HUMM 2010 - Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness

Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness 2010!

July 27-29, 2010

Planning and prep day is July 27, (or ride 1/2 day), ride full days July 28-29!

What is it?

Sounds like fun! Sign me up!

Payment, prices

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Bike rentals now available in Spain!

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Rules of the event

Reports from previous years' HUMMs

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Awesome trails - and roads!

Basics: This is the 4th Annual Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness (HUMM) event. A two-day, no GPS, orienteering event in the eastern Pyrenees of Catalunya, Spain and Andorra. Test your map reading and navigation skills, find hidden secrets and enjoy the fabulous riding. The roads are amazing, the scenery is breath-taking, and the people are wonderful - so why not come on down with us in 2010?!

This event is presented in partnership with Austin (Terra Circa/Mondo Enduro) Vince and Lois (Red Tape and White Knuckles) Pryce, who lay out the off-road course. As usual, Austin and Lois have outdone themselves again in 2010 and laid out even more markers for the off-road HUMM in an all new area!

Susan and I laid out the HUMM on-road course, two up on our ancient R80 G/S, riding the many well-paved, twisty and fantastic paved roads in the area for over two weeks, loving every minute. Awesome twisty roads, from first gear slip the clutch hairpins to high speed sweepers, with amazing views, minimal traffic, some roads you'll see one car in 10 minutes or more - and some less than that - roads you dream of...

OFF or ON road, it's the most fun you can have on two wheels ;-)

And for those of you who would like to bring along your non-riding spouse / significant other, the 4 star hotel we are staying at in La Molina offers a pool and spa, plus massage and beauty treatments, and there's lots more to do in the area: archery, tennis, squash, football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, a choice of 2 swimming pools, quads and boats. The Tosa lift also accommodates Mountain Bikes which can be hired in the resort, opening up a network of trails of differing difficulty to explore back down to La Molina.

See the Mountain Madness video!

Team Garage Night has put together a video of their experiences at the HUMM in 2009. Here's the short version on the HUBB, and you can also watch the full length version on their website. Also see Team Fruit's video of the 2008 event. Ian Chappel, Mike Pocock and Chris Milne have sent us a bunch of photos. Here's just a few of them.

I'm sure the checkpoint is here somewhere!

I'm sure the checkpoint is here somewhere!

Washing the bike.

Washing the bike the hard way!

After a hard day's riding, it's nice to relax by the pool!

After a hard day's riding, it's nice to relax by the pool!

Some nice comments from the participants:

"Thanks for organising the HUMM 2009. I had such a good time and made friendships which are set to last a long time."

"You are to be congratulated on creating and running such a brilliant and unique event. Surely ranks amongst the top ten 'best fun' biking experiences I've had the pleasure to be involved in."

"Beautiful scenery, good mix of easy/challenging terrain, aircon garage for bikes/spannering, great mix of people, well organised."

"We had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves, so from us a massive thank you, and we are looking forward to next year."

More comments and pics from the '2009 Event Report' below.

We want to thank Austin Vince and Lois Pryce for their amazing effort in setting up the off-road course and for partnering with us to put on this event.

For 2010, there will again be THREE classes (based on your feedback and discussions):

1 - Dual-sport off-road, all bikes over 645cc with off-road pretensions

2 - Dual-sport off-road, all bikes under 645cc with off-road pretensions

3 - Pavement only, anything will do

Feedback from 2009 participants has been divided as to length, with many folks wanting more time on the trails, and others concerned about burning out over three days.

We're going to try a compromise for 2010. You will get your checkpoint books on 27 July at 11 am, and can ride from 1-6 pm that day if your team agrees, or spend the afternoon planning and preparing the bike. 28-29 July will be full days of riding (from 8 am - 6 pm). So, this effectively makes it a 2 1/2 day event. We highly recommend planning on at least one day after the event to ride the trails you missed! Stay on at the hotel, ride with others, and meet in the bar after :)

OFF-road HUMM: for dual-sports

Bikes need not be dedicated off-road specials but need to have a vague predilection for the dirt. So GS Adventure yes, Electric Glide in Blue, no. Knobbly tyres a plus but by no means essential.

Remember, two classes, under 645 and over 645cc!


