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TRAVEL Hints and Tips Post your TIPS to travellers - all the interesting little tidbits you learned on the road about packing, where to get stuff, and how to cope with problems. Please make sure the subject describes the tip clearly!
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Old 5 Aug 2011
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I never realised that was possible in Poland. Maybe it isn't common but it is quite nice to know that there is the possibility.
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Old 5 Aug 2011
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Originally Posted by danward79 View Post
Anyone know about Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia?
We did wildcamping all the way down from Croatia to Greece. Dont know if it was legal but it was no problem:

Motorradtour durch Slowenien, Kroatien, Bosnien, Montenegro und Albanien nach Griechenland

and all up the afircan westcoast from south africa to marokko as well but in some places its saver if you ask the oldest man in a local village if you are allowed to pich your tent beside his house. Then you are his guest and nobody will bother you...

Riding the rough west coast through Africa part 3

Originally Posted by nelson View Post
POLAND: you can camp wherewer you want (but polish people never do that, they will think you are little odd)
In germany i see a lot of polish people sleep in there PL cars while they are here to work during summer. I would have done the same...

LG, Tobi
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Old 12 Aug 2011
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What ever has been said before about camping in Scotland and how it is tolerated and you have free access to go camping, if you do not get the permission of the landowner to camp you are committing an offence under the Trespass Scotland Act of 1865 (yes it is still used), Sec 3 states;

3 Parties lodging in premises or encamping on land, without permission, guilty of an offence.Every person who lodges in any premises, or occupies or encamps on any land, being private property, without the consent and permission of the owner or legal occupier of such premises or land, and every person who encamps or lights a fire on or near any . . . F3 road or enclosed or cultivated land, or in or near any plantation, without the consent and permission of the owner or legal occupier of such road, land, or plantation . . . shall be guilty of an offence punishable as herein-after provided.

Decent campers are asked to move on, drunk idiots with a disposable BBQ burning holes in the grass and leaving litter can be arrested.

So it is best to ask first. Many areas have clamped down such as round Loch Lomond because of the amount of litter and damage done. I would not recommend it in either of the National Parks, though in the Cairngorms, like much of the Highlands you are unlikely to be found if you are sensible.

I have never had any issues camping in Scotland. If possible I have asked and have yet to be turned down. I have been moved on once, but was given a recommendation of somewhere else to go, which we did and had no problems. Once we had a huge spotlight shone on us and then the farmer disappeared. The next day we saw him heading back with his 4x4 with its big spotlight on the roof. He will have found the site totally undisturbed as we even put a broken down gate back in its imprint in the grass when we left.
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Old 28 Aug 2011
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No problems camping anywhere out of town/countryside.

Not sure it would go down pitching a tent in the middle of the city.... only recently have protesters dared to this.

You will not camp here (unless up in the mountains) from Apr-Sep - unless 30c+ nighttime heat is your idea of comfortable weather.

Desert/Rough tracks places are the best. Expect locals to show up and either invite you over to tea, or to try some of your food.
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Old 29 Aug 2011
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What about the netherlands? Or did I skip it on this thread? Want to camp at a lonesome beach in the netherlands, but don't know if this is legal.
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Old 29 Aug 2011
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Bush camp The Netherlands

Hey Marco,

It's not allowed to do any bush camp in The Netherlands. The fins are pretty high and you have to move immediately, even in the middle of the night.

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Old 6 Sep 2011
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Towns and cities are an absolute no no, The Police will NOT permit tents at sensitive points, looks far to political and gives reminders of Tahrir square in Egypt. Why would you want to as well?

However, this is the home of the Bedouin and they camp all over the country.

We wild camp in the desert with no problems, keep low key and stay out of sight.

It is quite likely that you will be checked out by the locals. It may look like wilderness but ALL the desert is owned by one tribe or another and if approached be very polite, keep smiling and leave the next day.

People wild camp when backpacking across the wadi's as well.

Water is very precious here and all dams etc are fenced off and camping any where near them is not allowed.

You cannot camp in any of the national reserves except at designated camp sites.

I have seen some people wild camping at the dead sea shore, but I would suggest moving well away from the North End to as remote a spot as you can find, if not you will be constantly pestered by quite aggressive sellers.

Alan L.
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Old 15 Sep 2011
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Originally Posted by TheSpanishBiker View Post
Can't speak about The Netherlands but Spain is definitely OK for free camping - despite considerble differences of opinion - already in evidence on this great thread!

