HU Travellers Meeting Newfoundland 2023


2nd Horizons Unlimited Newfoundland Travellers Meeting

"The Great Eastern Adventure!"

Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, Newfoundland and Labrador

Sorry, this event is POSTPONED TO 2024

Details to come.
We will fully refund any payments, or move your payment to next years event, or to another event, your choice.

In the meantime, plan for 2024!

Check out this wonderful video if you're wondering "Why Newfoundland?"

It's All About Overland Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned veteran with wisdom to share or a complete novice hungry for ideas and guidance, it doesn't matter if you ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, or drive an expedition vehicle...

Horizons Unlimited meetings are for everyone who dreams of adventure along the road less travelled.

Inspiring, Informing & Connecting

Some people value Horizons Unlimited events for what they learn from the unique line-up of presenters. Some people value the chance to discover new products and services at the trade stands. Some people value just kicking back with a beer among old friends and new.

Most people enjoy a little bit of everything, and everyone goes home fired-up for adventure with a smile on their face.

Group photo at HU South Africa.

The event will include a packed schedule of presentations and activities. All within the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that Horizons Unlimited is known for.

Horizons Unlimited Newfoundland Event Schedule

The event is taking place from Tuesday August 1 to Friday August 4, 2023. The Registration Desk will open for check-ins at 1 pm on Tuesday, Aug 1 with the first presentations / workshops beginning at 2 pm.

Over the course of the event there'll be talks, demonstrations, workshops, Q&A's, challenges and competitions, with some presentations being repeated so you won't miss out.

As well as hearing inspiring stories of overlanding adventure from around the world, you'll get the low-down on preparing for your journey, navigation, first-aid, photography, filming and a host of other essential topics. Whatever your past experience or future plans may be, there's something for everyone.

All presentations dependendent on Volunteers stepping up!

The event schedule will be available for download here approximately 1 week before the event.

PLEASE NOTE: The schedule is subject to change at any time - all the presenters are volunteers and travelling, thus they may be delayed or unable to get there. Some may have anxiety attacks and be unable to perform! ;-) And sometimes travellers show up unexpectedly with great pics and stories, so we try to fit them in! Details of changes to presentation times or other matters of note will be posted at Registration and other locations.

Presenters at HU Newfoundland 2023 so far...

Bill Hooykaas

Bill Hooykaas

50+ RTW Years with the Riding Dutchman
"You can do it, too... if you are very lucky and start young enough!"

Long-time HU presenter Bill bought his first bike in 1969, and since then has stuck with BMW adventure riding nearly his entire riding life, other than combining his professional life with his passion for a number of years travelling Canada with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Golden Helmets Precision Team on Harley Davidsons.

He has ridden from the Arctic to Antarctic, and from Alaska round the world to China and back, including many side-trips in-between. He now has over two million kilometres of seat time and invites you to come see his half-century adventure. Bring your questions on how to equip your bike, yourself, and most of all, preparing physically for the long road ahead.

The Road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

BILL HOOYKAAS is a life-long BMW rider, former BMW MOA Director, and one of the original GS Giants. He has ridden through more than 50 countries over the past 54 years, yet never published a book or charity-washed his adventures for fund-raising, only occasionally sharing his stories at Horizons Unlimited events and BMW rallies.

Bill Hooykaas

Bill Hooykaas

Bill Hooykaas

Bill Hooykaas

Bill Hooykaas

LOTS of presentations to come! As people register to present we'll list them here.

How about you? We're all here to learn, and there's LOTS to learn! We want to do more presentations and seminars - but we need volunteers to give them! Any topic you can contribute having to do with motorcycle travel, maintenance, planning etc, lasting 20 minutes or more, would be great.

We welcome, as always at HU Events, expressions of interest from everyone who would generously care to share with us any of their adventures and knowledge. Such may be grand or modest, long or short - there's always something to learn from everyone, which is why we do this.

Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans have long been known as a resourceful people. Ya kinda gotta be, perched on a Rock out here at the edge of the North Atlantic for 500 years, where not much comes easy except the laid-back lifestyle. As such, we really appreciate practical people with practical approaches to tackling puzzles whether trivial or tangly.

