Weighing up whether to ship your own bike to an overseas destination, or to rent or buy over there? Not sure what gear to take with you & how to pack for a camping adventure? Join Aaron for tips from a recent 2up European adventure, plus experience gained from trips to Cambodia & NZ.

Azza Zed at Arctic Circle.

Anna Mitchell

Anna Mitchell, Fat Chick Goes AWOL

What If Wonderful Happens? / Re-Entry is a Bitch

1. What If Wonderful Happens?

People don't follow their dreams because 'What if Bad Shit Happens?' Well, what if Wonderful happens? One of the big reasons people don't follow their big dreams - whether travel-related or otherwise - is fear of the unknown. When Anna announced her plans to go AWOL, the armchair experts wouldn't stop filling her head with fears of being run over by road trains, eaten by wild pigs or crocodiles, or chopped up by axe murderers. When she got out there, she found that not only did Bad Shit not happen, a whole lot of Wonderful happened instead. And continues to happen fifteen years later. Another big reason is what Anna calls the 'soft chains' of the Comfort Zone.

"The hardest part of living any dream is the ten feet from the sofa to the door," says Anna.

With her aptly named trike 'Chainbreaker', Anna shows us how 'When you decide, all else will follow' - and that until you decide, Life will always get in the way.

Re-Entry is a Bitch

(A.K.A. How I made NOT travelling be just as interesting as travelling.) For six years, Anna see-sawed between going AWOL on her recumbent trike and working in Planet Office as an accounting contractor. AWOL was awesome. The Real World sucked. And the more she went AWOL, the more the Real World sucked. She was on her way to cycle tour New Zealand when she stopped in Melbourne for a few months to extract some more money out of Planet Office. Ten years later, she's still there. "I screwed up, ran out of money, and ended up homeless living on the streets in my van. For the past three years I've been living in a caravan in a paddock with an income below the poverty line, unable to even afford to fly to Sydney let alone to New Zealand. I had to do something to avoid dying of boredom." And do something she did. Something that brought all of the Wonderful elements of being on the road into her daily life - and most of it cost nothing or next-to-nothing. "Travel the world is the only thing I ever wanted to do - ordinary life just couldn't compare. But now every day is an adventure that's just as good if not better than being on the road," says Anna, "And I don't have to go any further than my backyard."

Anna Mitchell.

Anna is the author of the award-winning book 'Fat Chick Goes AWOL: 2,600 Miles in an Armchair on Wheels (with a 600-Mile Detour on Foot)', about her two W.A/N.T. solo cycle tours on a recumbent trike and solo thru-hike of the Bibbulmun Track in W.A – as a 130 kg accountant.

Simon Roy.

Simon Roy

Tantric Travels - Experiences of a solo adventurer

Preparation for solo un-supported trips into remote areas.

Simon is a Tantric practitioner and Adventure rider. He has been travelling outback WA & NT on various single cylinder bikes over the years & almost always rides solo. He's explored parts of the old "bomb road" network of tracks, like the Gunbarrel, Connie Sue & Ann Beadell Highways, southern end of the Canning Stock Route, WA Telegraph Track, GCR, Tanami Track & more.

Simon Roy in Alice Springs.

Vic Hussey

Vic Hussey and Karl O'Callaghan

Mongolia to Russia and Back Again
A recent 15-person tour on 125cc motorcycles from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Irkutsk

Vic and Karl share the video of their recent June 2017 ride from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to Irkutsk, Russia, and return with 12 Perth riders on 125cc motorcycles along the banks of Lake Baikal. They experienced everything from remote camping and seized engines to border crossing delays and the unexpected extreme heat of a Siberian summer. After a short introduction, the video will last for about 30 minutes and is followed by an opportunity for questions.

Karl O'Callaghan and Vic Hussey organise and lead fundraising adventure motorcycle rides in Australia, Mongolia, and Russia. Over the last seven years, they led over 500 riders over 500,000 km from the Mongolia Steppe to the Gibb River Road and across the Nullarbor and back again. Their rides have raised funds to send doctors to Mongolia to treat children with burns and have funded cancer research for children in Australia.

