HU Travellers Meeting California 2013 Archive


Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting

Thursday Oct 24 - Sunday Oct 27, 2013 - Cambria, California


It's All About Overland Adventure

Whether you're a seasoned veteran with wisdom to share or a complete novice hungry for ideas and guidance, it doesn't matter if you ride a motorcycle, a bicycle, or drive an expedition vehicle...

Horizons Unlimited meetings are for everyone who dreams of adventure along the road less travelled.

Horizons Unlimited California Event Schedule

The event is taking place from Thursday, Oct 24 to Sunday, Oct 27, 2013.

The Registration Tent will open for check-ins at 1 pm on Thursday, Oct 24, with the first presentations beginning at 6 pm. The event will draw to a close at Noon on Sunday, Oct 27.

Over the course of the event there'll be talks, demonstrations, workshops, Q&A's, challenges and competitions, with many presentations being repeated so you won't miss out.

As well as hearing inspiring stories of overlanding adventure from around the world, you'll get the low-down on preparing for your journey, navigation, first-aid, photography, filming and a host of other essential topics. Whatever your past experience or future plans may be, there's something for everyone.

Presenters at HU California 2013 include...

Jeffrey Polnaja.

Jeffrey Polnaja, Ride for Peace

RTW through 78 countries and still going!

Almost everyone said IMPOSSIBLE when he started his continous RTW journey from Indonesia in 2006. The journey is not easy but doesn't mean impossible. Hit by a drunk driver in the middle of Baluchistan desert, face to face with Himalayan bear in Bhutan and riding thru extreme weather in Trans Siberia became a part of his 'Ride For Peace' journey.

Jeffrey Polnaja.

Jeffrey didn't just overcome those problems, he also visited 78 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe. Now, he's on his journey to explore the Americas and Australia. He will visit Cambria on his journey to Mexico and will share his stories, photos and movies with you.

Sam Manicom.

Sam Manicom, Into Africa

Africa? A land of eye-opening adventure

The magic of Africa on two wheels, its people & all the things that can both scare and delight an overlander. Every day an adventure!

As a novice motorcyclist (3 months on two wheels) Sam set out to ride the length of Africa. The journey affected him so much that he didn't return home for 8 years, 200,000 miles and 55 countries round the world. Sam will be talking about this amazing land, its people, the funny side of life and plenty of tales of the unexpected; some of which touch upon overlanders greatest fears. The worst can happen but there's always a silver lining.

Sam Manicom at the Fish River Canyon, Africa.

'One of the best story tellers of adventure in the world today.'

Author Sam Manicom has travelled using various forms of transport including bicycle, sail, and train, and has hitch-hiked in many parts of the world. Returning from his 8-year rtw motorcycle journey, he works full time in the world of adventure travel and is an advisor to the Ted Simon Foundation.

Wynne Benti.

Wynne Benti, True Grit GS

Best of the West - Riding solo & packing light, photographs highlight some of the West's more offbeat spots.

Having lived, worked and traveled abroad from Libya to Japan, there is no place like home. Adventure is right here and accessible to all of us. My photographs and stories highlight some of the more offbeat spots west of the Mississippi. Topics include riding Colorado's Fourteeners; Hastings Cutoff taken by the Donner Party; the Great Basin, the Great Northern Plains, Saline Valley, Death Valley, Panamint Valley and traversing Goler Wash from Panamint Springs and back.

Wynne Benti.

Wynne has received BEST Magazine feature awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of California for articles in RoadRunner and BMW On Magazine. Years before learning to ride, She has climbed over 800 peaks in the West, including Baja, Alaska and Japan and was the 105th person to complete the Sierra Club's Desert Peaks list of 100 classic desert mountains from El Picacho del Diablo in Baja to the summit of Weaver's Needle in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Certified by the American Red Cross in Whitewater Canoeing and River Rescue, she has done multiple week canoe trips on a number of large rivers including the Yukon, Colorado and Green. She is a coauthor of guide books, Climbing Mt. Whitney and Favorite Dog Hikes in and Around Las Vegas.