Without limiting our discussion topics in the slightest degree, we particularly encourage presentations and stories - even the briefest tales - of enlightening, unconventional, creative or minimalist approaches to resolving head-scratchers whether large or little. You might encourage others by showing how easy it really can be to get out there and enjoy an adventure which perhaps turned out to be less daunting than first imagined. Without constraint, encompass notions on planning - or not planning, logistics, mechanicals & spares, medical, packing, technology, accommodations, entertainment, gear, clothing, crossing borders with officious officials ... pretty much anything impacting how you get your travelling done!

Please contact us here to volunteer.

Presenters at previous HU Newfoundland meetings included...

Workshops and Tech Sessions below

Amy and Kevin Edwards

Amy & Kevin Edwards, A to Blog

Electric Motorcycle Travel
Pros and Cons of riding the first electric motorcycle to complete the Trans America Trail

They say you can't go adventure riding on an electric motorcycle. How far can it go? What if it gets wet? Is it even fun to ride? The ranks of electric motorcycle travelers are small but growing, with a handful of epic electric overlanding trips already on the books. We'll discuss journeys across Africa and South America, and our pioneering ride coast to coast across the entire Trans America Trail with a Zero DSR in 2021.

This presentation looks at some of the electric motorcycles available now, the current advantages and disadvantages compared to gas bikes, the practicalities of charging and route planning, and discusses some lessons learned. Despite our enduring love of gas bikes, it turns out that traveling on an electric motorcycle has a charm all of its own.

Amy and Kevin Edwards with motorcycles parked on the beach

AMY and KEVIN EDWARDS are based in North Carolina, and have traveled North America together on motorcycles for 20 years. Lately, their riding has skewed more off-pavement, following routes such as BDRs and the TAT, with sights set on future international adventures.

Simon Chegwyn

Simon Chegwyn

The Plan Is There Is No Plan /
Overland to India
Topics are tentative, TBC

1. The Plan Is There Is No Plan
Skip around the globe peppered with adventures, weather mishaps, and more

Rode overland from the UK to India and surrounding areas. Toured the USA on a single-seat GL500 (there were two of us) while dodging hurricanes. Cycle toured in Japan and was evacuated from the southern islands (more hurricanes). Cycle toured in New Zealand (happily, no hurricanes).

Hhmm, where shall we skip to next?

Europe. North Africa. South Africa. A UK-registered Honda 250 carried Simon from San Diego to Alaska, across beautiful Canada, to the bottom of the Florida Keys, and looping back to San Diego. Now the proud owner of a Canada-registered DR650 (believe it or not, there's a story about THAT), Simon has usurped his original "plan" of attempting the Trans-America Trail because HU Newfoundland proved too enticing. After the event, he's heading to South America and doing the TAT on the return journey.

At least, that's the "plan"...

Graffiti'd upturned cars line the side of a section of Route 66, USA.

2. Overland to India
Prepare to hear an enthusiastic barrage of stories of India

Several years ago, an ex-UK-police motorcyclist was attempting to avoid maturity and satisfy his itchy-feet, wanderlust ways. Today, the story is still very much the same.

"Currently typing this from a super hot New Delhi after completing a Spiti Valley tour for four first time visitors to India. India is like my second home and I have been lucky to live work and travel here off and on for years."

With each trip, Simon's continues to support Asha India which he's been involved with for over 20 years and counting.

SIMON CHEGWYN is currently riding in India, but returning to Canada late July before hopefully riding to South America. Nomadic motorcycle travel-obsessed individual with a few years of experience (?) and, as yet, no known cure for his "itchy feet" syndrome. He's never been to Newfoundland before, but this Horizons Unlimited event is guiding his way there!

