HUMM Sierras de España Aragón 2017

Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness
Sierras de España Aragón - 2-5 October 2017

HUMM Canadian Rockies.

The HUMM Sierras de España Aragón is a unique 3-day, off-road motorcycle orienteering/geo-caching event in the province of Teruel, Spain. Test your map reading and navigation skills, find hidden secrets and enjoy the fabulous riding. The trails and roads are amazing, the scenery is breath-taking, and the people are wonderful - so come along and bring your friends!

There's also plenty on offer for non-riding spouses or partners. La Trufa Negra, the hotel for the venue, is in Mora de Rubielos. The area features a wide variety of activities and attractions such as free and guided tours of nearby towns, golf, walking/hiking paths, health spa, and many cultural and culinary experiences. The hotel offers a daycare nursery so you can bring the little ones and enjoy yourselves with a clear conscience! ;-)

If a picture is worth 1000 words, how much is a video worth?! Check out the official HUMM event trailer, then read on!

Thanks to Trent Schumann, Daan Stehouwer, Patrick Trahan, David Hodgson, & Ashley Moule for video clips!

What is it?

"The best day's riding ever!"
"Ranks among the top ten 'best fun' biking experiences!"

Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness (HUMM) is a 2-or 3-day off-road, motorcycle navigation challenge for teams of 2-4 bikes. For 2017, we have events in the Monashees of British Columbia, the Appalachians in Maryland and this event in Aragón, Spain. It's the most fun you can have on two wheels ;-)

In each location, the HUMM is presented with a Horizons Unlimited Event Partner who lays out the checkpoints. The Spanish Biker is our Event Partner for HUMM Sierras de España Aragón.

HUMM Sierras de España Aragón 2016. This picture was taken during initial location scouting. Photo by Simon Rice.

HUMM Sierras de España Aragón 2016. This picture was taken during initial location scouting.
Photo by Simon Rice.

Choose one of FOUR challenge classes for your team to participate!

  1. MAP SINGLES - Single-cylinder bikes navigating with a compass (no GPS);
  2. MAP MULTIS: Multi-cylinder bikes navigating with a compass (no GPS);
  3. GPS SINGLES: Single-cylinder bikes navigating with a GPS or satnav;
  4. GPS MULTIS: Multi-cylinder bikes navigating with a GPS or satnav.

Does your team have a combination of singles and multis? Choose the ONE challenge class your team will ride in and experience the unique pros and cons of each bike type.

Bikes need not be dedicated off-road specials but need to have a vague predilection for the dirt. So GS Adventure yes, Electric Glide in Blue, no. Knobbly tires a plus but by no means essential.

All teams get the same maps (Reference Map and Topographic map(s) of the riding area), and a HUMM Points Book on Day 1. Each checkpoint gets its own page with key info about its location - your team figures out how to get there. Every team has a different strategy, so there is no set course. You're never following a string of riders down the same dusty road!

An unusual vehicle choice!

An unusual vehicle choice!

Patrick Trahan finding a checkpoint at HUMM Morocco.


HUMM Spain area.

HUMM Spain area.

HUMM Spain area.

Photo by Simon Rice

The FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

More detailed answers to your questions that have come in over the years.

Press and potential sponsors, please contact us here.

HUMM Sierras de España Aragón Event Schedule

Arrival Day - 2 October 2017

  • Arrive on site at La Trufa Negra, our host venue.
  • 12:00-18:00 - Check in with event HQ. Pre-HUMM Tech Check.
  • Welcome drink before briefing
  • Event briefing. Q&A
  • Dinner (not included unless on half-board)

Riding Days - 3-5 October 2017

  • 08:00 – Team Captains receive the maps (Reference Map and Topographic map(s) of the riding area), Points Books (each page gives key info about individual checkpoints) and Satellite Tracker (rental).
  • Official daily riding time is 08:30-17:30, or use some time to strategise or prepare your bike. Penalty points accrue after 17:30.
  • Scoresheets are collected and tallied after each day's ride. Team scores are posted on a leaderboard. Maps, Points Books, and GPS devices (GPS Class) are handed in for safekeeping overnight.
  • 18:00 (Day 3, final) - Score sheets are collected and points totaled. Winners announced and trophies handed out at the HUMM Awards Dinner. A very congenial evening follows!
HUMM Morocco 2015 Awards Dinner.