Vic with his bike.

CTA logo

Matt Ackley

The Perfect Tyre
Interactive discussion on an age-old topic

"What tyre should I run on my bike?" Matt covers everything you want to know about figuring out the best tires for your bike and set-up, including the notion that there is "no such thing as the perfect tyre for every situation". Get informed about the benefits of selecting the right tyre for the job and why the most aggressive tyre isn't always the best option; why buying the cheaper tyres isn't always the most cost-effective option; and checking and adjusting pressures to suit the load you're carrying for the conditions you're riding.

Matt is the state manger of Carlisle Tyres and Accessories in Western Australia. Unlike tyres, he's not full of hot air! Get the answers to all your tyre questions.

Moto tyres on gravel

Ivan Smoljko

Ivan Smoljko, Bikes Abroad

Shipping Your Motorbike Overseas
Export preparation & customs clearance at your destination, and return shipping.

Ivan will provide in depth information about arranging the shipping of your motorbike overseas, including crating/export paperwork and formalities for clearance at your destination. He'll cover the best mode of shipping available to suit your budget and time frames, and marine insurance options. Ivan's passion for motorbikes became his profession. After working 20+ years in the freight forwarding industry, he was asked to clear some incoming motorbikes. Shipping five motorbikes soon became 50 within six months, and that's how Bikes Abroad was established - a shipping company specifically geared to take care of the growing motorbike shipping market.

Bikes Abroad crating a bike.

Michael Treloar

Michael Treloar

Writing Up Your Adventure
Joint or Muscle Pain? Help Yourself.

1. Writing Up Your Adventure

You read about others having a good adventure. Most are not professional writers, but they have taken the plunge to share their story, and, most likely, their story is just like yours (they have just taken out the mundane bits and embellished the good bits). Whether you want to write up your adventures for yourself and family or to be published, the same steps need to be taken. Michael covers how to start (you do not want to knock out 300 words each night after setting up the tent, cooking a meal, etc), what to put in and what to leave out; how to proofread your work; what publications want from you and who to contact when it's ready. There are some pitfalls and vanity press establishments ready to rip you off, too. After many years of not writing for a living, Michael got back into writing up his trips as a way to remember them. Now they appear all over the world. It's not that hard - every day, an editor is trying to fill pages.

2. Joint or Muscle Pain? Help Yourself

It could be a night away or the trip of a lifetime, joint or back pain can ruin your plans. We have all had joint pain, now learn how to resolve it (in most cases). Michael (Myopractor) will start with the simple basics regarding the triggers that lead to joint pain. We will look at how your body responds to pain and how it can cascade out of control. If you understand a few simple facts about the function of muscles and joints, there is a pretty good chance you can nip the problem in the bud before if bites you hard!!! Learn the steps to help yourself and others. You do not need to be an expert, you just need to understand a few basic principles and apply them. What treatments are best, which drugs work where in the joint pain process (muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories or pain killers). Skills for life.

Michael Treloar

A country farm boy, African-born and Australian-raised Michael Treloar started his career as a photographer/Jurno. He's worked in Australia, Africa and Europe. Michael changed career to escape the dull weather and "all work, no play" expectations of his position as a picture editor for Reuters in Fleet street Michael changed career. Several decades as a health professional enables him to pass on some vital information to those who suffer aches and pains while out there. No one on their death bed said, "I wish I spent more time at the office."

Steve Fraser

Steve Fraser

Capture the Journey

Whether you are a serious photographer or just starting out, Steve will share some tips and ideas on how to make sure you capture great images on your next ride. He is just back from a round the world adventure, so come and learn how he captured the adventure. Get some ideas on how to light can be your best friend, as well as getting some great advice on what gear works best when travelling on an adventure bike. Steve will be sharing some of his latest award-winning images in this session, so in addition to lots of great ideas, you might get a little inspiration for your next adventure.