Jeff Luttmer

Jeff Luttmer, Some Day May Never Be

30,000 km Through Oz
What are the best times to ride in Australia, plus what it takes to buy a motorcycle

Find out the best times of year to ride and camp in different locations, what you need to know on how to buy a motorcycle, strange or odd things that are common while riding in OZ, and... if it moves it most likely can kill you. While staying with friends in Sydney, Australia, I bought a V-Strom 650 and then made my way solo around and through the great land of OZ.

For the next four months, I mostly camped and rode desolate outback roads where I had some crazy adventures along the way. I attended and presented at HU Snowy Mountains in Jindabyne, snorkeled in the Great Barrier Reef, got my soft panniers knifed open by thieves, drove in 51C heat, and met some of the most fantastic people ever. I have done many trips all around the world in my lifetime, including riding from Inuvik to Tierra del Fuego.

Jeff Luttmer, Singing Ship sculpture in Australia

JEFF LUTTMER has lived and traveled throughout the USA, Europe, and now Canada. While living in Canada, his biggest trip was going from Inuvik to Tierra del Fuego back in 2013, and in 2017 riding the outback of Australia and New Zealand.

Krista Austin

Krista Austin & Mark Hayward

Welcome to the Rock
Highlights of the top places to ride and camp in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is the sixteenth largest island in the world, slightly larger than Cuba. With a population of less than half a million and the majority of residents concentrated in one little corner of the island, it's easy to find the "road less traveled" and disengage from the relentless hustle of modern life.

The roads of Newfoundland range from the twisty mountain passes of the West Coast, to the birch-lined gravel paths cutting through the interior, to the flat slab transversing the barren caribou country of the southern Avalon. The landscape is ever changing, and starkly beautiful vistas present themselves around each turn.

Krista Austin, Watching icebergs from the shore.
"Iceberg hunting" is a great season for a ride.

The irregular shape of the island means that there is over 29,000km of rugged coastline. For centuries, mariners relied on lighthouses to guide them through darkness and "pea soup" fog. These lighthouses are often located at the end of a gravel road, and situated at the most picturesque point of a region. To photograph all of the several hundred lighthouses of Newfoundland, you will need to make more than one visit!

Krista Austin, Lighthouse at Cape Pine.
Lighthouse at Cape Pine at the extreme southeasterly tip of Newfoundland.

The more adventurous traveler will want to test their off-roading skills on the many trails the island has to offer. Rural Newfoundlanders love their ATV's, and in almost every community, after the pavement ends an ATV trail continues towards "cabin country".

Krista Austin, Cabin country on the Burin Peninsula.
Cabin country on the Burin Peninsula.

The Newfoundland T'Railway is an adventure in itself. 883 km (552 miles) of gravel trail stretching from Port Aux Basques to St. John's; it's the route the railway followed from 1898 to 1988. Although this trail is maintained to some degree, it is not for the faint of heart. Trail conditions range from golf-ball-size rocks to loose sand, and areas of the trail can become flooded after heavy rain. In addition to the main T'Railway, there are several "branch lines", the condition of which depends on when that section of the railway was decommissioned.

Take a break from the beaten path! The only thing holding you back in your attitude.

Krista Austin, Placentia Branch Line
A section of the Placentia Branch Line, decommissioned in 1984.

KRISTA AUSTIN and MARK HAYWARD are local adventure riders in Newfoundland. She's an active contributor in the HU Newfoundland Facebook Group, so join the group and enjoy warmhearted conversations over the cold winter months ahead. He's been riding motorcycles for 40 years and has expored about 90% of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador as a motorcycle camper.

Tammy Perry

Tammy Perry

Holiday in Cambodia

It's all about connection. That's not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about motorcycling. In fact, as an introvert, I think of solitude and soaking up the scenery on my own time and schedule. A funny thing happened though when four strangers from three countries hooked up in Cambodia on a mission to deliver laptops to a remote village in the Cardomom mountains. Four strangers, four Hondas, four weeks. What could possibly happen? [Note: this presentation includes video.]

Tammy Perry, Laptop Sherpas.