Ben Slavin.

Ben Slavin, A Few More Miles

2up through Western Europe - The art of living off cheese and baguettes

Before starting his new job across the country, Ben and his girlfriend jumped on a plane to Luxembourg, borrowed a 1995 BMW K75 motorcycle and spent 3 weeks riding 2up through western Europe. In this presentation Ben shares photos of beautiful European landscapes, amazing roads in the Swiss Alps, following the Tour de France and of course the world's most awkward soap dispenser...


I Wish I'd Known That! Advice for motorcycling the Americas

If you are preparing to ride south of the border, this is a must see presentation. Ben shares a selection of stories from his rides through Latin America. Expect lots of Laughs, a bunch of WOWs, a few Oh My Gods and at least one This Is So Damn Embarrassing, I Can't Believe He's Telling This Story In Public... Learn from Ben's successes and misadventures as you prepare for next big ride south of the border.

Ben Slavin.

Basic Spanish for Riding The Americas - dos cervezas y una baño

No Spanish? No problem! Six months before Ben Slavin left for Mexico, he didn't speak a lick of Spanish. In this presentation Ben will help prepare you for your ride south of the Border. Learn how to build your vocabulary fast, the best way to ask for directions, how to read road signs, important motorcycle terminology and country varieties. Ben Slavin has ridden extensively throughout Latin America and produced several motorcycle documentaries including the popular and In addition to filmmaking, Ben continues to develop other tools for overland travelers such as and When he's not riding around the world, he can be found working in the Bay Area and saving every penny for his next big ride. Check out to keep up with his travels.

Michelle Nilles.

Michelle Nilles

Adventure Sports in Central America

Experience ziplining, canyoning, and caving as I describe riding through Mexico & Guatemala with a wetsuit and climbing harness!

In 2010 I did a solo ride to Guatemala and back, after having joined HU and learning how to ride in 2009. It was the most exciting adventure of my life!

Michelle Nilles.

Nicole Espinosa.

Nicole Espinosa, Rugged Rider

When Serendipity Rides Pillion

Many balls have been kept in the air over the past five years. From raising kids, keeping a business afloat, being the managing editor of Adventure Motorcycle magazine, to helping my boyfriend recover from cancer… it's been a juggling act. But, there's one ball that's helped retain sanity during all this time—"Jack," my motorcycle. A few months ago, it was finally time to hit the road again, this time with only one passenger… Serendipity. Come experience how the awe-inspiring lower four western states of North America took me through a spiritually moving transition that's led to more of life's answers… all through a series of "happy coincidences."

Nicole Espinosa.

Nicole's thirst for adventure was born as a young girl camping on the shores of Whidbey Island, Washington. Yet, it was the gleam in her Uncle Mike's eye, as he rolled into their driveway astride a Harley on a U.S. tour, that sparked the five-year-old's passion for motorcycles and adventure. Since then, Nicole jumped into solo adventure riding around the U.S. in order to encourage her kids to live life to its fullest. In addition to writing for magazines, you can find Nicole designing dual-sport and adventure motorcycle accessories for her aftermarket business, Rugged Rider. What's next? Nicole is planning a world tour with her children and boyfriend aboard a pair of Ural sidecar motorcycles.

Sandra and Brian Smith.

Brian and Sandra Smith, VStrom Adventures

How the heck did we get here (Morocco)?

Combining great pics, video and a question and answer session covering a 15 day circumnavigation of Morocco from Tangiers, Chefchouan, Fes, Merzouga, Dades gorge, the High Altas mountains, Marrakech Essaouira, and the western coast of Morocco.

Sandra and Brian Smith.

Brian is a 46+ year veteran of motorcycling and has adventure travel experiences spanning 14 years with wife/pillion Sandra. Their trips have covered 3 continents 25 countries, 65000 kms, and 180 world heritage sites. Their most recent trip in 2013 included previously unvisited Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania. They consider their travel strengths to be in trip planning and systems integration.