Steve Fraser is an internationally renowned photographer and adventurer recently described by Australian Geographic as "A master of light and composition who is one of the Australia's foremost photographers". Steve has a spirit of adventure and the desire to share some of the world's incredible locations with others.

Steve's riving crossing.

Jenny and Will Colquhoun

Jenny and Will Colquhoun

56 Days of Curry, Kingfisher, and Indian Adventure

Will and Jenny are new to motorbike touring and new to India. They rode Royal Enfields 5,000 km through eight states over eight weeks. From the absolute madness of New Delhi to the European's holiday hotspot of Goa, they travelled the backroads, staying off the tourist routes, to see the real India. It was mostly unplanned and unassisted. Fifty-six days of curry and Kingfisher. How did they get the bikes? Where did they stay? How did they survive? Join them to find out.

Jenny Colquhoun roadside with the bikes.

Tony Friday

Tony Friday

Swiss Alps
Mount Pinatubo

1. Swiss Alps

The Swiss/Italian Alps are often considered the mecca of motorcycling, with incredible scenery, great infrastructure, and a bike-friendly culture. In August this year, a small group undertook the 11 highest passes in the region over a 10-day tour. The route covered Stelvio, Furka, Gotthard, Nufenen, Grimsel, and a host of other passes associated with extraordinary motorcycle touring. Tony covers the route and the scenery, as well as some of the logistics of getting there and getting around. A full GPX file will be made available for HU attendees who want to experience a part or all of this route themselves.

2. Mount Pinatubo

Bikes submerged in fast flowing rivers, bullock-assisted crossings, areas closed due to military exercises, and a local delicacy of duck foetus. These were just some of the many issues to keep things interesting during last year's Pinatubo expedition. A small group explored the upper valley of the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic range and the Dinadiawan trail within the Aurora National Park. Riding on volcanic lahar and spending lots of time in the water, many of the riders with limited off-road experience found it challenging. Join this presentation to find out how to do it all for under $1,000.

Tony on his bike

Tony has mastered the art of balancing a professional career with a passion for motorcycle adventure. By day, he serves as a government CEO, but once the suit comes off, he's a dedicated motorcycle adventure traveller and adrenalin junkie. He has raced jet boats, surfed a volcano in Nicaragua, barreled down an Olympic bobsled track in Latvia, stayed as the guest of an African king, and visited more than a hundred countries over the past few decades whilst on short-break motorcycle adventures.

Steve Hammond

Steve Hammond

3 Weestroms Chase a Tiger to Karijini
Break Out the Thermals- NZ in Summer!

1. 3 Weestroms Chase a Tiger to Karijini
A pictorial tour from Perth to Karijini National Park via Mount Augustus.

We all dream of that endless adventure ride somewhere overseas, but the reality is the demands of modern life just get in the way, and off goes the plan to the "one day" folder. However, within our state abounds endless scenic opportunities for those shorter adventures. These are places and wide open spaces that many of our overseas colleagues would sell their right arm to see and ride. Join Steve as he recounts how four old boys on three Weestroms and a Tiger took the roads less travelled through to Karijini National Park. Their trip planning, logistics for spares, tools and emergency communication will be discussed to hopefully plant the seed to see this majestic part of Western Australia.

2. Break Out the Thermals - NZ in Summer!
A summer trip report to the very bottom of New Zealand's South Island.

We all pray for perfect weather on that long-awaited motorcycle trip overseas. Only a week before Christmas and Perth is boiling... Wrong!! Half the trip was wet, the whole time chilly, but the traditional warmth of the New Zealanders met along the way made for a fantastic ten days. This was the quick ride to see a few missed locations from previous tours of the South Island. Join Steve for a pictorial tour of the Antarctic end of the South Island, with suggestions on routes and attractions for your expedition to this beautiful country.

Steve Hammond and bike in New Zealand.

Steve claims to be a greying nomad who enjoys motorcycle touring on dirt and sealed roads equally. He has toured all states of Australia and both islands of New Zealand. Never happier than touring, photographing and camping in a different scenic location. Next trip planned is a retirement tour of USA.