TAMMY PERRY's father taught her to ride a street bike as a teen - they planned to ride across the country someday. Someday never came as the cancer got him just after his 50th birthday. Tammy got away from motorcycling while the kids were young, and went back to it on a dual sport in time to make it from St. John's to Vancouver before her 50th birthday. Well, then it was impossible to stop and since then she's been to almost every U.S. state, from St. John's to Guatemala and all over Mexico, Cambodia and, of course, lots of roads all over Canada.

Greg and Melanie Turp

Melanie and Greg Turp, 2WANDRRs

Fresh African Tracks /
Yes, You Can!

1. Fresh African Tracks


"What was that?", we whispered to each other from the safety of our small tent. Earlier we had had elephants within meters of our camp. We also knew the sound we were hearing were lions. Come hear about what happened next, and more from our recent (freshest) travels through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia.

An elephant visits Greg and Melanie's campsite.

2. Yes, You Can!
When family and work commitments are an obstacle, change your ideas of a RTW ride. How we managed to do it and go.

When life gets in the way of a big trip commitment, change your ideas. How we managed to change our lives, sell everything and be on the road, full time, nine years ago. We quit working early, still handle family commitments and travel. We have now traveled in 62 countries have have no plans of changing our lifestyle.

MELANIE and GREG TURP sold everything nine years ago and started traveling. Their preferred mode of travel is by motorcycle. Even with family commitments, they decided to try and do it all, family and RTW travel. They now have been in 62 countries with no plans to change anything.

Workshops and Educational Sessions

...because Horizons Unlimited meetings are about information, not just inspiration!

James Gow

James Gow

Videotaping Your Adventures /
Video Production 101

1. Videotaping Your Adventures
A basic guide to action cameras and how to use them

A non-brand specific (although many will be mentioned) talk on specifications, limitations, and what to look for in a camera or cameras. Mounting options, external microphones, battery charging options, stand-alone sound recording devices, video storage, and drones เน‚€“ a nuts and bolts approach to the basic gear you need (including phones) and the endless equipment pit you might fall into. There is no "best" gear and you don't need thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get started.

James Gow and drone view of campsite

2. Video Production 101
How do you make your videos more appealing?

Advice on how to shoot and how to edit. What you should do on the road and what might you do in post production. How do you make it interesting? Are you shooting for youเน‚€เธ† or are you shooting to share on YouTube? Just how much time goes into making good videos? A brief rundown on video editing software and why you should use it. Don't be discouraged, no one is a pro overnight, keep creating and getting better all the time.

JAMES GOW is a former theatre technician/designer and educator who has been riding motorcycles and camping for 50 years. For the past four years, he has been publishing his road adventure videos on his YouTube channel, Old Guy on a Bike. He is currently planning a North American "four corners" trip for 2023.

Online registration is now closed,
but we have plenty of room,
so come and join in!

Newfoundland Rideouts

Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp is located on the banks of the mighty Exploits River, the largest river on the island and a Mecca for sport fishers. It is almost perfectly centred in the middle of the island with riding opportunities in every direction, whether you want to stick to the asphalt or hit the gravel.

Wild camping on the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland.

Wild camping on the Burin Peninsula

Though Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp is in Central Newfoundland, you don't have to travel far to find the tiny outport communities and stunning coastal views that Newfoundland is famous for. A multitude of day rides to interesting places are accessible from this location.

The town of Belloram on the Connaigre Peninsula, Newfoundland.

The town of Belloram on the Connaigre Peninsula

Even if you attended Horizons Unlimited 2022, the location of the meeting in 2023 will definitely lead you down different paths!

Check out all the routes here!

Questions about route planning, accommodations, or anything related to your trip to Newfoundland? Post on the HUBB or get social with us on Facebook and we'll do our best to help you out!

The Adventure Travel Zone

  • Equipment Specialists
  • Manufacturers
  • Tour Operators
  • Adventure Travel Authors and Film-Makers
  • The HU Store

Exhibitors - TBC

Avalon Motorrad

The Toy Box - BMW Avalon Motorrad is Newfoundlands only BMW Motorcycle
Authorized sales and service dealership.