Sandra is the travel analyst in this pairing and makes most of the selections of where to stay, ethnic foods to experience, and sites to see. With training as a dietary technologist, food, is a central part of ensuring a meaningful cultural experience. Her batting average for the last 3 trips is very close to 1000, and the biggest gem ever experienced was as a result of her 'find' of the 'Convento de Cristo' in Tomar, Portugal , a World Heritage Site. As a passenger, she began riding with Brian when they started dating over 42 years ago, and, takes a very active role in all aspects of travelling by motorcycle.

Cliff Danger.

Cliff Danger

The Bunny Teeth movement

Lucy, Cliff and a box of Bunny Teeth - Traveling the world and spreading smiles one pair of teeth at a time.

"I love a good road trip. Whether driving my 62 Chevy from Los Angeles to NYC or driving a Fiat Punto 2000 miles around Scotland. I am on an endless journey of self exploration and exploring the wonders of the world.

I found my newest transportation in Saigon, Vietnam on a humid December day. Lucy is a 1975 Minsk-built in Belarus- that took me on a great adventure throughout Vietnam and Cambodia. A previously owned Vietnamese Minsk motorcycle is neither luxurious, comfortable or reliable. That said Lucy took me on a great journey and I have grown very fond of her.


This fondness led me to spend a silly amount of money bringing Lucy back to the US and restoring her to what I can only assume is better than new condition. Everything has been welded up, replaced or rebuilt. She still isn't a luxurious or comfortable ride, but I hope she is reliable.

Lucy and I are traveling around the United States taking pictures, handing out Bunny teeth and meeting wonderful-and sometimes grumpy strangers. Come meet Lucy, hear me ramble and get your own set of Bunny Teeth."


Fred and Karen Walti.

Fred Walti, the Restless Traveller

2 Up. 90 Days. 9000 Miles in South America

Don't miss the trials and travails of two baby boomers riding through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Uruguay on the first leg of their ATW trip. Two years in the planning didn't help as things started to go wrong from the first day in Buenos Aires. Learn about using Skype to troubleshoot technical problems, the do's and don'ts of shipping and what are the must-see places.

Karen Walti in Peru.

"Boy motorcycle racer, adult AdMan (no, it was nothing like Ad Men), Internet Titan, (for 30 seconds I was worth $40 million), serial entrepreneur (some things are hard to shake), management consultant (to major and minor leaguers) and amateur writer (pretty obvious). Along the way, I raced on the banks of Daytona and didn't get killed, somehow met The Right Woman the second time around, went to more universities than a classroom full of kids before persuading NYU to fork over a diploma, was the only guy I knew who took two briefcases to work every day - and I mean every day - and have always been a rabid fan of going fast in/on anything with wheels.

I'm most proud of surviving my various motorcycle escapades: winning 70+ races and numerous club championships, racing two legendary killer bikes - the Kawasaki Z1 and Yamaha TZ750 - and not getting killed or maimed, riding a bike for four days in Kathmandu's traffic, crossing the Andes on a dirt road crammed with Dakar competitors. I have somehow convinced my wife, Karen, to travel the Western US, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Nepal and parts of South America two-up on a motorcycle without killing either of us. And we're still talking... mostly."

Sandy, Terry and Jack Borden.

Sandy, Terry and Jack Borden, Adventure Trio

Fleeing the Burbs: We're outta here!

Making the decision to sell the house, sell the business, and educate the kiddo on the road for a year (or more).

Bordens in action.

"As a family of 3 on 2 BMW GS's, we find life on 2-wheels more fulfilling than life in the burbs. Jack, now 12, has been riding on the back with Terry since he was 5 years old with Sandy following close behind. Jack's only going to be a kid once so the memories we're creating are more precious than anything.

Bordens - Great Divid or Bust!

We finally made the decision to take our lives back and flee the usual. We'll be departing from the HU Cambria 2014 meeting and heading south through Central and South America, home-schooling Jack as we roll. Actually, it's going to be an education for all of us as we've had a mortgage since we were 22! With only a little home to come back to in Northern California, it's time to shed the unnecessary and show Jack, and ourselves, life beyond the suburban bubble."