The mountain trails have been heavily reconnoitred and small metal plaques have been affixed in stunning locations. Each plaque bears a random string of six letters. Just like orienteering each team gets the same map (one month in advance!) and a checkpoint booklet ON THE DAY BEFORE the START. Each checkpoint gets its own page upon which its location is clearly described. Teams must record certain letters from each plaque. Crucially, the booklet is not a roadbook. No two teams ever take the same routes, there is no course as such.

Austin Vince pointing out how easy to find the checkpoint markers are - they are NOT hidden.

Austin Vince and Lois Pryce laid the course.

On the next day, some folks dash back home whilst others sedately spend a few more days visiting the checkpoints they didn’t get to during the event. In this way the HUMM is both an enjoyable competition and a ready-to-go trail riding package.

ON-road HUMM: for all road bikes

Any road bike will do the ride, though Gold Wings and similar will need a good rider on a few of the roads due to extremely tight hairpins. Sports bikes will be fine too, with the same caveat.

The on-road HUMM is designed more for the 'stop and smell the roses' types, although it does get very competitive!

Enjoy the fabulous views in the Pyrenees.

Enjoy the fabulous views in the Pyrenees

Just like orienteering each team gets a map in advance and a checkpoint booklet on Day 1 of the event! Crucially, the booklet is not a roadbook. No two teams ever take the same routes, there is no course as such.

Susan works on her map-reading skills!

Susan works on her map-reading skills!

We (Grant and Susan) have ridden just about every paved-ish road in the Spanish and French Pyrenees and Andorra, and selected the best for you. For 2010, we have selected 40 checkpoints out of the 60+ available, and we have affixed a random letter somewhere around the checkpoint. Unlike the off-road version, the letters are NOT out in the open to reduce the risk that they will be removed between now and the event, but there is a picture in the book to clearly show where it is.

Each checkpoint has its own page upon which its location is clearly described. Teams must record the letter at each checkpoint, and occasionally answer a question which can only be answered from information at the checkpoint. There are bonus points in case of a tie.

Lots of nice restaurants to stop for lunch or coffee.

Lots of nice restaurants to stop for lunch or coffee.

Note: Road teams MAY NOT go off-road voluntarily. If roadworks require a short detour, that's okay, riding off-road from Andorra to Spain is NOT okay. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification of the team.

You must pay attention, though!

You must pay attention, though - there are road hazards!

As with the Off-road event, we do NOT expect teams to be able to get to all the checkpoints in the 2 1/2 days. Stick around and spend a few more days visiting the checkpoints you didn’t get to during the event.

More great views in the Spanish Pyrenees.

More great views in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Payment, prices etc

The HUMM 2010 event registration fee is £159, payable in full by April 30. The fee includes:

  • Maps (for each team)
  • Event book (for each team)
  • Trophies for all members of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams in each class
  • Certificate of completion for all finishers
  • HUMM 2010 synthetic riding t-shirt
  • Buffet style awards dinner on last night
  • Welcome and end of day beer/soft drink
  • 2 and 1/2 days of superb riding in the Spanish Pyrenees!
  • Breakdown and accident support!

HUMM 2009 trophy.

2009 HUMM trophy

For 2010 we are also including a HUMM Support Package, to retrieve you and your bike in case of breakdown or accident out on a trail or on the road. This service is provided by Loco for Motos, using trained mechanics and medical technicians who can provide first aid and medical evacuation to the nearest suitable facility.

The Support Package is INCLUDED in your entry fee, and includes:

  • Recovery to the hotel, workshop facilities and tools at the hotel (consumables must be paid for, if used)
  • Medical Assistance - using Loco for Motos 4x4 vehicle and medical equipment, injured riders will be stabilised and recovered to the nearest suitable facility for medical care. Their bike will be recovered to the hotel should they be unable to ride.

Note: 4 bikes had to be retrieved in 2009, and the retrieval cost can be as much as £400, so we think that this is a very valuable service.


If you must cancel, please notify us before April 30, 2010, and we will refund your deposit less a £20 fee for administration and to cover PayPal charges. AFTER April 30, 2010, there will be no refunds. Substitutions will be allowed, but the substitute must register online, and comment that they are substituting for you, and you need to confirm it.

