HU Travellers Meeting California 2018


Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting

Thursday Sept. 27 - Sunday Sept. 30, 2018 - Mariposa, California

It's All About Overland Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned veteran with wisdom to share or a complete novice hungry for ideas and guidance, it doesn't matter if you ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, or drive an expedition vehicle...

Horizons Unlimited meetings are for everyone who dreams of adventure along the road less travelled.

Inspiring, Informing & Connecting

Some people value Horizons Unlimited events for what they learn from the unique line-up of presenters. Some people value the chance to discover new products and services at the trade stands. Some people value just kicking back with a beer among old friends and new.

Most people enjoy a little bit of everything, and everyone goes home fired-up for adventure with a smile on their face.

Group photo at HU Switzerland 2018.

The event will include a packed schedule of presentations and activities. All within the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that Horizons Unlimited is known for.

Horizons Unlimited California Event Schedule

The event is taking place from Thursday, Sept. 27 to Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018.

The Registration Desk will open for check-ins at 11 am on Thursday, Sept. 27. Lunch (pre-booked) will be served at 12 pm, with the first presentations beginning at 2 pm. The event will draw to a close at Noon on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Over the course of the event there'll be over 50 talks, demonstrations, workshops, Q&A's, challenges and competitions, with many presentations being repeated so you won't miss out.

As well as hearing inspiring stories of overlanding adventure from around the world, you'll get the low-down on preparing for your journey, navigation, first-aid, photography, filming and a host of other essential topics. Whatever your past experience or future plans may be, there's something for everyone.

The draft schedule will be available here approximately one week before the event - presentations are listed below as we get their details.

PLEASE NOTE: The schedule will change! All the presenters are volunteers and travelling, thus they may be delayed or unable to get there. Some may have anxiety attacks and be unable to perform! ;-) And sometimes travellers show up unexpectedly with great pics and stories, so we try to fit them in! Details of changes to presentation times or other matters of note will be posted at Registration and other locations.

Eric and Nicole's cooking class at HU California 2016.

Eric and Nicole's cooking class at HU California

Presenters at HU California 2018 so far...

Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

Northern eXposure
Double or Nothing
Rally Raid Kit for the BMW G310GS

Northern eXposure
An on- and off-road adventure through Canada and the bordering United States

This is the U.S. debut of Jenny's brand new travel video/slide-show presentation featuring highlights from her Summer 2017 solo adventure ride onboard her trusty Rally-Raid/Honda CB500X Adventure bike. This 10,000-mile journey through Canada and the bordering U.S. states includes some of the best backroads, by-ways and off-road trails between some familiar and lesser-known points of interest. NOTE: This is primarily an animated slide and video presentation with pauses for explanation and Q&A.

Jen on her CB500X Adventure bike

Double or Nothing
Tips for compact and efficient travel packing for on- and off-road

A wise man once said, "Overweight is underprepared." Jenny takes up this challenge and shows you how to pack everything you need into a minimalist luggage system for an indefinite period on- and off-road. Revised for 2017, this slide-show and practical demonstration includes tips on camping equipment, clothes, tools, spares, tech and navigation. With careful planning and consideration, a little can actually go a VERY long way indeed. Q&A is encouraged throughout the presentation.

Jen on the Trans-America Trail

Rally Raid Kit for the BMW G310GS
Tentatively an extension of "Double or Nothing" or on display

Decked out with its customized Rally Raid kit, Jenny's new BMW G310GS will be on-site for your viewing pleasure. Jenny will show the bike and the kit. And, as always, she's on hand for all your questions about it! By the time you see her, she will have zig-zagged all over North America since April 2018.

JENNY MORGAN is a British solo adventure overland traveller and rally racer. Currently dividing her time between the U.K. and the U.S.A., she has ridden in North and South America, Europe, and North Africa. She is also a key member of the Rally Raid Products (UK) development team, including the Honda CB500X and now the new BMW G310GS.

Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Small Bore Big Adventure
The whys and hows of small bore overland motorcycling

Join Mark as he recounts his journey on "El Burro", a 2014 Honda CRF250L. He will share his experiences of travelling solo from Georgia, southward to Puerto Natales, Chile, and then heading north to Buenos Aires. Get tips on successful travel strategies from the perspective of riding a small-bore bike 14,500 miles through 13 countries.

MARK BROWN has been an avid motorcyclist for over 50 years and counting. He travelled solo in Africa, North America, Central America, South America, and group travel in India. He's currently planning a 2019 trip to cross Europe and Asia on "El Burro".

Mark's bike overlooking a canyon.

Dirk Weisiger

Dirk Weisiger

My Ride to the Bottom of the World
Headed south to see new vistas on a solo journey & ended up feeling more connected to the people I met along the way

Come along and share Dirk's journey from Texas to Tierra Del Fuego. With not much experience riding motorcycles, no plan or GPS, and not knowing the language, he was inspired to ride to the bottom of the world. His solo ride went through the Cartel of Mexico, the MS 13 gangs of Honduras, and a war with FARC in Colombia. He got lost in the Patagonia of Chile and survived a mudslide in Argentina. After 18,000 miles, 14 months, and 12 countries, he discovered what was beyond the sun. He left searching for a world he never knew and found a cause bigger than himself. Be inspired to live your movie, ride your journey, and leave tomorrow.

Dirk is a travel trekker, trick roper, and storyteller. He's travelled to five continents and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He rode his BMW GS1200 solo from Texas to the tip of South America. Dirk lives his own movie and inspires others to live theirs.

Dirk Weisiger cover

LOTS of presentations to come! As people register to present we'll list them here.

How about you? We're all here to learn, and there's LOTS to learn! We want to do more presentations and seminars - but we need volunteers to give them! Any topic you can contribute having to do with motorcycle travel, maintenance, planning etc, lasting 20 minutes or more, would be great. Please contact us here to volunteer.

Presenters at HU California 2017 included...

Workshops and Tech Sessions below

Richard Frith

Richard Frith

Richie's Ford's Riding Intro
A pictorial insight into the little-known English sport of wet off-roading

Rich's presentation is a visual feast to the lesser-known highways and byways of his part of the U.K. Along with some useful and interesting anecdotes, he will show you a side of the U.K. not many people get to see. Rich is from SW England, recently retired from the U.K. Fire Service. Due to his work shifts, he's managed short trips abroad, but is well-travelled in the U.K.

Richard's bike on dusty road.

Elijah Anisovets

Elijah Anisovets, Lone Ridin'

Visor Against 13 Countries
Travelling 13 countries is an adventure; solving the visor problem is a journey

Following one's dream to travel through Latin America may seem crazy enough to many. Not knowing what to expect and what problems would arise can cause anxiety for many would-be adventurers. Elijah would like to talk about some of the challenges he faced from connecting with locals to seeing problems as an opportunity to do something great. One of the problems that haunted him from the start of the journey followed him to the last country he visited. The problem had created a whole other journey that he could not have imagined when he left for his trip.

Elijah quit his corporate job and left to to travel Latin America for eight months, leaving his peers to think he's crazy. After riding a motorcycle through 13 countries, a dream was formed to bring a new innovative solution to every rider.

Elijah on his bike

Michelle Nilles

Michelle Nilles

Thailand - Mae Hong Son Loop
Rent a bike and ride in Thailand on a short time frame!

In 2015, Michelle rented a bike in Chiang Mai and rode solo on the Mae Hong Son loop alongside Burma, which is called one of the best rides in the world. In 2016, she returned and repeated the trip with her boyfriend. They explored caves, got bitten by a gibbon, and had fabulous Thai cuisine from street vendors. They will talk about how easy and inexpensive it is to do such an adventure, when you only have four to five days of vacation to use for it!

Michelle has attended HU California every year from 2009 until now. In 2010, she rode her 1997 F650 from California to Guatemala and back, solo. In 2015 and 2016, she rented a bike in Chiang Mai and rode along the Mae Hong Son route, bordering Thailand and Burma. Next year, she plans to go all the way to Argentina!

Michelle Nilles riding her bike

Dave Thum

Dave Thum, Overland Adventurer

The Whys & Hows of Getting Organized
Feeling the struggle? Get motivated about why it's essential and how to get started

Many of us have been in a state of "I want to get my gear more organized" for years. Reasons include procrastination, not staying present to why it's important to you, and not knowing where to start. Dave will refresh your motivation and give you some practical tips and strategies to make this happen. Dave is preparing to become a full-time overlander in a few years. He has backpacked around the world and is currently doing shorter adventures on his KTM 1190 Adventure R and four-wheel pop-up truck camper.