Karen & Vince Partridge

Karen & Vince Partridge, 2 Up Adventures

10 Months & 2-Up: London to Bangkok
Two-up perspectives from planning to execution.

A honeymoon with a difference! After 12 months planning and with 12 months leave-without-pay granted from work, newlyweds Karen and Vince shipped their liquid-cooled GS Adventure from Fremantle to London in February 2015 for the start of their ride back to Australia. Battling extreme weather conditions, crazy drivers, rough roads, bureaucratic visa officials, and medical emergencies, Vince & Karen chipped away at their ride of a lifetime a day at a time. Hopefully, this will be primarily video-based on narrated helmet cam footage.

This presentation will focus on key aspects of travelling long-distance two-up for an extended period and facing a variety of challenges with an emphasis on what worked well, what went wrong, and what they would do differently next time around. Did the rider-pillion intercom perform well? Did the daily upload of photos drive Karen crazy? Did the marriage survive the trip?

Karen and Vince on a mountain road.


Andy C.

Catastrophic Mechanical Failure - What Now?
The bike is towable, but help is far away. What now?

Months of planning and gear preparation has been done. Your riding companions have been carefully selected and you're off on your latest adventure. The last thing you have planned for is that your machine will have a catastrophic mechanical failure. What do you do next? An insight into your options, things you probably haven't thought about, and the associated costs from someone who has experienced it recently in Australia.

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Andy's first adventure ride. He's owned a KLR250, XTZ660 Ténéré, XR600, DR650, XTZ660 Ténéré. His new ride is the current Africa Twin. He's had many great rides in Australia.

Acorn ready to ride.

Sam and Stew Newsome

Sam and Stew Newsome, SamnStew

RTW - Finishing what we started in 1989
Some things change and others stay the same – RTW spanning 27 years on the same BMW R100GS

In our presentation we'll take you through the most incredible incidents, captivating people and places, as we finally made our complete lap around the world in 2016 on the very same BMW R100GS on which we began the journey in 1989. We'll talk about some of the amazing differences and challenges we've seen along the way. From a compulsary AIDS test as we stayed in Baghdad in 1990 to a compulsary armed escort as we crossed Pakistan in 2016. Some things change and others stay the same – bureaucracy, paperwork, eligible visas, temporary vehicle imports, shipping and air freight – all as hard, if not harder, than when we started. The bike – the same, US the same (only older), even some equipment and spare parts – the same. But NEW roads, amazing scenery, countries and cultures to explore, new communications and electronics, and so many new faces, sharing and experiencing a vast cross-section of what makes up humanity on our blue planet, as we finally headed home.

Sam Saunders and Stew Newsome began motorbiking together in 1980. Over 37 years, they have worked hard, played hard, moved continent and raised a family, run their own businesses, including a secondhand motorbike shop and property renovation. They began their RTW motorbike adventure in 1989 on a then 'new' BMW R100GS, but only made it to Oz. They finally completed the circuit 27 years later on the same bike.

Sam, Stew and new friends in Iran.

Educational Sessions

...because Horizons Unlimited meetings are about information, not just inspiration!

Ron and Michele Legge.

Ron and Michele Legge

Don't let anyone steal your dream!

There's an adventure hiding inside of you... and there are many ways to make it your own adventure. Don't be intimidated by the experts.

We want to show you don't need all the gear, you don't need a special bike, you don't need to be the perfect rider and you don't need to camp to have an adventure. What you need is a dream and the passion to get out their and live it. We may/can cover: What is an adventure? Planning, Packing Light, Traveling on a budget, Buying a bike overseas, and Different kinds of accommodation to use without camping .

Ron and Michele Legge.

Ron and Michele are not exactly 'typical adventure bikers' aged over 50 and with very little biking experience. Flying to Malaysia and taking trains to England, they then purchased a motorbike and spent 3 years travelling two up. They explored Morocco, Turkey and many parts of Europe and there was no camping involved.