Carol and Ken Duval.

Ken and Carol Duval, Australia

Life on a Bike - 6 years on the road!

2UP traveling on a 32 year old bike through all South American countries and north through Central America to USA & Canada.

Ken Duval, road works in Colombia.

Road works in Colombia

"In 1997 we left on a 1981 BMW R80 G/S for an 18 month trip around the world and were away 4 years 2 months & 17 days through 57 countries & 200,000 kms. We sold everything and set off again in 2007 for our 2nd RTW. So far we have spent 3 years in South & Central America & this is our 3rd summer in North America. Next year we will be heading to South Korea, Japan, Russia, Mongolia and Europe. Now our life is on the bike."

Carol Duval sun baking in Colombia.

Carol 'sun baking'

Jeremy Kroeker.

Jeremy Kroeker, Canada

Through Dust and Darkness - KLR through Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Jeremy Kroeker has traveled to over 30 countries with his motorcycle and done at least one outrageously stupid thing in every one. One October, he rode from Canada to Panama in an attempt to flee the pain of a broken relationship. Motorcycle Therapy - A Canadian Adventure in Central America tells his story of personal discovery, friendship and reconciliation that occurs along the way.

Jeremy Kroeker.

More recently, Jeremy rode from Germany through the Middle East into Iran, and finally through North Africa before returning to Europe. His second book, Through Dust and Darkness, is coming Fall 2013.

Jeremy Kroeker.

Doug Laird.

Doug Laird, USA

Nuts & Bolts of Planning Your Adventure

Anyone, with some riding experience and using the tools available can safely travel the world on their motorcycle.

Doug Laird in Ushuaia.

"Motorcycling has been a pastime since 1965. Having done extensive touring in the U.S, Canada and Mexico I figured I could plan my own trip from Deadhorse to Ushuaia. After about a year of planning and following the various blogs, etc. it became clear to me that the trip I planned would work just fine.

I found the HU site very useful and used much of what is posted to plan my first adventure. It all rang true.

Doug Laird, shipping bike, air freight, Panama City to Bogota.

Shipping bike, air freight, Panama City to Bogota

After having so much fun on the 2011 trip I'm now planning an Around the World trip in 2014."

Iain Harper.

Iain Harper, UK

Travelling With Purpose - About the role of The Ted Simon Foundation and the work of its Jupiter's Travellers.

Iain Harper is the Co-founder and Executive Director of The Ted Simon Foundation and co-organiser (with legendary adventure traveller and author Sam Manicom) of Horizons' HUBB UK event.

Jo and Mike Hannan.

Mike and Jo Hannan, Australia

The Alps beyond Alpine roads. There is more to the European Alps than the pass roads.

The Alps, running from Slovenia to France, are widely thought to be the best motorcycle roads in the world. Every year many thousands of riders make the pilgrimage to test themselves in the high passes. The Alps, however, also embody a complex mix of history and cultures which can enrich a motorcycle adventure.

Mike and Jo Hannan.

This presentation takes a look at these wonderful motorcycle roads through a selection of historical events and cultural features.

Mike Hannan, in the Alps.

Mike and Jo Hannan have spent three seasons riding the high roads and their second travel book "High Road Rider - mountains, motorcycles and myths" will be published by New Holland early in 2014.

David Rankine.

David Rankine, USA

Your Alaska Journey

En route to Alaska, by David Rankine.

A former Alaska resident gives you pictures and ideas on how you might travel there and back for a perfect vacation trip.

David also will be presenting on South America, including useful tips for planning a ride there.

Penguins at Valdez Penna. ARG.

Penguins at Valdez Peninsula, Argentina

Torres del Paine.

Torres del Paine, Tierra del Fuego

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

How it all began. The story of Grant and Susan's 11-year trip around the world, without a plan or a clue!

Way back in 1987, before the Internet, two young and naive Canadians set out from Vancouver to ride around the world on a motorcycle. The plan (and budget) was for 3 years, but it didn't quite work out that way!