The HUMM Event Fee includes:

  • 3 full days of 100% pure off-road adventure riding in the Sierras de España Aragón! No stunts, no gimmicks!
  • A "HUMM-dinger" of a chance to test your navigation strategies!
  • An exclusive HUMM technical t-shirt

HUMM Rockies synthetic, sweat-wicking t-shirt.

  • Team Map and HUMM Points Book

HUMM Rockies team map and points sheets.

  • ALL First, Second and Third place Team Members in each class get a keeper Trophy!

HUMM Trophies.

Trophies at HUMM Spain 2016

  • Certificate of completion for all finishers suitable for framing and mucho bragging rights!
  • One Spot satellite tracker rental for your team

HUMM team Spot trackers plus books.

  • Access to support and recovery services in case of breakdown or accident out on the trail or on the road. Our support and recovery team can provide first aid and transport to the nearest suitable facility as well as basic field repairs and motorcycle recovery. This service is provided on a 'best efforts' basis. See Registration Terms and Conditions for limitations.
  • Awards Dinner on the final evening is included in your registration fee.

Transport Options from the UK!

If you're not keen on a ride down to Spain from the UK, we've identified several options for transporting bikes, and the best value is Fly and Ride, who have shipped bikes for Patsy Quick's Desert Rose Racing!

They have a scheduled run to Malaga on 1 October, all bikes are shipped in specially built stillages (see pics from their site). Their drop off point is near Gatwick, but they can pick up from most places in the UK at an extra cost...

The return price to Malaga is £595 fully insured. There is also an option to drop off at Madrid.

Contact Rob Jones at 01403 800247 (office) or 07517474234 (mobile) or on e-mail: for details and to book. Be sure to tell him you're booking for the HUMM!

Optional Bike Rentals

Triumph Tiger 800XC Rentals are available from Rent A Tiger in Barcelona.

Book directly with Rent A Tiger using promo code 'HUMM' OR email:

Non-EU participants must have an International Drivers Permit to rent a bike. You can collect and return the bikes from Monday to Sunday at any time.

Anton Alabau
Rent a Tiger Barcelona
Tel: +34 609051361

Rules of the HUMM:

  1. You must ride in a team of 2, to a maximum of 4 people, (minimum 2 bikes) so be sure to put together your team before registering as we need the names of all team members. If you cannot find someone to team with, go ahead and register for the event, note that you do not have a team partner, and we will match you with someone with a similar bike and riding skill level as best we can. Several past winners were matched up by us!
  2. Team Wilderness Wheels at HUMM Morocco 2015.

  3. Prizes will be awarded in 4 classes (subject to sufficient entrants):
    • Map Class
      • Singles
      • Multis
    • GPS Class
      • Singles
      • Multis

    Mixed off-road teams have the good and bad of each class to deal with, so can choose which class to be in.