We sell BMW Motorcycles and we service all makes and models of power recreation vehicles
Sales and Service of BMW Motorcycles
Sales and Service of Husqvarna powered yard tools
We service all brands of Quads, Snowmachines, Dirt Bikes, Street Bikes, Side x Sides

Representing the finest names in the apparel industry such as KLIM, FXR, Scott, Touratech

Call us today to purchase your new BMW or to arrange your service call:  1- (709)-726-6500

The Toy Box - BMW Avalon Motorrad
15 Old Placentia Road
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador

Like us on facebook: @toyboxnl

47° 30' 47.7756'' N, 52° 49' 48.7632'' W
47.513271, -52.830212

The folks at Avalon are looking forward to meeting the travellers coming through to the HU Event!

If you know of any other motorcycle or travel equipment vendors or tour operators who should be there, please suggest it to them!
, more details and registration here. Please contact us if you have more questions.

Facilities for a Fantastic Four Days!

Important NOTE: There is no cell coverage (or very sporadic) and Wifi is VERY limited - if it's working! A GREAT excuse to put away your phone and become part of the event without distractions :)


Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp
PO Box 760  Bishop's Falls, NL · A0H 1C0
6km from TCH on Route 360
(709) 258-5862

48.9710305, -55.5423902

Nestled alongside the beautiful Exploits River on Route 360 in Central Newfoundland, you will find the Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp.

Lion Max Simms Camp, Newfoundland.

We are a full-service accessible facility open year round for various user groups.

Initially the camp was developed and still services the special needs community during the summer months of July and August. For the remainder of the year, the camp is available for rentals such as business meetings and retreats, church and youth groups, and family events such as reunions and weddings.

The Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp remains undoubtedly the largest project ever undertaken by the Lions family of Newfoundland Labrador. Many hours of planning and work and many fundraising ideas initially and throughout the years have developed this unique unsurpassed facility.

Nestled alongside the beautiful Exploits River on Route 360 in Central Newfoundland, you will find the Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp.


38 Bedrooms available. Accommodations provided in six sections with 5 bedrooms each - can provide for male/female members in separate areas. Medical Centre has 8 additional bedrooms with single and double beds.

  • Capacity 66 - one person per double / single bed and without using top bunks.
  • Washroom, shower, bath facilities in each section
  • All participants in the same building; night security provided by camp staff
  • Bedding provided.

Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp building map.

Presentation & Meeting Rooms

  • Large meeting room with tables and chairs
  • Smaller meeting spaces or common rooms for up to 5 groups

Lion Max Simms Camp, Newfoundland.

  • All facilities are wheelchair accessible
  • Staff with first aid certification
  • Full Service kitchen and dining area
  • Outdoor recreation area

Lion Max Simms Camp, Newfoundland.

Lion Max Simms Camp, Newfoundland.


Lion Max Simms Camp, Newfoundland.


Lion Max Simms Camp, Newfoundland.


Online registration is now closed,
but we have plenty of room,
so come and join in!

I've already registered - I just want to pay!


Includes admission to all Presentations, Tech Clinics and demonstrations.
Site access fee is also required if you're not staying on site.
Meals and camping are priced separately below. All prices in Canadian $.

Pre-Register & Pay before:

Full Event Price

Late Arrival Price

(Arrive Wed
after 6 pm)

May 1, 2023

June 15, 2023

July 23, 2023








Pay Cash or Card on Arrival

Full 4 Day Pass

Late arrival Pass (arriving after 6 pm Wednesday)

Wednesday or Thursday Day Pass at the door.






We strongly recommend pre-booking meal packages (see below). There MAY be individual meals available at the event, but very few, they will be more expensive, and there are NO nearby restaurants. You can, of course, cook for yourself. There will be vegetarian alternatives, so let us know your preferences when you register.

If there is extra food available, you can book on site the day before.

Pre-book so you don't go hungry, as Meal Tickets are very limited!

All Meal and Accommodation prices INCLUDE ALL TAXES. The price you see is the total.

Breakfast: 21
Lunch: 25
Dinner: 29


Camping or bunks are not included in your registration. There is lots of room for camping!