Grant steers around a road hazard - aftermath of flooding on the Pan American Highway!

Educational Sessions

Because Horizons Unlimited events are about informing, not just inspiring, we also have a great lineup of educational sessions for you...


Wynne Benti.

Wynne Benti, True Grit GS

Seven Highways at the Top of The World - 10,582 miles from California to Alaska: Klondike, Tok Cutoff, Glenn, George, AlCan, Dalton, and Cassiar Highways

This photographic presentation combines narrative and photographs to help other riders plan a trip to the Arctic Circle on their own. Topics include: Training: Getting into physical shape, training, technical ability; Packing: survival, lightweight and dry, water filter, food, camping gear; Equipment: documents, border crossing, communications, Garmin, Spot, limited cell reception, ear protection audio; Planning the route: determining mileage per day, selection of campsites mechanical issues, miles of dirt road . . .

Wynne Benti, Klondike Highway.

Ten months after learning to ride a motorcycle solo, Wynne Benti rode 10,582 miles to Alaska where she celebrated her 52nd birthday. For Wynne, who lives in Bishop, California, a ride anywhere requires crossing several mountain passes or remote expanses of desert from Death Valley, the hottest place on earth, to the Sierra Nevada.

Nicole Espinosa.

Nicole Espinosa, Rugged Rider

Shooting Trip Photos for Publication

As managing editor for Adventure Motorcycle magazine, Nicole will give you the ins and outs of the types of photos that capture the eye of publications. Learn about what cameras to take on your trip, and how to frame exciting shots for more emotionally engaging storytelling. Find out how to catalog and organize your photos, as well as how to utilize the basics of photo editing software. Then learn the secret to publication submission success of photos that accompany a story outline.

Nicole Espinosa riding in sand.Nicole Espinosa river crossing.

Fred and Karen Walti.

Fred Walti, the Restless Traveller

Rewiring Your Life for Travel

Being able to travel aimlessly - and at will - has been a long-term ambition of Fred and Karen Walti. They've traveled throughout the US, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, South America, Nepal and Europe - usually on two wheels, but sometimes on four. The biggest challenge isn't planning the trip, but reconfiguring one's life to facilitate prolonged travel. Far from expert, they will share their work-in-progress to reconfigure their life to to pursue their love of wandering. This will be an interactive session with lots of audience participation. Fred covers the 'Eat What You Kill' job mentality as well as tips on using technology, cost cutting, simplifying and other hard earned tips.

When in Rome.

Henry Tate.

Henry Tate,

Making your bike go the distance

Strategies for motorcycle longevity without over maintaining, also motorcycle discussion about staying safe on the road.

Henry Tate.


The joys of a filthy motorcycle - Why a clean bike isn't always the best thing to have. Keeping your bike clean offers up the the idea that someone might want to steal it, or perhaps want to rob you. 'Time spent cleaning is time not spent riding'.

"I have been riding since 1956, and covering about 1.2 million miles. I ride every day, and use motorcycles as primary transportation. I do all of the maintenance on my bikes, generally get over 100,000 miles on them. I am wearing out my 46th motorcycle at this time."

Molly Martin.

Molly Martin, USA

Staying healthy and alive on the road.

Retired mountain guide and Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Molly Martin has surfed, cycled, climbed, and motorbiked around the world and survived mostly unscathed. Between trips she teaches college mathematics.

Molly Martin.

Bring your full face helmet and foamie for some roadside medical care fun. What to pack in your medical kit.

Grant Johnson showing tire changing.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Fix that flat! How to change a tyre anytime, anywhere!

Grant's tyre changing seminars are always well attended and appreciated. This seminar covers: how to prevent flats in the first place, and fix them when you get one; the best tools and how to use them for tube and tubeless tires; hands-on practical for beginners to experts, optional tyre changing contest.

Grant Johnson's audience for Tire Changing at HU California meeting.

Grant's tyre changing seminar at HU California meeting.