  4. Two-up teams are ok, but there must be another vehicle in your team. We don't want solo bikes out alone.
  5. Team mates must ride together at all times! If you separate for any reason other than one bike is broken down and stopped or one rider is injured, and the other rider is going for help, you will be disqualified.
  6. No GPS allowed in the Map Class! You will be given a set of Event Map(s) and an Event Points Book. You may carry a smartphone, but are NOT allowed to use the GPS function. You may carry a GPS with map data of the area for emergency use only. It will be sealed in a tamper-proof plastic bag before you check out to ride. If the bag is opened for non-emergency purposes before returning to HUMM base, your team is disqualified. No other paper or digital map(s) of the event area other than those provided by HUMM organizers. Except for your GPS device (for emergency only), no laptops, tablets, or other digital devices that are capable of storing other map information.
  7. Special Rules for GPS Class! GPS or smart phones with GPS capabilities are allowed in this class, but we aren't supplying GPX co-ordinates, since we don't want it to be too easy. ;-) As with the MAP class, you will be given a set of Event Map(s) and an Event Points Book. No other paper or digital map(s) of the event area other than:
    a) paper maps provided by HUMM organizers, and
    b) electronic maps already loaded onto your GPS or GPS-enabled smartphone. No laptops, tablets, or similar devices.
  8. Start / Finish Time: 08:30-17:30 every day. You must check out and check in. Late returns lose points - really late returns lose lots of points! All team members must return together.
  9. Each checkpoint has a points value based on how far it is from the hotel combined with the degree of difficulty. The HUMM is all about spending several days navigating your way around the mountains and seeing as much great scenery as possible.
  10. Obtaining checkpoint info from another team is grounds for disqualification. In the event of a dispute or challenge, a photo at a checkpoint that matches the photo in the HUMM book will be required to verify the team has been to the checkpoint.

Press and potential sponsors, please contact us here.

Facilities for a Fantastic Event

La Trufa Negra Resort is located in Mora de Rubielos (not to be confused with nearby Rubielos de Mora!) in the Teruel province in the heart of the Gúdar-Javalambre mountain range. It is just 24 km away from the Valdelinares ski slopes and 40 km from Javalambre. The resort is named after the highly-valued Black Truffle (Trufa Negra, in Spanish) found in this area.

La Trufa Negra offers a four-star hotel with first class apartments, full-service health spa, a restaurant, conference and banquet halls, and private estate. There’s even an on-site library, TV room, and daycare nursery.

La Trufa Negra street view, Mora de Rubielos, Teruel, Spain.

La Trufa Negra spa pool, Mora de Rubielos, Teruel, Spain.

The Hotel has 39 fully equipped rooms with air conditioning, bathrobe, an assortment of pillows and internet connection (ADSL and WIFI). If you want some more independence, there are 35 Apartments each with a fully-equipped kitchen (except for one) to make you feel at home. The site includes parking, a supermarket, and restaurant.

La Trufa Negra restaurant, Mora de Rubielos, Teruel, Spain.


Book your accommodations directly with La Trufa Negra.

Book your room via email at: OR by calling: +34 978 807144.

Use the promotion code: “HUMM 2017” to receive special event prices that we have negotiated for you (see below). These prices will be held until 30 June 2017.

Payments - La Trufa Negra requires a 50% deposit upon booking, with the balance due before 18 Sep, 2017. Extra charges to be paid on checkout.

Be ready with the following info:

  • your full name
  • phone number
  • credit card number and expiry date (Visa/Mastercard)
  • email address to receive confirmation


La Trufa Negra apartments, Mora de Rubielos, Teruel, Spain. 

La Trufa Negra apartments, Mora de Rubielos, Teruel, Spain.


All apartments, except for one, has a kitchen.
1 to 4 bedrooms
Ensuite bathrooms
Living/dining room
Double sofa-beds
Fully equipped kitchen
Plasma television
Central heating and hot water
Buffet breakfast (optional)
Pets ok


Check in 2 Oct/17,
Check out 6 Oct/17


B & B


1 Oct

6 Oct

APARTMENT 1 room, 
No kitchen. (1 person)

253 €

321 €

59 €

99 €

(1 person)

323 €

390 €

75 €

124 €

(2 people)

372 €

507 €

87 €

133 €

(3 people)

490 €

693 €

115 €

166 €

(4 people)

644 €

913 €

151 €

200 €

(5 people)

762 €

1 099 €

179 €

244 €

(6 people)

880 €

1 284 €

207 €

279 €

(8 people)

1 082 €

1 621 €

255 €

337 €

* All prices include VAT (IVA) tax.



Junior room and bathroom

La Trufa Negra junior room, Teruel, Spain.

La Trufa Negra junior bathroom, Teruel, Spain.

