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Travellers' questions that don't fit anywhere else This is an opportunity to ask any question, and post any notice you wish that doesn't fit into one of the other sections.
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Old 27 Feb 2007
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Co2 Cartridges on the plane ?

Is it safe to carry the Co2 cartridges in the hold ? I'm guessing so ....

Anyone else done it ???

Salut Matt
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Old 28 Feb 2007
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Not permitted. Definatly not in the hold. If they find them they are out.

You may get away with
"No more than two small cylinders containing non-flammable, non-toxic gas fitted into a self inflating life jacket plus no more than two spare cartridges, as checked or carry-on baggage."

but you would have to check with the airline. And even then - on the day they could refuse. Why not buy them when you get there?
Regards Frank Warner
motorcycles BMW R80 G/S 1981, BMW K11LT 1993, BMW K75 G/S
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Old 28 Feb 2007
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Frank's right - tried and lost the lot.

Buy when you get there or just take a 12v pump.
Grant Johnson

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Old 1 Mar 2007
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Or a hand or foot pump. And you could place those on the bike - as part of the tool kit.
From the IATA handbook .. sorry I ve not done teh lot - just the first bit.

Dangerous goods that are forbidden in baggage
· Dangerous goods that are not allowed in passenger or crew baggage include the following:
· Fireworks, flares, brief-cases and attaché cases with installed alarm devices and other explosive material.
· Personal medical oxygen devices that utilize liquid oxygen as a primary or secondary source of oxygen.
· Camping gas.cigarte lighters and refils, gas powered appliances with cylinder adn refils for the same, cyclinders containing compresses or toxic gases.
· Some adhesives, paints and thinners and other flammable liquids.
· Matches, and other articles that are easily ignited, substances liable to spontaneous combustion and substances which on contact with water emit flammable vapours.
· Bleaching powder, peroxides, personal chemical oxygen generators, polyester resin kits and other oxidizers.
Arsenic, cyanide, insecticides and weed-killers, live virus materials and other toxic or infectious substances.
· Radioactive materials.
· Acids, alkalis, wet-cell batteries, mercury, other than that contained in a small medical thermometer, and other corrosives.
· Asbestos, flavourings and extracts, magnertised materials and other miscellaneous dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods permitted in passenger baqggage

Dangerous goods which are permitted in passenger and crew baggage are limited to the following:
· Non radioactive medicinal or toilet articles (including aerosols) which are necessary or appropriate for the journey, carried in checked or carry-on baggage.In addition non-flammable, non-toxic aerosols for home or sporting carried in carry-on baggage if they are individually protected
use may be carried in checked baggage only. The total net quantity of all such articles carried by each passenger must not exceed 2 kg or 2 litres, and the net quantity of each single article must not exceed 0.5 kg or 0.5 litres.
· The term “medicinal or toilet articles” is intended to include such items as hair sprays, perfumes, colognes and medicines containing alcohols. baggage, provided the approval of the airline(s) concerned
· Alcoholic beverages, carried as checked or carry-on baggage, when in retail packaging, containing more than 24% but not more than 70% alcohol by volume, in receptacles not exceeding 5 L, with a total net quantity per person of 5 L for such beverages. Alcoholic beverages containing 24% or less alcohol by volume are not subject to any restrictions.
· Small medical or clinical thermometer which contains mercury, for personal use, when in its protective case, in checked or carry-on baggage.
· Hair curlers containing hydrocarbon gas, no more than one per passenger or crew member, in checked or carry-on baggage, provided that the safety cover is securely fitted over the heating element. These hair curlers must not be used on board the aircraft at any time. Gas refills for such
curlers are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage.
Note: These are not permitted to, from or through Switzerland.
· Dry ice in quantities not exceeding 2 kg (4.4 lb) per passenger when used to pack non-dangerous perishables
in carry-on baggage, provided the package permits the release of carbon dioxide gas.
· Safety matches or a lighter with fuel fully absorbed in a solid intended for use by an individual only when carried on one's person. However, lighters with a flammable liquid reservoir containing unabsorbed liquid fuel (other then liqufied gas) lighter fuel and lighter refils are not permitted on ones person nor in checked or carry on baggage.
Note: “Strike anywhere” matches are forbidden on one's person, in checked or carry-on baggage.
· Small gas cylinders containing non-flammable, non-toxic gas worn by passengers for the operation of mechanical limbs. Also spare cylinders of a similar size if required to ensure an adequate supply for the duration of the journey.
· Radioisotopic cardiac pacemakers or other devices, including those powered by lithium batteries, implanted into a person, or radiopharmaceuticals contained within the body of a person as a result of medical treatment.
· Consumer electronic devices (watches, calculating ma chines, cameras, cellular phones, lap-top computers, camcorders, etc.) containing lithium or lithium ion cells or batteries when carried by passengers or crew for personal use. Spare batteries must be individually protected to
prevent short circuits and carried in carry-on baggage only.
In addition each spare battery must not exceed the following quanities
(a) for lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries, a lithium content of not more than 2 g; or
(b) for lithium ion batteries, an aggregate equivalent lithium content of not more than 8 g.
Lithium ion batteries with an aggregate equivalent lithium In addition, content of more than 8 g but not more than 25 g so as to prevent short circuits and are limited to two spare batteries per person.