2010 HUMM Accommodation:

  • For 2010 we have negotiated a great rate for the entire 4 star "HG La Molina" in La Molina. The rate in Euros is €50 Per Person Per Night, including room and cooked breakfast, so €150 per person for the 3 nights. Dinners (buffet style all you can eat) can be purchased at €15 each from the hotel when you check in. Note: Your awards buffet dinner on the last night is included in your event price.
  • If you check, you will find this is a good price for this class of hotel with facilities - pool, spa, etc. If you are on a tight budget, we understand, there are other slightly cheaper hotels in town and camping 25 minutes ride away.
  • Please do keep in mind that it is important that we fill the hotel so that we can take over the garage for bike prep / repairs and all the common areas for planning, not to mention the bar and restaurant for the after-riding festivities! If half the participants decide to stay at another hotel or hostel to save a few quid, and therefore half the hotel is filled with non-participants, it will detract hugely from the whole event.
  • There is a 25% deposit required of €37.50 (approx. £34, which MAY CHANGE depending on currency fluctuations) on the hotel, which we will pay directly to the hotel. Thus, when you check out you are responsible for paying the hotel the 75% balance plus dinners, bar bill and any other charges, e.g. massage services.
  • Effectively there are 53 two-bed rooms, and 12 four-bed rooms. ALL beds will be filled so you will be sharing. If you want to share a 2 bed room with a partner let us know (in the comments field) early! Teams will be bunked together as possible, so reserve early.
  • Want to come early or stay late? We have a great deal.

HG La Molina Hotel details

  • Full use of the parking garage is included in the deal. And it's huge, ample room for all the bikes and to work!
  • The hotel will provide a full 'English' breakfast, and also vegetarian options at dinner.
  • For 2010, the hotel will be doing buffet-style dinners for a negotiated price of €15, which is very competitive with other restaurants in town, especially as it is all-you-can-eat.
  • Use of the Spa IS included in your room price as part of our special deal, so enjoy!
  • Free wireless internet access is available throughout the common areas of the hotel.
  • Hotel facilities include: Outdoor swimming-pool; Spa & Wellness centre; Sauna; Turkish bath; Restaurant; Bar; TV lounge; Board games room and pool table; Childrens playground; Conference room; Gardens; Terrace; Massage service (NOT included in your room rate!); Luggage storage; Fax/Photocopying services; Internet connection; 24-hour reception; Modern décor.
  • Room facilities include en suite bathroom; central heating; air conditioning in all rooms; satellite TV; direct dial telephone; mini bar; hairdryer and 24-hour room service.
  • No pets
  • Excellent views from the hotel.
  • Girona airport is 82.9 Km. away.
  • Check out: Noon.
Hotel Address and contact details:
  • Remember you do NOT book with the hotel for the event, we do all that for you with a special package price that is much lower than booking on your own.
  • We also book any extra days you want.
  • Keep the details below with you on the way there in case anything goes wrong and you need to contact us or the hotel.

HG La Molina,
Cami Pista Llarga 1,
17537 Alp, Spain

Free phone international: 00800 3400 0034
Spain free phone: 900 900 407

Photos of the HG La Molina Hotel here

Alternate Hotel choices:

  • The Hotel Super Molina was recommended as a good economy choice, so we also stayed there to check it out. It's a decent 3 star, rooms are nice but small, and the food is definitely not great, but edible. It IS cheaper than the HG La Molina, but a 5 minute/2km ride away or a long steep uphill walk.
  • There are lots of other hotels in town at varying prices and distances.
  • Summer is off-season, so rates are good and reservations not likely to be required. However, the rate we have at La Molina is very good!


Getting there:

You can ride, or drive down in a van/whatever carrying your bikes, or fly to Toulouse or Barcelona or Girona and rent a car - or the real slow way, take a bus, but it's not recommended. Ferries run from UK to Santander and Bilbao, then it's an easy day's ride to La Molina.

Coming from the UK: Don't forget you can get there on a ferry - no need to ride all the way through France, relax and take a cruise. There's two easy options, Plymouth to Bilbao or Portsmouth to Santander, plus a few to France, farther south than Dover.

There is also a train, but it's more expensive, Calais to Toulouse. Train - Calais to Toulouse, an alternate is the RailEurope train, see "French Motorail destinations en route to Narbonne" and "Narbonne Inbound Prices". A car and passengers with sleeper for the Sat 18th July 09 to Toulouse train = £490

Here's a map of where La Molina is in Spain.