Dave at the top of Lippencott

Dave and 'Homer'

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

How it all began. The story of Grant and Susan's 11-year trip around the world, without a plan or a clue!

Way back in 1987, before the Internet, two young and naive Canadians set out from Vancouver to ride around the world on a motorcycle. The plan (and budget) was for 3 years, but it didn't quite work out that way!

Grant steers around a road hazard - aftermath of flooding on the Pan American Highway!

Amy and Buck Perley

Amy and Buck Perley, The Great Ride of China

The Great Ride of China
Overlanding With Your Significant Other

1. The Great Ride of China

By early 2013, after more than two years living in the nation's capital, Buck and Amy started feeling like they were missing out on the "real" China that lay beyond Beijing. Sheltered in a bubble of comfortable expat life in a fast growing cosmopolitan city, they wanted to see more of the country that they had originally (and separately) come to experience. With a population of a 1.5 billion people made up over 56 ethnic minorities, a history that spans millennia, and climates that range from grass plains to deserts to high altitude mountains, there was a lot to explore! Buck and Amy share some of their experiences traveling in the Middle Kingdom, including passages from their just published narrative of the trip, "The Great Ride of China". With a familiarity of both the language and the culture, they were able to scratch below the surface of what most tourists and even veteran adventurers are typically able to experience of the country, including 20-mile traffic jams in the center of coal country, visits to the ancient capitals of long-dead empires, and a chat with a resident of a cave dwelling equipped with satellite TV. Savour their unique view into a country that, today, is often heard of, but rarely understood. Plus, some tips on preparing to travel around China (licensing, visas, dealing with the law, where to visit, etc.).

Amy and Buck rest by a river in China.

2. Overlanding With Your Significant Other

There's solo travel and group travel. And then there's couples travel. After traveling for five months together around China just two years into their relationship, one of the most common questions Buck and Amy got wasn't "What was your favorite part" or "Did you ever have problems with your bike", but rather "How did you guys not break up?". Long distance travel can be stressful enough as it is. Doing it with your significant other, while invaluable to have the support system of a partner, can sometimes add an extra dimension to the dynamic of life on the road. Amy and Buck start off with some of the steps they took to set themselves up for success (spoiler alert: they're now married!) as well as some stories of the most… precarious moments of the trip for their relationship. Dive into an informal Q&A and conversation on strategies and stories for traveling with that special someone in your life.

Amy and Buck 2-up amid streamers

3. Managing Technology on the Road
Strategies for managing your blog, website, digital media, social media, and online sales of the post trip fruits of your labor.

Not everyone has the benefits of deep pockets or support crews to take along with them on their adventure, but that doesn't mean you can't record your journey like a pro. On their five-month motorcycle trip around China, Buck and Amy took with them on a single bike: 6 cameras, 1 laptop, 2 external hard drives, and a wifi router. With so much to keep track of on top of the day-to-day grind of the road, routines are one of the most important parts of effectively capturing and sharing the memories from your adventure. Buck covers some of their most effective routines to capture over 1.3 TB of photos and video (later compiling into a 5-minute trailer and 25-minute TV pilot) while maintaining a daily trip diary online, plus some of Buck's advice as a professional web developer on how to make technology work for you.

Buck works as a software engineer in the Bay Area. In 2013, Buck and Amy broke a Guinness World Record when they motorcycled through all 33 provinces in China where they lived for six years. In 2017, he self-published a book about their trip: "The Great Ride of China".

Spencer Hahn

Spencer Hahn

England to Bulgaria on Two Wheels
A 26-year-old kid wanders east

Three weeks from England to Bulgaria, including the Route de Grandes Alpes, Transfaragasan, and more. Highlights include the White Cliffs at Dover, the French Alps, Romania, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic. Learn how Spencer prepared for the trip; what he packed; what he wishes he packed and didn't pack; where he went, what he saw, who he met, and more. Get inspired to do your own 'big trip'!

Spencer has ridden in Greece, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and from England to Bulgaria.

Spencer and a moto road sign

Spencer on twisty roads

Carla King and Jonathan Ehly.

Carla King and Jonathan Ehly

Exploring Magical Baja

We like to describe central Baja as a combination of the Galapagos Islands and Namibia that's only a day and a half's ride from San Diego. Its natural beauty and the opportunities for exploration by land, sea and air are endless. Baja has always been friendly to tourists and expats, and tourists flock to the northern and southern ends of the peninsula. But it's the central area between the Sea of Cortez and Scorpion Bay on the Pacific that calls to us, as it retains the original feel of old Baja.

Carla King in Baja California.

Ride your dirt bike, your adventure bike, heck, even your Harley. There's no wrong way to explore Baja. Lately we've been trailering our KTM dirt bikes along with inflatable paddleboard-kayaks and camping gear to keep our options open.

We look forward to showing you a lesser-known network of dirt and tarmac through landscapes that range from the rugged and pine-scented Sierra San Pedro Martir Mountains to desert ranchitas to glittering seas. We'll explore seaside wonders like Bahia de Los Angeles with its hundreds of thousands of dolphins frolicking in the sparkling blue waters among stark islands rising from the Sea of Cortez and Scammons Lagoon on the Pacific Coast for spectacular whale watching.

Carla King in Baja California.

Travel with us through the Catavina Desert with its thick-trunked elephant trees and Boojum forests, a surreal landscape borrowed by Dr. Suess to illustrate his children's books. Further south we bump along arroyos and oasis to the 7000-year old San Borjitas cave paintings. These are just a few of the opportunities we'll show you to inspire a plan for your ride to Baja's undiscovered treasures.

ALSO, How to set up a 4x4 vehicle with camping and motorcycle/bicycle hauler for less than $5000

Carla King is an adventure travel author who has specialized in solo explorations of the world on a series of cranky indigenous motorcycles. Jonathan Ehly is also a world traveler and he has been exploring Baja for over 30 years by motorcycle, 4x4, boat and small aircraft to seek out hidden trails, remote valleys and secluded bays. We've spent the last year exploring Baja together, and have chosen Mulegé and Bahia Concepcion as our base for continued explorations.

Justin Parker

Justin Parker

Intro to Moto-Camping in Bear Country
Bear vs. human behavior, specialty gear, how to make a bear-safe campsite, and other best practices.

Wherever your adventures take you, safety is always priority #1. And in North America (and Russia) when it comes to feeling the need for safety, nothing make one's heart race and eyes widen quite like camping in bear country or encountering a bear in the wild. The truth is bears are not innately dangerous and spoiling for a fight; theyare really quite shy. If a bear sees you first, chances are you will not see the bear. This is not to say bears present no danger — there is a very real possibility of danger-a-plenty if you do the wrong things — which is why Justin covers doing the right things, how to avoid the wrong things, and specific best practices for motorcyclists camping in bear country. Topics include: 1. Understanding Bears and Bear Behavior 2. Preparing For A Bear-Country Camping Trip 3. Bear Specific Gear 4. How to Pack for Camping in Bear Country 5. How to Set Up, Maintain, and Leave A Bear-Safe Campsite 6. What to do in Event of a Bear Encounter. With a good understanding of these topics, you can greatly reduce the odds of attracting a bear to your campsite, or a chance encounter on the trail. All facts, recommendations, and research discussed in the presentation have been referenced from leading bear authorities and other outdoor and wilderness experts in preparation for his own travels through bear country.

Justin loves learning new adventure travel skills almost as much as travel itself! On-road and off-road riding skills, mechanical training, and, most recently, he was certified in Wilderness First Aid. The bear-country best practices discussed in his talk were learned in preparation for moto-travel into the Rocky Mountains of USA and Canada.

Justin's campsite setup

Gerard Ungerman

Gerard Ungerman, Respectful Revolution

Through the Rodeo of Finding Sponsors
Lessons learned from jumping through crazy hoops to convince a motorcycle manufacturer to sponsor a slightly odd project.