Dangerous goods permitted in passenger baggage, with the approval of the operator
The following dangerous goods are permitted in passenger priovided approval of the operator has been obtained:

-------------- another page .. later
Regards Frank Warner
motorcycles BMW R80 G/S 1981, BMW K11LT 1993, BMW K75 G/S

Last edited by Frank Warner; 1 Mar 2007 at 01:38. Reason: formating
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Old 1 Mar 2007
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Da rest .. well as much as I'm going to do. There should be something on the airline ticket .. .. Grant - possible to select teh bits applicable and put them somewheres for reference?
· Dry ice in quantities not exceeding 2 kg (4.4 lb), when used to pack non-dangerous erishables in checked baggage, provided the package permits the release of carbon dioxide gas. This allowance is not in addition to that permitted in carry-on baggage, but instead.
· Small gaseous oxygen or air cylinders required for medical use in checked or carry-on baggage. ·
Note: Devices containing liquid oxygen are forbidden. .

· Securely boxed ammunition (cartridges for weapons, small arms) in Division 1.4S (UN 0012 and UN 0014 only), checked baggage only in quantities not exceeding 5 kg (11 lb) gross weight per passenger for personal use, excluding ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles. Allowances for more than one passenger must not be combined into one or more packages.
· Wheelchairs or other battery-powered mobility devices with non-spillable batteries, (see Packing Instruction 806 and Special Provision A67), as checked baggage only, provided that the battery is disconnected, the battery terminals are insulated to prevent accidental short circuits and the battery is securely attached to the wheel chair or mobility device.

Note: Wheelchairs/mobility aids with gel type batteries do not require the battery to be disconnected provided the battery terminals are insulated to prevent accidental short circuits.
· Wheelchairs or mobility devices with spillable batteries are permitted as checked baggage under special conditions,

· Camping stoves and fuel containers for camping stoves have contained a flammable liquid fuel, as checked baggage only, provided that the fuel tank of the camping .stove, and /or fuel container has been completely drianed of all liquid and action has been taken to nullify teh danger. To nullify the danger, the empty fuel tank and/or container must be allowed to drain for at least 1 hour, the fuel tank and/or container must then be left uncapped for a minimum of 6 hours to allow any residual fuel to evaporate. Alternative methods, such as adding cooking oil to the fuel tank fuel tank and/or container to elevate the flash point of any residual liquid above the flash point of the flammable liquid and then emptying the fuel tank and/or container, are equally acceptable. The fuel tank, and/or must then have the cap securely fastened and be wrapped in an absorbent material such as paper towel and placed in a polyethylene or equivalent bag. The top of the bag must then to be sealed or gathered and closed with an elastic band or twine.
Note: Provided the above cleaning method is followed, then in accordance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, fuel stove or container can be classified as non hazardous. However to control the carriage of these items, they are listed in Table 2.3.A Provisions for Dangerous Goods Carried by Passengers or Crew.

· A mercurial barometer carried by a representative of a government weather bureau or similar official agency, as carry-on baggage only.
· One avalanche rescue backpack per person, as checked or carry-on baggage,equipped with a pyrotechnic trigger mechanism containing not more than 200 mg net of explosives in Division 1.4S and not more than 250 mg of compressed gas in Division 2.2. The backpack must be packed in such a manner that it cannot be accidentallyactivated. The airbags within the backpacks must be fitted with pressure relief valves.
· No more than two small cylinders containing non-flammable, non-toxic gas fitted into a self inflating life jacket plus no more than two spare cartridges, as checked or carry-on baggage.
. · Heat producing articles such as underwater torches (diving lamps) and soldering irons, as carry-on baggage only.The heat producing component, or the energy source must be removed.
· Insulated packaging containing refrigerated liquid nitrogen fully absorbed in a porous material and intended for transport, at low temperature, of non-dangerous products are not subject to these Regulations provided the design of the insulated packaging would not allow the build-up of pressure within the container and would not permit the release of any refrigerated liquid nitrogen irrespective of the orientation of the insulated packaging.
Regards Frank Warner
motorcycles BMW R80 G/S 1981, BMW K11LT 1993, BMW K75 G/S
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