Ship your bike down

We recommend contacting:

Mark Slater
MPS Transport
Telephone: 0790-167-5156

Mark will do as few as 4 bikes at £450 picked up from and returned to your house in the UK. If there are enough bikes, he will do it for £250 per bike.

Bike Rentals - Loco for Motos

We've arranged with Tim Skilton of LocoForMotos to have hire bikes available, but you MUST book with them well in advance. Bikes are all Spanish registered and have Spanish insurance and ITV (MOT) where necessary regarding age.

For 2010, bikes are available in three size categories, and the price per day drops if you rent for more than 2 days. Insurance and 3 hours of off-road tuition is included with the rental. Click below for details.

We've arranged with Tim Skilton of LocoForMotos (yes they speak English!) to have hire bikes available, but you MUST book with them well in advance. Bikes are all Spanish registered and have Spanish insurance and ITV (MOT) where necessary regarding age.

For 2010, bikes are available in three size categories as follows:

Category A Category B Category C
KTM 450 EXCR Enduro Yamaha 660 Tenere BMW GS 1200
KTM 690 Super Enduro BMW GS 650 BMW HP2 (Enduro Spec)
BMW 450X Enduro    
BMW 650 X-Challenge    

Rental prices are as follows:

# of Days Rental Category A Category B Category C
2 days €175 euros per day €175 euros per day €195 euros per day
3 days €170 euros per day €170 euros per day €190 euros per day
4 days €165 euros per day €165 euros per day €185 euros per day
5 + days €160 euros per day €160 euros per day €180 euros per day

Included in the rental price:

  • Insurance
  • bike supplied with suitable tyres and prepared for the event as if for a two day enduro (just as you would do if it were your bike).
  • All enduros are supplied with mousses, so no punctures! (Or HD tubes if you prefer for more highway use).
  • Off-road tuition - 3 hours of off-road tuition (in a group) is included with the rental.

LocoForMotos will be there to support the bikes, but damage repair(s) and replacement parts are chargeable. LocoForMotos will have a spare bike of each type to cover all eventualities.

Credit card deposit of €500 euros (returnable) for the two days for any incurred damages is required, on top of the hire price.

Additional (Optional): €25 euros per day

  • Enduro clothing: Boots 43-47/ 9-12/13 (although we recommend using your own for size and fit)
  • Knee protection
  • Riding trousers
  • Body protection (back, elbow, shoulder, chest with kidney support)
  • Riding shirt
  • Helmet (although we recommend using your own for size and fit)
  • Goggles
  • Gloves

The bikes will be there on the 25th and available for set up in the afternoon/evening. The bikes leave on the 1st August, in the morning.

Deposit and Payment

LocoForMotos need a 30% deposit to secure the hire of the bike.

The hire must be paid in full by April 30, 2010 in line with the event policy.


Notify Loco for Motos before April 30, 2010, and they will refund your deposit less a 20 euro fee for administration and to cover administration. AFTER April 30, 2010, there will be no refunds. Substitutions will be allowed, and the hirer(s) will need to confirm it.

Book your bike now!

New for 2010! Off-road tuition (Rider Training)

Tim Skilton of Loco for Motors will be running 3 hours of off-road tuition on July 26, 2010 - AM or PM groups of up to 10 riders. The tuition is included with the rental, but available to all participants. Price depends on whether you're on your own bike or wish Loco for Motos to supply a bike for the training. Click below for more details.

With Grant Johnson and Tim Skilton - July 26, 2010 (AM or PM groups)

3 hours of tuition in a group (maximum of 10 riders) Price

Owner's bike

€45 euros

Loco for Motos bike (if not already rented)

€110 euros

If bike already rented from Loco for Motos

Free service

Package includes:

  • Training at a suitable site not too far from the hotel
  • Soft drinks and snacks
  • Assistance with tools
  • Medical assistance should it be necessary

Book now!

Loco for Motos is also offering a Tyre Changing Service for 2010

  • €20 euros for one, €15 euros for two at the same time (front and rear). Both with owner's tyres.

Rules of the event:

  1. You must ride in a team of 2 to a maximum of 6 people, (minimum two bikes) so be sure to put together your team before registering as we need the names of all team members. If you cannot find someone to team with, go ahead and register for the event, note that you do not have a team partner, and we will match you with someone with a similar bike and riding skill level as best we can. (First year winners were matched up by us!)

