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Old 9 Jun 2005
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September Norway / Sweden in a week

Hi guys,

I'm thinking about a 7 day trip in September, leaving Belgium, driving Netherlands, Germany into Denmark and maybe over to Sweden. My route planner is telling me it just over 1000kms to the ferry port in Denmark.

Having only a week, do you recon I should cross into Sweden ? What's Demark like, is there plenty to see. September - is it comparable weather to say Scotland "rain" ......

Your comments welcome...


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Old 9 Jun 2005
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You might think about heading for Southern Norway instead. I believe it is more interesting than Sweden. I think there are ferries from Denmark to Norway.

I'm currently in Denmark and I'm heading for Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia in about 10 days for a 8 week tour, so I can give you more info then.

By the way, there is not much scenery in Denmark. It hurts me to say that since I am half Danish.

Anyway must get back to mending the water pump on my BMW Dakar. Doh!

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Old 10 Jun 2005
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Yeah i'll second that about Denmark, but very nice people there, and amazingly clean and well equipped campsites. There is a ferry from Fredriksaven (check spelling) in the north of Denmark whch sails to Oslo, there is a campsite on the outskirt of Oslo called Ekeberg camping (spelling) if you want to ride to Bergen there is a nice camsite called Luna camping(pronounced 'loon camping'). There is another ferry from fredriksaven which i believe sails to Gottenburg. In my opinion for what its worth, as you don't have a lot of time to spare, if you like wild rugged scenery and tundra spend all of your time in Norway, amazing country. Make sure you take your waterproof clothing!
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Old 10 Jun 2005
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Hi Matt.
Early september certainly would be a good time to visit Denmark - end of summer, and usually warm with lots of sunshine (usually doesn't rain too much, not like scotland anyway:-)).
About the scenery - yeah, no mountains or Ardennes, but lots of nice backcountry roads for relaxed touring. Things to see / do - stop by a beach somewhere and have a swim. Take a day in Copenhagen, plenty to see and do there.

Regarding choice of route (I recommend you stay off the motorways where possible, otherwise you won't see anything).

If you want to go to Sweden or Norway you could do either:
1. When crossing the Germany/Denmark border head north through Jylland (Jutland) to get to the ferry to Norway.

2. Cross the Storebaelts bridge to get from Jutland to Sjaelland (Sealand) - then on to Copenhagen - cross to Sweden by the Oeresunds bridge or ferry Helsingoer-Helsingborg (I recommend the ferry, nice crossing, very cheap, nice drive from Copenhagen to Helsingoer, take the coastal road along Oeresund, then see the Kronborg Castle in Helsingoer).

Having 7 days, it's no problem crossing into Sweden - you can pass Denmark in 3 hours on your way to Sweden or Norway, but if you want to see the country spend a day or two on the backroads and do some stops in the cities.
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Old 24 Jun 2005
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Two years ago went on a bike through Germany, ferry to Sweden, a loop through Norway, back into Sweden to the polarcircle and into Finland / Lapland. Then we went south through Finland, ferry back to Sweden, crossed Sweden and rode home via Denmark and Germany.

The whole trip took us three weeks and was a lot of riding.

I would suggest taking a night ferry into Goteburg and tour around Sweden. We found Sweden the most interesting. And the nightboat saves you quite some time.

We found south norway a bit like the alps. Denmark was the most expensive and we didn't find it that interesting.

We also went in September since their are no more bugs. Or at least a lot less.
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Old 6 Jul 2005
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I recently guided a Britton on a tour in the Southern parts of Norway. He took the ferry from Denmark to Kristiansand in Norway. Then he did some fjords and mountains and drove the whole way round through Sweden on his way back. Took him 10 days. Here is his report:

"Folkstone to Calais via Eurotunnel then highway through France, Belgium, and Holland. Stopped at a friend in Hoogeveen who very kindly gave me a tour of the wonderful provence of Gronengen.
More motorways took me through Germany and Denmark and ferry to Kristiansand from where I followed your route as detailed above up to the E134. This was a wonderful route, very beautiful and real MC riding roads, rough surface and full of small turns The scenery and roads kept changing and so the riding pleasure never stopped.
From here I continued North to Odda, then Road 7 to Hol, Road 51, 257 and E6 to Otta. Halfway between Otta and Dombas I turned on to a gravel road trough Grimsdalen to where it joins road 27. From here 27, 219 and road 3 South East to the Swedish border by roads 25, 208 and 62. Then South Via Kopenhagen, the Bridges and then the same way back. All pure magic."

Let me know if you want to know more.