Mike and Jo Hannan.

Mike and Jo Hannan, Australia

"The secret to a good travel blog". How to produce a travel blog to record your journey and captivate your audience.

Many people keep a travel blog but many are boring and seldom read even by friends. With a little planning and forethought anyone can produce a quality blog that has people hanging-out for a new instalment. This presentation provides a little guidance on blogging and a check-list for success.

Mike Hanna, the Elephants Tale.

Mike and Jo have been riding and writing for a living since 2007. They keep a successful blog which has been the basis of two successful books (so far).

Grant and Susan Johnson.

Grant and Susan Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

4 Easy Steps to Overland Travel! You can do it - we can help! Finding your way around Horizons Unlimited, other resources. Lots of great pics and video clips.

"Grant and Susan Johnson are icons in the round-the-world (RTW) motorcycling community. The Johnsons host - or more appropriately write, edit, produce, manage and coordinate Horizons Unlimited - a global network of motorcycle travelers... and a bona fide adventure motorcycling phenomenon." Dan Hilton, Rider Magazine

This seminar will cover - how to navigate the site since the redesign - mega-menus, search, the HUBB. Includes 'How to' content from the Achievable Dream series and great pics from HU Photo Contest winners!

Get Inspired on Horizons Unlimited.

Sandra and Brian Smith.

Brian and Sandra Smith, VStrom Adventures

Trip planning /Systems Integration (GPS)

Want to take control of your trip and ensure you maximize your time, effort /money and not get lost? Here's how a 150 day epic adventure was hatched.

Workshop Objectives
1. Identify the benefits/ differences of pre-planning versus 'seat of the pants' travel as it applies to GPS and other systems including internet, tablets/phones and computers.
2. Recognize how this type of planning allows you to make great spontaneous decisions.
3. Introduction to structured trip planning where time, distance, routes and destinations are all considered. Works for any size trips.
4. Recognize the 3 major different types of GPS coordinates from various sources, like websites, Google Maps, and default GPS products and how to work with these to get to where you want to go.

Pete Nesbitt.

Pete Nesbitt

Be prepared!

"I prepared or should I say over-prepared down to infinite detail, best laid plans and all that!! It was very apparent to me really quickly that not all big adventurers are that well prepared and others are left totally dependent on good fortune or maybe the help of others. So many what if's can blow all that.

I did a big trip up into Canada, then a trip to Texas and thought I was ready to do a RTW, man did I still have a lot to learn. I am really good mechanically, ok on electrics and great with people but my learning curve was huge when the planning and actual trip began.

Pete Nesbitt.

A big part of my story is how a group of 7 turns into a group of 1 in 3 days, this might happen to you too so maybe you can learn from some of my experiences.

We had a plan that lasted only a few days and I was all alone in Siberia when I had promised my wife that we had this fantastic group effort all arranged, safety, medical issues etc. no problem. I am resourceful but when I finally had to tell Mrs Nesbitt that I was alone I knew the outcome."

Grant Johnson.

Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited

Bike mods and ergonomics!

Grant will host a bike 'Show and Tell' - bring your bike and show us your favorite travel mods. Critique and discussion.

When you picked up your new bike, did they take the time to make it fit you? You'll learn the amazing difference a properly setup bike makes to your riding fun.

Ergonomics demonstration at HU Canada West meeting.

Ergonomics demonstration at HU Canada West meeting.

Confirmed presenters (topics TBA) included...

Carla King tries out a helmet-cam.
Carla King
Ted Simon.
Ted Simon

Panel discussions at most HU events include...

Border crossings - How to get through borders with minimal stress and cost!

Packing light - Tips and techniques from experienced travellers to reduce weight and bulk.

Regional discussions - e.g. travelling in South America or Asia.

For Women Only - A must for the ladies, so be sure to plan on being there! A chance to talk to experienced travelling women without the men around!

Experienced Travellers Panel - ask the experts anything you want!

Walk arounds / Show and tell!