Since 2012, Gerard has been crisscrossing the U.S. by motorcycle to interview on camera sustainable do-gooders who strive each day to make our world a better place. He's created a website, a YouTube channel, an active Facebook page, and a TV show, eking out funding and a living with a combination of debt, selling his stuff on ebay, donations, and patrimony dilapidation (pardon, "investment"). Almost everyday, he's learning new tricks to do what he does better. One of his latest pursuits is trying to secure SPONSORSHIP. How to go about selecting potential sponsors, then getting their attention to engage a dialogue, and eventually convince them to give you a bike, gear and a budget in order to to carry out your crazy project that's not your typical racing endeavor?? Gerard shares his experience, adventures, hopes and findings, what's working for him and what isn't - so much so that you can venture into the world and pursue your own crazy motorcycle travel dreams.

Gerard is an ex-military who has been obsessed with motorcycles since before he could even walk. He's been producing documentary films since 1995, and, at 49, is still trying to figure out how to make a semi-stable living.

Gerard set up for vlogging.

Gerard by California road sign.

Nancy Foote and Walt Fulton

Nancy Foote and Walt Fulton, Streetmasters

New Zealand - the South Island Wonderland
When You Get to the Road Less Travelled

1. New Zealand - the South Island Wonderland

An adventure "through the looking glass" at the bottom of the world... see why a trip to the land of Kiwis needs to be on your "to do" list! New Zealand is a motorcyclist's dream come true! Particularly, the South Island, which will be the focus of their presentation. Curve-filled roads with spectacular scenery, charming accommodations, and beautiful (and tasty) food. Outstanding back road travel abounds on an island almost the size of California. Come hear about their travels in New Zealand, and what's in store for 2018 (and it may include some off-road adventures for those so inclined)!

2. When You Get to the Road Less Travelled

Riding off-road on a large adventure bike or a smaller dual sport bike is unquestionably a unique skill. When the pavement ends, the hard work starts. So, what can you do to prepare for that big (or small) adventure? Walt and Nancy will share some tips and tricks learned over a million-plus miles both on and off road, including: suggestions on gear, technique, focus, awareness, pitfalls, and surprises. They'll also address anything that comes up during the 40-minute presentation.

Streetmasters riding group on dirt

Walt Fulton and Nancy Foote, owners of Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops, are focused on rider safety both on and off the pavement. Walt is a retired (and resurrected) motorcycle road racer and dirt tracker who continues to teach and ride off-road. Nancy has been an avid on-road rider for the last 30+ years whose love of the sport brought her to her involvement in Streetmasters. They have traveled much of the western U.S., including Alaska, and are going back to New Zealand for a third time in 2018.

Erik Munck

Erik Munck

Airbag ATGATT Saved My Life!
Demonstrating the Helite Airbag System

As an avid advocate of rider safety and safety gear, I was fortunate enough to be wearing my Helite Airbag vest when I was violently rear ended and could very likely have been killed. I did break my left femur, the hospital bill was over $100,000! However, from the waist up, not a scratch. I will be showing gory pictures of totalled cars and my new R1200GS, and doing live demo of the vest inflating!

With 44 years of riding under his belt, Erik is an avid traveler, photographer, journalist, techie, and PR/marketing guru to the motorcycle industry.

Erik Munck's former bike.

Zee Traveler

Zee Traveler

Minimalist Motorcycle Vagabonding
See the world from two wheels affordably with minimal belongings

The reputation around traveling has always been that it's expensive, dangerous and requires hauling large amounts of luggage. Becoming a motorcycle vagabond allows Zee to share online and with people she's met on the road her experiences about traveling which are neither expensive nor dangerous. She takes advantage of public lands and forests where camping is free and, with the right precautions, has very little safety concerns. It's also a joy for her to inspire others to start motorcycle camping, take longer trips, or become a long-term vagabond by showing you can fit what you need on your motorcycle. After seeing so much segregation in the motorcycle community, Zee created a group called "Minimalist Motorcycle Vagabonds" to have a place where the brand of bike you ride or how you camp doesn't matter. Here, it's all about the journey and how we grow as people in our adventures. This is the way she lives and believes it's worth sharing with the world.

In 2016, Zee became a motorcycle vagabond traveling across North America. She inspires and show others you don't have to have money or carry much to have a rich and glorious life living on your motorcycle.

Zee Traveler with her bike

Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez & Grandpa

Grandpa, Can I Go, Too?
A 10-year-old's insights and experiences on including kids in your motorcycle travels, how to limit risk and add fun.

Anthony Ramirez, a young rider (actually a passenger), will speak about his views on riding on long and short motorcycle travels. As a seasoned passenger, with more than 5,000 miles and four years experience, he will share a 10-year-old's perspective. You might think spending days with a 10-year-old on a motorcycle trip is about as desirable as getting a root canal, but Anthony will convince you otherwise. He'll provide some insight into why you should consider including the young rider in your life on your next trip. His views on the value he gets from participating, how to reduce potential issues, and creating an entertaining experience will provide a unique young man's perspective and new ideas for you. Anthony will suggest some steps on getting started - from first ride to participating in multi-day long distance travels. Finally, he'll describe his own recent experience putting these steps into practice including his perspective as a trip report from a recent 11-day, 2600-mile ride from California to Colorado by way of numerous back roads and mountain passes.

Anthony is a 10-year-old motorcycle passenger veteran from Paso Robles, CA, in a fanatical motorcycle family. His experiences include three BMW rallies, HU California, and recently, completing an 11-day ride from CA to CO. In total, he's ridden over 5,000 miles since the age of six.

Anthony Ramirez with Grandpa and bike.

Ginamarie Austin

Ginamarie Austin, Two Wheels Two Feet

Life After Travel
So, you've returned home after traveling, so what do you do now?

After deciding to quit your job, pack your bags, and saying goodbye to a world that is so familiar may feel like it is the hardest part about traveling. However, returning home can be more emotionally challenging than leaving for the trip in the first place. Now that you're back from that once-in-a-lifetime adventure and it has changed your outlook on life, work, friends and family, the reality is that those you left behind at home have remained the same while you were away. They even expect you to act and behave just like you did before you left on your trip. The transition back to reality without a job or a sense of direction of where to go next can make restless, anxious, or even depressed. You'll be constantly gazing out to the horizon, looking, dreaming, and wishing for another opportunity to get away again. Until you can travel again, come hear how to use those lesson learned while traveling and apply it to every day life back home.

Ginamarie is a motorcycle rider who had to learn how to stand on her two feet again after losing her husband to cancer. She learned how to maintain her own motorcycle and rode a 200cc Yamaha dual sport bike on a trip of a lifetime on the back roads of North America. She will share her experiences, strength and hope with others on the road.

Ginamarie working on her bike.

Mark Barrington

Mark Barrington

South America 2016 – 2 Bikers, 1 SatNav
Rides in Europe and Morocco

1. South America 2016 - 2 Bikers, 1 SatNav

In January 2016, Mark joined up with Gary (a fellow UKGSer chum) and resurrected a ditched group ride planned for South America. They planned to ship their BMW R1200 GS bikes to Buenos Aires, ride about 6000 miles through Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia and return to Buenos Aires to fly home - in three weeks! The ride pretty much went according to plan, but Mark and Gary had a couple of epic adventures along the way, and realised just how big the Andes really are! This presentation includes some video and Mark hopes to convince other average folks that South America is 'do-able'. He offers details of the simple shipping process and the pros and cons of two average blokes taking on South America.

2. Rides in Europe and Morocco

Mark recently shipped his bike from the U.K. into the U.S. to ride the Trans-Canada Highway before hooking up with a mate to ride into Alaska, getting up to Prudhoe Bay, and then riding back down the Rockies into California. He lives in England and "cut his teeth" riding a number of short bike trips into Europe and Morocco before taking a trip to South America. This presentation is a mix of his early bike rides and gives an overview of the sorts of short bike rides (2-3 weeks) he has done in Europe throughout the years. It may include some content from his current bike trip across the U.S. and Canada.

Mark is an average 50-something married bloke with a passion for the outdoors. A latecomer to the motorcycle fraternity, he has done a few long trips through Europe and one to Morocco. He yearns for a 'big trip' and likes adventures - but only with a small "a".

Mark Barrington and Bolivia road sign

Mark Barrington and Bolivia road sign

Ken Freund

Ken Freund

Crossing Borders
Getting you and your motorcycle through international borders

The process of getting through border checkpoints and customs can make or break your trip and budget! Learn helpful tips about passports, visas, vaccinations, carnets, shipping, money changing, bribes and "tramitadores" at certain borders. Ken will end with a Q & A session at the finish. Ken is a full-time motojournalist, photographer and technician who loves to travel and explore the world. He's been to 81 countries, on all seven continents, and has ridden across the Sahara Desert to Timbuktu. He's also a former EMT with Search and Rescue, air rescue pilot, and medal of valor recipient.