Superior room and bathroom

La Trufa Negra premium room, Teruel, Spain.

La Trufa Negra premium room, Teruel, Spain.


Heater/Air conditioning
Assortment of pillows
Safety deposit box


Check in 2 Oct/17,
Check out 6 Oct/17


B & B


1 Oct

6 Oct

DOUBLE ROOM (1 person)

326 €

394 €

78 €

131 €

DOUBLE ROOM (2 people)

420 €

555 €

98 €

174 €

TRIPLE ROOM (3 people)

599 €

801 €

140 €

243 €

SUPERIOR ROOM (2 people)

522 €

657 €

122 €

204 €

JUNIOR SUITE (2 people)

624 €

759 €

146 €

234 €

JUNIOR SUITE (3 people)

803 €

1 005 €

188 €

327 €

* All prices include VAT (IVA) tax.



The Awards Dinner (Oct 5) is included with your event registration. All other meals are priced separately. Your room rate includes either Breakfast or Half-Board (Breakfast and Dinner). If you prefer to eat Dinner elsewhere, there are other restaurants in town. If you wish to have some of the dinners at the hotel with other participants, the price will be an additional €23 per day. You can arrange this when booking your accommodations.

Breakfast and Dinner Buffets

Breakfast available for Oct 3-6. Dinner available Oct 2-4 (+ Awards Dinner Oct 5 included in your registration fee).

Two-course dinner offers a choice of four dishes per course. Vegetarian options available.


You are responsible for your own lunch. There are grocery stores adjacent to the resort if you wish to buy lunch items to carry. You may also come across restaurants in neighbouring towns while out riding.


If you're staying in an Apartment with a kitchen, you may wish to buy groceries at the local markets:

Charter Supermercat – Next door to La Trufa Negra
CoAliment Supermercado – Across the street from La Trufa Negra


  • Circular scented shower
  • Hydrothermal Pool with a hydrotherapy are where you will find:
    Waterfall, for the upper back area.
    High pressure jets, lower back area, buttocks, legs and feet.
    Massage chair.
    Jets for neck area.
  • Pools for bithermal treatment.
  • Finnish Sauna.
  • Turkish Bath.
  • Shower Route
    Bithermal Shower.
    Massage shower.
    Polar Rain with aromatherapy and chromotherapy.
    Tropical shower with essential oils and extreme temperature changes.
  • Ice Cold Fountain for skin toning and thermal treatment to improve blood circulation.
  • Refreshment Area  with juices and herbal infusions in the viewpoint area looking over the Javalambre Mountains.
  • Relaxing Lounge with heated loungers.
  • Massage and facial/body treatment room.

La Trufa Negra, Mora de Rubielos, Teruel, Spain.


Truffle tourism

Few know that the Gudar-Javalambre region is the main producer of what is commonly known as black gold, the "trufa negra" (Black Truffle).

Since its opening, La Trufa Negra Resort has been revealing the mysteries of the Truffle in its country house El Olmo to all truffle tourists. Truffle-tourism offers a dynamic journey into the world of this mysterious delicacy.

Black truffles.

Gúdar-Javalambre and Teruel Guided Tours

Guided or free tours, tourist routes, schedules museums and exhibitions.

Rutas from Mora de Rubielos, Spain.

Walking & Cycling Routes ('Rutas')

Choose from easy to moderate trails ('rutas') that start from Mora de Rubielos. Soak in the rolling landscapes of the area and discover new experiences along the way.

Rutas from Mora de Rubielos, Spain.

Golf at El Castillejo

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and tranquility among pine forests and mountains located in Alcala de la Selva. It is a scenic 9-hole course, only 10 minutes from the ski slopes of Valdelinares.

Golf at El Castillejo, Alcala de la Selva, Spain.

For more details on activities in the area, see La Trufa Negra's website.

I've already registered - I just want to pay!

HUMM Sierras De España 2017 Pricing

Includes Map and Event Book for each team; Certificate of Completion, Commemorative T-shirt and Support Package as above for each Rider and Pillion (Passenger);
Awards Dinner included for all attendees including Non-Riders.
Accommodation and all other meals not included. All prices are in EUR €.