NOTE: There are NO hookups for RV's etc of ANY kind. There is LOTS of room to park your RV and you can also use the same shared facilities as the campers if you wish. Choose CAMPING options below - you're "in a tent!" :)

You CANNOT arrive at the event before Tuesday noon, and must leave by approximately Friday noon.

If you're not staying on site overnight, i.e. not taking a room option, or tenting, there is a DAILY Site Access Fee: (Best to take an accommodation option and enjoy the evening bonfire with everyone!)

Site Access Fee per day IF you don't take one of the below options!


Camping per TENT (or RV) per night includes site access.


Camping SECOND person in a tent (or RV) per night: includes site access.


Bunk options - all per PERSON, per NIGHT. includes site access.

  • All rooms are shared
  • There are male and female wings.
  • Each wing has full bathrooms.
  • We only use the bottom bunk, so the top bunk is great storage for your gear.


Private Double Rooms for Couples, price per PERSON per THREE nights (2 beds, SHARED facilities, includes site access):

MUST be occupied by TWO people or you will be charged for both.


NOTE: Cabins:

  • Basic bedding IS supplied.

MORE details on the Registration page.




days to go!

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Comments about HU Events

"So many trips, tips, subjects, discussions, questions, answers, experiences, insights... I could go on and on. I will be back, and back, and back."

"It was like being with family... a friendly group with shared love of adventure."

"Everyone was humble, genuine, and encouraging, and I really needed that kind of 'we're all just people' kind of atmosphere."

"You'll see and hear the most useful ideas on so many subjects that it boggles the mind."

"Full of very inspiring people who got me fired up again and motivated for my next trip!"

"What a fantastic inspirational weekend...we will be back."

"I have picked up so much information... and met some new friends and wonderful people."

"...a new league of awesomeness."

"Great atmosphere and camaraderie, especially at dinner time, and interesting presentations."

"I have learned so much, made some great mates and met some of the best people. I was buzzing by the time I got home. I have a little trip planned and just can't wait to get out there."

For more about HU Events, see some magazine articles here.

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Poster in pdf format (1.4 MB) full colour Event poster.

HU Newfoundland 2023 meeting poster.


Postcard in pdf format (432kb) full colour Event postcard:

Horizons Unlimited Newfoundland 2023 postcard.

Hi-res postcard can be printed 4 to a page

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Join the Volunteer Crew

From welcoming travellers at the gate, to taking care of the campsite and making sure all the presentations run smoothly, the success of every HU event relies on the enthusiasm of its volunteer crew.

Dee Masters greets rider at HUBB UK.

"What a wonderful bunch of people. I had no idea how much fun I'd have by helping out!"

"It was my absolute pleasure to be able to give something back to the HU community and working with such great folks really made the event special."

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, get more involved with Horizons Unlimited and have loads of fun! You can sign up to volunteer when you register for the meeting, OR click here if you have already registered and want to add volunteering.

Be a Presenter

We're inviting submissions for presentations, so whether you're attending the event or exploring a distant continent, if you've got a story to tell or expertise to share we'd like to hear from you.

We love to hear stories about your travel adventures, especially if you have great pics! Also, practical how-to sessions such as roadside cooking, navigation / GPS, trip prep and planning, adventure motorcycling medicine, packing light, setting your bike up, communications / blogging from the road, self-publishing your story, yoga for bikers, bodging / bike maintenance, self-defense, photography, videography, tire repair, safe riding techniques, how to pick up your bike, off-road riding, all are of interest.

There are 45 minute and 100 minute sessions available for talks, workshops, demos and live web chats.

Click here to submit your ideas


Submitting a Presenter registration DOES NOT mean you will automatically be included in the schedule, as we can have more presenters than available presentation slots. We will confirm one way or the other as soon as we can (but not immediately!)

Departing or Returning?

If you're planning an expedition, why not make the Horizons Unlimited meeting your official start point? Or maybe you're nearing the completion of a journey and would like a very public welcome home? Of course you might just be passing through and fancy marking a key stage of your travels?

