Routes to Ride

Routes to Ride

Submit your favourite route, road, GPS track, anywhere in the world.

GPS Routes and Tracks are Here


Loads to come here - we are busily working on a full gps routes and tracks system you'll love.

In the meantime, here's a few. Submit your favourite route, road, GPS track, anywhere in the world here.

From the web page of BMW Motorrad South Africa

"If you're looking for a route to ride, this section is for you! Here you can read about other rider's favourite routes and go and explore it for yourself."

From Jeremy Bullard

"USA/Georgia - Roads around Suches and Two Wheels Only Bikers Camp (Another great motorcycle only camp ground is in North Carolina, called Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge. Grant)

Mexico - Durango to Mazatlan - unbelievable"

From Matt Cartney

"Here's some nice roads in Scotland in case you are not sure where to go: I'd head up to Stirling then up the A84 to Tyndrum, where there's a shop called "The Green Welly Shop", which always has loads of bikers hanging around on a nice day. From there you can go up the A82 through Glencoe which is spectacular but busy or along the quieter A85 and A828 via Oban which is my preference. At Fort William, I'd take the A830 to Mallaig and get the lovely wee ferry to Armadale on Skye. Ride round Skye which is stunning then get the bridge at the Kyle of Lochalsh to the mainland. Take the A890 and A832 back to the A835. Go North till the the A837 takes you to Lochinver where the best pie shop in the world is. From there take the tiny little coast road north staying at one of the fantastic little coastal campsites if it fits with your timing. From here you could carry on round the north tip or head down the excellent A838 to Lairg. Down the A9 to Aviemore, up the A95 to Granton on Spey, then follow the A939 till you get to the A93, follow this south through Glenshee to Blairgowrie. West on the A923 and West/South on A822 Sma' Glen road till you get back to the A9 just north of Stirling!

That's a suggestion for Scotland anyway! Depending on how much time you have there are any number of little roads to explore and most of them are excellent, particularly in the North. Oh. in case you were wondering, I'd take maybe three days for the above trip, overnight in Skye and North of Lochinver. More time will give you more exploring time of course!"

From ekaphoto (John)

"If you find yourself in Northern California , I know a nice trail ride to take on Hwy 299 near the town of Willow Creek. In Willow Creek, take the turn towards the golf course. It's easy to find, just ask in town and they can tell you. Follow the road for about 4-5 miles going past the golf course and numerous houses. On an uphill climb, the road makes a hairpin right. On that curve is a turn off to Horse Linto Creek. Follow that road for 2 miles. It goes down to the bottom of a little valley and turns to gravel. At the bottom, cross a bridge and on the right is a FREE campground on US Forest Service land. If you have lots of gear, here is the place to leave it and camp. Just past the campground the road forks, go right, follow the sign that says Groves Prarie. About 1/4 mile up this road, it gets very steep and is all gravel/dirt with a couple of sharp turns. I am a beginner rider but had no problems. However I would not attempt this with an overloaded bike. After the steep part, it turns from road to what used to be road that is overgrown, then turns to good paved forest service road. Keep on the main road until it ends at another forest service road. Turn right towards Groves Prairie campground and follow that road past the campground. Keep on the main track that turns to gravel and pavement a couple of times. You eventually come out on Hwy 299 again. Turn right towards Willow Creek and back to your camp site. It took me about 2 hrs to do this loop a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't see a single person. Remember to fill up in Willow Creek before going and I would not recommend an overloaded bike due to the steep terrain at the beginning. A map would also be handy since there are several forest service roads that you cross, just in case you get turned around. Any questions drop me an e-mail."

From Matt Roach (on riding the east coast of Egypt / Sudan)

"There are two routes you can take south. The better route for a solo unsupported motorbike is the Nile route, via Dongola and then the tarred road from Abu Dom to Khartoum. If you push this, you can do it in three days, however four or five would be more comfortable. The only section of this route where water is not available is from Wadi Halfa heading towards Akasha, where it is about 75kms to the first truck stop. After this unfiltered Nile water is readily available, although bottled water is only available in the towns, such as Abri and Dongola. I found I was drinking close to ten litres a day and still not having to piss. The other route, through the desert via the train line has good water at Station 6, however I really don't think you could possibly carry enough water on a solo motorbike to make this feasible at this time of year. The route down the Nile is mainly heavily corrugated track, with a mixture of stony / sandy tracks. There are very few real sand stretches on this road, but you can always head off the track if you feel the urge. Fuel is available in Abri from jerry cans and at petrol stations in Kerma (60kms north of Dongola). Be aware that the distances on the Michelin map between Akasha and Abri are wrong. From Halfa - Akasha is 125kms, and then another 55kms to Abri, not 115kms as on the Michelin map."

From Tim Stiles

Morocco Routes March 09

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