Ken Freund in South America

Tim Carden

Tim Carden, Tim Carden Photography

Lingering in Mongolia and the Stans
Vladivostok to Istanbul the Slow Way

1. Vladivostok to Istanbul the Slow Way

After a rear shock leak delayed the long ride across Asia, Tim decided to store his DR650 in Bishkek to allow for another riding season. He'll discuss his own balance of patience, self-sufficiency, flexibility, and intentionality... most of which slowly developed over 12 years of tours spread over five continents to date. He welcomes questions about what one could expect generally in the former Soviet Union states and about the Suzuki DR650.

2. Lingering in Mongolia and the Stans

Tim covers his three months of riding in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. In early summer 2016, Tim returned to Ellie, his 2008 DR65, that had been stored in Bishkek after arriving the previous autumn. He'll discuss more generally the importance of patience and preparedness, particularly for solo riders who like to slowly take less direct routes with intention. Tim is happy to field questions about what one can expect in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Tim has ridden 300,000 km, on either Skylar (Suzuki DL650) or Ellie (Suzuki DR650), through sub-Saharan Africa, North America, Europe, New Zealand/Australia, and Northern Asia scattered over the last 12 years. Trust those who seek the truth, doubt those who've found it.

Tim Carden

Nicole Espinosa

Nicole Espinosa, Rugged Rider

World Dreams
A common thread of dreaming big throughout humanity in all corners of the globe

Ever wonder what dreams and life plans look like in other areas of our world? Especially in corners of the globe like Africa and Egypt where so many are struggling? Join Nicole on her most recent "Living on the Road" path where embracing a financial squeeze opened the doors to global travel. Come see how other cultures answered the question, "What is your dream?" See how serendipity danced through daily travel, and ancient wisdom was unlocked along the way. All because of letting go of the reins and opening up to the beauty of humanity. Come experience the tapestry of similar hearts found in Africa, Egypt and Indonesia, all in 2017.

Living on the road on her DRZ400 for the past year and a half has gifted Nicole with a live-in-the-moment outlook on life. She was pulled to the mystical area of Joshua Tree in California's Mojave Desert where she spends much of her time in-between global travels.

Nicole jumps for joy

Chris Baker

Chris Baker

Motorcycle Diaries Redux: Cuba

Cuba is the hottest new travel destination, and for the first time in decades, U.S. travelers are flooding the island. Now is the time to explore this previously forbidden and endlessly fascinating Caribbean isle before it gets overrun by U.S. tourists. However, U.S. travel restrictions remain in place and it is illegal under U.S. law to ship a motorcycle or other vehicle to Cuba. No one knows Cuba like professional travel writer/photographer and motojournalist Christopher P. Baker, whose six books about Cuba include the Moon Cuba handbook, National Geographic Traveler Cuba, and Cuba Classics: A Celebration of Vintage American Automobiles. The author of more than two dozen travel guidebooks, Christopher famously shipped his BMW R100GS to Cuba in 1996, resulting in Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba (National Geographic Adventure Press). In 2013 he introduced the first group of motorcycle tours of Cuba for U.S. citizens since the Revolution, and has since led dozens of tours of the island end to end.

Chris regales his 1996 journey and describes how you can follow the trail of Che Guevara in your own "Motorcycle Diaries" redux. Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro's Cuba – Travel Book of the Year "This is a wonderful adventure book... a meditation on philosophy, politics, and the possibilities of physical love. It has the depth of a novel and the feeling of a great love story." — Judges, Lowell Thomas Award.

Chris shipped his BMW R100GS to Cuba in 1966 and rode 7,000 miles. Since 2013 he has led group tours to Cuba for U.S. motorcyclists. He reports on adventure journeys from South Africa to Scotland for leading magazines from Motorcyclist to Penthouse, and is the author of more than 20 travel guidebooks.

Chris at the Bay of Pigs, Cuba.

Cuban cars

David Rankine

David Rankine

Motorcycling to Alaska

A 40-minute presentation on various routes for those planning on riding a motorcycle to Alaska. Dave is originally from Alaska, but is retired and lives in Reno, NV. He has ridden a motorcycle around the world twice. His presentations emphasize useful information for people contemplating a trip to far off places.


Lyn Williams and Alan Curtis

Lyn Williams and Alan (Curt) Curtis, Twoxtw

Hidden Gem Eastern Europe
Magic Morocco

1. Hidden Gem Eastern Europe

Travels through Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Hungary and into Poland. This area of the world is often overlooked but the roads, sights and people are some of the best in the world. Let us show you how wonderful Eastern Europe can be. It is accessible, safe, cheap, and full of friendly, helpful people, and it would be a real shame to miss it!

2. Magic Morocco

Let us take you on a magical trip through Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains, the Gorgeous Gorges, and to the Sensational Sahara, over a period of four weeks. The sights, smells, scenery, and the people were amazing.

We left Australia in 2014 to ride the world, riding through South East Asia and then flying the bikes to Germany. From there, we have travelled all of the UK, Europe, Morocco, and back into Eastern Europe. Then to Scandinavia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Vladivostok. Shipped the bikes to L.A. and are now travelling the Americas.

Lyn Williams and Alan Curtis ready to ride.

George Leavell

George Leavell

What to do after a "butt-pucker" moment
What do you see?

1. What to do after a "butt-pucker" moment

You escaped that close call, what are you going to do next? How do you avoid repeating the mistake? All riders make mistakes. If you don't learn from it, you are going to repeat it and next time you might not be so lucky. Let's discuss how to troubleshoot the mistake. It only takes a few moments of thought.

2. What do you see?

Vision drills to help riders understand how better use of their eyes gives them more control, more confidence, and improves their safety. Vision drills include wide field of view and narrow field of view, and how and when to use them. I will teach you how important both central vision and peripheral vision help reduce anxiety.

George comes with 47 years' riding and racing, on- and off-road. Over 450k miles. Professional riding instructor for seven years. His passion and addiction are to help other riders be safer and to enjoy riding more and for longer!

George Leavell and his bike.

Lynda Lahman

Lynda Lahman

The Winner's Mind / What I learned researching & writing the 'Women's Guide to Motorcycling'

1. The Winner's Mind

Motorcycle classes stress the need to be focused when riding, but often don't teach exactly how to focus. In addition, fear can turn a wonderful riding experience into an unpleasant one quickly. Add in travel to foreign environments and it can increase anxiety for many. Those new to adventure riding, returning riders after years away, and those getting back on the bike after an accident or injury can learn how to focus on what's important and how to keep those fears from interfering with the joys of being out on the road no matter where you are going. It's a skill we can all improve no matter your current level of expertise.

2. What I learned researching and writing the Women's Guide to Motorcycling

A motorcycle doesn't care if you are male or female, so why a book just for women? While we're capable of anything put in front of us, I discovered a few unique characteristics of women who ride. There are two main areas of focus that arise that are common to men and women, although they show up differently, and one much more unique to women. Come discover what they are and what they may mean for your riding and for riding with others.

Lynda got her start riding at fifteen when a boyfriend taught her on his Honda 50. Leaving bikes behind until meeting her second husband in 2004, she was introduced to long distance riding and is now the only person to complete the eleven-day Iron Butt Rally as a pillion (twice) and as a solo rider (once). She is the author of four books; her most recent release is 'The Women's Guide to Motorcycling.' She currently writes a weekly 'Ask Lynda' column for and wrote a regular column in the print version of the Iron Butt Magazine. Lynda has a private practice as a Mental Skills Coach helping athletes, including motorcyclists, break through mental barriers to reach peak performance, get back after injuries, and find pleasure in their sport. She works with clients both in person and remotely via Facetime and Skype. She lives with her husband Terry in Snoqualmie Washington.

Don't miss her Q&A session about the mental and emotional aspects of riding. See "Tech Sessions" below.

Lynda Lahman with her bike.

Workshops and Tech Sessions

Because Horizons Unlimited events are about informing, not just inspiring, we also have a great lineup of educational sessions for you...