    • Three classes:
      1. Under 645cc off-road
      2. Over 645cc off-road
      3. Road, all sizes
    • Mixed off-road teams have the good and bad of each class to deal with, so can choose which class to be in.
  2. Two-up teams are ok, but there must be another bike in your team. We don't want solo bikes out alone. If we have enough two-up registrations we will have a two-up class. Sidecars, quads - two vehicles in a team!
  3. No GPS allowed!
  4. Start / Finish Time: 8AM to 6PM (0800-1800)
  5. Team mates must ride together at all times! If you separate for any reason other than one bike is broken down and stopped or one rider is injured, and the other rider is going for help, you will be disqualified.
  6. Obtaining checkpoint info from another team is grounds for disqualification. In the event of a dispute or challenge, a digital photo of all team members at a checkpoint will be required to verify the team has been to the checkpoint.
  7. Each checkpoint has a points value in direct proportion to how far it is from the hotel, with a few points values tweaked for difficulty. The HUMM is all about spending two days navigating your way around the mountains visiting plaques and seeing as much great scenery as possible.

  8. For 2010, there will be a change in procedures!

    Booklets with all the check points will be handed out to you at 11AM on the 27th, at the event! You can ride from 1-6 pm on the 27th if you want, or use your time planning your route and preparing your bike. There is a huge bar room with tables etc to do your planning. We expect this will put everyone on an equal footing technology wise and get it back to the original idea of a planning and mapping exercise - but most importantly, a fun ride!

  9. The booklets are collected after the first full day's ride, and the half time scores of points collected thus far are published. On the last morning plenty of teams are more motivated than ever to have a fruitful day and get that map-reading spot on! On the final evening the booklets are collected for the final time, points totalled and the winners announced and trophies handed out at the HUMM Awards Dinner.

Closing date for registration is April 30, 2010 or when we fill up.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Grant & Susan

2009 Event Report

...a two-day dual-sport off-road motorcycle orienteering event in the Pyrenees.

The third annual HU Mountain Madness event is over, and once again met with rave reviews!

The weather co-operated beautifully for riding the 3rd annual HUMM in the Spanish Pyrenees. Over 40 teams participated in three classes:

Off-road Over 645cc
  • First Place - Iain Woolley and Ian Chappel reclaimed their title and top score overall - congrats!
  • Second Place - newbies Paul and Hans Jorgen Ostergaard (Team Viking)
  • Third Place - Charles Fleming, Jon Boella and Mathieu Preveraud (Charlie's Angels)
Off-road Under 645cc
  • First Place - James de Ville, Trent Whitta and Peter Baird - the Mushman Candidates retained their Team #40 from last year so they didn't have to repaint their bikes! Well done, guys!
  • Second Place - Bernard McKevitt and Peter Ferris (Pog Mo Thoin)
  • Third Place - Dave Austen and Linda Hughes
Paved Road
  • First Place - David Pointer, Gary Smith and Matt Pope
  • Second Place - Steve and James Grant
Gold scores (within 15% of the winners score):

Iain Woolley, Ian Chappel, Paul Ostergaard, Hans Jørgen Østergaard, James de Ville, Trent Whitta, Peter Baird, Bernard McKevitt, Peter Ferris, David Austen, Linda Hughes, David Pointer, Gary Smith, Matt Pope

Silver (within 30% of the winners score):

Charles Fleming, Jon Boella, Mathieu Preveraud, John Loader, Brian Turner, Hamish Oag, Ed Scrivener, Ashley Bryan, Alfred Mansfield, Stuart Macfarlane, Deborah Seed, Les Butler, Steve Grant, James Grant

Bronze (within 50% of the winners score):

David Evershed, Hilary Smith, John McComb, Jane Cavell, Vanessa van Wyk, Chris Milne, Michael Pocock, Lionel Cox, Grace Hagan, Martin Ashby, Jeremy Ashby, Nick White, Nicholas Bridger, Stephen Jones, Peter Howell, Simon Jordan, Steve Summers, Tony Weeks


