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Old 3 Mar 2008
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A Dream Lies Broken

When 'this thing' that has since taken hold of my every waking hour was first conceived about 4 months ago, it seemed at first like a childish escape. One last adventure before i turned 30, which is obviously when you settle down, get married, have children, grow old etc. (Right?) It would only ever be a dream, or watching others travel on TV or the net. Then, as I started reading a bit into it, I started believing…. No - I was becoming convinced - that this was achievable…

My partner, Susie, and I have been planning this trip properly since Christmas, the conversations that have filled our evenings have all been about the journey or at least trip related.

We had a basic budget, and knew roughly how much we could save – I should point out that we’re living in NZ, and are to return home next year – Instead of flying back, the idea was to travel back overland. I have a Triumph Tiger1050, it’ll be 18 months old by the time we were to leave, I know it’s not the ideal bike to take, but it’s MY bike, and after initial concerns about parts and fuel quality, I had all but decided that all would be good, if we traveled mainly on tarmac.

Then, last night it all went wrong. After some (very concise – thanks) info from Keith1954 re carnets, (we’re both traveling one way remember) we decided to sit down and draw up an accurate budget. We’d reckoned that 35k NZD would be enough to complete the journey, and we could just about save (and justify – this is where it gets objective) this amount.

Anyway, it turns out that we need 51 000 NZD between us to make this a reality. Please, somebody tell me this isn’t so. The main costs, apart from eating sleeping & fuel, seems to be the carnet – I reckon the bike will be worth 12000 NZD when we leave – and the cost of flying us and the bike 3 (yes 3) times means it all adds up.

I will attach a spreadsheet detailing the costs for everyone to peruse if you wish..

Please don’t get me wrong, I am of the opinion that anything is achievable as long as you are prepared to work hard or sacrifice elements of your life-style to suit, but I think it’s more than I’m prepared to give, at this point in my life anyway.

So we will travel on the way home, yes, tour Oz, maybe a little of America, maybe not. We could have missed out bits, stopped & worked en-route, left same time the following year, etc but none of these things fit in with our longer-term plans.

Forgive my sombre tones, but i am gutted

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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Life is not a spreadsheet ,
Motorcycles are just heaps of metal ,take something cheaper ,
You are only 30 ,
Improvise ,
Adjust .
Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light. - Spike Milligan
"When you come to a fork in the road ,take it ! When you come to a spoon in the road ,take that also ."
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Well it seems a pity to throw everything away because one nights budgeting went wrong. It took me literally 3 months for me to find a shipping company who I felt comfortable with and the price was what I wanted to ship my bike over to Europe from the states. Keep searching, keep looking. there are deals everywhere. Go down to the docks in NZ, I'm sure there's plenty of cargo boats that could work with you to Australia. Or modify the trip some. You're not exactly in the best location for ease of access, but there are solutions to every problem.

What about selling your bike at the end destination rather than riding back? NZ to UK would be a killer ride, and you could spend more time exploring instead of riding back. If you planned 6-8months there and back, take that extra time and spent a week of two at every destination you felt worthy. Then sell of the bike and fly home when you're done. No reason to throw away all plans at this point, just adapt and conquer!

Good luck with your planning, hopefully you keep on keeping on. And remember, we've all had the doubts as well, so we're all here to help out because others had done so for us in our times of need.
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Hey Joey,

Have you considered doing it on a different bike ( with a much lower value - therefore a much smaller Carnet) It's happened plenty of times before. People wanting to take that shiney GS or Triumph etc but, Bang! carnet! maybe a cheap twin of some kind ( especially as you say that you've already decided to stick to tarmac). Also air freight is also done off weight?? so a slightly smaller bike would mean lower costs here as well?? Also with the difficulty of getting insurance, a cheaper bike would add lees stress, in the case of accident, theft etc.

Something to think about

Anythings possible mate. keep your eye on the ball.
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It's not that life is so short, It's just that we're dead for so long....
"The world is a book, those who do not travel read only one page." ~ Saint Augustin
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Some info: I am on my second carnet now. The first was issued by the Canadian Auto Assoc at a cost- mostly deposit- of over $5,000usd. The second was issued by ADAC, the German auto club. The carnet looks the same and is just as valid, However I only paid something like $250 usd! Try to look up ADAC online. I will look around for you and post whatever I find here. If that fails, just modify your route, you can still have a heckuva good time on your original budget! H.
"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world..." L.B. Armstrong. www.davesgreatescape.net
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Originally Posted by Joey1007 View Post
Forgive my sombre tones, but i am gutted

Come on Joey - chin up - sounds like you've just had one of those evenings where you've decided to do the budget 'properly' and, if you're anything like me, you've taken the top possible price and gone with that, take a look at my budget here

Google Docs - JTR Budget Spreadsheet

the most expensive thing there (I know this is a MUCH shorter trip) is fuel - and this is because I've calculated it at more than I know I'll need, then I've gone with the top price ferry tickets etc - because for this amount of money I KNOW I'll be able to do the trip. In reality I don't expect to really spend that amount of money, my fuel budget if I do it on the fuel consumption figures from my last trip, and take into account we're in Russia for 7 days not just an average cost, drops to about £450.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, just because it's written down in your budget doesn't mean that's what it's going to cost - there's some great advice in this thread - use it and don't let that dream slip away.