Grant Johnson

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Hex GS911 Diagnostic Tool
A super-helpful tool for BMW bikes

Grant does a demo of HEX Code's newest 'HEX GS-911 WIFI' electronic diagnostic tool for BMW bikes. It's saved him plenty of headache and money to get HU's BMW R1200GS roaring again. Grant says, "This tool lets you identify the problem BEFORE spending loads on diagnostics. Hindsight is 20/20. It's an awesome tool and now a part of my regular travel kit. Just wish I had it sooner! Anyone with a compatible BMW and is NOT carrying it is missing out on a great diagnostic tool that could save them major money in the long run."

Read Grant's review of the HEX GS-911 Wifi here.

Grant uses the GS911 Wifi for BMW bike diagnosis.

Kathy Storin & Richard Battles

Kathy Storin & Richard Battles, Manic Nomads

The R.I.D.E.
Video 101

Back-to-back sessions

1. The R.I.D.E.

Research, Integration, Decision-making, Expansion... all about bluetooth communications. Communications, and bluetooth in particular, has been advancing at light speed. Even if you've heard this seminar before or have been using bluetooth technology, Richard guarantees that you'll learn at least one new thing.

2. Video 101

"So, I got a video camera, now whattaidowithit?" Sound familiar? Richard and Kathy lead you through a Video 101 lesson for beginners. They do not consider themselves a videographer by any stretch of the imagination, but they have over 150 videos on their YouTube page - they feel qualified to offer you a guide to start your video product carriers.

Since 1985, Richard and Kathy have been manufacturing motorcycle luggage and offering communications systems.

Kathy on her BMW F800R.

Nancy Foote and Walt Fulton

Nancy Foote and Walt Fulton, Streetmasters

Dirty Streetmasters (Saturday, Sept. 23rd)
Paid motorcycle training workshop

Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops is best known for offering Advanced Cornering Techniques for the past 13 years, but for the last four years they have combined on-road and off-road skills in a class called "Dirty Streetmasters". If you ride a dual sport or adventure bike and would like to get off the beaten path, join us for a day-long workshop on Saturday, September 23rd. Dirty Streetmasters is designed for riders who want to explore the path less traveled, but haven't yet kept going when the pavement ends.

Already ride in the dirt? This is an excellent opportunity to refresh your skills under the watchful eye of an avid off-road instructor. The day will start with a bit of classroom, then an hour or so working on dirt-specific skills before heading out to some local dirt roads. You must have an adventure/dual sport bike with dual sport tires to participate in the Dirty Streetmasters workshop. Class size is limited, but we do need a minimum of 6 riders, so sign up soon to ensure your spot!


Walt Fulton, former professional dirt track racer and long-time off-road rider, will help you obtain the skills you will need to be comfortable riding your bike in the dirt.

Click here to sign up for "Dirty Streetmaster" class.

Class riding the curve

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

4 Easy Steps to Overland Travel! You can do it - we can help! Finding your way around Horizons Unlimited, other resources. Lots of great pics and video clips.

"Grant and Susan Johnson are icons in the round-the-world (RTW) motorcycling community. The Johnsons host - or more appropriately write, edit, produce, manage and coordinate Horizons Unlimited - a global network of motorcycle travelers... and a bona fide adventure motorcycling phenomenon." Dan Hilton, Rider Magazine

This seminar will be an overview of various 'How To' topics. Includes 'How to' content from the Achievable Dream series and great pics from HU Photo Contest winners!

Get Inspired on Horizons Unlimited.

Ken Freund

Ken Freund

First on Scene - What to Do at a Crash
Helpful tips if you are at the scene of an accident

Someday you'll find yourself at the scene of a serious accident where people need help to stay alive. It may be a motorcycle crash, car accident, or other type of incident. Seconds count and can make the difference between life and death. Yet many times on adventure riding trips, you're far from help. Knowing what to do and what not to do could save lives, perhaps that of your friend, partner, or other family member. Learn practical tips and gain experience before you need it! Q&A session at the end.

Ken Freund in South America

Scott Sinan

Scott Sinan, Blauer Tactical Systems

Personal Defense Readiness
What if learning self defense was easier then you think? Learn to be your own bodyguard.

So whats stopping you from doing that trip? Have you ever been caught in the 'fear loop'? Understanding and managing fear can be the catalyst to help you take the plunge and experience this amazing world we live in! Scott will go into the reasons he chose to ride, and his experiences throughout his 11,000-mile ride from California to Europe that helped him step out of his comfort zone. In addition, you'll learn some training models he uses to help other people understand the emotional and psychological affects of fear.

When overland traveling, you'll find that our world is relatively safe, but understanding fear and physical self defense go hand in hand. Scott has been teaching and training in martial arts and self defense for almost 30 years. He'll help you uncover your body's natural instincts and ability to protect itself, giving you the confidence to handle most confrontations.

Scott Sinan on a plateau

James Kitt

James Kitt

MotoFood -You Don't Have to Eat Sawdust!
Prepare great tasting meals in camp with easily available items from home and on the road.

We've all been there: you get into camp after a long day of riding. You're tired, hungry, and know that it's going to be the same old drill. Boil water, pour it into the bag, wait, mix and eat. What if you could take that same bag and make a deliciously different meal each time? Or at least have some fresh ingredients to liven things up? As moto-travelers, we're always thinking about space and weight. However, it's really all about thinking ahead, what to pack from home, what to look for in advance of camp, and how to use things you can find almost anywhere in any country to kick your meals up a few notches every time.

In this session, you'll learn how to: elevate the flavors of freeze-dried foods; prepare your own pre-packaged meals from home; make great comfort food in camp; source local foods and ingredients; what will keep on the road and how to store them; what spices work with certain foods and how to pack them efficiently; timing and coordination of your meal to cook great food with minimal equipment; and above all else, how to do these things with just the items he currently carries on his bike.

James Kitt (a.k.a. Roamin' Joe) is a Moto-Photo-Foodie just roamin' the world. Living life to its fullest through the people he meets, the food he finds, and the photos he takes wherever his travels lead him.

Apple pancakes

James demos camp cooking

Lynda Lahman

Lynda Lahman

A Q&A session about the mental and emotional side of riding

Based on the 'Ask Lynda' column of the WomenADVMagazine, Mental Skills/Relationship Coach Lynda Lahman will answer your questions and create conversations within the group to address all manner of concerns about the mental and emotional side of riding. Questions can be as varied as 'How do I divorce my riding partner' to 'What's a gut feeling and how do I know if I should trust it?'

Jim Kirkland

Jim Kirkland

Mad Max Road Side Repair Tips and Tricks
Many running issues can be trouble-shot on the side of the road and fixed...believe it or not!

In spite of riding a low mileage or new bike, plus doing all the maintenance the owners manual calls for, sooner or later you may experience a non-start condition, or a stop-running problem while on a great trip. OR what if a horrendous vibration or noise develops while you are on a lonely back road? Maybe even while riding solo. Where you start, where to check, and how to check will be presented in easy-to-follow-and-to-do layman's terms. After all, it is not rocket surgery or brain science! LOL. Learn how to get yourself out of mechanical pickles and what tools and equipment to carry. Learn to talk and walk Tech!

Ridden and wrenched on bikes since I was four, I retired two years ago as Director of Service with American Suzuki after a 42-year career. Degree in Industrial Education Automotive. Taught Tech school for Suzuki in my younger career days. Helped launch the GT750, RE5, GSXr 750, GS1000, Cavalcade and the entire VStrom line up.

Jim Kirkland with his bike

Volkmar Druebbisch

Volkmar Druebbisch

Modifying a Bike to YOUR Needs, and Why

Volkmar covers modifying your bike to YOUR needs for extended trips. Most of us have done it. If you want to accommodate camping gear, extra fuel, fishing rod, etc., this demo is for you. If you are interested to increasing comfort, safety, reliability or performance, then don't even think about missing this! With one of his two bikes at the seminar, Volkmar will share the fun and challenges a 1981 BMW R80 G/S or 2008 KTM 950se have given him. Bring your questions, there might be just the answer you've been looking for.

At the age of six, Volkmar's brothers had nothing better to do but to take him to the movie "Easy Rider". Did it change his outlook on life? Yes, instantly. He could not think of anything better than to move to California's motorcycle heaven 20 years later.

Volkmar's bike in Wyoming's Great Basin.

Grant Johnson showing tire changing.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Fix that flat! How to change a tire anytime, anywhere!

Grant's tire changing seminars are always well attended and appreciated. This seminar covers: how to prevent flats in the first place, and fix them when you get one; the best tools and how to use them for tube and tubeless tires; hands-on practical for beginners to experts, optional tire changing contest.

