Staffanstorp, Sweden, HU Community

Welcome to the Staffanstorp, Sweden HU Community!


I started this Community  I  think I have a lot to help with if you come up to the north part of Europe, both with tips on destinations and also to offer a  place to set up you tent, or a floor to sleep on and all outer tings a traveling biker need. I start this Community by myself but I hope some of my biker friends will help out later on. And also answer question about things in my nearby area both when you on the trip and before when you are planning it. So if I'm home, then I will do what I can to be able to help if it's for a cup of coffee help with sleeping location or borrowing of the washing machine I will do my best to help.

Then I'm not always at home, but e-mail before then it is not impossible that you can borrow a plot for a tent  anyway.

 I think  that for many travelers Skåne (the southern part of Sweden )  is starting place to continue exploring Sweden but also our neighboring countries Norway and Finland. Staffanstorp is about 10 km from Malmö where the bridge from Denmark arrive. There are also cities like Trelleborg and Ystad were boats from German and Poland entering these towns that is about 30 miles from Staffanstorp.

I am very interested to meet new people from all different parts of world all ​​with different story to tell, hope I see and hear from YOU. 

Best regards



Some things I can offer on site at the friendly bike community in Staffanstorp

Safe place to put your bike

Safe place to fix your bike

A place to wash your bike

Opportunity to wash your clothes, take a shower

Opportunity for free internet :)

We have space for a tent, or even an opportunity to sleep inside, but unfortunately no beds.

Front of kenneth's house


Back of kenneth's house


You can cook and even, if you want to, barbeque!

In the village of Staffanstorp there are about 15,000 people and it has everything to buy food and gasoline and other things. But there is no bike shop or bikeworkshop.

About 15 km from Staffanstorp is Malmö, which is Sweden's third largest city. There you will find, among other things motorcycle shops and motorcycle workshop available.

So do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning a trip in Scandinavia.

I can help you with information for your planning and also give you the opportunity to visit and spend a night here if you like.

But send me an email via th eContact Community list before you come so we can exchange phone numbers and I can meet up at the gps coordinates, or if I'm not home so can send you the correct gps to my house which is near the gps available on website but not exactly, for security reasons.

Sincerely, Kenneth
Staffanstorp HU Community

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