We'd love to make you a big part of the meeting, so feel free to get in touch and tell us your plans.

Book your Exhibitor Stand space

Over the course of four days, this Horizons Unlimited event offers a unique opportunity to build awareness of your brand and talk directly to potential customers.

The Adventure Travel Zone occupies a central position at the event site and is exclusive to trade stands representing the overland adventure travel market.

Choose between our Premium and Standard packages, both of which include on-site advertising and can include a presentation about your products and services. Be sure to let us know you want to do a presentation when you register.

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Newfoundland Venue Location

Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp

Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp
PO Box 760  Bishop's Falls, NL · A0H 1C0
6km from TCH on Route 360
(709) 258-5862

48.9710305, -55.5423902


Where is Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp?

Approximate Highway Distances from:

Port aux Basques Ferry – 500 km
[Port aux Basques Ferry via "Adventure Route" - i.e. Burgeo Hwy & back-country route to Buchans - perhaps 400km, but will require more time and some planning]
Argentia Ferry - 370m
St. Barbe Ferry - 540km

St. John's - 420km
Gander - 85km
Deer Lake - 240km
Pool's Cove Coastal Boat - 180km

Many Ways to Get There!

The "getting there" piece is always the vital bit for travellers. Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, in Central Newfoundland, can be found via lightly-travelled roads whether adventurous or mundane.

NOTE PLEASE: You are strongly encouraged to arrange all your riding during daylight hours, especially avoiding dawn and dusk. Every NL road should be treated as a "moose crossing area" - so say we who have ridden here for decades.

Simplest routing is via Cape Breton, Nova Scotia ("NS"), to the ferry terminal at North Sydney. A roughly-7-hour midday or midnight sailing lands you in Port-aux-Basques, south-western Newfoundland. From there it is some 500 km to Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, all but the last dozen or so on the TCH #1. BTW: Consider the Cabot Trail when inbound for the night ferry, or off the night crossing outbound to NS.

A second option from North Sydney, NS, is via a longer, Marine Atlantic overnight sailing to Argentia, arriving about 90 minutes drive from St. John's in the east. Argentia to Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp is about 370 km. on highway. But it affords opportunity to make the loop at a relaxed pace, with several potential detours over a couple of days or more – the #1 does get a bit boring at times.

NOTE: Best book EARLY for the Gulf of St. Lawrence ferry, ESPECIALLY book early if you desire a cabin on either crossing! And note carefully the deadline for pre-departure arrival at the ferry terminal in person or you could well miss the boat! Yes, that is a warning!

A Third Option for more adventurous riders is the Trans Labrador Highway, now FULLY PAVED as of 2022.

Very much a wilderness ride, there are no services between communities, not every place offers fuel, and it is replete with the usual bugs of the North. However, there still seems to be perhaps 150 km or so of gavel north of the Manic 5 hydro site on Quebec's Route #389, which runs North from Baie Comeau through Manic 5 to Fermont and the border with Labrador at Labrador City - Wabush.

Ride through Quebec to Labrador City, then east by Happy Valley – Goose Bay, down the south coast to Red Bay and the historic 1500s Basque Whaling Station and museum, which is both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Heritage Site. Then briefly back into Quebec at Blanc Sablon for the 90 minute ferry across the Strait of Belle Isle to the island of Newfoundland at Pidgeon Cove – St. Barbe.
Ferry Services / Schedules

Turn left and you'll be at the L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Viking Site, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in about 2 hours.

Or turn right and it's less than a 4-hour scenic coastal ride to Gros Morne National Park on your way to Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp - which is some 540 km from the Strait of Belle Isle ferry.

AND there is the T'Railway – following the long-abandoned rail bed, or a web of remote access "roads", through the interior of the Island of Newfoundland. More on that elsewhere, but such routes will also bring you very close to our venue.

See more of the Rock. Traffic is always light!

Ride in one way, ride out another…

If You Fly, the closest airport is Gander's YQX, about an hour's drive from Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp. Be forewarned that summer demand for rental vehicles on the Rock is quite high. Vehicle availability may influence your airport choice – consider also Deer Lake YDF and St. John's YYT.