Grant Johnson's audience for Tire Changing at HU California meeting.

Grant's tire changing seminar at HU California meeting.




Panel discussions at most HU events include...

Border crossings - How to get through borders with minimal stress and cost!

Packing light - Tips and techniques from experienced travellers to reduce weight and bulk.

Regional discussions - e.g. travelling in South America or Asia.

For Women Only - A must for the ladies, so be sure to plan on being there! A chance to talk to experienced travelling women without the men around!

Experienced Travellers Panel - ask the experts anything you want!

Walk arounds / Show and tell!

Tool Kits - Show us your favorite tools. Toolkit discussion.

Tents and Bedding discussion (in the camping area) - What works, cheap vs dear and which ones keep you dry, warm and comfy!

Farkle Walk - Take a stroll and talk about your best bike mods - homemade saddle bags, toolbox mounts, GPS mounts, seats, side stands, tank panniers, cup holders, etc.

The Adventure Travel Zone

  • Equipment Specialists
  • Manufacturers
  • Tour Operators
  • Adventure Travel Authors and Film-Makers
  • The HU Store

Exhibitors - To be Confirmed

Ripcord Travel Protection combines travel insurance with evacuation and rescue services.

Your ultimate escape plan! Ripcord Travel Protection combines travel insurance with evacuation and rescue services into a single program. Ripcord Travel Protection is powered by Redpoint Resolutions, an elite team of special operations veterans, Stanford Medicine affiliated physicians, paramedics and nurses. Ripcord is perfect for adventure seekers, sports enthusiasts and international travelers.

Mosko Moto sells soft bags for hard travel. We build our gear to accompany you through the roughest terrain and craziest places you'd ever want to ride. It's tough-as-nails and built to take a beating, and we stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee. We want you to ride harder, travel further, go deeper, and push your boundaries, whether riding the dirt close to home or exploring some far-flung region of the globe. See you there.

Mosko Moto.

A great opportunity to obtain training with Walt Fulton and STREETMASTERS! Walt Fulton and Nancy Foote will be conducting a day-long training on precision cornering. Their techniques for teaching advanced cornering for street riders will help you get to your far-off destinations with more confidence and skill. Discounted price of $100 to HU California meeting attendees. Use this link to sign up for the 'Dirty' Streetmasters class.


RKA Luggage - Richard Battles will discuss all aspects of two wheel communications and cameras, luggage attachments, positioning and packing. RKA Luggage.
Overland Adventurer Designs. Overland Adventurer introduce the Kit Kube universal packing system from Overland Adventurer Designs. Still struggling to be more organized and keep your gear sorted?

- Dimensional system allows efficient stacking of Kubes inside luggage - Clear window - Water resistant and fast drying - Resistant to wear from vibration - Minimum bulk - Handles to assist in removing and carrying - Soft sides allow under and over-stuffing for flexibility in packing
- Washable: just toss into the washer & dryer to freshen up!

Adrian Mercado of Legendary Best Motorcycle Seats will be on site to customize your motorcycle seat! Legendary Best Motorcycle Seats.
Gregg's A-List.

Gregg's A-List

Gregg's A-List is the successor of motorcycle camping equipment specialist Full Throttle Camping. Gregg's A-List offers a carefully-chosen selection of camping accessories that will help you pack small and light without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Racer Gloves USA - Your hands are the most important connection between you and your motorcycle... they're the connection to your soul. We're Racer. Outstanding fit and protection is our business. Guaranteed to be the best fitting motorcycle gloves you've tried, or your money back. Industry-leading fit. Designed in Austria. Did we mention free shipping?

Racer Gloves, best fitting motorycle gloves you can buy.

CycleWipes offers a simple solution to, "How do I clean my visor?" WIPE then BUFF… & RIDE! 2 steps and 30 seconds to a bug-free visor. 12 soapy wet wipes per pack. Clean your visor, face-shield, lights, and bike. Re-sealable, safe, and gentle. Use around camp and for general clean-ups.

Cycle Wipes - a simple solution to cleaning visors, face-shields, lights and bikes!

Giant Loop Moto.

Giant Loop sells adventure proof packing systems, designed by riders for riders. Made in USA. Ridden worldwide.

Atlas Throttle Lock has created a bolt on throttle lock that fits on most bikes and takes up no grip space. Try it out on your bike at the event!

Atlas Throttle Lock.
ADV Motorcycle Magazine Adventure Motorcycle Magazine
will be attending, giving away free copies of the magazine, so look for Nicole Espinosa if you have any questions or just want to talk about the magazine. And they'll be snapping pics and writing a story about the event too!
Rugged Rider sells innovative dual sport motorcycle parts, dual sport accessories, dirt bike accessories, dual sport apparel, dirt bike apparel, camping equipment and original dual sport aftermarket parts. Rugged Rider also provides dual sport and camping tips and tricks and an entertaining dual sport blog. Rugged Rider, innovative dual sport parts and accessories.
Adventure Pockets. Adventure POCKETS - Combining great technologies for simple solutions. Bob Allen will be there: "We make a bag that attaches to the inside of a motorcycle windshield via a 3M velcro type pad. We also make bags that attach the same way for side-cases and top-cases."
Adventure Designs.
Shop Adventure Designs for high quality adventure motorcycling gear including BMW motorcycle parts and accessories for many models including the popular R1200GS/A and F800GS Twin. Customize your ride with exceptional innovative products for your bike.

Carson Motorsports are Northern Nevada's Premier KTM dealership and service center. We carry a full range of KTM motorcycles, from motocross to adventure bikes, kids bikes to off road racing machines. We have many years of experience in servicing, diagnosing and repairing motorcycles, building high-performance motors and setting up suspension and chassis to suit individual riders and racers.

Come see our full line of supplies and apparel from TOURATECH, KLIM, SIDI, ALPINSTARS, FMF, TRAIL TECH, SPOT, and many other quality brands.

Carson Motorsports, northern Nevada's Premier KTM dealership and service center.

Wandrr Motorcycle Tours.

WANDRR Motorcycle Tours
Turning your Rides into Low-Cost Touring Vacations IMAGINE... Riding the best roads in the country, seeing all the best and views, stopping at small Inns or B&B's and having a great meal with your "old" and "new" friends, all planned for you. You no longer have to ride miles and miles and spend hours trying to that great sight, or route that can turn your vacation into a great ride or a big letdown.

If you know of any other motorcycle or travel equipment vendors or tour operators who should be there, please suggest it to them! Exhibitors please contact us for details.

If you'd like to secure your place in the Adventure Travel Zone, please complete the booking form for Exhibitors.



Facilities for a Fantastic Four Days

Bikes lined up at HU California 2016.

  • Free Parking
  • Free WIFI
  • 12 showers plus other bathrooms
  • Beer & Wine on site
  • Great Food
  • Hotel Accommodation <2 miles away
  • 10amp Power Hook-Ups

Presentation Rooms

Largest presentation room at Mariposa Faigrounds - capacity 400! Covered outdoor presentation area at Mariposa.

Largest indoor room - capacity 400! Large covered outdoor pavilions and more!

Campsite & parking

Beautiful camping areas at HU California.

Shady camping areas in Mariposa Fairgrounds. Lots of flat camping areas!

The extensive campsite area is on flat, well-drained, ground with a few 10amp power hook-ups and water outlets. There are a number of secluded areas nestled next to woodland as well as RV parking around the perimeter of the main camping area.

If you need to use the electric hook-ups there are some through the grounds.

HU California 2016 bikes and tents.

Motorcycles will be allowed to park in the camping area. RVs will have a separate parking area. Cars, vans & trucks with trailers must be parked in the main parking lot. Please help to conserve the fields for future events by not skidding, wheel-spinning, etc. The organizers reserve the right to restrict vehicle movement and parking subject to weather and ground conditions.

Note: Camping prior to Thursday is $20/night and payable in cash to the fairgrounds.

No Fires

There's a strict 'no fires' policy across the whole site, but camping stoves and BBQs are allowed. There will be no individual camp fires allowed. There may be a group camp fire.

The HU California 2016 official bonfire.

The official bonfire!


Our contract with the venue has a midnight noise curfew. This applies to music and also if you're staying offsite, please leave quietly after midnight and be considerate of the older folks who are trying to sleep. ;-)

Showers & Toilets

There are 12 showers in 2 separate buildings by the camping area as well as the many toilets. The toilets and showers, and all the areas within the grounds have wheelchair access.