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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Joey - You don't have to complete your whole trip in one non-stop hit. Consider, like me, being away from home (England) for no more than say three months at a time, storing the bike in safe-secure locations during the breaks, e.g:

Ride #1: Jan-Apr 2009 = NZ and Australia, to Perth.
Ride #2: Feb-May 2010 = Perth-Darwin, Indonesia, Malaysia.
Ride #3: Feb/Mar -May/Jun 2011 = Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand
Ride #4: Feb/Mar -May/Jun 2012 = (ship to) Bangladesh/India, Bhutan, India, Nepal, India, Pak
Ride #5 & 6 ... et seq

Alternatively, you can simply break your trip up into two BIG chunks, with a year[+] gap in between. The combinations are, of course, limitless.

Working-earning along the way? Consider returning home to the UK or NZ (or even Oz) in-between rides and secure temporary work. Even minimum wage jobs in the modern developed world will pay more in a day than you can earn in a week, or month, along the substantive regions of your chosen route.

If you can get hold of a copy, Grant & Susan Johnsons' DVD 'The Achievable Dream', is worth a view and has some good tips. Remember, they spread their RTW trip over 11 years (1987-1998); with appropriate work gaps at home along the way whenever they ran out of money.

Just another angle I'm suggesting you think about bro - Where there's the will .. etc. You already have the bike – and the dream .. Now one way or another, go MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Right Way Round ...

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Old 3 Mar 2008
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29 is nothing, you are a mere whippersnapper.


If you don't have quite enough money, get a loan and pay it off over the next few years. Christ, people get loans to pay off sofas. Getting a loan to pay off an incredible life experience doesn't seem all that barmy in comparison.



*Disclaimer* - I am not saying my bike is better than your bike. I am not saying my way is better than your way. I am not mocking your religion/politics/other belief system. When reading my post imagine me sitting behind a frothing pint of ale, smiling and offering you a bag of peanuts. This is the sentiment in which my post is made. Please accept it as such!
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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lower the value of the bike, when getting your carnet. Let's face it, the bike will worth very little once you have used it on your trip. And the carnet is not insurance, so you do not again anything by quoting a high value.
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Hi Joey,
You could have a different dream.
Make the trip fit the budget, sea fright the bike to LA and go from there you don't need carnets for the Americas and it is a big continent.
You have the rest of your life to travel, do it in smaller chunks.

Mind you, if you throw the towel in this easy it's just as well because there are tougher challenges on the road.

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Old 3 Mar 2008
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go to australia and pick up two ct110's they're awesome
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Originally Posted by Joey1007 View Post
One last adventure before i turned 30, which is obviously when you settle down, get married, have children, grow old etc. (Right?)
DONT give up. I didnt embark on my first adventure till I was 30. 30 is when you start to live. You dont have to settle down, by all means spend your life with your partner but dont follow societies norm.
Forget having kids, they have little or no future, the planet is at bursting point with resources running low and an ever expanding population. Invest all your time and money in yourselves.
Once you leave on your Adventure, and you will, settling down will no longer appeal to you. You may find new careers, a better place to live.

You will find a way. Good luck
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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first of all flog the triumph, get something smaller and cheaper to run, insure etc.
ship bike to states where no carnet is needed, while bike is at sea/air hire a bike in oz for a while and do some touring there.then fly to us pick up bike and like a previous contributor said, it's a big continent.
then get cheap one way shipping to europe and thats a fair old sized place that also does not need a carnet.
personally we are going to do the world tour on our bikes to places that don't need carnets and if we really, really want to see some where else we'll make some other plan. a bike is just a bike after all.
I've had as much fun on my enfield as i had on my 180 mph hyabusa! only slower
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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The cost of your carnet is the non-refundable fee you have to pay to the NZAA. This is negligible. You get your bond back, which is the big bag full of money. When they issued my carnet in 1988 the money was placed into a locked account in my name and the bank paid ME interest on it. BankDirect are currently paying over 8%...

So, once you take that off your trip is affordable again.

Peter, formerly from Lake Tarawera.

Europe to NZ 2006-10
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Old 3 Mar 2008
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Without dreams we have no life; really bollocks to the cost, follow the advice and get a loan/smaller bike/jobs en route. Or on the other hand don't bother, some dreams should only remain just that.
But when your 39, 49, 59... you'll REALLY regret it...
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