Stove Cook-off - Everyone bring your stove and let's see what works - and what doesn't! The Pros and Cons of stoves, fuels and pots, recipes, pans etc

Tents and Bedding discussion (in the camping area) - What works, cheap vs dear and which ones keep you dry, warm and comfy!

Bike mods - Show off your best bike mods - homemade saddle bags, toolbox mounts, GPS mounts, seats, side stands, tank panniers, cup holders, etc.

Celebrating 40 Years of Jupiter's Travels

The Ted Simon Foundation

October 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of Ted Simon's original departure from London on the Jupiter's Travels journey that's inspired countless overland adventurers ever since.

We'll be helping Ted to celebrate this important milestone by fundraising for the Foundation that bears his name, enjoying our first look at his new book Jupiter's Travels in Camera and hosting presentations from Jupiter's Travellers and other Foundation representatives.

The Ted Simon Foundation promotes the idea that all adventure travellers have it in them to be reporters of truth in the world. The purpose of the Foundation is to bring those truths to the general public, to counter the generalisations of the media, and to remind us all that life is lived family by family, mile by mile, regardless of the great issues which may be dominating the news.

Founded in 2011, The Ted Simon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in northern California (EIN 45-3093646). It is currently supporting a total of 77 Jupiter's Travellers from 14 countries.

The Adventure Travel Zone

  • Equipment Specialists
  • Manufacturers
  • Tour Operators
  • Adventure Travel Authors and Film-Makers
  • The HU Store

Trade Stands


Carla King will bring her books - get her to sign your copy!

Ted Simon will have his books - get a new signed copy from him! He's happy to sign your old copy, but a new one does him more good. ;)

To be confirmed:

ADV Motorcycle Magazine Adventure Motorcycle Magazine
will be attending, giving away free copies of the magazine to everyone (well the first 150 anyway!) so look for Nicole Espinosa or Paul Smith if you have any questions or just want to talk about the magazine. And they'll be snapping pics and writing a story about the event too!
Full Throttle Camping

Full Throttle Camping

Gregg Evans will be there with a load of great camping equipment!

Joanne Donn, GearChic
Shopping Tips, how to shop for your gear, what to look for, how to get the right fit and the most out of your budget. is the only website solely dedicated to providing information about protective motorcycle gear for women.

Giant Loop Moto

Giant Loop will be there to show their great products. Talk to Harold and get the real scoop on their innovative products!

RKA Luggage RKA Luggage Richard will be attending as a presenter (tech presentation on how the connect various bits of electronic gear - gps - cell phone - intercom - bluetooth) and as a vendor - motorcycle touring gear.
Rugged Rider, innovative dual sport parts and accessories Rugged Rider sells innovative dual sport motorcycle parts, dual sport accessories, dirt bike accessories, dual sport apparel, dirt bike apparel, camping equipment and original dual sport aftermarket parts. Rugged Rider also provides dual sport and camping tips and tricks and an entertaining dual sport blog.
The worlds lightest, quietest, most aerodynamic flip-up helmet in the world - available at the HU Cambria Meeting!

San Jose BMW will be there with Schuberth helmets and Sidi boots!

Schuberth will have their excellent helmets available. (Our personal favorites.) The Schuberth C3 (and C3W for women) is the world's lightest, quietest, most aerodynamic flip-up motorcycle helmet. Add the optional, easy-to-install Schuberth Rider Communication System for the ultimate in-helmet communication solution. Made In Germany.



Walt Fulton, Streetmasters

Walt will also be doing a talk about how to travel safely, with riding tips and techniques to get you there in one piece! Or you can sign up for one of their courses and really improve your riding. (NOTE: I always recommend this type of course if you haven't had one int he last few years - they're a great refresher, and no matter how good you are, you will learn!)

Superplush Suspension

James Siddall, Super Plush Suspension

James will be doing a presentation on setting up your suspension, and setup demos at his stand. You can get YOUR suspension set up by a real pro at a very special price we've negotiated for you of only $30 instead of the usual $50 at the shop! See him early to get it booked.