Children & Dogs

Horizons Unlimited is naturally keen to inspire the next generation of adventure travelers so you're welcome to bring your children along if you wish, but do bear in mind that the event is for adults (with adult themes and language) and we won't have any specific kids' activities. Children under 14 years old get in for free. Please note that the health and safety of your children is your responsibility and they must be supervised by you at all times. Children will not be allowed in any of the presentations from 8pm onwards each evening.

You'll need to ensure your pet remains on a lead at all times and doesn't damage or foul the site. Owners of noisy or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave.


Alana Espinosa, Nicole Espinosa, Alex Chacon and Rosie.

Alana, Nicole, Alex and Rosie relaxing at HU California 2016.

Mariposa Fairgrounds. Mariposa Fairgrounds.

Lots of places to sit and chat

El Capitan, Yosemite National Park.

El Capitan

Food, glorious food!

For 2018, we're pleased to announce that Caroline Briese of BB's Catering will be returning with several new dinner menus! Typical comments from past events:

"Great caterer!"

"The catered food was very good and the staff was awesome!"

For 2018 you will also have the option to prebook breakfasts and/or lunches on site. We recommend you pre-book the meals with your registration. There will be limited amounts available for purchase at the event. You can, of course, cook for yourself, or go to cafes or restaurants in Mariposa.

Mealtime conversations at HU California 2017.

Pre-book pricing - breakfasts 12, lunches 16, dinners 22


Confirmed Menu


Thursday lunch - Germany Germany flag.

Brat and sauerkraut, potato salad, green salad, Iced Tea/Lemonade/Water

Thursday dinner - Mexico Mexico flag.

Chicken enchilada with green sauce & flour tortilla. Ground beef enchilada with red sauce & corn tortilla. Spanish rice, refried beans and green salad

Dessert - variety of baked cookies and ice cream

Iced Tea/Lemonade/Water

Enchiladas. Source: Salad.


Friday breakfast

Biscuits and sausage gravy, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit salad

Friday lunch - Build your own wrap

Garden spinach and herb tortilla, Deli Sliced Turkey, Deli Roast Beef, Hummus Spread, Cream cheese Spread, Sprouts, Fresh spiralized beets, Spinach, Shredded lettuce, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, sweet diced peppers, pepperoncini, sliced olives, avocado spread &  cucumber- served with chips

Iced Tea/Lemonade/Water

Friday dinner - Italian Italy flag.

Pork Tenderloin with a dry rub topped with a whiskey praline sauce. Grilled Chicken with alfredo on the side as sauce- toasted rice pilaf, sautéed vegetables & herb focaccia bread with cubed butter. Dinner salad. 

Dessert - Crème Brulee

Iced Tea/Lemonade/Water

Grilled chicken. Creme brulee. Source:


Saturday breakfast

Croissant Egg Sandwich - 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of ham, one slice cheddar cheese, served with fresh fruit salad & breakfast potatoes


Saturday lunch - Burger Bar USA flag.

Oil topped bun, grilled hamburger- toppings- pesto mayo, regular mayo, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, grilled onion, fresh onion, condiments- served with chips & garden salad

Iced Tea/Lemonade/Water.

Burger bar. Source:

Saturday dinner - USA USA flag.

St. Louis Style Ribs & California Grilled Chicken (topped with garlic cream sauce, tomato, bacon, green onion, jack cheese & avocado) – accompanied with garlic mashed potatoes & sautéed green beans with toasted garlic almonds- Dinner Salad & garlic bread

Dessert - Peach & Blueberry Cobbler

Peach and blueberry cobbler. Source: Breakfast burritos. Source:


Sunday breakfast

Breakfast Burritos - Bacon & cheese, Sausage & cheese, Veggie & cheese- breakfast potatoes & fresh fruit salad.

Note- smaller tortillas this year - guests are able to take one or two- so still the same amount of food available for those who like larger portions-


Vegetarian and special diets

There will be a vegetarian option offered at each meal - we will need numbers for these, so please indicate when you register if you wish a vegetarian meal.

Special diets may be accommodated with advanced notice within reason.



A selection of Micro-Beers & wines will be available from the on-site bar Thursday, Friday & Saturday afternoon to late evening. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol to the event, but we reserve the right to expel without reimbursement any attendee who becomes intoxicated and/or causes a disturbance.

Mariposa Beer Garden.

Ye Olde Beer Garden

I've already registered - I just want to pay!


Includes admission to all slide shows, tech clinics, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitor areas on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Camping is priced separately. Meals are priced separately.

Pre-Register & Pay before:

Event Price

(all presentations and workshops)

December 31, 2017

June 30, 2018

September 20, 2018





Pay Cash or PayPal on Arrival

Full 4 Day Pass

Weekend-Only Pass (arriving Saturday)



MEALS (see menu above)

We recommend pre-booking meals. There MAY be individual meals available at a higher price at the event. There will be vegetarian alternatives, so let us know your preferences when you register. Prices include tax and gratuity.

Thursday Lunch - Brat and sauerkraut, potato salad, green salad


Thursday Dinner - Chicken enchilada with green sauce & flour tortilla. Ground beef enchilada with red sauce & corn tortilla. Spanish rice, refried beans and green salad. Dessert - variety of baked cookies and ice cream


Friday Breakfast - Biscuits, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs & fresh fruit salad


Friday Lunch - Build your own wrap


Friday Dinner - Pork Tenderloin with a dry rub topped with a whiskey praline sauce. Grilled Chicken with alfredo on the side as sauce- toasted rice pilaf, sautéed vegetables & herb focaccia bread with cubed butter. Dinner salad. Dessert - Crème Brulee


Saturday Breakfast - Croissant Egg Sandwich - 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of ham, one slice cheddar cheese, served with fresh fruit salad & breakfast potatoes


Saturday Lunch - Burger Bar


Saturday Dinner - St. Louis Style Ribs & California Grilled Chicken (topped with garlic cream sauce, tomato, bacon, green onion, jack cheese & avocado) – accompanied with garlic mashed potatoes & sautéed green beans with toasted garlic almonds- Dinner Salad & garlic bread. Dessert - Peach & Blueberry Cobbler


Sunday Breakfast - Breakfast Burritos - Bacon & cheese, Sausage & cheese, Veggie & cheese- breakfast potatoes & fresh fruit salad.



Camping is available on site at a good price. Price (per person) for Thurs, Fri and Sat is as follows. NOTE: Camping prior to Thursday is $20/night and payable in cash to the fairgrounds.


3 Nts

2 Nts

1 Nt








days to go!

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Modern Motorcycle Diaries

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What happens at HU events?

HUBBUK - the premier adventure travel event in the world!

HU South Africa

HU Supported Charity

Do Good as You Go.

The HU Supported Charity is 'Do Good As You Go', Volunteer Programs for Independent Travelers Around the World, which is run by the Muskoka Foundation.

"Do Good as You Go is a network that connects individuals that are traveling and volunteering to quality small to mid-sized organizations making significant, positive impact on their local community.

The objective is to fulfill the needs of the organizations as well as leverage the unique skill set of the travelers.

By lowering the barriers to high quality, meaningful volunteer opportunities we look to encourage people traveling for all different reasons to Do Good as they Go.

By working closely with the directors of our partner organizations we work to develop relationships and programs that are sustainable and provide a deep local impact."

See below for a short slide show on how this works.

You can support Do Good as You Go by getting raffle tickets for our Saturday evening charity raffle.

Thanks for your support.

Join the Volunteer Crew

From welcoming travellers at the gate, to taking care of the campsite and making sure all the presentations run smoothly, the success of every HU event relies on the enthusiasm of its volunteer crew.

Dee Masters, volunteer extraordinaire!

"What a wonderful bunch of people. I had no idea how much fun I'd have by helping out!"

"It was my absolute pleasure to be able to give something back to the HU community and working with such great folks really made the event special."

Volunteering is a great way to make new friends, get more involved with Horizons Unlimited and have loads of fun! You can sign up to volunteer when you register for the meeting, OR click here if you have already registered and want to add volunteering.

Comments about HU California

"That was SO MUCH fun!! When can we do it again??"

