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Old 27 Oct 2005
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Nouadhibu-Band Darguion-Nouakchott-Kiffa-Hamoud-Mali

We just travelled on this route last week. If anyone needs any info, GPS waypoints, hotels, etc I'd be happy to answer. Also feel free to check out the pix:

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Old 27 Oct 2005
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Originally posted by budapestbamako:
[B] If anyone needs any info, GPS waypoints, hotels,
just had a quick look on the website, must have been amazing.

Thinking of a quick trip over christmas (10-15 days) from Madrid down to Nouakchot and would appreciate any waypoints for the route, campsites/hotel especially on the way from the Mauri border to Nouakchot.

(I already have the waypoints for this route from CScott's shr-ovrlnd book.)

Is it still 300mls (480kms) between fuel stop on the way to Nouakchot??


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Old 27 Oct 2005
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what about kiffa - hamoud route - as far as i look for the best border crossing from mauritania to mali (what road conditions concerns)- is it ok for 2wd?
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Old 27 Oct 2005
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Today I'll upload the GPS waypoints to our site with the coordinates of good campsites.

There's one place to fill up with fuel between Nouadhibou and Nouakchott. THis is what it looks like:

Gas is expensive and I'm not so sure about the quality. You can bargain with them. THe old gas station attendant needs new reading glasses. His vision is very poor. You can barter gas for glasses.

As far as travelling in a 2WD from Kiffa-Hamoud-Kayes route, it's feasible, but I'd call it incredibly challenging. Here are two pictures from that road. Take a look. Can your 2WD handle this?

or this

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Old 27 Oct 2005
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As many waypoints as you have got and hotels. Will be doing the route through Mauritania. Hotels especially, plus prices.

What was the cost of Deisel?



e-mail andy "at" preaching.co.uk

take out the "at" and replace with @

I came, I saw. I ran for it.
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Old 28 Oct 2005
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It's not going to look good here, but if you cut and paste it and put it in word with 8point Times it'll look much better. (YOu should do a little work in the name of exploration too )

Here are some explanations:

Campgound- hotel, campsite, good area for bushcamping
Controlled Area- Checkpoints millitary, police, customs
P05-P31 - Banc Darguin waypoints
VILLAGE2-9 small villages along the route between Kiffa and Mahoud where there's no clear road. Helps you with the navigation.
BORDER GUARD- this is a building doesn't look like a guard post at all. It looks like all the others, but has a flag. Must get your passport stamped.
SANDBOARD- If you have your snowboard, this is a great place to sandboard. THe mauris are working on skilift. (Just kidding)
SUPERMARKET- The best supermarket on this side of Paris. You should restock on supplies here.

Waypoint 1 2005.10.20 14:59 N19 52.422 W16 13.971 Campground
Waypoint 2 2005.10.20 18:05 N19 08.102 W16 18.053 Campground
Waypoint 3 2005.09.04 9:53 N12 39.061 W8 00.530 Waypoint
Waypoint 4 2005.09.04 16:18 N13 03.617 W9 29.832 354 m Waypoint
Waypoint 5 2005.10.19 12:16 N18 09.138 W16 00.528 Controlled Area
Waypoint 6 2005.10.19 13:31 N19 00.743 W16 11.148 Controlled Area
Waypoint 7 2005.10.19 17:27 N21 17.406 W16 31.779 Controlled Area
Waypoint 8 2005.10.19 18:42 N21 03.619 W17 01.334 Controlled Area
Waypoint 9 2005.10.19 18:46 N21 01.846 W17 01.818 Controlled Area
Waypoint 1 2005.10.23 15:25 N19 24.317 W16 03.152 Waypoint
Waypoint 10 2005.10.20 13:23 N20 02.487 W15 55.279 Controlled Area
Waypoint 11 2005.10.21 11:33 N18 03.553 W15 49.667 Controlled Area
Waypoint 12 2005.10.21 11:45 N18 01.120 W15 44.551 Controlled Area
Waypoint 13 2005.10.21 12:34 N17 45.879 W15 02.096 Controlled Area
Waypoint 14 2005.10.21 13:56 N17 12.611 W14 11.940 Controlled Area
Waypoint 15 2005.10.21 14:15 N17 01.731 W13 57.723 Controlled Area
Waypoint 16 2005.10.21 14:46 N17 19.614 W13 40.439 Controlled Area
Waypoint 17 2005.10.21 15:41 N17 30.221 W13 07.903 Controlled Area
Waypoint 18 2005.10.21 17:22 N17 08.202 W12 06.005 Controlled Area
Waypoint 19 2005.10.21 18:25 N16 41.984 W11 32.275 Controlled Area
Waypoint 20 2005.10.21 18:32 N16 38.752 W11 26.813 Controlled Area
Waypoint 21 2005.10.22 10:08 N16 36.495 W11 23.858 Controlled Area

Waypoint 24 2005.10.22 18:13 N16 48.742 W11 43.142 Controlled Area
Waypoint 25 2005.10.22 23:19 N17 31.427 W14 40.949 Controlled Area

Waypoint 1 2005.09.05 16:51 N12 59.248 W9 42.250 Campground
Waypoint ABBA 2005.10.19 19:28 N20 54.512 W17 03.181 Campground
Waypoint STORE VASK 2005.10.19 14:53 N19 47.003 W15 56.805 Picnic Area
Waypoint BAFOULBE INT 2005.09.05 11:55 N13 48.518 W10 49.843 Intersection