John Lizamore.

Michael Treloar & John Lizamore

Tamaytoe, tohmaaatoh - an equipment comparison

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your camping/adventure gear. For every option there are many strong opinions either way! Join in a discussion with two well-travelled (stylish) gents & get their opinions. Learn from their mistakes by seeing where they went wrong in the past with gear. Hear about what they take now and how the trip affects their decision in gear taken.

Henry Kelsey.

Henry Kelsey, Wilderness Equipment

Gear Care and Repair
Care and repair clothing, sleeping bags and mats, tents, boots and riding gear anywhere

Not sure how to look after your tent or leather riding boots to get the best life out of them? Didn't realize your riding and waterproof gear need to be washed regularly to keep it performing in top condition? Ever broken a tent pole while out on a trip and didn't know how to fix it? Join Henry to learn great tips on caring for modern fabrics and how to get out of sticky situations when you're out and about. Bring your own tips to share!

Born in Western Australia, Henry spent his life outdoors bushwalking, sailing, mountain biking and climbing locally and internationally. These personal experiences, along with his work in the outdoor equipment industry, gave him extensive knowledge in gear care and repair that he would love to share. Having recently taken ownership of a DRZ400, he's also looking forward to learning about Adventure Touring!

Henry Kelsey's gear repair demo

Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper, Bob Cooper Survival

Outback Survival
Your needs to stay alive if stranded in a remote area

Bob will talk about his experiences leading up to becoming one of the leading survival instructors in Australia and overseas. He will be demonstrating what he calls the "trilogy of survival" which consists of mini emergency kit, quality rescue blanket, and first aid kit. Bob will demonstrate the multi uses of the items and the priorities for survival. Knowledge is power!

For over 30 years, Bob honed his survival skills by learning from many traditional cultures. His experiences include living for extended periods with Aboriginal people in our Western Desert, sharing bushcraft abilities with the Bushmen of the Kalahari in Botswana, also with the Lakota Sioux Indians in Dakota, and jungle time with the Orang Asli people in Malaysia.

Bob Cooper in the outback.

Tam and Xander Kabat.

Xander Kabat, Overlander Adventure Equipment

Packing Smarter and Fix that Flat!

Packing Smarter

'Overweight is underprepared' has become an anthem for overlanders. However, the debate of what to bring, and how much to carry is as enduring as what is the best bike. It is agreed that the 'lighter the better', but what does that mean? What do you need to 'live on the road'? We will explore some of the advances in Camping and Motorcycle gear that is designed to be lighter and more comfortable than ever before. Be it a week end, a week or year the advances in gear may make your travels more enjoyable (or at least easier).

Xander Kabat packing workshop, Perth 2013.

Xander Kabat packing workshop

Fix that flat! Tyre changing

In the style of Grant's tyre changing seminar Xander covers: how to prevent flats in the first place, and fix them when you get one; the best tools and how to use them for tube and tubeless tires; hands-on practical for beginners to experts.

Xander has been riding since he was 5 yrs old and has never stopped for long. He started travelling on his bike as soon as he got his license at 16, travelling North America and Canada. He always travelled solo until he was 25 yrs old, when he met his wife Tam. Since then, they have been travelling two-up through Australia, Europe, Africa, and SE Asia.

Karen Partridge

Karen Partridge, 2 Up Adventures

Secret Women's Business
(Women-Only Session)

There will be a short presentation by Karen, followed by a led discussion panel of three experienced overland female world travellers (Karen Partridge, Tam Kabat and Sam Saunders). So here is your unique chance, ladies, to ask people (who have been there and done that) those personal and intimate questions about the feminine issues in extended overland travel that are concerning you, and maybe even holding you back from embarking on your own big trip.

Whilst participants may ask questions or raise topics directly from the floor on the day, a question/topic box will also be available at reception from check-in time on Friday to enable you to anonymously submit your questions or discussion topics in advance. This is to avoid any possible public embarrassment to individuals or reluctance to ask anything delicate. This box will kick off our discussion themes first, so if you want to be sure you get to ask your question, drop it in the box anytime before the session.