"WOW!! A ton of info and $$$ well spent! So many trips, tips, subjects, discussions, questions, answers, experiences, insights... I could go on and on. I will be back, and back, and back. Next time hopefully I can contribute as a presenter. Thanks Grant & Susan"

"Thank you all for such a superb extended weekend. So good to see everyone, to hear so many stories, to learn so much, and just to feel so at home with my tribe. Thanks to you my batteries are fully recharged and rarin' to go!"

"I loved the event, the people, the presentations, the food, I loved it all!"

"The catered food was very good and the staff was awesome!"

"The friendly atmosphere was fantastic and even though I arrived by myself and only knew one person there I felt among friends. Keep up the good work."

"I think you all do a great job with this event. I appreciate the effort."

"It was really well organized and the meeting rooms were perfect - even the outdoor ones."

"SO Many Friendly people!"

"Great new venue, much more space. Camping was excellent. Big presentation rooms."

"...everyone left their egos at home, because it's all about the adventure."

"Nice location- good rides and town near by. Large space- easy to get around and nice to be able to camp next to your bike."

"People were very friendly, open and easy to talk to. A great way to network with other travelers."

"Excellent mix of different types of presentations."

"It was like being with family...a friendly group with shared love of adventure."

"Everyone was humble, genuine, and encouraging, and I really needed that kind of 'we're all just people' kind of atmosphere."

You can help!

If you have a few minutes, please download the poster (Adobe pdf format) and print off a few and hand them round your club or your local bike shop or anywhere seems like a good place.

Poster in pdf format (453kb) full colour 8.5 x 11 Event poster:

HU California 2018 Poster.

Hi-Res Poster (1.5 MB)


Postcard in pdf format (684kb) full colour Event postcard:

Horizons Unlimited California 2018 postcard.

Postcard - 4 to a page

You may need to right click and choose "save target as..."


Be a Presenter

We're inviting submissions for presentations, so whether you're attending the event or exploring a distant continent, if you've got a story to tell or expertise to share we'd like to hear from you.

We love to hear stories about your travel adventures, especially if you have great pics! Also, practical how-to sessions such as roadside cooking, navigation / GPS, trip prep and planning, adventure motorcycling medicine, packing light, setting your bike up, communications / blogging from the road, self-publishing your story, yoga for bikers, bodging / bike maintenance, self-defense, photography, videography, tire repair, safe riding techniques, how to pick up your bike, off-road riding, all are of interest.

There are 40 minute and 90 minute sessions available for talks, workshops, demos and live web chats.

Click here to submit your ideas


Submitting a Presenter registration DOES NOT mean you will automatically be included in the schedule, as we often have more presenters than available presentation slots. We will confirm one way or the other as soon as we can (but not immediately!)

Departing or Returning?

If you're planning an expedition, why not make the Horizons Unlimited meeting your official start point? Or maybe you're nearing the completion of a journey and would like a very public welcome home? Of course you might just be passing through and fancy marking a key stage of your travels?

We'd love to make you a big part of the meeting, so feel free to get in touch and tell us your plans.

Book your Trade Stand space

Over the course of four days, this Horizons Unlimited event offers a unique opportunity to build awareness of your brand and talk directly to potential customers.

The Adventure Travel Zone occupies a central position at the event site and is exclusive to trade stands representing the overland adventure travel market.

Choose between our Premium and Standard packages, both of which include on-site advertising and Pecha Kucha presentations about your products and services.

Click here to book your trade stand

Advertise at HU Yosemite

Run a business that serves the overland adventure travel market? Want to spread the word at HU Yosemite but can't take a Trade Stand? Send us a vinyl or roller banner and we'll display it in a prominent position.

Click here to arrange advertising

California Venue Location

Mariposa County Fairgrounds
5007 Fairgrounds Road,
Mariposa CA 95338

View Larger Map

Mariposa is:
167 miles from San Francisco (via Hwy 99S)
294 miles from Los Angeles (via Hwy 99)
70 miles from Fresno and the Central Valley

Mariposa distances. Click for larger map.

Click for larger map

Other Accommodation

If you'd rather not camp, there are other options. There are a number of hotels in Mariposa (approx 2 miles from the Mariposa Fairgrounds), but they will fill up fast!

We have negotiated a good rate at the following recommended hotel:

Best Western Plus Yosemite Way Station - $139.49
4999 Highway 140
Mariposa, California, 95338
Phone: 209-966-7545

Quote code HORIZONS

Information about the area

From wineries to zip lines, gold panning to horseback riding, there's heaps to see in the Yosemite area! You should plan to stay a few days.

Adventures & Tours

Cave & Mine Adventures - caving, rappelling and rafting in Black Chasm Cavern, California Cavern and Moaning Cavern Park.

Yosemite Ziplines and Adventure Ranch - gold panning, challenging aerial adventures, zipping - yikes!

Zip Yosemite - experience and hand-braking NOT required! Fully guided tours.

Horseback Riding at Yosemite's South Entrance - ranging from 1 hour to 1/2 day.

Yosemite Close Up Tours daily guided tours, including hiking and custom tours.

Grant rock climbing in Yosemite Park.

Grant climbing in Yosemite ;-)

For something a little less strenous,

Try the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad, scenic steam trains.

California State Mining and Mineral Museum is located right at the Fairgrounds. It contains 'an unforgettable collection of the State's many gem and mineral resources.'

Butterfly Creek Winery is a boutique winery and gift shop just set on 200 acres just outside Mariposa.

When all that activity tires you out,

Go for a massage! Grant and Susan can personally recommend:

Olga's Massage Therapy
5115 Smith Rd
Mariposa, California

Really Hungry? the Happy Burger Diner has the largest menu in the Sierra, including vegetarian, and their burgers are great!

Local Bike Shops

Let us know any good dealers nearby!

Cycle Specialties BMW/Triumph

1201 North Carpenter Road
Modesto, CA
Phone: 209-524-2955

BMW Ducati Triumph Indian

Herwaldt Motorsports 5615 E. Westover Fresno, CA 93727 Phone: 559-292-2269 Toll Free 866-811-4269

Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki

Merced Powersports 265 West 15th Street Merced CA 95340 Phone: 209-722-8055

Local Hosts

 Flip Morton. Craig Haggart.

Flip Morton is the local host for this event, supported by Craig Haggart, Bill Miner and a great team of volunteers. We're VERY grateful to them for stepping up and making it happen with a lot of legwork and effort.

We can always use help on the day - please volunteer to help out for a couple of hours when you register!

HU Events Refund Policy

We know 'stuff happens', and you know we have financial commitments to venues and caterers!

If you're unable to attend an event, please let us know (by e-mail reply to your confirmation e-mail from us) so we don't worry that something has happened to you...

Up to 30 days prior to event start, we will refund all fees in full less a $10 (or €9 or £8) fee for handling and PayPal charges.

Up to 15 days prior to event start, we will refund camping/accommodation and food packages in full less a $10 (or €9 or £8) handling fee. We will apply your registration fee to any subsequent HU event in the year or following year. If you have purchased a t-shirt, let us know your mailing address and we'll send it out.

Within 15 days of the event start, there will be no refunds, but we will apply your registration fee to any subsequent HU event in the year or following year. If you have purchased a t-shirt, let us know your mailing address and we'll send it out.

New to Horizons Unlimited?

Horizons Unlimited was founded in 1997 by Grant and Susan Johnson following their journey around the world on a BMW R80 G/S motorcycle. The website, HUBB forum and regular events across the globe have inspired thousands of people to follow their dreams and take the road less travelled.

Susan and Grant Johnson
Read more about Grant & Susan's story

Membership - Show you're proud to be a Horizons Unlimited Traveller!

Horizons Unlimited is not a big multi-national company, just two people who love overland adventure travel and have grown what started as a hobby in 1997 into a full time job (usually 8-10 hours per day and 7 days a week) and a labour of love. To keep it going and a roof over our heads, we run events such as this one (18 this year!); we sell inspirational and informative DVDs; we have a few selected advertisers; and we make a small amount from memberships.

You don't have to be a Member to come to an HU meeting, access the website, the HUBB or to receive the e-zine. What you get for your membership contribution is our sincere gratitude, good karma and knowing that you're helping to keep the motorcycle travel dream alive. Contributing Members and Gold Members do get additional features on the HUBB. Here's a list of all the Member benefits on the HUBB.

You can join at a reduced rate as part of your meeting registration. Note that new Memberships with your Meeting Registration are applied as of the Meeting date or as soon as possible thereafter, not earlier, unless you make a special request in the Comments box when you register.