Waypoint BAI DU LEV 2005.10.19 19:36 N20 54.928 W17 03.026 Campground
Waypoint BEACH 2005.10.20 17:34 N19 20.427 W16 30.324 Campground
Waypoint BEACH2 2005.10.20 17:43 N19 15.195 W16 27.940 Campground

Waypoint DUNES 2005.10.20 16:04 N19 36.349 W16 15.491 Campground
Waypoint EL-EMEL 2005.10.22 9:43 N16 38.949 W11 26.735 Campground
Waypoint EL-GHAIRA 2005.10.21 17:10 N17 11.871 W12 14.679 Waypoint
Waypoint INTERSECT2 2005.10.22 10:06 N16 36.996 W11 24.051 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE 2005.09.05 17:09 N13 01.922 W9 36.574 Picnic Area
Waypoint VILLAGE2 2005.10.22 10:52 N16 22.531 W11 27.223 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE3 2005.10.22 11:15 N16 15.148 W11 29.602 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE4 2005.10.22 11:24 N16 12.562 W11 30.183 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE 5 2005.10.22 11:45 N16 05.514 W11 30.512 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE 6 2005.10.22 12:12 N15 58.617 W11 29.451 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE 7 2005.10.22 12:19 N15 56.686 W11 30.473 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE8 2005.10.22 13:06 N15 46.124 W11 30.501 Waypoint
Waypoint VILLAGE9 2005.10.22 13:15 N15 44.781 W11 29.253 Waypoint
Waypoint RIVER 2005.10.22 12:56 N15 49.320 W11 30.189 Waypoint
Waypoint HAMOUD1 2005.10.22 13:43 N15 37.503 W11 30.114 Waypoint
Waypoint BORDER GUARD 2005.10.22 13:49 N15 36.871 W11 30.764 Waypoint

Waypoint HTL AL JAZEERA 2005.10.19 19:46 N20 55.467 W17 02.468 Campground
Waypoint KASSARO 2005.09.04 11:47 N12 57.667 W8 53.112 Waypoint

Waypoint KITA HTL1 2005.09.04 15:05 N13 02.354 W9 29.236 Campground
Waypoint KITA HTL2 2005.09.04 16:18 N13 03.749 W9 29.835 Campground

Waypoint MAHIA BRIDGE 2005.09.05 11:28 N13 45.421 W10 50.889 Bridge
Waypoint MANANTALI 2005.09.05 12:31 N13 13.369 W10 27.955 Waypoint

Waypoint RIVER BED 2005.10.22 12:34 N15 53.513 W11 31.642 Waypoint
Waypoint RIVER BED2 2005.10.22 13:11 N15 45.660 W11 30.252 Waypoint
Waypoint N0UAMGAR 2005.10.20 16:25 N19 21.235 W16 30.766 Waypoint

Waypoint P05 2005.10.20 16:07 N19 31.157 W16 17.516 Waypoint
Waypoint P10+R0NCS 2005.10.20 15:48 N19 34.378 W16 15.952 Waypoint
Waypoint P15 2005.10.20 15:45 N19 40.094 W16 16.745 Waypoint
Waypoint P17 2005.10.20 15:42 N19 42.498 W16 17.022 Waypoint
Waypoint P26 2005.10.20 10:46 N20 02.428 W15 55.170 Waypoint
Waypoint P27 2005.10.20 13:13 N20 02.669 W16 00.246 Waypoint
Waypoint P28 2005.10.20 13:15 N20 03.478 W16 02.333 Waypoint
Waypoint P29 2005.10.20 13:18 N20 04.804 W16 07.236 Waypoint
Waypoint P30 2005.10.20 13:26 N20 05.481 W16 10.039 Waypoint
Waypoint P31 2005.10.20 13:27 N20 06.793 W16 12.833 Waypoint

Waypoint SHIP WRECK 2005.10.20 18:33 N18 51.870 W16 10.476 Waypoint

Waypoint SABAH 2005.10.20 19:49 N18 06.607 W16 01.581 Campground
Waypoint SANDBOARD 2005.10.20 18:09 N19 05.987 W16 16.423 Skiing Area
Waypoint SUPERMARKE 2005.10.19 11:27 N18 06.084 W15 58.555 Waypoint

Waypoint TAMBAGA - 2005.09.05 16:11 N12 57.997 W9 52.603 Waypoint
Waypoint TEN ALOUL 2005.10.20 14:16 N19 58.372 W16 13.770 Waypoint
Waypoint TESS0T 2005.10.20 15:25 N19 44.626 W16 16.525 Waypoint

Waypoint RIVER BED3 2005.10.22 11:06 N16 18.351 W11 29.253 Waypoint
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Old 5 Nov 2005
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Leaving London on Thursday for Banjul, then onto Bamako. Any waypoint info re fuel on new Mauri road, points of interest, bad stretches or whatever, will be extremely welcome.

Many thanks.

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Old 22 Nov 2005
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by budapestbamako:
[B]It's not going to look good here, but if you cut and paste it and put it in word with 8point Times it'll look much better. (YOu should do a little work in the name of exploration too )

Any change of waypoints in electronic format ready to import then the homework can begin
pls email to bertrand3030 at yahoo.co.uk
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