The panel wants you to get as much out of this session as possible and for it to be as directly useful to you as you want to make it. So ask away, absolutely anything you want to know is on the table in a safe and secure environment - any one among this highly experienced panel will surely have the answer for you.

Karen and Vince on a mountain road.

As a dedicated pillion, Karen has her own unique perspective on adventure riding. From sidecar adventures in WA's goldfields region and a short trip in South Africa, Karen then progressed to her biggest adventure ride on her honeymoon – 10 months and 39,000 km from the U.K. to Australia - Travelling through England, Scotland, Nth Ireland, Ireland, Wales, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Her presentation will focus specifically on key aspects of travelling long-distance as a pillion for an extended period, with an emphasis on the unique challenges for women travelling in this way.

John Lizamore.

John Lizamore

Mechanical Maintenance Workshop &
The Zen of Long Distance Travel

Mechanical Maintenance Workshop

So you think about travelling the wide open (unpopulated) spaces, but the travellers who have done it seem so blasé about the subject, which is ok if you can overhaul a motorbike in the middle of the Simpson Desert with an old boot, a Swiss army knife and a pair of pliers. But not everyone is a mechanic...

This interactive workshop session will focus on the main mechanical aspects of motorcycle preventative maintenance, as well as minor repairs. Although this is not a hands-on session, we will be demonstrating some items on a bike. Aspects and topics include:
• Oil change
• Air cleaner maintenance
• Daily checks
• Weekly checks
• Chain tension and adjustment
• Tyre pressures and wheel inspections
• Wheel bearings
• Chains and sprockets
• Clutch and brake adjustment
• Electrical fault finding
• Basic fault finding methodology (i.e. she's not going, and where do I start...)

Basic mechanics.

The workshop will include a basic introduction to more popular and commonly used adventure machines, such as:
• Air-cooled singles (e.g. DR650, XR650L, XT600, etc.)
• Water-cooled singles (e.g. KLR650, CRF450, DRZ400, etc.)
• Suzuki DL and Honda V-twin range
• BMW singles, twins and boxers
• Triumph triple

If you are interested in attending this workshop, after you have registered, contact John on with the make & model of your bike, & note any specific maintenance requests so he can come prepared.

The Zen of Long Distance Travel

I'll discuss how its possible to do hundreds of kilometers per day with an adventure motorcycle without breaking the bank on accessories.

Distance is relative. Some people will be bone tired after 300km/day of motorcycle travel. Others only really get the blood flowing after 800km/day. So how do you manage long distances without growing callouses on your petouch? Well, the short answer is that it's all in the laws of physics, not your personal physique.

The presentation will take an informal look at bike ergonomics, do you need all the accessories like screens, air-cushion seats, etc; and planning your battles better.

John Lizamore.

Traveled more than most, but less than others. I prefer solo trips, but can be persuaded to join groups if I know the people. I prefer motorcycle, but have extensive 4x4 and trucking travel experience as well.

LOTS of presentations to come! As people register to present we'll list them here.

How about you? We're all here to learn, and there's LOTS to learn! We want to do more presentations and seminars - but we need volunteers to give them! Any topic you can contribute having to do with motorcycle travel, maintenance, planning etc, lasting 20 minutes or more, would be great. Please contact us here to volunteer.

The Adventure Travel Zone

  • Equipment Specialists
  • Manufacturers
  • Tour Operators
  • Adventure Travel Authors and Film-Makers
  • The HU Store

Exhibitors - Confirmed

CTI has been serving the motorcycle industry for over 40 years with a wide range of innovative, high quality and unique products.

For over 40 years CTA has been serving the motorcycle industry with a wide range of innovative, high quality & unique products.