Free camping is essentailly legal in Spain, as long as it's for one night, i.e. you pitch in the evening and you move on in the morning - it should really be in the sense or spirit of 'bivouac' as mentioned earlier. But this is subject to numerous local restrictions, which is one reason for the controversy I guess.

Another reason is that the various police forces do check up on people free camping for various reason, mainly security of rural properties and in the case of the Basque Country and Navarre where security is tight due to the (ongoing) ETA terrost issue. Nobody likes to be woken up at the end of a Guardia Civil gun barrel, like we used to hear about during the Franco period (1939-75 - a bit before my time, but only a little bit!), but I can't imagine that happening now.

I've long wondered that part of the misunderstanding is if the police use the term "mañana por la mañana" as mañana means both 'tomorrow' and 'morning', so people who don't speak more than rudementary Spanish will misinterpret the strength of the emphasis.

The issue is complicated - so much so that I've devoted a specific page to it on my Spain blog/guide!

Can't speak for Andorra though, it's never occured to me before, but I'll find out next time I'm there - I live about 70k away - aren't I lucky!



Well, I did ask about camping in Andorra back in July, but forgot all about in during the following four weeks touring the whole north of Spain!

Accordimg to the friendly guy in BMWMotorrad Andorra camoing is prohibited in forests and above 2,000 meters. And as alll the rest of Andorra is made up of supermarkets that effectively rules out free camping there.

Note also that the mountain passes into Spain are intensively patrolled by the Aduanos (Customs) branch of Guardia Civil. I guess this applies to the French pases too.

On the whole Andorra is a waste of time for biking. OK the shops are great - if you're not looking for anything specific you can pick up some amazing bargains, especially off-road clothing. But remeber to factor in long queus at the fronteers, at least on the Spanish side, where every car is stopped and at least cursorily examined!

Great thread!

The Spanish Biker - the invaluable guide to motorcycling in Spain.

New for 2013: tours and events!
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Old 15 Sep 2011
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Walking Scotland - Wild Camping in Scotland, UK

Official Scottish Tourist Site. Common sense is what is required.
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Old 20 Sep 2011
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wild camping is ok, just keep an eye on you belongings if you are close to a village (gypsies are ruthless here)
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Old 6 Oct 2011
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Originally Posted by buebo View Post
Yes I know and the answer is no, it's not.

I've been to the Nurburgring many times around various events and people camp wherever they feel like it, edge off the woods, grass verges, all seems fair game, and the authorities don't seem bothered.
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Old 18 Oct 2011
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Originally Posted by Marco K View Post
Spain is a no go free camping thing

The Netherlands is definately a no go for free camping. Police will sure find you and fine you.........
The Netherlands really sucks for camping. I tried it a couple of times and got away with it, but had to sleep in way more of aa public place then I wanted.
http://www.journeyrider.net Latin America blog (07-8)
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Old 5 Nov 2011
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Thumbs up Greece free camping....


You can camping free in Greece...

Beach camping its ok!

In private properties you may ask the owner for a permission....

Police dont give any attention in free camping....(this is a job of the Tourist Police in Greece and they dont count a lot of officers,they are only a few....).
So you CAN camping in the most beautiful beaches of the world and enjoy magic and romantic sunsets for FREE....
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Old 21 Dec 2011
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Free camping is permitted in Scotland. England and Wales its illegal but I have camped wild in England and I guess if you don't get caught your all right. Or just ask the land owner.
See link : http://www.mcofs.org.uk/assets/pdfs/wildcamping.pdf

Part of my family have lived in France for 20 years and they have always said when I ask them about wild camping in France, "no one will bother you".
Not sure on the law but I have done wild camping there and no one bothered me.
They said also you have a right to free camp next to any river side.
I've done this also. No problems.

Thing is if you pick your spot right, don't scream like a baboon on mad dog, pitch at dusk and put away at dawn your most likey will be ok.
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Old 12 Jan 2012
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Morocco, Mexico and Guatemala

You can camp pretty much anywhere in Morocco outside of the cities. Camped on beaches etc. and nobody ever said a word.
Mexico is pretty easy to camp where ever you like. If the police come, and they might, and they ask what you are doing......just say sleeping. Never a problem from them with this reply. Stayed one time in a campsite in the middle of Mexico City, though I doubt it still exists.
Guatemala is pretty open, never had a problem from anybody there.
Of course there are wild animals in Central America, so be careful.
David in Santa Monica
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