Philip Wright, Mel Jordan, Jon Balderson, Mike Pringuer, Warren Murray, Etienne Van Wyk, Richard Shine, Iain Patterson, Debbie Simpson, John Wright, Aurelien Kamel, Nick Minutello, Ron Hall, Michael Hargreaves, Wolf & Jan Rost, Kevin & Suzy White, Rocket the dog, Geoff Harvey, Sarah O'Connor, Tony Hemming, Anne Anderson, Matthew Anderson, David Haines, David Shield, Stephen Wain, Ian Fews, Rob Wallis, Niall Connolly, Fergus Connolly, Louise Tovey, Fraser Drake, Neil Kelsey, Kerry Farmer, Mark Sweetman, Steve Farmer, Mike Strawford, Philip Tearle, Rob Strawford, Darran Bree, Richard Mollet, Greg Veit, Lee Bolding

And for various reasons, mostly mechanical, there were a number of DNF's and even a few DNS's too!

See Team Garage Night's video of the event

More comments:

"First time to the event for me. Thought it was fantastic."

"With riding in Europe I find it difficult to know which dirt roads are public - I love the fact that someone has marked out publicly rideable but challenging roads that can be undertaking legally (despite occasional cow-herding locals bailing up riders and whacking them with sticks!)."

"Thanks so much for organising the HUMM again this year, we had a brilliant time."

"The location was great, the Hotel's facilities were good too (especially the spa). The people taking part were great fun - such a diverse crowd."

"First time I've ever done anything like this and was lots of fun. Will be back for the next one."

"Thanks for all your efforts in organising such a great event, I still can't stop smiling!"

2008 Event Report

...a two-day dual-sport off-road motorcycle orienteering event in the Pyrenees.

The second annual HU Mountain Madness event is over, and once again met with rave reviews!

On-Road HUMM results:
David Pointer, Gary Smith and Matt Pope cleaned up on the road, hitting every checkpoint and bonus mark, missing a perfect score because they came in late on Day One. The cruiser riding team of Paul Myers and Vanessa and Rowanna Greenhough were a strong second with good scores.
Off-road HUMM results: (max possible score 5350)

Kevin Priest (R1200GS) and Alistair Lindop (F650GS) topped the charts off-road with a score of 3,118, after also leading on Day One with a score of 2,091.

Peter Baird (KTM 950), James deVille (KTM640) and Trent Whitta were a very close second with 3,079 points.

The "Two Ians" Ian Chappel; (R1200 GSA) and Iain Woolley (Africa Twin), last years champions, met with trouble on Day One, and were behind in points, but vowed to make it up on Day Two - and almost did, finishing a very close third with 3036 points. If they hadn't been late in on Day one, incurring a 100 point penalty, they would have won again! They're plotting a return to mastery in 09!

Jon Balderson (F650GS) and Mark Bell (XRV750) finished a very close fourth, with 3027 points, coming from way behind on Day One to end up with the highest Day Two score.

The top 4 teams were separated by a mere 91 points out of 3000 - 3% - so an incredibly close finish!

The top riders all had well-prepared maps, with many ingenious solutions to make it easy and clear to read their route.

Gold scores (within 15% of the winners score):

Kevin Priest, Alistair Lindop, Peter Baird, James deVille, Trent Whitta, Iain Woolley, Ian Chappel, Jon Balderson, Mark Bell, Cheyne Bunnett, Tony Johnston, Michael McGee, Richard Colquhoun, Neil Smith, Nigel Jeffery

Silver (within 30% of the winners score):

Brian Turner, John Loader, Mark Bart, Jane Keats, Bernard McKevitt, Robert Quinlan, Simon Jarvis, Simon Titterton

Bronze (within 50% of the winners score):

John and Graham Bird, Barry Nash John Lidbetter, Ashley Moule Adrian Sant, Jon Homfray Wayne Darcy, Mike Condliffe Philip Jones, Phillip Ellis-Jones Michael Austin, Colin Campbell


Lionel Cox, Grace Hagan, Paul Cordle, Mat Wilkinson, Tony and Theresa Hemmings, Geoff Harvey, Sarah O'Connor, Matt and Anne Anderson, Simon Jordan, Andy Oakes, Steve Summers, Dave Austen, Linda Hughes, Bill Sterry, Tim Cullis, Martin Clark, Nick Smith, Steve Brazier, Paul and Annie Clayton, Conrad and Mandy Witan and Suzie in the sidecar, John Nowell, Arnaud Stephenson, Murray Briggs, Paul McCluskey, Michael Pocock, Paul Atherton, Russell Francis, Martyn Brett, Matthew Hough.

