Make your payment here if you registered previously for the South Africa Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting! Thanks!

South Africa Travellers Meeting Late Payment page

If you're at this page, it's because you didn't make your payment immediately on registering.

If you HAVE NOT YET registered for the meeting, this page is useless - please go to the Events index page and choose the meeting you wish to register for.

Please make your payment below

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NOTE: You should have received an email within a very few minutes confirming that we have your Meeting Registration and the details you provided, with the amount owing. If you DIDN'T receive it within 10 minutes, there is a problem with the email address you have used. Please check it carefully. Also make sure "" is in your white list.

You can make your payment by bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card (using the PayPal system).

Pay by bank transfer (ZAR) below, or:

Pay online right now (USD)

Use PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

1. To pay by ANY online method, check your registration details are correct in the email we sent you with subject:

"HU South Africa (Year) Meeting, Registration for...,"

2. Note the amount owing for the options you chose and calculate the exchange.

(Note prices on the e-mail are in ZAR)

3. Enter your name (from the registration form) in the form below, then click the "Pay Now" button below.

4. Then, on the PayPal page, enter the amount owing (in USD) in the 'Price per Item'' box and click the 'Continue' button.

  • If Paying by PayPal, Log In as usual.
    • OR:
  • If you don't have a PayPal account, click on 'Create a new account' and follow instructions.

Note: PayPal does NOT share your details with us, except for the name and e-mail address they have on file for you. So IF your PayPal e-mail is different to your registration e-mail (OR you are registering for someone else), please ensure the registration name is entered below, so we can match your payment :-)

Please enter your name

OR Pay by Bank Transfer (ZAR)

At least 10 days before the event starts:

a. Check your registration details are correct in the email we sent you with subject:

"HU South Africa (year) Event Pass registration for your name"

b. Note the Total in that email for the options you chose, and make your Payment (in ZAR) to:

Account Name: Elgro River Lodge
Bank: ABSA Bank Potchefstroom
Account Type: Tjek Account
Account Number: 680152764
Branch Code: 335138
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

c. Please ensure your full name is included in the transfer information so we can match up your payment!

d. Please send proof of payment via email to elgrolodge {at} with HorizonsUnlimited payment, Your Name & Surname as subject for reference.

We hope you have a great time!

Grant and Susan,


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