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Old 14 Jul 2005
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Last month I went from Amsterdam to the Northcape. Amsterdam to Putgarden (ferry to Rodbyhavn) then to Helsingor. Took the ferry to Sweden. From there to Stockholm, then Umea. From there to Rovanimi in Finland. Stayed overnight in Ivalo. From there I went to the Northcape. After the shakedown on the Island I went back via the E6. (stayed in Alta, Narvik, Trondheim)From Olso I took the ferry to Hirthals. Ferry leaves at 19.30 and you will arrive in Hirthals (DK) at 07.30. Trip was 65 euros including the room. From Hirthals back to Amsterdam. The whole trip took me 10 days. If you don't have enough time skip Sweden. Southern part of Norway is the most beautifull part of Scandinavia. The Finnmark up north is really amazing, snow and lots of wind! but oh so beautifull....
There are enough ferryrides to sweden and norway from Denmark. You can even take one from Kiel to Oslo (expensive!) My advise is to check www.colorline.com or www.stenaline.com for the details!

Remember! do not speed in scandinavia, especially in cities en villages. Do not drink while driving. (if you can afford the drinks anyway....) Buy the anti mosquitostuff over there....it is called "off" that is the only thing that helps. You can buy it in any gasstation. Bring a very good rainsuit. My trip was 50-50 rain/snow and sun.

For the rest bring enough money with you and enjoy the ride!!!!!! From Amsterdam to Hirthals is was 1000km. Did it in one day but let me tell you that is about the best I could do in just one day.........

If you need to know more let me know!

BTW the trip was 7005 km in a total of 10 days ......

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Old 14 Jul 2005
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Thanks for the replies.... I'll keep you posted, but it looks like I'm back to Bordeaux .....

This year anyway ...
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Old 15 Aug 2005
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Another option is to cross over to Kiel,D and from there sleep your way north to Oslo,N or Gothenborg,S (the ferrys are always coming in early in the morning, leaving early afternoon). Riding up north via Sweden (from Denmark) as a transport road is killing you and/or the engine. Boring. It's better to have a nice breakfast on the ferry early in the morning and start out well rested. Go to bed early and skip the last drinks. :-)
September might actually be a good decision as the summer traffic in southern part of Norway is heavy and by then it has calmed down completely. E18 from Oslo to Kristiansand is IMO not worth a lot so you can also consider taking the fast ferries crossing directly from northern Denmark to Kristiansand (just three or four hours).
Try Kristiansand [E39] Flekkefjord [44] Egersund, Stavanger -ferry to Skudeneshavn- [47] Karmoy, Haugesund then back on [E39] to Bergen (or you keep on your "island jumping" instead). If the fjords are your thing then by now you are in the middle of it all. Lots of scenery in all directions. It should be possible to go further north before your time is up: Try Aalesund, Molde and The Atlantic Road to Kristiansund (note the difference from Kristiansand ;-)) before turning right (east) and south to Oslo for your return back home.
The Atlantic road:

I leave it up to the danes and swedes to put in their own recommendations. :-)
it's more expensive here compared to denmark and sweden but you probably knew that.

BTW: I did approx. the same route a couple of weeks ago on my plastic rocket. As a local, it amazes me why I always head for southern europe (france, spain, italy) on my bike when we have the worlds best places in our own neighbourhood.

come whenever you're ready!

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Old 16 Aug 2005
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For a biker, Norway is a paradise. The roads are small and always turning one way or another. And I don´t think I have ever seen a ugly place in Norway. The mountains and the sea makes it extremely beautiful. Sweden is different. The roads are straight and empty, perfect for fast moving with car but boring for a biker. And sweden isn´t as beautiful as Norway. Off course sweden isn´t boring either, but most parts of the country is covered with forest. Nice for a while, but you might want to see something else. Finland is like Sweden, but even worse I think.
In september it is autumn i scandinavia. In the soutern part it will be raning, but even nice weather sometimes. In finnmark all the way up it should be snowing by that time.
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Old 16 Aug 2005
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Having just come back from Southern Norway have to agree Norways credentials. Loads of windy little roads, the gravel roading potential is enormous and the scenery is mindblowing. If you get the weather it will be awesome. Despite breaking down three times and crashing my bike I loved it and will be going back.
Good God its expensive though.


*Disclaimer* - I am not saying my bike is better than your bike. I am not saying my way is better than your way. I am not mocking your religion/politics/other belief system. When reading my post imagine me sitting behind a frothing pint of ale, smiling and offering you a bag of peanuts. This is the sentiment in which my post is made. Please accept it as such!
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Old 16 Aug 2005
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Yes, Norway is expensive, I don't think there is a more expensive country anywhere on earth. But it's okay for the short time of a vacation
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Old 17 Aug 2005
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-bring your own favourite ;-)

on a sidenote: if you shop your meals in the regular grocery store and make yourself dinner you'll survive on a budget (don't know the size of that budget but what the heck).
at least the toll roads are free with a bike as opposed to other european countries. (I actually had to pay once this summer and it was really odd since we are used to just riding thru :-(. I used all the time in the world finding and sorting out the coins tho' :-)).

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