And for various reasons, mostly mechanical, there were a number of DNF's and even a few DNS's too!

See Team Fruit's video of the event

2007 Event Report

...a two-day dual-sport off-road motorcycle orienteering event in the Pyrenees.

The first annual HU Mountain Madness event is now over - and if you weren't there, you'd better plan on being there next year! Why? Because it was fantastic!

Comments ranged from "Best riding day ever" to "Awesome" and "Absolutely amazing!"

Twenty-three hours of riding in the beautiful mountain trails of the Pyrenees, hunting for elusive marker points and bagging mile after mile of fun trails, with fantastic mountain views, left some of the riders in such awe of the place that they spent more time looking at the scenery than they did bagging points!

The "Two Ians" Ian Chappel;R 1200 GSA, and Iain Woolley;Africa Twin had never even met before the event, and live a hundred miles apart. They were teamed up by the organisers, and proved a killer combination - one Ian planned the route for the East half of the map, the other for the west half, and swapped navigation duties on the second day.

Coming in two and a half hours early (!) on Sunday, with Ian on a flat rear tire for the last ten miles, they were asked by Susan if they had a problem, "No, we've done it."
"What do you mean?" questioned Susan.
"We got them all, every point," said Iain.

And so they had - they hit every checkpoint, which layout man Austin Vince swore before the event was impossible - and they came in early for a beer at the bar to show their absolute domination of the event. They also proved the lie in Austin's words that a "proper trailbike" was the best way to ride the event, both riding big bikes to crush the opposition under their wheels.

Second place and the 'machismo (or is it spelled masochism?) award' went to Team Lamsdale, Gary Lamsdale;DR350, and Roger Lamsdale;XT350. Gary rode the whole weekend with a massive toothache that required a trip to the hospital after the finish Sunday night, and a trip to the dentist on Monday morning for emergency work. He said: "It got bad at altitude, so coming down to where it just hurt felt good". They also packed their two bikes into a Kangoo van - absolutely chockers, with both wheels off the whole lot fit just nicely! At 994 points, they thought they were in with a chance for the win, but Team 'Two Ians' shocked everyone.

Third place went to Team BJ, Brian Turner;Yamaha XT660R and John Loader;BMW F650GS. Early and very strong leaders at the end of Day One, they demoralised the opposition with a massive points score, well ahead of second place team. However, it seems they cracked under the pressure on day two, navigation skills suffered, and they came in with 970 points.

In fourth, Team Marsden, Rupert    Marsden;R1100GS, Jeremy Jameson;F650GS, and Mario Agius, on an XT600, with 807 points. Their score may have been higher had Rupert not been riding one handed at speed while filming with his left hand. Next year he's coming back with a helmet cam!

In 5th place was Team Priest, Kevin Priest;CCM, Sabina Shread (on her brand new Yamaha TT250 AND on her FIRST day of off-road riding - she did VERY well - and was very proud of only falling off twice on the second day, bettering the four times on the first day) and Lee Bolding;KTM 525MXC. Extra prayers didn't help them to a win, but they did end up with a strong 767 points. They also rode down a particularly gnarly trail that another team struggled to get up - and swore that you'd have to be crazy to go down!

Next up was Team Mitchell, Gary Mitchell;R1200GS, Tony Jeffery;KTM950, Ashley and Deborah Simpkin both on KLE500's, with 539 points. At the end of the second day Debbie was the only one that came up smelling like a rose - she hit the showers while the rest of her team chose to hit the bar.

One team that prioritised scenery over points was Team Avery. Kevin Avery;R1150GS, James Dee;R1200GSA, (who got some quick off-road tips for his first off-road riding ever on the Friday!) and Gordon Sargeant;KTM640 Adventure came in last place with a total of 272 points out of a possible 1085. They were last off the mark both days too, but they were also the "most improved Team" from Saturday to Sunday! There's talk of an Avery award for next year's last place team ;-)

The Lamsdale's second on 350's also showed that it really didn't matter what you rode - preparation, planning and determination were all key. The top riders all had well-prepared maps, with many ingenious solutions to make it easy and clear to read their route.

When the competitors were asked what they thought of the event, the general sentiment was; "We'll be back! I can't believe all the trails and how good they are - it's just amazing! WELL worth the trip down!"

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