Grant says: I'm a big fan of getting your suspension set up right, the difference it makes has to be ridden to be believed. Just do it!

If you know of any other motorcycle or travel equipment vendors or tour operators who should be there, please suggest it to them! Vendors please contact me for details.

If you'd like to secure your place in the Adventure Travel Zone, there's a booking form for Trade Stands.

Facilities for a Fantastic Four Days

Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, California


Camp Ocean Pines in Cambria, CA is set in 13 acres of Monterey Pine forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Wildlife abounds as deer walk through the property daily, while sea lions, owls, and ocean waves serenade guests at night!

Mike Dimond has put together heaps of pics and descriptions of the area and things to see.

Details of the venue and location here.

NEW GPX file to make it really easy to find!

Important note: This is a residential area you're riding through - please respect the neighbors and keep it quiet and slow!


October is a GREAT month to be there - temperatures have cooled off nicely, but still pleasant, low of 6 C (43 F) and average high of 20.5 C (69 F) and an average of only two days of rain per month. Dry season is April to October. Sounds like PERFECT riding weather to me!

Climate / Weather check

Maps and how to get there!

Important note: In 2011 we had quite a few complaints from neighbours about the traffic and noise, so PLEASE be super careful to be quiet, and follow the HU signs to the event.

GPX file to make it really easy to find!

From the Cambria Tourism Office:

See the route below and follow the red arrows. Click on the map for a larger version.

Click for larger map!

Click on the map for more detail!

Download the map in PDF format.


The road to Cambria!

From the 101 N -
1. Exit the 101 in San Luis Obispo onto Highway 1 North (Exit for Morro Bay)
2. Drive north past Morro Bay and Cayucos
3. Turn Left at the Ardath Dr. and take it until you reach a 4-way stop. Continue straight on Ardath veering slightly to the left once the ocean is in view. Turn left onto Randall Dr. after reaching the next stop sign. From here you will travel up a hill and the sign for Camp Ocean Pines will be on your right.

From The 101 S -
1. Exit the 101 in Paso Robles onto Highway 46 West (Towards Cambria)
2. Exit the 46 onto Highway 1 North (right turn)
3. Turn Left at the Ardath Dr. and take it until you reach a 4-way stop. Continue straight on Ardath veering slightly to the left once the ocean is in view. Turn left onto Randall Dr. after reaching the next stop sign. From here you will travel up a hill and the sign for Camp Ocean Pines will be on your right.

Easily lost or just directionally challenged? Just give us a call (805) 927-0254 and anyone on staff will give you the easiest way to get here. We're here to help!

Camping and Bunks

The buildings at Camp Ocean Pines are unique to say the least! Straw bale constructed, passive solar cabins have a wonderful "hobbit house" look. They also utilize timber from wind-felled trees as posts, beams and siding. The buildings and site plan become real-life lessons in conservation and the wise use of natural resources.

Cabins sleep ten guests in bunk bed fashion. Each cabin is 400 sq feet, with handpainted interior murals. Each cabin has it's own shower and changing stall, 2 sinks and a toilet. Guests bring their own towels and bedding. Cabins are LIMITED. Book early to get in!

Two or more cabins are dedicated as showers and toilets for campers.

Meal Package

A large lodge and dining hall with a cozy stone fireplace and sweeping ocean views serve as the focal point for meetings and meals. Three delicious, all you can eat meals each day.

"The chef at the Ocean Pines was amazing! All 5 meals were great for such a gathering. My riding buddy and I were going to leave for home early on Sunday and we decided to delay it so that we could have breakfast there instead of somewhere down the road. It was that good!" Jim

You MUST prebook to get the meal package. It's not too far to restaurants, but of course you do have to go off site and potentially miss a lot.

There MAY be some individual meals available at a higher price.

There will be a vegetarian option offered at each meal - we will need numbers for these, so please indicate when you register if you wish a vegetarian meal.

Special diets can be accommodated with advanced notice within reason.

Cold cereals, fruit, oatmeal, bagels and spreads will be offered at breakfast as well.


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