CTA is the Australian importer for Kenda Motorcycle & ATV Tyres and Tubes, Nexx Helmets, K&N Air Filters and Oil filters, Lucas Oil Motorcycle Oil Products, Nankang Motorcycle Tyres, Bagster Luggage, Antigravity Lithium Batteries and Jump Starters, Invision Visor Inserts, Multiair Air Filters and Dimple Drain Plugs,

We are also the NSW & WA State distributor for Nolan Helmets, X-lite Helmets, Givi Luggage, Afam Sprockets, Continental Motorcycle Tyres, Denso Spark Plugs, EK Chain, Battery Tender chargers.

Whether you travel by motorcycle or bicycle - for commuting, weekenders, or long adventures - Overlander Adventure Equipment will have something for you. We offer only the best equipment for two-wheeled travellers from around the world, & are here to help you achieve your overland travel goals. OverlanderAE also supplies lightweight camping gear, emergency communication & GPS devices, plus maps & books to suit all types of travel & traveller. Overlander Adventure Equipment - the best equipment for 2-wheeled travellers!
Bikes Abroad.

Bikes Abroad provides cost effective international shipping solutions. Services include crating and un-crating of bikes, packing containers, booking direct sailing vessels and flights, arranging import permit applications, marine insurance, customs clearance and quarantine inspection.

If you know of any other motorcycle or travel equipment vendors or tour operators who should be there, please suggest it to them! Vendors please contact us for details.

Panel discussions at most HU events include...

Border crossings - How to get through borders with minimal stress and cost!

Packing light - Tips and techniques from experienced travellers to reduce weight and bulk.

Regional discussions - e.g. travelling in South America or Asia.

For Women Only - A must for the ladies, so be sure to plan on being there! A chance to talk to experienced travelling women without the men around!

Experienced Travellers Panel - ask the experts anything you want!

Walk arounds / Show and tell!

Tool Kits - Show us your favorite tools. Toolkit discussion.

Tents and Bedding discussion (in the camping area) - What works, cheap vs dear and which ones keep you dry, warm and comfy!

Farkle Walk - Take a stroll and talk about your best bike mods - homemade saddle bags, toolbox mounts, GPS mounts, seats, side stands, tank panniers, cup holders, etc.

Facilities for a Fantastic Weekend!

The event is taking place at Fairbridge Village, near Pinjarra, 1 hour south of Perth in Western Australia. Fairbridge Village is owned and operated by Fairbridge, a major youth charity in Western Australia. Fairbridge Village is self-contained and surrounded by bushland.

Fairbridge Village bridge into woods.

Facilities on the grounds: Art gallery; Museum; Tennis, basketball and beach volleyball courts; Children's playground (wheelchair accessible); 30m swimming pool (for village guests only); Full sized sporting oval with football, soccer and cricket facilities; Free gas barbecues; Scenic walk trails; Picnic sites; Onsite cafe.

Fairbridge village map - click for larger version.

Presentation Facilities

We have booked the Ruby Fairbridge Centre as our main presentation room and dining room. We have also booked the Lady Kyle room as a second presentation room, so we can run two streams of presentations / workshops concurrently.

Ruby Fairbridge centre at Fairbridge Village, Western Australia.

Ruby Fairbridge Centre

Lady Kyle Meeting Room at Fairbridge Village, Western Australia.

Lady Kyle Meeting Room

Accommodation on site

Camping (Pre-book when you register)

Camping is on the Oval, and there are lots of showers and toilets.

Weekend (Friday + Saturday night) Camping: $40 per tent. (Not included in registration fee).

Fairbridge has a range of accommodation to suit all budgets. Contact Fairbridge Village reception for any accommodation bookings. Phone: 08 9531 1177. E-mail:

Food (Pre-book when you register)

We have arranged to have fully catered dinners for Friday ($28) and Saturday ($28) nights, so you don't have to wander around finding food! Quantities will be limited, and we must give the caterers final numbers 14 days before the event, so don't wait to book!

There will also be breakfasts and lunches available, catered by local community groups, pay on the day.

There is a cafe on site for fast food - meat pies, cold drinks, etc.


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