Local Amenities

Click on the map below to see the Google Maps version with links to gas station, liquor store, etc.

Lion Max Simms Camp, NFLD map.

Karen advises: The camp is remote, so make your shopping stops count! If you are coming from the east Gander is your closest large centre. From the West it's Grand Falls-Windsor. The Camp is closest to the community of Bishop's Falls which has very few amenities, but does have gas, grocery, liquor and cannabis.

What's so cool about Newfoundland and Labrador?

Here's some great information from local riders:

Riding Central Newfoundland - riding out from Lion Max Simms Camp by your local hosts

Riding Newfoundland by Krista Austin, one of your local hosts

Bonne Bay, Newfoundland by Clem Reid, native and long-time resident of Norris Point.

About Newfoundland and Labrador

By David Moores, your HU Newfoundland Event Organiser:


It's a maritime environment where boating adventures abound. Hiking, history, wildlife, unique food, culture and especially music – it's all here. There are 2 fine National Parks each with multiple camping sites (Gros Morne & Terra Nova), as well as many other wonderful facilities to suit all tastes and budgets. If you really must have the very best of the very best, check out the Fogo Island Inn. The Flat Earth Society claims Fogo as one of the planet's 4 corners.

If it's more adventure riding you seek, there's the T'Railway Provincial Park, a linear reserve of some 883 km., developed and maintained along the abandoned rail line for motorcycles, snow machines and more.

And there are plenty of other routes through central Newfoundland and Labrador – we'll have more ...

There's LOTS at:


We've been here on this Rock for a very long time. The eastern-Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador ("NL") lays claim to numerous unique and "first" happenings in the history of North America. And our geography includes the most easterly point on the continent – Cape Spear. Canada became complete on March 31, 1949, when it merged with then-independent Newfoundland!

"Discovering" it under commission from Henry VII in 1497, Giovanni Caboto, or John Cabot, stepped ashore at Bonavista, Newfoundland, on June 24. But the Vikings had already long-since established the first European settlement in North America, at L'Anse aux Meadows on our Great Northern Peninsula - as early as c.1000 AD!

The Town of Cupids, in Conception Bay, was established by John Guy in 1610 as the first permanent, full-time British settlement in what was to become Canada. Meanwhile, the people of St. John's will tell you that our capital City is the oldest on the continent, and boast that our civic holiday, the annual Royal St. John's Regatta, is the oldest continuing sporting event in North America. (Regatta Day shuts the City on the first Wednesday in August - if the weather is suitable for the races - or the next fine day.)

Marconi received the first wireless transatlantic telegraph signal in 1901 on the aptly-named Signal Hill, St. John's (what a view ...). The first aircraft to successfully navigate across the Atlantic left St. John's for Ireland in 1919. Gander International Airport is "the crossroads of the world", and there were four very active American military bases operational in this Province through WWII and well beyond.

And the Great Eastern? In 1866, the SS Great Eastern was the largest ocean-going vessel in the world and first with a double steel hull. A side-wheeler, also with a single propeller and 5 steam engines, it was originally designed for up to some 4,000 passengers! Leaving Ireland on Friday, July 13, that year, extensively refitted for the purpose, the SS Great Eastern completed a voyage from Ireland laying the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable, which was dragged ashore at Heart's Content, Trinity Bay. The perfectly-preserved and 150-year-old cable station remains a fine attraction, displaying the hottest electronic devices of the mid-1800s. One can still find remnants of the cable itself across the street at the shoreline. The story of the first Transatlantic Cable.

There's so much more... including a piece of France just a short boat ride off the Burin Peninsula from the south coast, so bring your passport!

Local Hosts

David Moores and Karen Thistle
are hosting this event.
Huge thanks to them for all their help in bringing this event to NL.

David and Karen

Working with them is Krista Austin on Registration and Accommodation,
Mark Hayward
looking after Volunteers, and Rick Wheeler, Tech guru.

We can always use help on the day - please volunteer to help out for a couple of hours when you register!

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