Pre-Register & Pay before:



Pillion (Passenger)


Awards Dinner Guest


31 March 2017




30 June 2017




2 Sep 2017 or close of registration




NOTE: There is no 'On the Day' pricing - you must pre-register to enter! Space is strictly limited. We cap the event to ensure a better experience for all!

Important: Registration closes when we are FULL!

And yes, we will REMOVE the registration form and post a note when we're full and registration is closed.

HUMM Refund Policy

Press and potential sponsors, please contact us here.


days to go!

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HUMM Global Sponsor

Spot is the HUMM Global Safety Sponsor.

In Partnership With The Spanish Biker

The Spanish Biker is the Event Partner for HUMM Sierras de Espana 2016.

HUMM Sierras de España Aragón is organized in partnership with Simon Rice of The Spanish Biker. Simon scouted and laid out the course, found the venue and will be leading the support team at the event.

Comments about the HUMM:

"The best 48 hours of my life!"

"The trails we took were jaw droppingly beautiful. The overall location was amazing."

"Good atmosphere, shared knowledge and a great chance to develop skills old and new."

"Thanks for the event guys great work. The riding was great & it came with fantastic scenery."

"Thanks for organising the HUMM. I had such a good time and made friendships which are set to last a long time."

"You are to be congratulated on creating and running such a brilliant and unique event. Surely ranks amongst the top ten 'best fun' biking experiences I've had the pleasure to be involved in."

"Beautiful scenery, good mix of easy/challenging terrain, aircon garage for bikes/spannering, great mix of people, well organised."

"We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves, so from us a massive thank you, and we are looking forward to next year."

"We'll be back! I can't believe all the trails and how good they are - it's just amazing! WELL worth the trip down!"

You can help!

If you have a few minutes, please download a poster (Adobe pdf format) and print off a few and hand them round your bike club or your local bike shop or anywhere seems like a good place.

Poster in English in PDF format (0.6 MB):

HUMM Sierras de Espana 2017 Poster.

Hi-Res Poster (1.5 MB)

Postcard in English in PDF format (0.5 Mb):

HUMM Spain 2017 Postcard.

You may need to right click and choose "save target as..."

Thanks! Danke! Merci! Gracias! Obrigado!

HUMM Sierras de España Venue Location

La Trufa Negra
Avda. Ibáñez Martín 10-14. 44400
Mora de Rubielos, SPAIN
(Teruel province)
Tel. (+34) 978 80 71 44


La Trufa Negra is about 340 km from Madrid, 400 km from Barcelona.

Information about the area

Mora de Rubielos (Spain Info)

Mora de Rubielos is a municipality (pop. approx. 1,800) in the mountainous area of the Iberian System, province of Teruel, Aragón, Spain. It is the capital of the Gúdar region, situated on the left bank of the Mora River on a promontory dominated by its castle.

As well as other monuments, the Mediterranean Gothic style of the area is characterized by two main buildings: the former collegiate church of Santa María and the imposing castle, a product of civil-military architecture and one of the best-preserved in the kingdom of Aragón. The town boasts as many as five hermitages, dating from the 17th to 18th centuries. The local wickerwork has renown.

During October, the average temperatures range from 7-17°C with about 50 mm of precipitation for the month.

HUMM Refund Policy

We know 'stuff happens', and you know we have financial commitments to venues and caterers!

If you're unable to attend the HUMM, please let us know so we don't worry that something has happened to you...

Please note: Facebook posts and HUBB private messages are very apt to get missed so don't rely on them! Please reply to your confirmation e-mail from us, so it gets to the right person!

Up to 30 days before the event, we will refund all fees in full less a $50 (or €45 or £40) fee for handling and PayPal charges.

Within 30 days of the event, there will be NO refunds unless we cancel. Substitutions will be allowed, but the substitute must register online, and comment that they are substituting for you, and you need to confirm it.